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From William...

For all those who say John F. Kennedy was the victim of a vast conspiracy, I say... PROVE IT. In all the years since this tragic event, I have never seen any compelling evidence to make me believe Lee Harvey Oswald was not the LONE ASSASSIN behind this deed. Had he been brought to trial, he almost certainly would have been convicted. The case against him is strong.

I've heard many arguments over the years that have been disproved. First we were told that he couldn't have possibly have fired three shots in that amount of time using the rifle that was certainly his. In fact, however, he could. Others attempted the feat and succeeded. Shooting from the same height, using the same type rifle, aiming at a moving target, from the same distance, other marksmen have duplicated the feat. A couple even managed to hit the target all three times.

Then we were told the President was obviously shot from the front, based mostly on the theory that the fatal head shot jerked him backwards. If one watches the Zapruder Film carefully, however, it is pretty obvious the shot came from behind.

Then there's the magic bullet theory. This insane notion that the bullet in question couldn't have caused all the damage it did. The fact that it was slowed down greatly by passing through Kennedy's soft tissue before hitting the Governor of Texas is rarely mentioned. Nor is it mentioned that when looking at this so called magic bullet, it is never shown from the side where it is quite flattened. Much is said about how the bullet just appeared on the stretcher as if placed there by someone. Those who investigate gunshot wounds, however, know that bullets are often found in the clothing of victims just, well... lying there.

Then there's the policemen running up the grassy knoll chasing echoes. There were lots of echoes that day, and policemen are not highly trained in distinguishing such sounds. Some of the policemen chased the echoes, some ducked for cover, and some went right to the source. One police officer actually caught up with Oswald on the second floor of the building seconds after the shooting. He thought he seemed to be in a hurry and almost detained him until he was assured that he was employed there. This policeman assumed that anyone employed there was not the suspect he was looking for. That may not have been that officer's finest hour, but hindsight is 20/20.

Several eyewitnesses saw a gunman on the sixth floor of the building that day. One witness was in the room below and actually heard the bullet casings hitting the floor. Oswald's rifle was left behind with his palm print on it. Fiber evidence also tied him to the rifle. He was seen carrying the rifle into the building that morning. He was seen in the window before the actual shooting. This evidence alone is damning.

There can be no question that Oswald killed a Dallas police officer a short time later. Several eyewitnesses were present. He ran from the scene and was cornered by police. He tried to shoot more policemen, but his gun misfired, and he was overpowered. Policemen don't like cop killers. It's a wonder they brought him in alive!

Once in custody, Oswald was a cool customer indeed. The few times the press was able to ask him questions he fielded them calmly. When asked if he had killed the President he remarked that he had not been charged with that. One would think an innocent "patsy" would have screamed, "What are you talking about? I want a lawyer." In fact, Oswald's two complaints were that he had no legal counsel, and that he was a victim of police brutality. Every time he was seen by the press he seemed to have a habitual smirk on his face. What was he so happy about? A job well done?

Jack Ruby was a seedy character well known to the Dallas Police Department. Every big city department has one or two. They become well known to the cops, sometimes affectionately, for information they pass along, and favors granted. In his case, officers often drank on the house. He had gotten into an area with reporters and even managed to holler a question at Oswald the day before shooting him. Why did he shoot him? DUH... maybe for exactly the reason he said. He was a soft touch for women and he was appalled at what the first lady had been through. He heard that after having her husband's brains blown all over her she would have to come back to Dallas to testify at Oswald's trial. So the noble Jack Ruby, knowing he could probably get at this punk, and knowing, thanks to the Chief of Police's accommodating courtesy to the press, announcing exactly when his prisoner would be transferred, did exactly that. Presto... instant hero. Uh-oh, why are the treating me like this? "I'm Jack Ruby", he yelled as they knocked him to the ground. "You all know me." Unfortunately for the Dallas Police Department, they did. How quick people forget the responce of most Americans when they'd heard Oswald had been shot. It went something like this: Good! If I had been there, I would have done the same thing!" Poor Jack Ruby. He thought he was going to be a hero, instead they gave him the death penalty. Only then did he start mumbling that the real story could only be told in Washington. Fortunately, he died of natural causes before he could think up some whopper that would have really had the conspiracy nuts going.

Most of these theories come from people with a need to establish blame for a terrible act to some vast machine of doom. Thus, we get all these stories from otherwise credible people who might actually believe what they're saying. One example are the rumors of false federal agents shooing people away from the grassy knoll, no doubt to conceal their secret gunmen. That none of these shadowy figures thought to tell Ape Zapruder, "Hey- You can't set your movie camera up here.", remains quite a lapse on their part.

Kennedy was leading a divided nation. He had won the 1960 election, or not, by the narrowest of margins. He wasn't well loved by the south, the mob, the Cubans, or many conservatives of his time. He was warned not to go to Dallas because of the hate many in that part of the country felt for him and his policies. Some kids actually cheered at Dallas schools when they heard Kennedy had been shot. BUT... like anywhere else, lots of people turned out to see the President. Many in Dallas liked him just fine that sunny November day.

The bigger the tragedy, the bigger the repercussions, the harder it is for people to believe one person could be responsible. The attacks of September 11th were some of the most video taped in history. Yet within days, people were coming out of the woodwork to tell us the planes were being flown by remote control. All the Jewish people in the World trade Center had taken the day off. The Israeli Intelligence Service was behind the whole thing, and no plane actually hit the Pentagon. If you read enough of this kind of nonsense, it starts to make sense. But wild theories and facts are hard to reconcile.

All the facts of the Kennedy assassination point to a lone assassin. To be sure, many people have made alot of money trying to convince us otherwise. To be sure, alot of confusion surrounds that day. Terrible mistakes were made. But it's a fact that most homicides are solved within 72-hours. Sometimes the simplest solutions prove to be so. It may seem unbelievable, but one man with a gun can change the entire course of history. And in this case, I've never seen any compelling evidence to think otherwise.


For a serious student of history, "The Death of a President", by Wiliam Manchester is a must read. Nowhere has the confusion of that day been more accurately captured.

From Romaine...

JFK's Navy dogtags stated that his blood type was type O. Other early references state O+. I believe this to be absolutely true.

However, the person shot in Dallas had type AB+. I do not believe a person can change blood types (blood chimeras may have a second). All of the conspiracy theorists ignore this basic fact.

The real coverup is the identity of the "double" shot in Dallas and how long he had been "standing in" for the original JFK. If the answer to this is some year before 1963, then the coverup was to kill a spy who had done the unthinkable. More likely, he was the person JFK used to cover for him while he met for secret meetings and extramarital affairs. The real patsy here may have been the double.

What became of the Type O+ JFK? That is the root mystery. Perhaps he was shot by a cuckold or passed away when his double was substituting for him.

If the answer has anything to do with Inga Marie Arvad and pal Dr. Josef Mengele in the 1950's, then God help us all. As for Nancy Mascalco Greene ????

From GraLr...

Euan I believe that there may have been a man behind the grassy knoll as the exit wound of a gun shot is larger than the entrance wound. The infliction on the back of the head is larger suggesting that he was shot from the front, However it is possible that because it is said he was shot twice in the head the two bullets may have been close enough to give the impression of an exit wound.

I therefor believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy as he couldn't have, Yes he did run from police but if you were being framed for something as big as an assassination on the president of America wouldn't you?

From Sam...

After reading numerous books, the Warren Commission report and the investigation in 1978, I think I can positively say the following:Oswald was not innocent, he fired 3 times and hit the president once.

There was not a shooter on the grassy knoll.The secret service was not part of the conspiracy.Oswald did NOT fire the fatal head shot.The following scenario is based on the these assumptions:No one in the limo was part of the conspiracy, no one in their right mind would willingly sit in a car that was going to be fired into.If all the blame was to be placed on one man (Oswald), the last thing you would do is have people firing from different directions.If many people were involved, one of them would have spoke out by now, even if it were a deathbed confession.The strongest bit of evidence of 2 shooters is this. Oswald was firing military ammo, which means it was fully jacketed. This is a requirement of the Geneva convention, bullets that break apart are inhumane. The so-called magic bullet was not magical at all, the reason it came out in such good condition after causing 7 wounds is because it was in a metal jacket.

The skull x-rays show many fragments in the President’s skull, a jacketed bullet would not do that, so there HAD to be 2 different types of ammo and 2 different guns, all of Oswald’s casings were the same. The 2nd shooter was on the roof of the DalTex building, in line and behind Oswald. A 30.06 shell casing was found under a AC unit years ago, very rusty and in poor condition. A shot coming from this location would sound as if it came from Oswald’s gun.

In the 78 report, a pathologist testified that there was a bullet fragment on the outer table of Kennedy's skull. One thing to remember, the Warren commission said that Oswald fired 3 shots, even they would admit that more than 3 shots means more then 1 shooter, so here is the scenario.Oswald fired the first shot while the limo is partially behind an oak tree. The shot misses and hits the road, a small fragment of which hits Kennedy in the back of the head. Kennedy exclaims "My God, I am hit", this was testified to by Agent Kellerman who was riding in the front seat. The commission discounted his statement because they said that the first shot hit Kennedy and Connally, the so-called magic bullet, and since the magic bullet went through Kennedy's throat, there is no way he could have made that statement.

In the Zapruder film, we see Kennedy raise his hands, and everyone assumed he was reaching for his throat. But the President wore a rigid back brace, perhaps he was actually reaching for the back of his head. The brace also contributed in causing him to fall backwards after the head shot. Connally testified that he heard the first shot and that it did not hit him, the 2nd shot he did not hear and that’s what he was hit by. Oswald fires the 2nd shot, which hits Kennedy and passes through him, into Connally, causing 7 wounds total. The commission said that the 2nd shot missed and struck the sidewalk, then Tague. Now, I think it was Oswald’s 3rd shot that missed and hit Tague, Tague testified that it was either the last or next to last shot that hit him. The head shot was fired by the guy on the Dal-Tex building. Oswald never denied shooting the President, he claimed that he was just a "patsy" or the fall guy.

So here is a scenario that involved just 4 people, including Oswald, and Oswald did not know about the doings of the other 3.Before the shooting, Oswald ran off at the mouth about how he was going to kill Kennedy. He had a pal named George De, who also happened to be friends with a Texas oil guy named Clint. George tells the oilman about his friend who says he is going to kill Kennedy and how he plans on doing it. The oilman hires a sniper (perhaps one left unused from the Bay of Pigs), whom he tells to go onto the roof of the Dal Tex building and IF Oswald does not do the job, then the sniper should finish him off. Oswald knows nothing of the other shooter. Oswald fires once... misses (or hits the road)..... fires again and wounds Kennedy and Connally... the sniper sees that Kennedy is not mortally wounded and fires the fatal head shot.

Oswald is looking through his scope in preparation to fire again when....BOOM.. .Kennedy's head explodes. Oswald jumps, which causes his shot to go way off, this is the one that hits Tague. Most people testified that the last 2 shots were almost on top of one another, impossible with a bolt action rifle that Oswald used. Now Oswald knows something is up and begins to suspect that he was setup, he cannot claim that he was innocent, after all, he did fire 3 times. But he can claim to be a patsy because he knows that someone used him. Only 4 people involved, Oswald gets killed, I bet the sniper did not live long afterwards and the person who told the oilman may just suspect what happened but did not know beforehand what was going to take place and kept his mouth shut out of fear of either being killed or being named a co-conspirator.

Years later, when being informed that he was going to have to testify about the murder, George blew his brains out with a shotgun. The scenario matches available evidence (unlike the warren commission) but whether this is exactly correct or not, one thing is certain. The bullet that caused the head would was different than the ammo that Oswald was firing, which means there was 2 shooters. As far as the coverup that followed, after reading about LBJ, I suspect that he found out afterwards what happened (or maybe before) and did all that he could did finger Oswald as the lone shooter.

He could have simply told people that they knew that Oswald was a commie and that the Russians were involved and in order to prevent WW3, it was imperative that Oswald be the lone nut who killed Kennedy. Other items 1. The driver of the limo, Greer, was not part of the plot. Yes, he did slow down, but if you look at the film, he was looking back and saw Clint Hill running to the car. He simply slowed down to let him in. It was a violation of all he was taught, so he had to deny it. The other agents knew he was close to retiring and so they backed him up 2. The shot that hit the sidewalk 100 yards downrange is important. If Oswald was such a great shot, why did he miss by so much? Something had to have startled him, and I think looking through a scope and seeing a persons head erupt from a shot that he did not expect would do that.

From Tom...

In my own opinion, john kennedy was caught in a military type crossfire.

i have studied this killing for years now,and still come up with the same conclusion. LEE HARVY OSWALD did not shoot john kennedy. JFK was in the way of a little war called vitenam. he was prepared to stop the war, and bring the advisors home. now it is a funny thing that lady bird johnson, just happened to own the company that manfactured the huie helocoptor. alot of money had already gone into the preperation of the war. other companys that LBJ owned controling stocks in, were all manufacturing the war machine. there was gona be a war, one way or another. plus all the other people who owned stocks in the war machine, were getting nervous about thier investments.

if JFK stoped the initial begenning of the war, these people would lose billions of dollars. couldn't have that. plus it is a fact that he was going to dismantel the CIA because of the bay of pigs ordeal. two weeks after JFK was killed, johnson sent the first 5,000 troops into vietnam, and the men who killed kennedy had won. i've read some of the other theries on this web sight, and found most of them with a basis. but some are rediculis. JFK, was hit from the front clearly, as well as the rear. this is caled a count down shot, where two bulliets hit its mark at the same time. if you look at the Zapruder film you can see that the splater goes up into the air, and falls sort of backwards. inside the car there is blood and brain matter, and its on the passanger side of the car, the police man to his right and rear got some on him. no one else got any on them. jackie got some on her but it was after she laid him down in her lap. but he was hit by to shots. one was a schrapnal type, or explosive type, which ever you chose to call it, and the other was an accelerator, or steel tip, which does not explode on contact. now i have fired both types, numerious times. i have been in balastics, for over twenty years.

i couldn't help but notice a scenaro, were a person said(they called it a magic bulliet because it was). well let me tell you, bulliets dont make 90 degree turns in mid air, stoping and starting. bulliets can be deflected once or more bounceing off of objects, but unfourtnetly not in mid air, twice at that. come on you must live in a place where you have never fired a weapon. truth is without this secenaro, that would mean two shooters. warren comission couldn't have that, must be a lone, crazed asasian. now when JFK got to dallas he was troubled about the bubble not being on the car, he was told a series of things from greatin the public, to fresh air. he trusted his men. little did he no the die had been cast, climbing into the car for the last time. windows open all along the route, then those two 90 degree turns, (which aren't supposed to be done), on to elm, then into the plaza. now from the fifth floor oswald would have a clear shot, several if needed, but he dosen't take them there. into the plaza, he makes his move shot one, shot two then shot three. its over. so we are told. but if you will look at warren comission pictures of the snipers view, when JFK was hit, there is some problems. first, the photo of what the sniper saw is a clear line of shot, but to bad its from the third floor not the fifth. notice the signs in plan view. also the brick changes in its laying pattern. this to takes place at the third floor not the fifth. also the 22 november 1963, there was a tree, an elm that leaved out in november. it was fully leaved out on this day. so that means from the fifth floor oswald could see nothing but the tree. LBJ had the tree trimed, so the investigators could examine the crime scene.

