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Top Ten X-Files Monsters

tv-showsThese are our favorite actual "monsters" from the X-Files "Monsters of the Week" episodes. Not to be confused with "villains" or "spirits"... We know a few are slipping through the cracks, but they can't ALL be great... more...

Top Ten X-Files Episodes

x-filesSome X-Philes prefer Conspiracy episodes while others prefer Monsters of the Week – neither is better than the other... We will not get in the middle of Mulder vs. Scully-based arguments... Just because Chris Carter wrote and directed an episode, doesn't automatically put it at the top... more...

The Next Top Ten X-Files Episodes

files-tv-showsHere's another batch of shows that didn't quite make our top ten but are deserving of recognition and discussion all the same. The same caveats that applied to our top ten discussion apply here too. Be prepared to disagree with us at least some of the time, and happy obsessing... more...

The Best X-Files Season

x-filesVery often at family gatherings across America this issue comes up. What truly is the best season of The X- Files? Punches have been thrown, wine glasses have been broken, but I am here to clear things up and end this epic, possibly-never-ending debate.... more...

Mulder-Scully Romance

Mulder-Scully-Romance You didn't think we were going to talk all about the X-Files without paying plenty of attention to the serious emotional and romantic chemistry between Mulder and Scully, were you? We didn't think so...

Season 2 RomanceSeason 4 RomanceSeason 6 RomanceSeason 7 RomanceSeason 8 Romance

Movie Review: The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998)

tv-shows-xThe X-Files: Fight The Future is really a buddy sci-fi flick intended as one big episode of the television series... It can be watched self-contained, without knowing anything about the characters and plots from the series, but really is not intended to be taken that way. more...