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Area 51 is simply a section of a military reservation that is located somewhere between Area 50 and Area 52.

Infamous warnings of "Restricted Area: Trespassers may be fired upon without warning, etc" are pretty much par for the course on military flightlines.


As for the UFOs, the Southwestern United States is the site of the vast majority of alleged UFO sightings, and for good reason: All four armed services use the desert states for testing and training purposes. Not becuase they want to stay close to the "crash site" but because the desolate environment and consistent, dry climate of the area are Ideal for training pilots and testing aircraft. With literally thousands of aircraft operating day and night, it is only inevitable that some will be seen by eyes that are somewhat less than expert and, quite possibly somewhat less than sober. Any aircraft that you don't recognize is unidentified, and thus an UNIDENTIFIED flying object.

Also bear in mind that the B-2 Stealth Bomber, as well as the SR-71, though known to the public for a scant few years, have been operational and globally deployed for nearly 30 years. Just imagine what advanced technologies are being developed today, that our children in the year 2028 will look at in wonder, thinking them to be new developments.

The key to the UFO conundrum is to realize that such technologies must be, and are being closely guarded to prevent foreign powers from ascertaining their capabilities, what we call Operational Security. The best way to do this is to completely keep everyone not essential to the mission from even knowing that these weapon systems exist.

The World's misguided belief in the alien phenomenon is probably our nation's greatest counterintelligence asset; our most powerful and lethal weapons can be tested and perfected in complete secrecy, until unleashed on the unsuspecting enemy, as was the case recently, when the F-117 Stealth Fighter appeared from utter nonexistence to decimate Iraq's military infrastructure. And even if they are spotted while being developed, tested or deployed, legions of gullible extra-terrestrial fans will line up to insist that it was only our "friends from above" paying us a visit. The aliens have NOT landed. Yet.


And anyone who says they have probably believes that Rambo's guns never run out of ammunition, or that wearing a certain brand of jeans will make gorgeous women in expensive sports cars lock the brakes to get a better view, or that drinking a certain beverage will refresh you and replenish vital nutrients better than water, or that a brand of athletic shoes can will actually improve your performance, or any of the limitless things that we are conditioned to believe by Hollywood or television or others who wish to prey on our innate xenophobia in order to sell us a product that is completely without value or validity.

Find out who is benefitting the most from this widespread UFO hoax. There is $ big money in publicizing the so- called Alien Phenomenon. Entire networks have been devoted to it, the public eats it up and begs for seconds. Please don't be suckered by people shoveling Alien Bull with both hands. Think for yourself: wouldn't an alien race capable of interstellar travel have more to offer than a plane that can duck radar ?!? Let's recite together this mantra:

"The only Aliens in America arrived by Planes, Trains and Automobiles... I will spend my time thinking of more productive things than Alien Drivel... SCI-FI, interesting though it may be, is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only, and is not to be taken seriously or made into a religion... Aliens have not landed."

Sit in the lotus position and recite this mantra until you believe it completely. The truth is cold and hard, but it is for your own good. Afterward, if you still believe in UFOs, send me $50 and a SASE and I will send you a piece of radioactive wreckage gleaned from a crater in Arizona. And then I have land you can invest in, in Florida... and a Bridge for sale...




Brad you should check out there are kind of things to check out there. lots of pics and lot of answers.



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I liked what the thoughts were about area 51, I don't and never will believe that alien baloney. One thing that I also find very strange is that no Astronomer, amatuer or proffesional, has ever said they've seen something that must be flown by some alien force, and we know more of the sky, plus stare at it more, than anyone else. Any "strange" hovering light in the sky is very likely to be an aicraft with its landing lights on, when viewed far enough away it will seem to hover.

Anyway, thanks again for that site, I will look through it more and more.

With regards, from the UK,



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Back in 1952 I was stationed at Travis AFB, CA.

One evening four of us fellows were walking back from the base theater and we happened to look up in the sky.

The street light near our concrete barracks was out or we would not have noticed the sky.

There were lights moving in a square above our heads. The lights would move and change intensity. We stood and watched for almost an hour--totally fascinated.

As it got later and later the lights slowed down and got dimmer and dimmer. It finally disappeared. In 1952 sightings were coming in from lots of places. We kept quiet.

Over a decade later I read that sometimes headlights were reflected from rain slick streets into the sky and could be seen many many miles away.

I now believe that is what we four fellows saw that night 46 years ago--it was not aliens from Area 51 crashes or Roswell AFB, NM.

Fred of Las Vegas, NV

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Any intelligent lifeform capable of intergalaxial travel will never be caught by civilization incapable of even sending a man to nearest planet.

(isn't this common sense?)

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This is just the most highly advanced militery compond ever there are no 'aliens' it is a testing site for new air craft being developed so the U.S. can kick ass!


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Well, Tom, You captured my interest, if not for just a few minutes

I am 37 years old, and the nephew of the full bird Colonel who formed the stategic air command. When my father died in May, almost 13 years ago, my uncle Bill flew from Ft. Worth for his funeral. We picked him up at the Newark, N.J. airport for the three hour drive to central Penna.

During the trip, Uncle Bill, at age 73 and retired for ages, had no problem talking and describing the placement of charges around plutonium to push it to critical mass (an atomic bomb), but when Area 51 came up, Uncle Bill clammed-up, and that was the end of our chat. He said he did not want to talk about it, and sat in silence for another hour and a half; the remainder of the trip!

Tim Z.,Sr. Lebanon, Penna.

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What the guy said was all fine, if your trying to cover up something but something happened that night in 1947 or whenever, Roswell happened and if you don't believe me go to !!!

area 51

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