but what i wonder is why those two turns, to go through the plaza, that lead back on to the street he just came off of. you understand, these turns were not nessary to get JFK downtown. he could have and should have been taken stright through, under the underpass. the car should never have been in the plaza to start with. i think when miss connely turned to tell JFK (can't say dallas dosen't love you)that was the signal, because that is when the driver hit his brakes, as seen through the lady in reds photo of the car, driver looking back at the president with a grin on his face, as if to say ok here he is. after listening to the tape recording of the guys in florida, ploting the presidents death, i cant help but wonder why hoover didn't infourm bobby of this plan. because if he did, the assination couldn't take place. JFK would not have gotten into the limo without the bubble being on it. and why was the car a loaner. why wasn't it the presidents original car. simple. because the presidents original car didn't have a removeable top. thus there goes the abality to murder JFK.

so the men who killed JFK needed the loaner, which had the abality to be made a convertable. now the shots where fired from a man whole from the ally street stright behind the presidents car, and from the storm drain. done by radio comunications, a count down shot by two shooters. from the storm drain, and the man hole, these men could simply walk away un noticed. oswald was exactly what he said he was, a patsy. he was waiting for a phone call, that never came. when he relized he was the fall guy, he panicked, and left Quickly. funny the first rifle shown on tv, was a mauser rifle. some one found out oswald didn't have a mauser. they quickly changed, this info to a rifle showing it the next day. it was an italian manlicher. now oswald was composed through all this activity. even when arrested, there was little resistance. this was a very small man, with one of the worst rifles on the market. this plan to kill JFK was in the works for a long time. careful planning went into this.

i keep reading other peoples thoughts, and i keep comming back to some body named dick. well how old are you. are you old enough to own a gun. have you ever fired one. because your logic is way out of line. projectiles have many shapes, designed for a paticular hunt. this is not a liberal thing, or conservative. it is a murder, that was commited in dallas, that should have been handeled in dallas. why was all those men running around, taking film, movie camers, pretending to be CIA, when we now no there were no CIA agents on the ground. they were all in the car, third in the motorcade, when they should have been right behind the president, followed by the press car, which was next to last. all these abnormalities, didn't happen by chance. they were placed in position, by someones design. if the press car was were it supposed to be, maybe they would have caught something on film, and we would no by now what really happened. but someone made sure that wasn't to be.

no JFK was killed by men, some in his circle, some outside his circle. the evidence if you will just look at it, with open eyes, can see this was not oswald. this was a modern day cou da ta. i belive some of those men are still alive today, not many, but a few. i just hope that the truth will come out. the way tecnology is developeing, sooner or later, we will no, who did what. cause un blimished bulliets, magic bullites, car order destroyed, then changed to totally re done, (a loaner). state law ignored, violating states rights, motor cade route changed, an open car, how would oswald no JFK would be in an open car if it was him and he acted alone. that within itself proves conspiracy. some one had to tell him kennedy was in the open. no just look at the whole picture. if you look through the eyes of truth, you will know the truth. but like an old saying, (there is no one as blind as one who wont see. think about it. and this is just the surface i have researched.

From Gianna...

time passes there will always be the government conspiracy theory on the Assination of President John F. Kennedy.

For all we know, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby are friends and the hit men behind the assination with help from the government.

In the original Midnight Newspaper photos I have, the picture of Jack Ruby (left) is shown being shot-- However, the picture of Jack Ruby shown on the Internet or books of Jack Ruby do not show the same man. I believe the concrete picture of the picture of Jack Ruby in the Midnight Newspaper photos I have taken in 1974.

We know, through time, that the conspiracy theories are by those who attempt to change the real facts because of their own criminal involvements in covering up the truth.

Nobody knows if the Jack Ruby in the picture was shot by Oswald. Nobody knows whether Lee Harvey Oswald is dead. You never knew these two men could be living in Reno, Nevada with the government protecting their families identities.

From Sam...

The assassination of John Kennedy is no mystery people have for years got it wrong yes Lee Harvey Oswald was not the shooter and their was no shot fired from behind anybody knows if you shoot at a long distance with any firearm their is going to be a hole the size of a fist in all of the pictures and movie reels taken that day only one really show the direction of the bullet that hit Kennedy.

With that said if you also take that reel and look at it closely you will see the bullet hit Kennedy's head at the left side about 2 cm's back above the left eye on a 15 degee angle height and 4 to 7 degree width leaving a 6 to 8 cm slice down his left skull the range of that shot can only come from a distance of 60 to 80 metres, the bullet than exits in lines with the left ear at the back of Kennedy's head slight centre of the back of the skull leaving the reported small finger like hole at the back of Kennedy's skull, This type of bullet was fired from a rifle more commonly used on a farm than in military circles.

If you also look very closely the first bullet hits the Governor hand before the scrapel hits Kennedy in the throat after clipping the top of the front seat of the motor car their was also scrapel hitting the governor in the leg that day in 1963,

The bullet just misses the driver of the vehilce even the second shot nearly hits both the driver and governor before hitting Kennedy in the head, In all of the films that day their is no mussel fire or puff of smoke anywhere near the buildings where Lee harvey Olsward was supposed to have fired.

Nor does the shot come from the grassy Nom or behind some fence neither these place's were good enough to have such a impacted even for a marksman to carryout such an act they would not have used these places they are to opened in such a large gathering, It is more likely it come from the front of the motor vehicle just off to the right side of the road down near the over pass where their is ample time to move on as the motor car speed pass with the dead Kennedy inside. Even with a telescope one must not be in the open to hide the mussle flash and silenters do not block out a military style sniper rifle fire trust me i know i have fired many rifles and their is no way a sniper was used in Dallas on Nov 22 1963.

This was a amateur shooting who had gotten away because of the confusion of the noise the shots had caused remember the witness accounts that say that they heard between three to four shots,

Well anybody who fires rifles and hand guns knows this after a shot is fired their is always the crack affected before the bullet hits it target some seconds later as their was only two shots fired that day their was four noises heard the first being the shot that hit the governors hand followed by the crack affect before the next shot was fire cock and reload aim then fire a second shot is heard then a crack noise before hitting Kennedy in the head the shooter check to see if the target is in a state of trouble or dead,

Lots of people hitting the ground and screaming plenty of time to get one last look at the primary target as the motor vehicle passes with your intend target now fatally shoot.

Your escape route is now open as the police in close in on where they believe the shots came from too everyone is look around hoping the shooter is gone as they do they miss you walking straight pass them you walk down the road in the direction of that Kennedy is taken still holding the casing with the firearm as you put it away, You then get into your waiting car and drive away calmly before the police can block of the exits and closed down the sceen all in a space of ten minutes.

You then drive hundreds of kilometres back to your farm unpack the rifle place it where it has always been kept and go about your business of farming the property making out your unaware of what just took place, This is likely to be the case have a look at how many farmers were in their twenty's and had dealings with the government and FBI during thoses years you will then come up with your true suspect and shooter who is still alive to tell the truth and close this chapter for good.

The Question that need to be answered is what areas was not look at that day? Why kill Kennedy? If Kennedy was shot from behind why did not the driver and the governor end up dead too from the first shot? If this was a marksman why choose even buildings or grassy nom if their was so many police around? If their was more than one shooter how come more people were not arrested? If the Mafia had ordered the killing why not do it at the airport? If the government Military ordered it why not just shoot down the plane in mid-Air? If the government FBI was behind it then why do it in such a way known it would lead to a conspiracy? If another country had commence the orders to the killings why choose Dallas why not Wastington and why not by posion? If the government want Kennedy dead why not make it look like a accident?

It is because these question have never been answered that many think their was a conspaircy involving many people

First to solve this case go to Dallas position yourself in a motor vehicle drive the root taken by Kennedy that day look at all the angles and then get out walk down to the bridge over pass stand near the inter middle pilon and look at the position to where Kennedy would have been shot you will have your answer as to the real shooting position you will also find in that area the fragments of the bullets casings and other fragments from that day in Nov 22 1963 still presence in or around the sceen of the Bridge, Their is also a good chance you will find a piece clothing used by the shooter just beneath the surface of the soil with the cleaning kit used pryer to the fatal shooting these are the clues one must find to know the persons idenity who is a farmer..

This person arrest will stun a nation when it is solved because of the reason they will tell.

From Dick...

Conspiracy? Where's your evidence of a conspiracy? You don't have any. If any of you conspiracy theorists look at the real evidence, you will see that the evidence points to lee harvey oswald. You call yourselves researchers. You can't spell "studied" right Rob. You can't even spell "government" either. Lee harvey oswald's fingerprints were found on the boxes and on the window of the 6th floor depository. His RIFLE was found on the 6th floor. He was seen, by workers, on the 6th floor minutes before the shooting.

The magic bullet theory isn't fiction. It is fact. That is how the magic bullet theory works. Conally did not sit directly in front of jfk. He sat more to the left and his seat was positioned lower than jfk's.

THE HEAD SHOT (the jet effect by luis alvarez)

A high velocity bullet fired into the head of jfk would not cause the head to jerk forward. Instead, the bullet slides into the head of jfk. However, the forward jet stream of blood and the momentum of the brain matter propelled the head backwards. Simple physics people. When a jet uses fuel, the engines on the rear of the jet shoot backwards, propelling the jet forward. When a rocket uses fuel, the engines on the bottom of the rocket shoot towards the ground propelling the rocket in the opposite direction, towards the sky. Watch a rocket or a jet taking off and you will see what i am talking about.

Also watch the zapruder film. When an individual is shot, the entrace wound is a very small hole. However, the exit hole will always be larger than the entrance hole. Have any of you every shot a pop can? The entrace hole is small, while the exit hole is larger. Same thing with the zapruder film. The right, front of jfk's head is blasted out. The brain matter and blood spills out of the front of his head. The brain matter and blood never spills out of the back of the head. Therefore the shot came from behind jfk causing the exit hole in the right, front portion of his head. Have a look for yourselves.


Ladies and gentleman, you don't have any proof of a conspiracy. Just desperate facts and speculation. Try to do some real research

From Garry...

Two things you might not read anywhere else: The fence at the manhole had a cut in it until just a few years ago. It was noticed by a limo driver and it was replaced within a week.

I was a limo driver and picked up a high placed US banker one day with his wife. They asked for a tour of downtown Dallas. As I toured them around the downtown area I offered to take them by the JFK site.

They became very nervous and would not let me take them there. Why?

Could it be the bankers also were involved? I met at one time one of those who had researched the death of Kennedy, and he told me that in fact the bankers were the ones that did it. My experience with that couple later made me wonder if he just might have been right. Kennedy was going to make some currency change the bankers did not want and he refused to budge. That is what did him in.

Another possibility: Both JFK and Robert planned and had Marilyn Monroe killed. When it came to light in the Congress and Senate, they realized that the nation would find out sooner or later. The combined body made the decision to be judge, jury, and executioner. Gerald Ford was paid for his part with the presidency, when Nixon stepped down. Oh! We'll never know will we?

Just why was Robert killed? It was to stop him from running and being elected president. Anything else?

From Joseph...

Here are some random , but I believe, completely verifiable facts. I present these for different reasons. The primary reason is that I have never seen or read of these facts.

The Manlicher Carnao rifle, reputedly used by Oswald has been described as a "Heavy" "high powered" rifle. The caliber of this rifle is not dissimilar to what hunters use for large game in America. Think of the 35 cal. Remington. Rifles of the .35 Rem nd of the Carcano are called by hunters, "brush busters". Yes they ARE "high powered" , but the bullets are designed to go through light brush. High VELOCITY rifles, .223 , ..22-250 , and the like , can and more importantly Do "bounce" and change velocity [direction], upon contact of a "small branch". These bullets don't "explode", and rarely if ever, come out of their jacket material.

Keep the above in mind.

Once upon a time in America, a bullet, named the "Frangible" was used by super-duper top secret, "stirred not shaken" killers. My best guess is by government or government sanction killers. What in the world is a frangible". One takes a hollow point bullet. One fills the hollow tip with water or gel, [if the murder is to appear as that done by an amateur] , or by liquid mercury , if the murder scene is being controlled by interested parties. This sort of ammunition was "outed" by Frederick Forsythe in his famous novel "The Day of the Jackal". This sort of ammunition was expressly designed to explode upon impact with any bone or hard muscle body parts. And , yes, a head would literally explode when hit with one of these type of bullets. The sort of ammunition that one would use WOULD be both high power AND high velocity. A "necked down cartridge" with a .22 , .22 magnum , sized head , inserted into the cartridge. BYT, the sound of a .223 is a sharp crack, much like a firecracker. "I heard what I thought was the sound of firecrackers" , set off as a salute to the President". Does that statement sound familiar to anyone?

Testimony of a person, who described a Secret Service man brandishing an odd rifle were completely discounted during the Warren Commission. Later a photo was produced in his photo-panorama book, showing a SS man brandishing a M-16. Or a rifle very similar to one. Folks, Top Secret, military items don't have to be nuclear, chemical, or UFO nature . Once upon a time, the landing gear of the B-52 bomber was classified Top Secret.

Another oft overlooked fact was the JFK, had a messed up back. He wore, an old style back brace [with some sort of metal reinforcement surely], with a long amount of ace bandage wrapped around the brace. I do think that the bullet wound in the back, removed by someone [conspiracy buffs can state and/or argue who exactly]. The entrance wound was allegedly probed by doctors and was found not to continue through the body. Factoring in the actions , daily done , so that JFK could walk, sit, without screaming out in pain, I very much doubt that his trip to Dallas, occasioned this back support ritual to be not done of 22 November. It is widely documented that JFK was taking a large amount of pain killers- the back. Also he was reputedly taking large amounts of amphetamine-to function while under the influence of heavy narcotics.

Fact, while a child in Kindergarten, I lived through the phasing out of circulation, of actual silver dollars. Pieces of paper named "Silver Certificates" , allowed the holder of same, to redeem the paper for one troy ounce of 98% silver. These notes, BTW, were issued by the Department of Treasury, not the Federal Reserve Bank. So this certificates were '"real money" and not paper SAYING that they were money. [everyone pull out a current U.S. dollar and read what it says.]

