Did Hitler Escape The Bunker? - CoverUps.com


Because of the fact that Hitler's corpse was never found, rumors, stories and myths have proliferated since the end of World War Two. For many years after the end of World War Two there were more sightings of Hitler, alive in South America, than of Elvis at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in the deep South.

Certainly the fires of rumor were fanned by the fact that Stalin informed Truman, Byrnes and Leahy over lunch in Potsdam on July 17, 1945 that "Hitler had escaped."

Keep in mind, this is the same Stalin who also claimed that the Russians had possession of Hitler's corpse. He also claimed, or Russian KGB files claimed, that Hitler was captured alive, taken to the Soviet Union, and held in a prison/hospital for many years.


So, at one time or another, Stalin/the Russians claimed:

A. Hitler escaped alive from Berlin.

B. Hitler's corpse was found and seized by the Russians.

C. Hitler, alive, was transported to the Soviet Union and kept there, secretly, for years.

Boy, talk about covering all the options. The only concept that the Russians didn't put forth was: a guy named Adolf Hitler never existed.