JFK for reasons unknown, began the issue of Silver Certificates, circumventing the Federal Reserve Bank. Or in essence, "doing monetary policy" from the Oval Office; and not being beholden to the Federal Reserve Bank. [which is a cartel of private banks which sell Federal Reserve Notes, to the Department of Treasury for face amount plus interest.]. Even back in 1963, some 32 years ago, we are talking about a great amount of money.

A pursuit of LOGIC. The Romans had a nice phrase.....qui bono...or , "who benefits".

Yes, LBJ escaped impeachment. Why was he going to be impeached? His aid, one "Bobby Baker", was being "interviewed" by some Congressional committee or another, [a Senate sub-committee?]. And yes, Mr. Baker was ready to "spill the beans". He had been informed that he had one of two choices. Accept blanket immunity and "tell all" concerning LBJ, or go to jail. Mr. Baker did neither actually......22 November 1963 transpired and....................

How does one "discover" who or whom, "put out the hit"?

Maybe pulling out of archives, what investment banks were selling short during the week prior to the murder. Maybe securing archival information as to the production of Ben Franklin silver half dollars. Was production slowing prior to the murder? I know this for a fact, the production of actual money, silver half dollars, quarters, dimes and most importantly of all, the printing of Silver Certificates stopped VERY shortly after the murder. Who even thinks of examining such data, when an American President has been murdered in a very graphic manner.

Now a days, it is taken as a matter of fact that politicians receive money to dole out political favors. In the early 1960's, the American public had not the cynical attitude of people of today.

During the "Watergate Affair", a term came into use. "Follow the money". I believe it to be impossible to determine the money flows some 32 years prior. Also remember, literally, bags of money would change hands during any political event. Financial instruments called "Bear's Bonds", existed. Having one of these, one could literally "cash it in" anywhere throughout the world.

Who pulled the trigger[s] ? At this point who really cares?

Somewhere in the Bible, it says, "the love of money is evil". A group of evil people effectuated this murder. Will we ever know the facts? Not in my lifetime.

A supposition based upon my spiritual beliefs, in some dimension that we all call "Hell" as a shorthand of _expression, there are a number of people in eternal agony.

And I believe this is for sure........they ain't smiling happy either.

Fellow Traveler

From Synder...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the victim of an enormous plot at the highest levels of the US government.

Kennedy was not supposed to win the 1960 election, the conservative institution had deemed Nixon the proper successor to the aging Eisenhower. Kennedy's election to the highest office of the land was the result of underhanded dealings with extra-political organizations including the mafia. Sam Giancana, Chicago boss, purportedly got JFK 100,000 votes "from the grave." JFK's father, always the opportunistic politician, swung West Virginia. Thus, the man who was ignored by the conservative leadership upset the balance of power.

A new wave of Liberal thoughts and actions would sweep the country. In 1000 days, the Kennedy administration encouraged race relations and peaceful coexistence with the Communist Bloc. America had found herself again, amidst the goodwill and progressive movements initiated in the Oval Office. Kennedy managed to foil the entrenched right wing politicians at almost every turn.

During the Cuban fiascos the military-industrial complex attempted to bring the US into WW III, it tried to escalate the conflict in Indo-China, and sought to undermine the Kennedy administration.

JFK's biggest crimes in the eyes of the conservatives were to fire some of their own, to buck the trend by supervising their operations more closely, to commit the country to a progressive movement and war on crime, and to cut down on big business.

International corporations, that had run freely for the past decade, were threatened they realized something had to be done. Kennedy went so far as to threaten the sacred "Oil Depletion Allowance" and thus gained greater enemies in the global oil industry; potentially the most profitable and powerful faction on the face of the planet. Thus JFK opposed the intelligence community, organized crime, big business, and the international oil cartels all at once. Once these factions allied against the common enemy, JFK's fate was sealed.

The mechanics of the assassination are a fascinating field of study, but it is the WHY that is the fundamental question in this case.

From Dave...

Dear People of America

JFK was and still our greatest president next to FDR and he is my HERO !! Only self-righteous idiots moralize about his weaknesses and his exploits. True lovers of America should STILL keep his memory alive--"...forget NOT your dying king" (Shakespeare). It is up to us to talk about JFK, keep his memory alive--pass it on to future generations and allow his spirit to penetrate our consciousness because it is still alive in our land today. His death WAS a conspiracy and the "official government version" is nothing short of bullchips !!

I have read most of what people have posted on this web site and except for those boneheads who say, "JFK is dead and gone and there is nothing you can do to change the world so forget Kennedy" NOT TRUE ! JFK is dead to THEM --they are the ruthless, heartless, souless fools who inhabit our government today. There are too many in our government that would LOVE to forget JFK, understate his accomplishments, minimalize his achievements and deny that he had a special charisma. To those I say LONG LIVE JFK !!! He will FOREVER be the shining light.

In fact, there are many that would say (and I am one of them) that our country has NEVER been the same since JFK and that all the presidents since JFK have really NEVER been as great as he. Maybe poor attempts at capturing that glory and optimism he so inspired in us. On Nov 22nd, 1963, we lost something great, hopeful and glorious in the pathos of our country, we have NEVER been the same country. Maybe we will NEVER be the same regardless of a booming economy, lifestyle or political climate.


A picture is worth a thousand words concerning JFK's death ! I challenge each person who reads this to go to any major search engine on the world wide web and type in "JFK autopsy photos" and look for the color head photo of him lying on his back. It is clear as day that there is a LARGE GAPING HOLE IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF HIS HEAD !! Any breathing person can see as plain as day that there is no hole in the BACK OF HIS HEAD BUT A LARGE HOLE IN THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD !!! WHAT ELSE do you NEED ?????? THAT IS THE MOST TELLING INDICATION OF BEING SHOT FROM THE SIDE AND THUS A CONSPIRACY INDEED occurred and we are all being dupped into the "official" version proposed by pawns and pundits like Gerald Posner, Peter Jennings and many others whose motivations need to be questioned.

I still weep for our beloved JFK, the early days of my youth when JFK reined in our capital, and our parents hope for us !!! I think we have gotten off the track since then and have never regained that greatness.

SEE THE COLOR AUTOPSY PHOTO AND SEE THE TRUTH about JFK and then ask yourself: What am I going to do about it ?? WHat action am I going to take make people aware of this simple but profound truth????


From Mark...

I feel JFK was in a conspiracy within Texas meaning that Howard Hunt made such arrangments.

I appreciate your comments.

From Dick...

JFK was himself a product of the Irish Mafia, his daddy (Joseph Kennedy) made all his money running rum for the likes of Al Capone during prohibition.

It is probably that fact and the fact that because the old man probably "bought" the presidency by collecting on long due debts from past "favors", the son was probably totally oblivious to the old man's underworld connections, and the son was subsequently duped into letting himself be groomed for the highest office in the land.

The movie "Godfather" sort of gives a clue on how the "mafia" of the 30s and 40s tried to become a legitimate enterprise in the late 50s and early 60s after suffering two previous decades of being pummeled and chased by the government, by putting their sons and daughters through law school to become the lawyers and politicians of the new era, able to wield major influence for their underworld "constituents".

The problem is, after JFK became president, he did the right thing, stepped up to his moment in history, and became a very noble statesman, and he also became very independent of his old man's influence and desires. There is one other very telling event that gives us a clue as to how independent JFK had become towards the end of his presidency. That is the fact that his father suffered a massive, debilitating stroke, and was "incommunicado" during some of the most important and historic moments of JFK's presidency. Couple that with the fact that JFK appointed his younger, inexperienced brother, Bobby, to the highest law enforcement office in the land. Of course his younger brother was also an idealogue, and promptly proceeded to prosecute the law of the land with a vengeance, and probably began stepping on the very toes of those gangsters whose fathers had helped JFK become what he was, by becoming indebted to Old Man Joe. Can you imagine a young Bobby Kennedy, still wet behind the ears, giving orders to the old grizzled and well-connected lawman, J. Edgar Hoover?

It is my beleif that JFK's youth and independence, both his greatest assets, are also what killed him in the end. He was rich, therefore could not be bought. He was young, and lacked all of the jaded political connections or croni-isms that existed in his peers in the Senate and Congress. Take for instance, his vice president, Lyndon Johnson, who was himself a very experienced and well-connected man politically. JFK's youth and inexperience brought him nothing but trouble among the old war hawks that manned the joint chiefs and the intelligence agencies. Basically JFK was a lamb sitting amongst wolves. There are a few very telling photographs of the early days of his presidency, a young and very fresh faced JFK sitting in cabinet meetings in the midst of some of the most rabid old warriors this country ever produced. Photos from the Cuban Missile Crises are especially revealing.

A lot of people have a hard time accepting a "government conspiracy" but we must put it all in proper perspective. In 1963 the government was much smaller than it is today, and the men of the moment that weilded the most power would fit in a normal size board room, probably amounting to a dozen or so very powerful and prominent politicians and military hawks. It would be no mean feat for these few and powerful to turn on their "Caesar" and prosecute an assassination and the subsequent necessary cover-up. It was also easier to keep the many more hundreds of subordinates and fringe players who became involved in line by threatening careers with the "national security" stick. Even the doctors at Parkland Hospital themselves wrote many years later that they were afraid to speak contrary to the official government line (the Warren Commission autopsy report) for fear of jeapardizing very lucrative medical careers and appointments in some of the finest medical schools in the land.

Finally, we must consider the hard evidence that many more minor witnesses and fringe players in this tragedy died very violent deaths at young ages in the years that closely followed November 1963.

Is a government conspiracy possible?

Is there any other precedent or evidence we can consider in answering this question?

Yes there is. We have substantial evidence of foul play during the Nixon adminsitration with Watergate and other covert activities against US citizens during the Vietnam anti-war hysteria, some of these covert operations were very violent.

All taken, it adds up to a very feasible and possible scenario for conspiracy and coverup, and the more you examine the hard evidence, the documents and the eyewitness testimony, the more you realize that the case for a lone nut gunman is pure science fiction.

From Bob in Mississippi ...

To Harold R.

If you were at Bethesda Naval, then you should have known Dr. Jeff Pitzer, Lt. Cmdr.? See what happened to him. Talked too much to the wrong people and whamo. Days before the guy retires and takes his autopsy negs to sell to the highest bidder, someone, who knows who, gets a wet contract to take him out before he causes internal damages to the adminstation in power and the powers that be.

If you have not, read the book by Atty. Barr McClellan, Blood,Money & Power. He as a young lawyer worked for the lawfirm that handled all of the affairs of LBJ for 40 years or so. He alleges that LBJ and others, many oilmen, and Texas politicos, some alive now, some dead, arranged to get JFK committed to coming to Dallas, or Houston, or Austin, it didnt really matter, teams were ready, so that he would not leave Texas alive. By alleging disputes within the Dem party, shortfall of funds coming in, JFK was to be lured into the killing field, and slaughtered like a lamb and he fell for the bait, but had serious misgivings as expressed at a dinner party gathering just before leaving for Texas. He had a premonition of impending doom hanging over him for several days, rumors were in the wind, or what, we dont know, but Adali Stevenson asked that he cancel the trip out of concerns for his safety based upon what he saw in Texas and how he personally was mistreated by the crowds.

I have contacted the woman who was allegedly having an affair with Oswald in New Orleans that was shown in the most recent JFK tv series. She says that Oswald, her lover, was working for the CIA and was to infiltrate anti-Castro elements set upon killing JFK wherever and whenever possible.She now lives in the Netherlands. She had Florida ties but abandoned them to escape the carnage of lives destroyed in the massive post JFK assassination coverup.

I understand that the body of JFK was not in the walnut casket delivered on Air Force One from Love Field, but had been transferred to a gray metal military casket and taken to your Hospital for autopsy. During the trip, a Dallas mortician expert on facial reconstruction, did extensive mortuary clay work to reconstruct JFK;'s head in the front and right area around the right ear and eye. I have read that this area was blasted out and the eye was hanging down on the cheek. There have been questions of a crossfire shot, that passed in front of the face of JK and hit JFK in the left side of the head at same time of the frontal shot exploding his head, tho most likely the impact shattered the bones in all kinds of manner due to impact ballistic actions.

I want the source of the list of guests at the party spoken of by Mrs. Brown, the paramous of LBJ, who attended the grand party feasting on quail and goodies at the Murchison mansion, the evening before the Dealey Plaza shooting. Anybody out there have the definitive guestlist, if so let me have it.

Bob In Mississippi

From Jim...

Hi all, I believe Hoover was the one responsible for the killing of the Kennedys. This homosexual didn’t want public knowledge of his activities and the Kennedys had that over him. Hoover was besotted with his own power and orchestrated the assassinations. No other group was powerful enough, nor had the ability to silence so many administrations in a cover-up.

From Tiffany...

I think that the people on the inside, the one's who were "close" to Kennedy were the one's who killed him. There is a lot of evidence that is missing that was crucial to the solving of his murder. One mans cloths were dry-cleaned right after and the limo in which his was driving in was cleaned as soon as the got to the hospital, now if that doesn't cry conspiracy I don't know what does. Obviously someone was trying to cover something up because who wouldn't want to know who or how their president was killed. So think about it somethings just doesn't add up.

* * * * *

From Rob...

I have studid the assassination of J.F.K since I did it at school and Ithink the goverment should be ashamed of themselfs for covering it up and letting people think that is was Lee Harvey Oswald who did it when he did not.

The thing that convicted Oswald was that he had lived in russia and that he had a rifle, but it was proven that he had not used a rifle that day and he also could not have fired the shots in the time he had. Oswald would have to had fired 3 shots within 10seconds which he could not have done with the rifle as it was a bolt action which takes about 4 seconds to reload and the sights were damaged.

There ware at least 2 gun man which means a conspiracy and the shot which took half of J.F.K's head off could not have come from the back which means it came from the front and there is only 2 places at the front the shot could have come from one being the grassy knowl and the other being the man hole just in front of the grassy knowl.

From Alicia...

from a 15yr old in maryland my grammer suckz so... oswald didn’t do it I think, he may have shot the gun, but didn’t kill jfk. his shot was just a distraction so the sniper could get a clear shot on jfk after he was hit in the throat. point blank

Every1 know it was a cover up because the government had 2 something 2 do with it but had oswald killed 2 make it seem like he was the sniper. they say he shot from the 6th floor of the depository but at the same time of the assassination he was eating lunch on the 1st floor and they had evidence 2 back that up. think about it 6th...1st floor, hmmm at the same time, u know there had 2 be more people involved and there were. and the so called FBI didn’t pay attention to 2 suspects of this.

Louis Steven Witt aka the "Umbrella Man" the afircan american who was with them, to them they didn’t even exist. by the time they wanted 2 investigate it was too late. And there were 18 witnesses involved, u know they all died 6 were shot, 3 were in car accidents, 2 by suicide, 1 from a cut throat, 1 from a karate chop 2 the neck, 2 from natural causes, and 3 from heart attacks. in my mind im thinking "damn" half of them had 2 b killed off so no one would ever find out. but in the end we're living in a screwed up world because people just don’t want to except the truth.

From Bash of England...

The world knows that the CIA or the FBI or both must be the only ones who could have killed the president of United States of America. Both organizations are innocent as we cannot prove them guilty of the crimes they have done since their birth. I cannot imagine of anything else.

From Scott...

LBJ Was the Murderer, He was the only one capable of doing it.

I have read many books Much more evidence Points to Other people involved than a lone nut. The Number One thing, Parkland Hospital Doctors who where invited to gun shot victims everyday said "The throat wound was an entry", which means front shot!! Case closed. Tell that to Posner

From Dave...

My theory simple Bobby jfk's brother was comming down hard on the mob how many made mobsters do you have to tick off before something is done.

It was a warning to bobby to lay off and if the president could be killed he too was not invincible remember in those days the mob ran EVERYTHING.on more than one occasion it was said to kill the snake you cut off the head not the tail the head the most powerful man in the country and older brother of the most hated man alive to the mob.bobby had EVERY government agency working in all 50 states to bring down organized crime.remember jfk was the one who appointed bobby to the position and thus gave him the power and resources to bring down the mob.Oswald was a player but not alone.jack ruby was supposed to have Oswald killed but his men couldnt get close enough so he did it himself.or be killed for not tieing up this loose end.....

From Grave...

I have no idea who pulled the trigger but, it is my belief that the council on foreign relations were the main force behind the murders of John fF. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

They are the only force on the face of this earth that have that kind of power. After all, who can go into Bethesba Naval Hospital and dictate to Naval officers as to how the autopsy will go down? No one except the United States Government. Not the Mafia, Cubans, Russians or anyone else. The United States Government is guilty of murder!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Rebecca...

I would have to say there is a good possibility that Aristotle Onasis knew or had some involvement in the death of JFK. The problem with figuring out the truth of those behind killing Kennedy is that there were SO MANY people with motives. These are my favorite contenders in order of who I think was most likely responsible, but really, isn't everyone responsible since noone has done anything about this tragedy? 1.Onasis- having an affair with JFK's wife; marry JFK's wife and pissed about being shut out of lucrative smuggling due to both K brothers' crackdown on the mob. 2. LBJ- to gain power/presidency 3. Former head of CIA Allan Dulles- fired by Kennedy over Bay of Pigs fiasco 4. FBI Director Hoover- Kennedy remarked that he wanted the old bulldog gone 5. ANY higher ups in the CIA- Kennedy said he would "splinter the Cia into a thousand Pieces" 6. Nixon- jealousy, fear of not being able to "beat" the Kennedys 7. Castro or Cubans- CIA miserably failed to assasinate Castro many times before and made sure to piss off the cubans by blaming JFK for the Bay of Pigs (which Kennedy, like a true leader, accepted even though it was the CIA's fault 8. The Mob- JFK and RFK crackdown... personally I think they would have gone after RFK first, and if it was the mob, it was Onasis. 9. Military higher ups and weapons manufatures, although unlikely in my opinion because when they want a war they don't give a darn about the pres, they get their war. I would like to point out that Ruby killed Oswald in order to "save poor MRS. K from having to testify at the trial", which may link Onasis to the plot. The mob loved JFK, and RFK was going after mobsters that the mob wanted busted or shut up. Plus the deal that the Kennedy's had with the mob was more comfortable than the one LBJ or Nixon or Ford gave them. Even if Oswald acted alone, which he didn't, but even if he FIRED alone, everyone on this list and many not included wanted JFK gone for one reason or another. The real tragedy it that they were all quite content to cover it up and go on with their merry lives. I believe Oswald did fire at Kennedy, but did not hit the kill shot. The velocity of the bullet and subsequent damage was far too severe to have come from a low-medium powered rifle at that distance. Oswald was left to take the fall for all that is evil in america.

From Nick...

I have seen many documentaries and films on the JFK assassination, and read many books on it as well.

I really don't know what to believe anymore. In fact, most of the specials I saw on TV this year for the 41st anniversary of Kennedy's death focused on Oswald as the lone assassin or was in conspiracy with someone else.

I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, he may have been one of the assassins, but he certainly did not do all the shooting by himself. There was some sort of conspiracy, but who really knows who was behind it. In watching the British documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" many years ago I always felt a chill and a sense of believability in the part where the American journalist travels to France to interview a man in prison for murder named Christian David. David admitted he knew of a contract that was out to kill President Kennedy early in 1963 and was asked to be a part of it, but refused. David tells the reporter that three men (part of a Sicilian drug/crime ring) agreed and carried out the assassination. At the time the documentary was made, David claimed two of the men were still alive and would not release their names in fear of his life. However, he did mention the one's name (can't remember the exact name, but it was an Italian name), who died in a shootout in Mexico in the early 1970s. This man was supposedly the one on the "little hill behind the fence" David says or as we know it as the grassy knoll, when the other two were hiding in buildings behind Kennedy's motorcade. David's story seems pretty accurate and believable, especially since he has been in prison for years in Europe and likely would not have access to the information we have in the USA on the assassination.

The real creepy part of the documentary is when they show an actual picture of the supposed assassin. In my opinion, he does bare some resemblance to "the badge man" blow up picture from Mary Moorman's famous photograph. In fact, I believe David mentioned that this man did wear some sort of uniform that day to blend in and not be noticed. He also mentioned, this assassin was the only one out of the three to use and explosive bullet, so no evidence of a bullet would be found tracing back to his rifle.

Whether this is true or not or how it is connected to Oswald and a possible conspiracy, who knows? However, I do think this theory makes sense somewhat.

Nick from Pennsylvania

From Jerry...





From Dan...

I have read enough opinions on this website that have caused me to wonder how smart the average person really is. I remember that Friday that our President was killed. I couldn't believe that some unimportant, lowly, little man like Lee Harvey Oswald could commit such an act. I read the Warren Report, I couldn't believe it came up with the idea that Oswald was the lone gun man. I was even more convinced by Mark Lane's "Rush to Judgment" they were wrong. I waited for years for the "truth".

After 40 years there has been not one shred of evidence to implicate a conspiracy. When I see statements like "the whole back of his head was blown off" I wonder how on Gods Earth did they come up with that. I have seen the Z-film many times, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the front left temple exploding from the impact. Or the gun shots from the grassy knoll, anyone standing in of the muzzle blast would have known exactly who did the shooting. The smoke hanging in the air, that's a good one too. If anyone's fired a gun in the last 75 years they know there's very little smoke with today's gunpowder. The worst culprits are those who want to create history, Oliver Stones "JFK" and the History Channels "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". History is suppose to be the truth, it is not fiction or conjecture. So many crack pots have come forth with new ideas or rehashed versions of old ones without one bit of truth. My guess most of these people claim they were at "Woodstock" too.

If anyone wants to seek the truth start with and read other sources that have more credence than the "Enquirer"

From Lawrence...

I spent 20-25 years obsessed with the Kennedy assassination, reading every book I could, purchasing new ones as they were published, even digging up classics such as "Six Seconds in Dallas" by Josiah Thompson to add to my collection.

Then I read "Conspiracy of One" with an open mind, and later on(circa 1993), read Gerald Posner's "Case Closed"; at that point I went back and reread everything in my collection with a skeptical frame of mind. I had so many contradictory feelings about the things Posner wrote in his book (very well researched) vs. what assassination critics were positing in their texts (not as well documented, except in rare cases such as Thompson's "Six Sceconds"), that I took a vacation in Dallas, TX for a week in 1993. I found that, as anyone who would bother to go there could see, shooting from the sixth floor of the Texas School Depository was not a difficult task, particularly not for a former Marine who had attained more than an average rating in marksmanship, and had spent the preceding two months practicing with his rifle for hours on end.

Further, ear witnesses who claimed they heard shots from behind them from the Grassy Knoll, had both that area and the Book Depository behind them as the President passed in front of them; don't believe me or the book writers, go see for yourself. The trip is worthwhile for that, and to see that many of the critics of the Warren Report have made a living from their notoriety as conspiracy ' witnesses' .

As I said, don't believe me, go see for yourself.

From Mike...

For the information of a previous contributor, the alleged French/Corsican conspirator firing from the grassy knowl was Lucien Sarti. But he was subsequently able to prove he was NOT in Dallas at the time (he was in Jail) and he did threaten Central TV with a law suit for defamation at the time. In all re - runs of the Central TV produced documentary, his name was cut out.

After many years of having alternating thoughts about did Oswald do it or not? - i am now convinced he did not participate and this becaues his brother Robert has said many times that Lee just wanted to be famous. Well if thats the case - why didn't Lee during a number of TV interviews at the Dallas County jail simply admit to it? If he really wanted to be famous for a while i would have expected him to relish in the glory by announcing confidently "Yes i did it and i'm proud to have done it and the reason i did it was..............."

Because he denied any involvement continuosly, and never hinted at being some kind of hero - i believe he didn't do it.

Mike O'Neill

From Chris...

Man, what can I say? Its been 41 years now since one of histories greatest Presidents was brutally killed. I've read so many books and search websites from time to time to read what people say and think about this murder, and I can honestly say that this subject has many Americans concerned about the faith of their government.

What I can say in a post 9-11 America is that I will never doubt the Federal Government could conspire to kill a government official, even a president. But I do ask this, "If America can have Saddam Hussein and/or Osama Bin Laden at gunpoint and NOT pull the trigger, how can we pull the trigger on our Commander in Chief?"

The same bipartisan views that were in place in 1962 and 1963 are still in debate, so can the government have a hand in this? I often hear we will never know what happened to Kennedy, but I think we will. I have no doubt that new evidence will come to life and the government will have no choice but to publish the findings. Our government has spent countless dollars into forming Boards, Administrations, and Committees to find out the truth. Would a government still be trying to cover-up a 40 year old action by spending money on unneeded reviews? I highly doubt so, and I highly doubt that the FBI, CIA, or LBJ had anything directly to do with Kennedys death, not to say someone inside these organizations had something to do with it. The link with Oswald and the CIA has me curious.

The FBI questioning has me even more curious. When Oswald was asked about being in New Mexico weeks earlier, the CIA ordered the FBI questioning stopped. There is no doubt Oswald had something to do with it, and no doubt that Jack Ruby had information and/or a confession that was never told. In my opinion and in all probability there was an uprising between Cuba and Russia after the "episode" that took place under Kennedys reign as President, so Cuba being so close to the US had a spy, leak, or intelligence inside our government. They reported back to Cuba and Russia the events taking place in the White House. Russia definitely didn't care too much about the US with the actions taking place in Vietnam and with the Missle Crisis.

So Russia saw a threat with Kennedy and had plans to take him out, with the help of Cuban intelligence,.....and that is where Oswald probably came in. Lastly I'm willing to bet Robert Kennedy was killed because of the threat to the US another Kennedy would take power, whether a conspiracy of government or conspiracy of self.

Chris Raines

From A.J. -

I do not believe that Oswald acted alone.

One of your commenters said that it is not possible to reload the gun three times and aim in that little bit of time. This is not true. Oslwald was an excellent sharpshooter, marine trained. Expert sharpshooters have shown today that it is possible to reload and aim three times withing that time frame.

However even if Oswald fired even just one shot, there is no way possible that he could have composed himself and become calm enough to leave the depository seventh floor, go downstairs and get Coke, drink it and leave. If you have just killed a man, you will be fluhed, sweaty, shaking, and overall worried about the police. Even the best killer cannot hide all of these feelings.

Also in that day, even though Kennedy was in an open vehicle, he was flanked by Secret Service all around. How can it be that the assassain was able to get off three or less shots without there being any quick reaction from the secret service. They had to have known of the plot and been involved.

Also no one can prove that there was not a gunman in the grassy knoll. Also if Jackie 'cared' so much about John, then why didnt she immediately jump on top of him, along with the Secret Service agents, to protect him.... because they were all involved. Everyone knew of the plan even the vice-president Johnson. He had to have. Kennedy was thinking about stopping aid to South Vietnam. Who was the one that sent TROOPS there, just years later-Johnson. He must have been in on the plot, because he wanted to invade North Vietnam, whereas Kennedy did not.

There is also the physics angle. Phyisicians who have studied the assassination, have proved that it is impossible for the shot that went through his neck to have come from the seventh story window in the depository.

That third shot had to have come, with its impact, from directly behind in a Secret Service car or from the grassy knoll.

From Danielle...

In the past year I have heard more than i can chew about the jfk assasination concerning Oswald and others. Its crazy to imagine all the cover ups the goverment has had a part in.

When my teacher Edgar Tatro (jfk expert) showed my class the men who killed kennedy i was amazed. Mr. Tatro is amazing to watch and to see how most of his life has been based around getting to the bottom of it all is really facinating... Many people know so much and still wont come forth and talk about it.

The irony in it all is crazy... I hope one day the truth will be revealed about it all and on my part I BELIEVE L.H. OSWALD DID DO IT OR HAD A MAJOR ROLE IN IT....

- Amazed student from the U.S


From Poldens...

I am a former Marine. I qualified as an expert on the rifle and pistol range. I know when you shoot someone in the front of the head, the back or side comes off. You can't shoot some one in the back of the head and have the back of the head come off.

Where were we the American citizens???? We watched as the commission and government covered this whole mess up. We were all to scared to say anything for fear we would be killed to. Along the way 42 witnesses or people who came forward died or where killed by the conspirators, believe it.

Johnson's wife's family owned bell Helicopter and where did all those contracts for helicopters go once he became president. To Vietnam that's where. The Johnson family became one of the riches families in the United States. Johnson, J. Edgar and the Mafia comprised this scheme to kill Kennedy and they were successful....

Be on your guard, it could happen again......

From Nick of PA...

I have seen many documentaries and films on the JFK assassination, and read many books on it as well.

I really don't know what to believe anymore. In fact, most of the specials I saw on TV this year for the 41st anniversary of Kennedy's death focused on Oswald as the lone assassin or was in conspiracy with someone else.

I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, he may have been one of the assassins, but he certainly did not do all the shooting by himself. There was some sort of conspiracy, but who really knows who was behind it. In watching the British documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" many years ago I always felt a chill and a sense of believability in the part where the American journalist travels to France to interview a man in prison for murder named Christian David. David admitted he knew of a contract that was out to kill President Kennedy early in 1963 and was asked to be a part of it, but refused. David tells the reporter that three men (part of a Sicilian drug/crime ring) agreed and carried out the assassination. At the time the documentary was made, David claimed two of the men were still alive and would not release their names in fear of his life. However, he did mention the one's name (can't remember the exact name, but it was an Italian name), who died in a shootout in Mexico in the early 1970s. This man was supposedly the one on the "little hill behind the fence" David says or as we know it as the grassy knoll, when the other two were hiding in buildings behind Kennedy's motorcade. David's story seems pretty accurate and believable, especially since he has been in prison for years in Europe and likely would not have access to the information we have in the USA on the assassination.

The real creepy part of the documentary is when they show an actual picture of the supposed assassin. In my opinion, he does bare some resemblance to "the badge man" blow up picture from Mary Moorman's famous photograph. In fact, I believe David mentioned that this man did wear some sort of uniform that day to blend in and not be noticed. He also mentioned, this assassin was the only one out of the three to use and explosive bullet, so no evidence of a bullet would be found tracing back to his rifle.

Whether this is true or not or how it is connected to Oswald and a possible conspiracy, who knows? However, I do think this theory makes sense somewhat.

Nick from Pennsylvania

From Zachary...

What I think happened to JFK is that he was not murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald I believe the conspiracy theory because theres no way LHO could have killed him because it takes a good amout of time to take aim reload and find the president again.

From Andrew...

mafia, secret service, cia, and dallas finest all conspired to kill kennedy. lyndon johnson, gerald ford and j edgar hoover knew about the plot to. ford was a member of the warren commision who compiled 364 pages of garbage to feed too the public pertaining to the fact that oswald killed jfk as a nut. kennedy hated the cia and was on the verge of disbanding them when he was killed. two of the men who was also part of the warren commission were in fact cia and did as they were paid to do CONVINCE THE WORLD THAT JFK WAS KILLED BY L H OSWALD.

i do believe that oliver stones movie tells a lot of truth,think about it why did the film industry put out that awful movie about jack ruby?????????

I feel sorry for america to kill their own commander-in- chief, lie about it, and have us believe that were so dumb we cannot see the truth.50 people heard shots come from the knowle, witnesses testimony were incorrectly interpreted,kennedy's brains goes missing,that so called magic bullit, the three tramp's could go on but i won't because i know the truth.. and one day so will the wold

From Stephen...

Back in the sixties the Mafia was still in control of many industries and had their hands into everything. Plenty of money, all types of connections both home and abroad. The bosses were extremely powerful men who had control of many capable assassins. They were experienced and I think they were promised by Joe Kennedy certain important things if they could get Jack elected. Once he was elected,the Kennedy's thought they were powerful enough to reneg on their promises to the Mob. Nobody especially at this time in history did this to the Mafia.

Remember they were a nation wide if not global criminal enterprise. These men had been born with vendetta in their blood. They arranged Jack Kennedy's death after the Kennedy's tried to double cross them. You did not mess with these people because they could care less who they killed.

From Kayamnandi...

As total outsider, only got involved in JFK after Kevin Costner's movie. Have a few thoughts.

1. The Kennedy family: Their brother, father, son, husband in JFK has been killed. Just very obvious from the start was that the Warren Report was not correct and yet none of them ever made an issue about it publicly that they want to know the truth. If my family member was killed under curious circumstances, I as sure as hell am going for the truth. Maybe its because they already know the truth.

2. Most theories suggest that the CIA was involved. Is that the highest authority in the USA? Would the President or Vice President be higher? In any case, the highest power approved this assassination. Who else would be so powerful as to silence a whole investigation despite the discrepancies? - To just accept a report and go on business as usual. Maybe running a country is hard work but your obvious choice should be to get behind the truth. Maybe they already know the truth too.

What if Pres Johnson approved the assassination? He has the power to do so. If he accepted the Warren Report, everyone else has to as well. He and his cabinet and advisors and who else is necessary to silence a whole nation into believing. No one really has the right to question. This was a coup. And the whole government had to be involved. Why else would no one in a high position question the Warren report? It was better for the nation that JFK is dead, in their eyes in any case.

If the government plans to kill their husband and brother, the Kennedy's has to be involved. Not in the killing of JFK but knowing about it. Does not really matter whether it was before or after the killing, they were informed of the reasons behind the planned assassination. Maybe a promise to support R Kennedy's presidential campaign? Maybe the Kennedy's were promised the title of royalty? Above the law and untouchable? Maybe they were just told that this is what happened and why it had to happened. Maybe they were threatened. Whatever the reason, the Kennedy's accepted the conditions. Why is it so difficult to touch the Kennedy's? Totally hands-off policy from the government down. No other American president's family or any other great achiever has achieved there level of 'stardom'. Maybe they were given this right for allowing or accepting the death of JFK.

I think the future in the truth behind JFK will stay unresolved. If my theory is correct, the government will never incriminate itself. And maybe the truth behind JFK is known to all future presidents. And general feelings are that the Kennedy's have suffered enough. Why drag an innocent party like maybe the Kennedy's through another tragedy? This may be a case where the truth is more damaging than any conspiracy.

Maybe it is time that the conspirators of the world give up on JFK. Personally I think that all involved are either dead or has suffered enough personal tragedies. My believe is that we will never discover the truth. And what if we do? Is it so important that we do...

From Someone...

The fatal shot came from the grassy knoll based on current evidance that shows a frontal hit. The thought of there being a shot from the grassy knoll and the evidance that is part of that thought per witnesses and other information directs all evidance to the grassy knoll for this reason. With all situations envolving ammunition and there expelled cartridges and the time lapse of gun fire and the escape of a person form a scene of a crime, always leaves some type of "trailed evidance" leading to clues. The shots fired by that grassy knoll holds evidance within surrounding physical structures..........

ONE, has there been any metal detection devices used to find spent cartidges, are there any cartridges that were missfired and ejected onto to the ground NOT picked up by the shooter, AND are there any underground sewer grating that would allow water to flow into a specific point where the cartidge would fall OR role into.........


the shooting needs more evidance, Why not check these areas ????????????

If the areas are not checked we will reading about JFK for another moronic 1000000000000 years.....

Question..Who killed JFK? The turqouise station wagon driver and a collective of communist cold war nutts returning home from a deer hunting expedition who had a wild notion to bet on who could kill JFK first!!!

Another thing about the sewer grates...The guy in the station wagon started firing in the presidants direction as soon as he got out of the car behind the grassy knoll, he had poor parking access and had to run and fire ASSUMABLY towards the presidants direction....

One shot fired, and heard by only those on the side of the building adjascent to the Grassy knoll (left if facing towards JFK) the sound bounced off the wall and was redirected,The second shot was a miss fire, of these two cartridges one should be found in the sewer (grate) systems,

The third shot is the one that fataly killed JFK and was the one that is talked about regarding SMOKE coming from the grassy knoll. This was a run and shoot situation becuase of poor accessibility. There is a witness. WHO?????? If there were five shots, this is the puzzle piece to ponder.

From: Just A thought

From Paula...

Just a thought but what if JFK was taking us too a place that authorities didnt want us to go(no vietmam, peace with Ruissia)? All things being equal LBJ was going to be replaced in 64 for another running mate (fact). LBJ knew he could never be president with JFK around.

Kennedy was coming into the social conciense movement era (imagine JFK and the hippies of 67)talk about the summer of love.Then he would have stepped down (if he servived the womanizing scandals or other issues) and RFK would have taken the US through a period of ?????? with his brother as an advisor.

After this term Edward would have taken over. Now the Kennedys had the love of the people but not all. There are individuals who set the course of history or believe they know what is best for you and I and we just dont understand that this kind of change would have been extremely difficult for people who want to control,because thats what it comes down to folks.

Whoever controls, controls. The good news is that we must never be afraid because this is how they control, stand up, be free for there are those better than us who had the courage to stand up for freedom of thought and speach. JFK , MLK, RFK and JOL just to mention afew.

From Joanne...

This is way 'out there' compared to everyone else's opinions on the matter but I believe Onassis killed all 3 of them. My theory is that he may have had Marilyn killed out of love and respect for Jackie, considering it was less than 3 months after the Happy Birthday song. Then I think he may have had jfk killed out of an ever increasing love for Jackie and for the fact that jfk remained scandalous and fully disrespectful to his beautiful wife.

After a respectable amount of years, he finally asked Jackie to marry him but right before Bobby announced he would run for president. I think she may have refused Onassis proposal to keep the Kennedy name 'pure' so that Bobby wouldn't have bad publicity before his campaign. I think the final shots were made to overwhelmingly convince her that being with him would be the safest place for her and her children. I think that Onassis had enough money to pay down a chain of people to do these hits far enough away so that his name would never be associated with any crime. It's just my theory but what a book THAT would make! Concerning Monroe, while the whole world looked at the Kennedys, Onassis could have walked right out of there with a smoking gun.

From Joanne in WA

From Randy...

I think that Joe DiMaggio had the mob kill the Kennedys over the death of Marilyn Monroe. The Kennedys were responsible for the death of Joe's ex. Joe commented afterwards that the Kennedys got what they had coming.

From Joshua...

I know it was his Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson that was behind the whole plot. L.B.Johnson is responsible for having J.F.K. killed just like Andrew Johnson was responsible for having Lincoln killed.

It is a related conspiracy. You can't ignore the facts. Oswald didn't do it. JFK was shot from the front.

Johnson had someone else do it. Jack Ruby killed Oswald. Ruby was involved also.

They need to reopen the investigation files and prove that Johnson had Kennedy Killed.

I am a Republican and this is what I believe.

Joshua of Dubuque, IA

From Floyd...

I believe LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover using elements within the FBI and CIA were the group responsible for the murder of JFK. It seems to me that this extensive coverup involved in the murder of JFK could only have been done by people in the highest level of government.

Jim Garrison knew who committed this act but he could not prove it. I have seen all the histroy channel's programs titled "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" which to me proves that Kennedy was killed by people high up within the United States Government.

Floyd; in Orlando Florida

From Ashley...

I am an eighth grader in an Anglican school in Australia. Currently in my class of history, we are studying the assignation of John F Kennedy.

And I as many do feel so sorry for him and his wife, and all of the people present with him at the time. But I have a theory, I am not sure if it could even be cloe to right, but I think that Oswald was not working alone. I think that Oswald was definitely involved but Jack Ruby could of have had something to do with it. See I think that Oswald shot John F Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository, but Jack Ruby was at grassy knoll. As Oswald was taken to jail Jack Ruby obviously shot him and he did this because he didn’t want Oswald to open his mouth and say anything, to cause himself in Jail.

I have seen 2 of the films of the assignation, and I think my theory could sort of be correct. But we will never know.

Love Ashley

P.S rest in peace JFK.

From Andrew...

From Squids and Bones

The Public will have no idea about what happened in Dealy Plaza, the School Book Depository and Parkland Hospital for another few decades. Most of the people involved are dead. I've looked over the facts so many times. I've read files most of you would be killed for knowing about. After working for the Goverment for almost forty years, I can tell the truth. I can give my real name. But I can tell you what I know. There were two gunmen, and a large support team. One gun in the Book Depository, the other by the Hill. Oswald was in the Book Depository eating his lunch, keeping an eye out. He believed he was part of a conspiracy to kill the president in order to advance communism. He had brough the gun that would later be named the muder weapon and given it to the Gunman, who had asked for it over the phone two days prior. A handfull of fake police officer and Secret Service Officers on the hill. A man in the Plaza with an unbrella to order them to shoot. Here's the play by play.

*Motorcade enters Plaza

*First shot fired from Despository hits Kennedy in the Back, passes through his neck, and goes through Connaly's shoulder and hiting steal windsheild frame.

*Second Shot from hill hits Connaly's wrist, and remains go on to would James Tauge in cheek.

*Third Shot from hill hits Connaly's thigh

*Fourth Shot from book depository Kills Kennedy

*Motorcade speeds up to escape

*Hill gun men escape, Three Tramps cause diversion

*Book Depository Men leave Oswalds rifle, and three shells

*Oswald sees gun men coming down stairs, is confused, leaves

I can't say much else because I really don't know much else. But the how isn't as important as the Who. Oswald was a patsy, plain and simple. Jack Ruby was a hitman. David Farre was murdered. The real gun men are probally dead. But the people behind it, now thats a story. The CIA got the Guns, the Mafia got the Gunmen, Anti-Castro groups set up Oswald to take the blame the momment Kennedy took office. The Maffia took care of chatty witnesses. You ever wonder what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? He and his teamsters helped with diversions and funding. Hoffa thinks long and hard about, tells Moffia buds he's going to talk unless he sees some money. Two days later, he's cement.

But JFK was luck he got to live that long. There was a plan to shoot him in Miami, gunmen in place, and everything. He was in the cross hairs in Washington twice. Heck, the Anti-Castros were going to set off a bomb at the the funneral.

Your informant Squidbones

A New Silly One From Anthony...

Who---- Female tranvestite who is behind the car in the Zapruder film.

Why---- Revenge for Marilyn Monroes murder. Marilyn was a known transsexual who frequented butch lesbian clubs looking for demure lesbian sexual partners. Women behind the car is one of her 'conquests'.

How---- Using a radio controlled plane that was above the school book depository and had previously been the childhood toy of Mickey Rooney; a close confidant of Marlon Brando who was the gay lover of Sammy Davis Jnr; a caberat singer who was also LBJ snitch in Hollywood. He was also black. None of these associates like quiche.

Neither did Abraham Lincoln or my mother. Coincidence or what?!

A New Silly One From Steve...

JFK is not dead; he has been spotted in a chip shop in Oldham along with Elvis.


who: mossad with cia, SS and hoover. why: Mossad did not want america to stop Nuke bomb production, cia felt he was going to crush them, SS was paid and hoover is one sick bastard how: radio controlled guns. the kill shot came from lower front seat.

I downloaded a 7 meg video and it shows some type of flowers standing straight up on connoly at frame 312 and kennedy's head gone in 313. Nixon and Johnson knew of the hit and let it happen because they were either power hungry or cowardly. HL hunt was involved too. I think the first shot was a flechette dart because you can see the umbrella and a man holding a radio transmitter. I think the second shot to Kennedy came from the trunk of the limo or the limo behind him. I think once the limo came within line of a radio beacon to the depository the automatic bullet sheared kennedy's head. possible 2 shots at same time.

I think Oswald tried to stop assasination by shooting at driver of limo. There was a bullet to the winshield. He might of got the shot off that landed above the winshield. from inside of car. Oswald worked for cia. he probably is a hero.

* * *

From M. Brown...

There are so many theorys about the murder of JFK. I believe, that at least in our lifetime, or maybe forever, the real truth will never be known, or proven. I certainly do not believe the governments explanation of the events that happened in Dallas that day, but somebody, somewhere, knows the real truth. But, it happened so long ago, that the person or persons that know the truth are dead, or are intent to taking what they know to their graves. If I may give my thoughts on the guilty that carried out JFK's murder, I suspect the mafia, in cooperation with high level government officials, planned, and carried it out. Only those two have the ways and means to cover up a high profile murder of a U.S. President.

From George...

One argument that keeps things going is the head snap (back and to the left) but if you study the film you will notice that the blood and brain matter sprays up and forward. The large flap of skull still attached by skin is forward of his right ear and above his right eye. There is no way that a shot from the front could spray the blood and brain matter forward. If you blow up a baloon and let it go, it will go opposite of the direction that the air escapes. As the brain and blood sprays forward, the head moves opposite, hence back and to the left.

I have studied this case for many years and have made the complete circle. I find myself back at the start which points to Oswald did the killing.


From Uriel...

I think every one needs to look at some of the facts laid out in the History channel documentary titled The Men Who Killed Kennedy. There are some interesting facts about some actual perpetrators of the crime including; a known assassin who worked for LBJ for years before accepting his position in Washington, and was supposed to have been in jail at the time of the assassination, but fingerprints was at the Texas book depository and remained one of the unidentified prints until 1997. This information is detailed quite accurately in the documentary.


From Roy...

After all the facts, all the evidence, it was LBJ and the CIA. Case Closed.


From John...

Plain and simple the assassination was carried out by like minded individuals, that proves once more that the world is ruled not by an iron fist or fear but greed itself. The Vietnam war all together drove up the prices on American people in ending cost of over 60 billion dollars by the end of the war. People were so inept about the assassination that they never asked why. The truth of the matter is this, it'll never be solved until those case files held by the government are set free. That's not gonna happen til the year 2029 but i think it got pushed back even further, who knows. The thing is for a government to work just as Bush is doing now, it's focus is to unbalance things just like drugs are money on the streets WAR is commerce to all governments that can and will afford to let it carry on. It's all about big business and power and games, nothing more and nothing less. Who carried it out? Who really cares? It's the purpose, the why it happened that people should be asking. If Kennedy had lived do you realized how different our society would be? We'd have a more stable government that's for sure.

The last President your former President Bill Clinton is a perfect example, his public affair was nothing new just like with Kennedy. Only difference was they knew they wouldn't assassinate him cause poeple would uprise so his public guilt to the media was short of a public lynching just with words was all. The Kennedy assassination was all about power against change. Until people understand that it's gonna continue since history repeats itself just as it did with Abraham Lincoln to President Kennedy, to Martin Luther King Jr. and even Malcom X nobody will ever be at rest and more assissinations will occur.


From Someone, Somewhere...

My dad always said that LBJ was behind it. I watched the video and the autopsy and I cannot understand why people (government) could actually believe that we are that stupid not to know he was shot from the front - his whole back head was blown out! Maybe Oswald shot at him but someone other then Oswald hit him. The whole thing was a shame. That's what power can do to ya!

From Andrew...

there are 2 things that i think are required to see if you are into the Kennedy assasination

1. JFK

2. Bill Hicks

The film really opened my eyes to the Kennedy assasination and i learnt most of the points from that and second you may be to young to remember a comedian by the name of Bill Hicks sadly he passed away back in 1994 but he really opened peoples eyes to the world, he ridicules the whole Government story.

For people like me who live in Britain who can rarely go to places like the assasination museum is a shame becuase i really wanna ask why people can't actually go up to the window, its blatantly obvius Oswald didn't do it for most of the reasons you have mentioned and the fact it was the worst sniper spot to pick. if you were to look from that window the first thing that would probably come to mind is "no way! i can't even see the road!" the government was involved and the Mafia had good reason to be. but you must not forget that Marilyn Monroe also died "tragically" and she had a very big link to JFK.

The government then handed us the magic bullet theory...i say no more


From Jim...

After reading that LBJ had ordered all investigative documents "SEALED" until the year 2035 I wasn't so sure about a setup.

Now I don't think there is any question. Americans, especially those who were around at the time of Kennedy's assassination, have the right to know the entire story. If and when Kerry is elected president, I urge everyone to write him at the White House and encourge him to have those documents unsealed.



From Someone, Somewhere...

I think its is highley possible that Lyndon Jhonston killed JFK! I mean he was quickley hurries out of the country on a plane soon after and he was in charge of letting Earl warren conduct the false "warren commision". Also I believe that Lee harvey Oswlad was indeed what he said...a patzi. The Evidence aroung the fact that lee harvey oswald was at that window at that time are shady! Poeple from the Dallas Prison across the street claimed to have seen a man at the window at that time but all denied it looking anything like lee harvey oswald. And for a start after the shooting Oswald was seen getting a coke at a vending machine dont you think that would be the last thing to do if you just shot someone!!!! From Nicole Gentleman age 15 ps. I have loads of other theories and know all the witnesses by heart but it would take such an awfull long time to write them down!!!

From Someone...

There were, in 1963, just too many groups and individuals that hated Kennedy's guts. If you look at the heavyweight's that were in power at the time, 2 in particular controlled 99.9% of it. Johnson and Hoover.

They had been in business for years in Washington, knew how to play the game, and most important, expected the game to be played that way by an upstart young President. Kennedy, however, did thing's his way, rocked the boat once to often, and made a considerable amount of enemies by not conforming to the way Washington politicians get thing's done.

Let's look at Johnson for a minute. The man was the 2nd most powerful man in Washington for decades before he became VP, then was reduced to ridicule at the Kennedy expense. And Hoover's animosity towards the Kennedy's was legendary. The one thing that was on both their mind's that was totally unacceptable was Jack for another 4, Bobby for 8 and probabaly Ted for 8. Kennedy had to go. It was no accident that Johnson accepted the Vice Presidency in 1960. He knew he was only 1 step away. What he didn't anticipate was the loss of power and lack of respect that comes with it, especially after giving orders instead of receiving them after all those years.

Hoover was on his way out to, and he was scared to death of that. Hoover had the good's regarding Kennedy's womanizing, but I also think that the Kennedy's had the good's on Hoover regarding his homosexual activities, which is why none of this was revealed during their time, both blackmailing the other.

In any event, both had the means motive and opportunity to carry out the assasination and cover it up.

From Finbar of Alambama...

Zapruder Film

If you have never read a book about the assassination, first see the Zapruder Film.

This was my problem in really SEEING what is in the film. By reading different books about it, I always tried to fit each theory into the film - mistake.

If you have read book about it, try and clear your head and take another look at the Zapruder Film. "Image of an Assassination" is the reproduction of the original Zapruder Film. See it on a large tv.

It looks like he is shot from the SIDE and BELOW.

The Knoll is higher up and a wider angle than from the side.

The head shot, or one of the head shots, indicate a shot from below - sewer?

Look closely at the frames of the head shot. There is a noticeable "path" of the bullet as it enters the brain and exits upwards.

The motorcycle cop on the left rear was splattered with blood and brain matter.

If LHO was the one, why do we have to wait until 2029?

Someone murdered our President. Let's start an initiative to have another autopsy performed.

The family might object? When is a murder not allowed to be investigated because the family objects?

We are his American Family. He is the World's Statesman.

We have a right to know. We demand the truth. We demand it now.

Finbar of Alabama

From Brandon...

hey my name is brandon i live in arizona and in my american studies class we are learning about the jfk video. my instructor is incredibly intelligent, i asked him the question about JFKs head when he got shot and why it went back when he was shot from the back. meaning someone had to be behind the fence shooting as well, everyone thinks that it was because there were more than one bullet, but infact theres a perfect scientific reason behind it. when someone is shot the bullet doesn't pass the whole way through and blow out the other side of the head. from the trauma and force of the bullet entering the head the weakest part of the skull (usually where the plates connect with eatch other) and that part is the first part to give. in JFKs skull the bullet entered the back of the head and blew out the side/front. the force of the explosion propels his head in a backwards motion. and that explains how he could have been shot in the back of the head and his skull move back aswell.

i still believe in the conspiracy,


From Someone...

According to the eyewitness account of LBJ's mistress Madeline Duncan Brown and other people, who attended a party at oil billionarie Clint Murchinson's house in Dallas, Texas on the night of November 21st, 1963, the following men plotted the last minute details of Kennedy's assassination;

Lyndon Baines Johnson - He told Ms. Brown after the meeting "After tomorrow, those f***ing Kennedy's will never embarrass me again". Johnson became President upon Kennedy's death.

Clint Murchinson - Texas Oil Billionaire.

H.L. Hunt - Owner of Hunt Oil. John J. McCloy - a representative of the Chase Manhattan bank, who would later be appointed to the Warren Commission by Lyndon Johnson.

Allen Dulles, - former CIA director fired by Kennedy and later appointed to the Warren Commission by Lyndon Johnson.

J. Edgar Hoover - FBI director who hated the Kennedys.

Richard Nixon - Lost the 1960 election to Kennedy but would later become President after Lyndon Johnson dropped out of the Democratic race for President in 1968 and the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Henry Kissinger - Former Army Intelligence operative who helped smuggle Nazi doctors into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip, later worked in diplomatic circles and for the Nixon administration.

George Herbert Walker Bush - originally a CIA operative in the 1960's who helped train Anti-Castro Cuban exiles under "Operation Mongoose", later became a congressman, a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was tje Director of the CIA during the Ford Administration, was Vice-President under Ronald Reagan(who was shot in 1981 by John Hinkley, the son of one of Bush's biggest financial supporters during the Republican Primaries in 1980), was President of the United States from 1989-1993 and is the father of the current President. Bush's name was listed in George De Morschildt's(Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA handler) address book along with the nickname "Poppy".

These were the men who killed Kennedy and profited the most from his death.

Here's a radio interview of Ms. Brown;

And here's a page listing Kissinger and Nixon as attendees;

From Holly...

I belive that the kill shot was taken frome the grassy now. There was only 3 shots that i know of, one shot came frome oswald in the back part of the head the other in the right side rib and the kill shot was frome the grassy nowl. i think that oswald was not frammed, he shot jfk in the neck.

The congress and goverment was also pissed with jfk because he had switched the money, instead of dollars he whanted coins. because we have had dollars for over 100 year before jfk was elected we whanted to keep it . jfk had terminated all dollar bills and started with the coins. but when jfk was assinated all bills where released the day after jfks assination. i wonder if the goverment had some say on the jfks assination. also the driver of the limo was part of the cia and the cia if part of the goverment. i think that jfk was assinated from the goverment. yes there was oswald and hoover. but the goverment and cia where mad at castro. every body new that castro hated jfk so the goverment planned on killing jfk so fingers were pointed at castro and then castro would get terminated. im only 12 but i think i know what im talken about.


From Someone, Somewhere...

The only question you have to ask yourself is that if Oswald was this lone nut "clear cut, no question about it" assasin, then why is the government withholding from the public files on not just him but of the whole assasination only to be opened in or around the year 2039? They traced Oswald's backround, his rifle, incriminating pictures, etc. in record time, yet the couldn't figure out a way to transfer him to the county jail without a threat of him being killed. Since more and more fact's have been uncovered over the years that contradict the official findings, the 3 things that disgust me is that 1) the major media will have none of it, 2) Gerald Ford and Arlen Spector will be laughing all the way to their graves knowing what they got away with 3) Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles are not around today to be put under the skillet to sweat out what they know. I would love to see these guys try to answer the contradictions point for point, and give their reason's why they came up with their answers and conclusions. Of course that could only be done by the major media bringing it to the public, but like I said, you can forget about that.

From Eric...

I believe the James E. Files aka James Sutton was the real assasin as well as Nicoletti. I mean James knew too much about the assasination and when all of the major evidence was found in the 80's and 90's he was in prison yet he can still tell you he bit the shell. And of course the shell was bit. How would he know if he was in prison. Because he did it. He arrived at about 7:45 AM. He evaluated the area and told Nicoletti that he would use the Knoll and Nicoletti would take the Dal-Tex building. At 11:45 he arrived in the rail road parking lot ( behind the knoll fence ) and got out with a suit and a briefcase with a Remington Fireball .222 and .221.

At 12:25 he saw the motorcade approaching and he aimed and Nicoletti shot the first 2 shots and hit Connaly and the shoulder of JFK. They were hoping for a head shot and and Files has the perfect chance cause if he waited longer Jackie Kennedy would have been in the line of fire and his bosses told not to harm her. He shot and about .1000 of a second later Nicoletti fired at the same time. (Resulting in the wierd head movements ). He took the gun and put it in the suitcase and flipped his suit inside out so noone would know its the same one and hopped in the car waiting at the parking lot and got in and left. Now how did they get palmprints from Oswald ... after oswald was framed and killed, FBI agents broke into the morgue and took his hands and planted prints on the '' murder weapon '' and then took it to the Texas Book Depository where it was found the next day hiddin behind boxes.

Now who ordered James and Nicoletti to murder JFK ... simple ... LBJ, J. E. Hoover , members from the Warren Commision , CIA . FBI , and finally last but surely not least the team of supreme members of a highly secret commision called Cell. They are almost higher up than the president. There are 6 members and they are not voted for they are chosen behind closed doors. Cell has been around since 1951. It was the cleanest crime in history. Thats is the mystery

From Mary...

I really don't know because I am so unsure of. I only look for real solid evidence, that is the most important thing. Funny how the JFK mistress name Judith who came forward in the trial years ago, and before her death from cancer, she wrote a book that she had a relationship with JFK. She did admitted that. It is the similar situation where she tried to make contact to JFK by phone, but they disconnected her from them as the same way they did to Marilyn Monroe. I think they were using both of these women to get them access to mafia. It seems to be that there is too much connection between JFK and the mafia, especially that goes way back as their father. The only person who was after mafia was the biggest mistake ever made was Bobby kennedy. Later, he was killed in gun shot wound.

As for Marilyn Monroe situation, I am totally a fan of her, but in her situation, I am so unsure of because she takes pills, and some alcohol to ease her pain. She grew up in foster home, so she was used to strangers. She had no real guidens, meaning no one to look after her. I think mafia might have kill her before hand and the kennedys just came might been scare the crap out of themselve, and maybe took all the evidence with them. Still I am not too sure of what actually happens. Remember one "Hill Street Blues" star later admitted that there was a piece of wire hanging over the roof. Marilyn might have been wire tapped by mafia, CIA, or Kennedys, who knows what. Over the wire tap, mafia must have heard her conversation with the reporter to "tell all," to the press. I think they jumped on that to get even with the kennedys. We just need the truely, the real solid evidence on surrounding her death. That would be truly hard to find until the supreme court allow us to see the real file of Marilyn Monroe, which I doubt that they (government) would ever reveal it themselves to public. I think the bottom line that they are too ashame of this like the vietnam war, the silence of agent orange.

I think it is more like the silence of a lamb.

From Mary

From Duniee...

I think JFK's brother Bobby was involved with issues and dangerous situations that he couldn't discuss after JFK was assassinated b/c he was doing all this activity such as involvement with cuba and involvement with organized crime behind his brothers back, and if he released the information that he knew, then himself would be in deep quick sand without anything to hold on to.

If you go to Dallas and look from the grassy noll, you will see a fence and behind the fence is a large parking lot, and after the incident on Nov. 22 approx..12:30, none of the cars that were parked in the parking lot behind the grassy noll were searched. And if you go to the same location and locate the sewer, you can learn that the opening of that sewer leads to an open area away from the grassy noll, bridge the whole surrounding area, someone could have been inside the sewer and escaped easily after shooting President Kennedy in the "back of the head" that whole statement really pisses me off. President Kennedy was screwing Marilyn Monroe and I don't think that was a good idea considering the fact she was also screwing MOB oh la las. And last thing, Johnson was from Texas Johnson lost against Kennedy at first Johnson was his little bitch Johnson wanted a war-Kennedy didn't. The visit it Dallas was a spontanious visit, he had a plan to kill castro on the 24th of November and pull everyone out of Vietnam, and for theose of you who are reading this and finding mistakes I'm sorry but I hope that is the least of your concern when you read this.

From Duniee

* * *

The Ruby Theory - How can anyone believe Oswald acted alone. If he did, Jack Ruby's actions make no sence. What did Ruby mean when he said that the world will never know his motives because of people in high places. They say Ruby had friends in the Mafia. The Kenedies had put the Mafia's main puppet, Jimmy Hoffa, in prison. Oswald dies quick and the country is vindicated. This was the most perfectly executed perfect crime ever. After 40 years, we can saftly say that people got away with killing the president of the United States. It could make a good movie, except for one thing. The bad guys won.

From David

* * *

You're dumb & you obviously know nothing about the real evidence from the case... the zapruder film shows that his head movement wasnt because of the bullet at all besides, when you shoot something, it doesnt always move in the same direction as the bullet was travelling

From stephanie of minnesota

* * *

The fatal shot came from the driver William Greer. if you look at the film you can see Greers left hand come up over his right sholder holding what looks to be a gun. if you frame advance the film you can time the firing of the gun (watch the recoil ) with Pres. Kennedys head being blown away. Theres too much evidence that the secret service , cia and dallas police dept. covered up to many things for it not to have been a set up. why was he really killed we may never know the truth.

From John of North Carolina

* * *

Read the motorcade testimony. The motorcycle cop to the left of Kennedy (and his wife) was covered in blood. The cop to the right testifies that the bullet hit the right, and the top of the head exploded. Kennedy was thus shot from the right and other words he was shot from a storm drain.

From Adam of Iowa-USA

* * *

If the government had nothing to do with, then why hide all the real evidence until 2037, or whatever year they are holding it until. They want to make sure all government officials who are connected will no longer be alive to be punished.

From Bob of Missouri

* * *

I think he was killed by johnson because johnson was not a happy man when kennedy was president, He was jealous of kennedys youth and way to handle things.

From Ron in Indiana

* * *

the warren commision is lying to america. there had to have been at least two shooters and at least four shots. oswald fired three of them, but someone else fired a shot from the picket fence. that was the shot that killed kennedy. the assasination was a huge conspiracy put together by the the government. who had access to all the evidence? the government! oswald was just a patsy. JFK failed to execute castro in the bay of pigs and he was about to pull out of veitnam.that would be a good enough reason to kill the president. his brother was also in the perfect position to be the next president. the mafia had nothing to do with this and they were just being used as a scapegoat.

From hannah of ohio

* * *

JFK was shot and killed by a Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald, who used a Carcano bolt-action rifle from a window on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository Building. I believe that Mr. Oswald was an expert marksman. The popularly held views that he was an average shot are false, generated by former peers who were jealous of his skill. The conspiracy theories exist only because Americans find it difficult to justify that the killing was the action of a lone individual with apparently little motive.

From Patrick & Company

* * *

How killed JFK the Catholic church run by the Black Pope and his jesuit generals. JFK wanted to end the war in vietnam and close down the CIA now this could not happen. Hs murderer Count Hans Van Kolenbach the CIA, FBI, the mob, The Freemasons, Knights of malta,Knights of colombus, KGB. All the facts are there go on to a search engine and type in THE BLACK POPE and read an interview with Dr Eric Phelps and he explains in detail who is running what. These groups are to responsable for the death of Lincon.

From conan swanepoel South Africa

* * *

I also believe oswald was innocent his friend ruby was friends with the maffia who set him up then made ruby kill oswald against his wishes ruby tried to save oswald by a phone call but he didnt suceed in changing his friends route meening he had to shoot him otherwise he may die which he did later anyway of mestories cancer (or so it was called) Why the maffia would want jfk is eather because there was a dela made by the government and them or they didnt like his policies both are good motives! Take your pick!

From Caroline

* * *

I believe, that JFK was involved in a lot of underhand dealings; one including the death of Marilyn Monroe, as we all know, JFK was not the only family member to be involved with her! Marilyn had many friends; Elvis and also Ann Margaret; they where involved with mafia dealings themselves; like Frank Sinatra; I fully believe, that after Monroe had died and under suspicious circumstances; persons in question wanted revenge. A certain person, who was involved in Monroe's autopsey said in a documentary, that Monroe had not die at her home, because the amount of barbituates that she alledgedly took would have been impossible, also there were large amount of tablets still undisolved in her gullet and certain marks on her body, proved she had been moved after death.

Monroe got to know too much of the Kennedy clan and their doings and thats why she had to be rewmoved, just in case, she used her info against them. who ever the person/persons was, who had JFK assinated thought it out very carefully; also I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was forced to be a decoy, because of his background record.

I have watched many a documentary about the assasination and I have come to the conclusion,that one assasinator was actually hiding in the boot of the car, because of the certain wounds JFK had received and this would explain why Jackie Kennedy lunged towards the front seat,also someone who was fairly near the car and in front of JFK's vehicle,because of the. accurate shot, which fired the fatal blow to JFK's head. The F.B.I and the C.I.A know something,but need I say, someone of authority was given a lovely lump sum to keep their mouth shut!

From a spectator UK

* * *

I think that the government doesnt want to tell us (the general public) what happened or Why it happened is because corporate Amarica is still benefitting from it. Their is money to be made everywere.

(From: HRW)

* * *

From Mike of California...

The Federal Reserve system financed it. The mafia sent shooters, including actor Woody Harrelson's dad, a convicted mafia assassin, who was definitely one of the alleged "drifters" from the grassy knoll who was questioned and photographed. The cubans sent shooters as verified by the woman who was dropped off in the desert and was hospitalized delirious and screaming "they're going to kill the president" days before the assassination. The FBI and CIA had grudges against JFK, as did LBJ and the military. The only organization that could finance and influence a cooperative effort this big was the Federal Reserve, the most powerful and influential organization in America (probably in the world) to this day. It is interesting that the Warren Commission included a former world banker. The only reasons to include a banker on a commission to determine who killed a President would be (1) because a bank's involvement was suspected, or (2) to cover up a bank's involvement. We all know that the Warren commission never accused a bank of being involved, so that leaves a cover-up as the only reason to have a banker serve on the Warren Commission. By the way, if anyone can find info on Texas Governor John Connelly's death and/or the coroner's announcement that an autopsy was planned, please post it.

From "Watcher" of the United Kingdom...

I Think the fatal shot came from inside the limmo, why else would Jackie try to climb out the back? Would instinct tell her to get down as low as possible inside the car? As to who or why he was killed, well maybe it is not the FBI Take a look at the CIA, it was they who stood to lose most if there was no war in Vietnam, it was JFK who sacked the head of the CIA after the bay of pigs fiasco, (A man who was on the Warren commision too) Now when you consider that RFK was shot from behind (which was also covered up) The Secret Service/CIA were involved in that killing to, they feared RFK opening up a new investigation into the assasination. I would further suggest that the CIA had some part in the ongoing campain against Ted Kennedy to prevent him becomming president but lets face it all 3 assasinated? one killing too far for the powers that be.

From Kit of Alabama...

I really don't know since there are so many conspiracy theories out there. 1 thing I do know is that he was murdered by more than one person and that there was a cover up. Also, I believe there is a connection between Diem's assassination 10 days previous to Kennedy's, which was actually approved by Kennedy himself. So maybe it was payback by those who supported Diem. A book I would recommend is Manhattan's "Vietnam why did we go?".

From James of Australia...

I believe that the assination had been planned for a very long time before Dallas, however this was the day they acted on it. Who done it ? I dont really think anyone will ever know the answer to that question but i personally think that JFK the movie was a pretty damn good effort and i believe that the movie is more right than many people think. I am not saying that all the events that happened in it were true but i believe it was closer to the truth than you or i will ever get. I beleive that there was more than one gunman because after studying pictures, notes, photos, and reports it would seem physically impossible to fire the amount of shots and to display that amount of accuracy with such poor sights and do it all in a matter of seconds.

I also believe that the CIA, FBI, head of the secret-servie, the Maffia, The cubans, and god knows who else all played a part in the assination of JFK. You cant just drag together a bunch of idiot's to do an assination of the most powerfull man in the world. The assination was carefullly planed and carried out by some of the biggest organisations in the world. This was propperly organised with the upmost precssion and delacly. There was no way he was to be let out of Dallas alive and facts will prove that. The assination attempt proved to be a succsess for those involved and i belive that we will never know the truth behind the assination because there is too much reveling infomation involved that would bring down the whole United States government.

From Amy of Israel...

I really think that the Killing of JFK was Mr Hoover and I think JFK should have been better protected but what's done is done. thanks for asking me what I thought this place has really helped me.

From Jeff of Michigan...

First off I would like to say that I belive that president John F Kennedy was the last real president that we had, all he wanted was peace and unity for all races and creeds, not only for the United states but for the whole world. The men that had him killed did not want this, they had too much to lose if he were to remain alive. I am refering to the military industrial complex. They had the know how and the people and the money to get the job done and to finance a coverup from here to eternity.

I don't think the CIA was directly involved I beleive tht the men Kennedy fired Alan Dulles, Richard Bissel, and Charles Cabbel all had the connections to the services for covert operations after they were fired as they did when they worked for the CIA. (SOME OF THERE OLD BUDDIES) as well as Cabbels brother who was the mayor of the city of Dallas at the time Kennedy was killed. I don't think the CIA shed any tears over the presidents death they did not like him after he said "he would shred the CIA into a million peices and cast them into the wind." They the CIA had bought Bell Helicopter that made hundreds if not thousands of choppers for Veitnam as well as a jet company. If Kennedy had lived there would have been no Veitnam war and the CIA could not have cashed in on the war, they stood to lose billions of dollars if we pulled out of Veitnam. So a good mans life was snuffed out with no regard to his children or his wife or the rest of his family, or the nation.

This assassanation was all about money. Oswald did not shoot anyone he was the patsy as he said he was on live TV that weekend. I don't think Lee was a saint but I think he was unjustly charged with the death of the president as well as officer Tippit with little or no proof.I belive that there were 5 shooters in Dealy plaza that day 1 on top of the records building 1 in the book depository 1 in the daltex building and 2 in the storm sewer's which by the way were never checked by the secret service. All gun men had a spotter with a two way radio to make sure everything went as planned. Hoover from the FBI hated the Kennedys and was good buddies with Lyndon Johnson it was no big loss to him. I do belive that Johnson had complete knowledge of what happened and vowed not to make the same choices the JFK did so he would not be the next target. Nixon pulled us out of Veitnam and this same element of power that had Kennedy killed said well the assassanation did not go as good as we planned so lets discredit Nixon and force him to quit, which he did.

I have been reserching the assassanation for 27 years I got involved with this tragic event in american history in the 70s when Robert Groden first showed the Zapruder film for the first time on ABC's Goodnight america with host Geraldo Reivera. It was truly horrifying to see this great leader being blown away like that, I had nightmares after that for a good long time but that turned to anger as I got older. Why should we settle for the goverments two reports on the Assassanation when we know there far from the truth.Example in the warren comission report there is a chapter entitled A of the study of the teeth of Jack Ruby mother.

As Jim Garrison said "even if Ruby would have bit Oswald to death that still was not relivent"What a big joke. But there should be no joking in this matter This is our presidents life,could this happen again? I hope not. The mafia had a lot to do with this as well they felt Kennedy betrayed them after they had bought him votes under the direction of Joe Kennedy seinior and appointing his brother Bobby as Attorney general who by the way was eating mobsters for breakfast. I don't think Russia or Cuba were involved there was too much to risk (WAR). These men wanted a new president with different veiws in Southeast they made Lyndon Johnson president with bullets not ballets.

From Kyle of Ontario, Canada...

I think it was Lyndon Johnson who planned the assination because he wanted to be president. I read Lady Bird's journal entry for nov. 22 and she said that he looked very calm when shots rang out.

From Steve of Indiana...

I believe Kennedy was snuffed on orders from various members of U.S.A. Incorporated(military/governmental/industrial/organized crime). Certainly Oswald was INVOLVED, however, I don't necessarily believe he fired a shot. The test done to determine this gave a positive result for having fired a gun for his HAND, but not for his CHEEK. Had Oswald fired a rifle that day, the parrafin test of his cheek would also have had to show positive results. It did not. At the top of the list of planners would surely be LBJ. He certainly had the most to gain. The Warren Commission? What a sad joke that was---that's like appointing a hungry fox to guard a hen-house.

One very important book to read is "The Man on the Grassy Knoll (not "nole" or "knowl")---it tells the story of Charles Rogers, a CIA guy who was tentatively identified as being one of the three "tramps" arrested and supposedly questioned by the "authorities". His buddy in the picture with him is actor Woody Harrelson's father(twice convicted hit-man currently in prison for murder). Who knows? Any way, we all know (with the exception of true idiots) that our government is capable of extreme lying--they always have been--and they have the resources to cover up those lies and to eliminate or discredit anyone who believes otherwise or threatens their positions of power. I pray that someday soon ALL Americans will stop burying their heads in crap that means nothing and wake up and realize that the real "Axis of Evil" is right here in the once-great America which has been stolen from us by the lying, cheating, murdering bastards who hold the highest positions in our so-called democratic government.

From Ben of England...

I think that oswald was nothing to do with it because the scene shows Kennedys head going forward then back and they found a rifle on the scene,its impossible to shoot a rifle twice in a matter of seconds ben dumbreck

From "No Name" in the USA...

Looking For Form Results... I believe to get to the bottom of this "travesty of Justice" in regards to the assasination of has to look very closely at "who" benefitted the most afterwards.

The only name that seems to "shout"out very loudly is LBJ. He wanted the presidency more than anything else. JFK would have had two terms, afterwards his brother Bobby would have had at least one term. LBJ had a history of heart disease in his family and knew time was running out for him to ever gain the white house.

Was LBJ capable of this crime? All one has to do is go to a library to read about his many "character flaws"and the scandals associated with his early years in government service. Even people he was closely associated with from his early political years died under "strange circumstances". Do people remember "The Estes affair"? A government official investigating the corruption of one of LBJ's friends accused of fraud, corruption, etc. was found with numerous bullet wounds to his head, dead in a car! Yet this was ruled a "suicide" so the investigation would not eventually go any further up. Yes, LBJ peddled himself well with regard to gaining wealth.

True enough the Kennedy boys were not saints when it came to being "womanizers". LBJ was also an adulterous person with many different women. He was coarse and crude and very un refined when it came to social graces. From the very beginning of his early political carreer his election successes were always surrounded with the "air" of impropriety! Organized crime was very angry with Bobby Kennedy for the justice dept.'s attempt to be very zealous with prosecuting them. They felt it was a "back stabbing" to them especially since organized crime did help get JFK elected to the white house. Its no secret that dead people were voting in chicago, and that ballot boxes were found in the illinois river. Nixon really did win the election had the results not been tampered with. Joseph P. Kennedy did have connections with organized crime early in his young years in spite of the families denials.The old time mafia bosses knew Joseph P. well and did whatever they could to help his son JFK attain the white house.

Organized crime had a reason to kill JFK but I don't believe they did though. I believe they had some knowledge on who did however. There are many links to unsavory people who are or who were "contract" killers for organized crime and government agencies. Many times they are employed by both; and privy to much information that the public never knows about! Hoover knew of "organized crime"...he just chose to ignore it. The mafia already knew of his "lifestyle". Hoover was especially fond of going to the racetracks and betting on horses after he was given "tips" on which horse to bet on. The mafia helped to get in good graces with Mr. Hoover this way even though Hoover would never bet more than two bucks a race. No, the mafia never would have sanctioned a "hit" on an american president...but they had a pretty good idea on who was behind it though! That is why so many of the mafia crime figures were mysteriously killed such as Johnny Roselli, Sam Giancana etc. Even Jimmy Hoffa may have had an idea on who was involved, this is why he had to be eliminated, not because of any in fighting with other mob bosses.

I think Earl Warren smelled a skunk when LBJ demanded that he wanted him to head the "Warren Commisions investigation" on the assasination.Warren really did not want any part of this but LBJ insisted on it as the president. This gave LBJ deniability, why would LBJ launch the investigation if he was guilty? Nobody would think to look at him!! Not only that but LBJ controlled the whole outcome of it! He tried to hint that maybe it was the russians, or the cubans. Krucshev and Castro would never have dared to kill a U.S. president! For LBJ to invoke "this is a matter of national security" label on this tradgedy was was only to take suspicion off of him.

There were many players who eventually died strange deaths during the investigation of JFK's death. Does anybody remember "Dorothy Kilgallen"? She was a nationally well known journalist who sometimes was a guest on "Whats my line show". She was doing her own investigation and died under "mysterious circumstances". Strange indeed that anybody who might have had some connections or influence into finding out who the real culprits were..always had an untimely tragic death! Robbery and murder, hit and run, apparent heart attack, cerebal hemmorage and suicide. The assasination had NOTHING to do with viet-nam,castro's revenge or the russians or mafia revenge! Most people have been looking in the wrong place. Read about LBJ's early carreer in politics, his scandals and his lust for power, and his unsaviory friends and arguments with JFK.

JFK had his enemies in government agencies too. By no means am I implying that one person was involved in his tragic death. There were those that were willing to help that one person reach his goal of attaining the white house. Even though we know now that JFK was shot at from not just behind but from the front as well, that nobody even really believes it was a one man suspect.....they are missing the big picture.

Who benefitted the most, who set up the investigation, who helped make Lee harvey Oswald the suspect, who helped get the justice dept. off organized crime's back? Who put Bobby Kennedy in a subservient role afterward, who helped J.Edgar Hoover get out from under Bobby Kennedy's thumb? If Bobby Kennedy had lived to win the white house you can bet he would have had the power of the presidency to ferrit out those that killed his brother and covered it up! I believe that is why Bobby was killed, not the lone gunman Sirhan Sirhan. He was put in the same "situation" that "Oswald" was put in. Sirhan may have fired the gun but we will never know for sure if his bullet is the one that killed Bobby? There happened to be an extra security man that night in L.A. that nobody can account for even to this day, not to mention a couple extra bullet holes in one of the walls of the room where Bobby was killed in!

Amazing indeed, everbody is arguing about the magic bullet theory or the speculation as to one mans involment, or the russians or the cubans, or the mafia, or part of one of the many different U.S. security agency's, or how many shots were fired etc. Only one person could have the power to control the outcome of an investigation,only one person could influence a supreme court justice, power to change an autopsy, power to take command of JFK's body from Dallas, power to sanction other "hits" to silence people. Jack Ruby wanted to be put in federal protective custody and brought to washington to tell HIS STORY. The big time federal prosecutors told him no??? Wouldn't you think the United States government would want to at least listen to what he said? He told the press that it indeed was a conspiracy. The press then asked him how far up this conspiracy which Ruby replied, "all the way to the top"! Ruby knew his fate was sealed from the beginning, so I think we must believe what he said. They did not want him going to a washington d.c. jail to tell what he knew!!!!

Whatever year our government decides to release the real details of this terrible event be rest assured THE TRUTH WILL NEVER BE TOLD. As these people will be long gone due to natural death etc., their relatives will still be living and it would be of terrible embarrasment, not to mention it would put a microscope on many people and their dealings with our own government.I expect if any explanation comes out it will blame the mafia or some other hackeyed essay on "why they could not tell us sooner". Only one person could have the power to CONTROL everything after JFK's tragic death......and it would be "WHOMEVER" is sitting in the WHITE HOUSE. Sometimes the "guilty" are closer than you think! Who would ever "dare" to indict a sitting president for murder, or at the very least conspiracy or culpability? Nobody, no how, or never just would not happen! There were many young politicians who sat on "The Warren Commision". They knew better, but many of them also knew, "you don't rock the boat"or else it will be the end of their political carreer. The ones that went along with the commisions findings sold their souls. Much of the findings were ludicrous and they knew it. But they also knew that most people would believe their government back in 1963. Not one of them would have dared point a finger even if they saw LBJ holding the smoking gun.

The press was a different creature back then. I somehow believe that if this would have been 10 years later and Richard Nixon was vice president .... the press would have clamored for an investigation of him being the top suspect. I think if the press would have spent as much energy trying to investigate JFK's death even 10 years after the fact instead of hounding the Nixon white house about watergate if only to humiliate and disgrace nixon they might have got some good leads on the phoney government investigation on JFK's death. The hearings on the re-opening of the warren commision in the mid 70's was a crock and everybody knows it. Their "new" findings....Yes, "it probably was a conspiracy"!!! No took millions of dollars to set up this new investigation to tell the american people something we already knew??

From Mr. X of MD...

It is totally impossible for him to have been shot in the head from the back at a long range with the rifle. if you see when he was shot he was flown back and not forward and that the damage that was done only could've came from the front at close range. if you've notice when you see the tape of the shot to the head the the man in front of Kennedy in the limo turned the exact time when kennedy was shot.

The man in front of Kennedy was the one who took the shot but you won't see the gun because of the position he was in. this is not a theory, it true look at a tape of the shot to the head and you'll see clearly. if anyone knows weapons, you know only a weapon like the 45 can do damage like that at close range.

From Farmer Joe from the Doghouse Out Back...

I believe that jfk was shot by a gun man on either the grassy knoll or dealy plaza. oswald was indeed a patsy, as he said. and the umbrella man signaled everyone.

From JamieLyn of the USA...

Well, for everyone who thinks that LBJ did it...why would someone who wants to be president kill another knowing good and well that he would eventually get caught. Also, I dont understand why everyone is so obsessed with who did it. It is over and done with. .....Now, I know that it was a very sad time but we now have to let it be. And, Im sure if LBJ had anything to do with it he would be caught....Im sure he was somewhat of a suspect...they would have caught him. Let it rest....for the family and friends.

* * *

From Mike of California...

Does anyone remember that when Governor John Connelly of Texas died a few years ago, a couple of coroners held a press conference and said they would perform an autopsy on him, remove the bullet and study it? They never followed up that press conference- ever. I've been trying to find internet info on this, but I can't even find the date of Governor Connelly's death. I specifically remember the news conference, though. The absolute silence afterward seems like a further cover-up, even in recent years!

From Chuck of Las Vegas...


From Abdalla of Pakistan...

I think there is a very great secret of this accident . I am very sorry for his death.

From Josh of Indiana...

First I love that we still are taking the time to talk about the facts of what happened on November 22, 1963. Secondly, everyone is entitled to there own opionion. But in the next two weeks I am going to talk to a Secret Service agent that was on Kennedy's detail, but not there in Dallas. If you are interested in what he says get my email address and I will be happy to let you know what he has to says. But with all of us still intrested we will find out what happened to John Kennedy. Keep the faith.

From Josh of Indiana...

Looking For Form Results... Everyone should realize by now that the Kennedy brothers were killed by our government. What I think personally isn't important because the facts speak for themselves. What has puzzeled me and maybe I'm just ignorant about this issue but why aren't the Kennedy's screaming bloody murder!? What have they done to get the facts released to the public? Jay Texas NORUSHMAN@AOL.COM

From Leanne of the UK...

Where do I start? I could start with the unproven Magic bullet case, that a bullet couldnt make all them wounds (7 counting plus hover in mid air for 1.6 seconds!)but you probably know that. has anyone thought bout the connection to Maralyn Monrowe:- the Kennedy brothers would go to Monrowes place at night but its not what you think, John had hidden an important object at monrowes apparently alien object but hold on theres more:_ on the monday after monrowes apparent suicide/overdose she was scheduled to give an conference with the news and media about the diaries she had written on the conversation of her and the kennedy brothers releating to UFOs now if you link this to the money cuts John kennedy made and how he put this to an unknown use and the fact that war in its self is not enough reason for the 2 year effort put in to killing Jfk supposed over the cuba/castro scenerio (just making a would the cia/fbi know 2 years in advance that Jfk was going to pull out of cuba?? when it was only known 6 months in advance)what other reason could there be other then aliens and how the poeple in power didnt want the world to know as other countries would get the technology.. just a thought im reserching.

From D. Morton of Birmingham...

Lee harvey oswald did not kill jfk the way it was told as he was shot in the and the bullet pasted through his head it was told that he was shot in the back of the head but in aopen top car the bullet would of penatrated the front window of the car so there for the killer would of had to be on a hill witch just topped the front of the cars window and why was lee oswald killed instead of being tried in a court of law.

From D. Michael of Indiana...

There was way too many other elements for it to have been a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. Why did all the film of the incident get taken, why were people told to leave the grassy knoll. The Umbrella man in the mid afternoon, the babushka lady-who was friends with Jack Ruby right at the scene, the tree blocking oswalds view, oswald not shooting at easy shot when directly in front of SBDT. Nobody should believe it was just Oswald, thats rediculous.

From Turkeyneck in America...

It was Bigfoot. Bigfoot killed Kennedy. Most definitely Bigfoot.

From David D. of Oregon...

I was in High School english class when Kennedy was shot. Since that time I've felt along with millions of other people that The Kennedy Assination was a conspiracy. First the Warren Commission did not investigate this as to who was involved but to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person who did it. There are too many things that tell me that this was the biggest lie ever given to the American people. First J. Edgar Hoover was well know to have hated both kennedy's. Hoover also did not believe or chose not to believe that The Mob(Organized Crime) existed in the US. The FBI for years did not investigate the Mob.

At the same time - Kennedy was realizing that the US involvement in Vietnam was a mistake and was going to take the US out of it.This did not fit with the CIA's agenda. In addition - RFK was putting a lot of heat on the mob for the first time in years. So now you have the mob-the CIA -and possibly some other secret agency in the Govt that nobody knows about. All wanted JFK out - whatever it took. Lets look at Oswald- how could he using a Italian piece of crap rifle with a cheap scope -make 3 perfect shots - that no expert rifleman since than has ever been able to repeat. Also the evidence was was destroyed and overlooked about the rifleman behind the fence on the grassy knoll.

Movie film taken on the exact time of the shooting - was taken from several people who were there -by people in the Government. I believe that there were at least 3 shooters and that after Oswald was arrested - he was killed by Jack Ruby -who had known connections to organized crime- so that Oswald would not talk. Then we have the Warren Commission to continue the biggest lie- overlooking crucial evidence and not presenting every witness.

Compound that by the FBI who screwed up - just as they blew on it on the 9-11 attacks - Who did it - Well I think that the shooters were probably brought from Europe and therefore would not be connected to this. The physical evidence was changed- ie: autopsy photos were doctored - the autopsy was conducted by Dr's not trained in conducting forensic autopsies- crucial witnesses were either killed or not presented. And the real serious evidence was either sealed away or destroyed. Who could do this - the CIA -the Mafia- and other agencies that we don't know.about. I feel that the Mafia ordered it to pay back the Kennedy's for the heat that they were putting on them. I think that the CIA knew it was going to happen and did nothing. And I think that the FBI just blew it on the investigation.

The Government including LBJ did not want to admit to everyone that it was a conspiracy and it could have been prevented. There is just too much information out there that suggests that it was a conspiracy to even include it here.

Maybe in 20-50 years when everyone involved is dead and gone - maybe then the truth will be told. MAYBE ! All I know is that the greatest crime occurred and none of us know the truth and probably never will. The greatest injustice ever.

From Fred Kidd of the USA...

I certainly think that there was a cover up. I dont think that President Johnson or Hoover was involved in the killing of JFK. But, I do think that the Warren Commission and President Johnson knew much more about what happened in Dallas than will ever be known. I feel that much of the real story is possibly sealed due to national security and might even involve the mob. The only one who really knows the real story could possibly be former President Ford who is the only living member of the Warren Commission. I dont think that Oswald was the one who killed JFK. Without a doubt, I think that he was used as a scape goat. I do think that Ruby knew what went on. And I do think that Oswald did too. That was why Ruby killed him before he could tell too much information.

* * *

From SSG of California...


From Mitchell from Australia...

I think Kennedy's Party found out about the affair with Marilyn Monroe and JFK and bobby Kennedy. After sending bob Kennedy to talk with her, she was still going to make the affair public, so the CIA took her out, by making her taking pills. This situation along with a power struggle within his own party (AKA-Lyndon Johnson) and at the CIA (ie-Hoover), and the embarresment in the "Bay Of Pigs" incident, his polital party, the mafia, the secret service and CIA got together with the Dallis police department to get rid of Kennedy. Years after the assasination of JFK, Bobby Kennedy won the vote to stand for congree. Through the possible unvieling of the Marolyn Monroe affair, and other information leaking into the media, getting shown to the American people, The CIA once again got into action and also took out Bobby.

I feel Lee Harvey Olswald had nothing to do with the fatal head wound that Kennedy (John) sustained. A very important piece of evidence that has been overlooked time, and time again (even by the most devoted Conspiracy buffs) is in the most important single piece of evidence for a murder trial in American History.......The Zupruder film. If you carefully study the film cvarefully enough you can clearly see, when you pause on the exact frame when kennedy got hit in the head, Jacquie Kennedy is leaning forward, looking around at her husband, on a slight angle from him, almost straight on. If the fatal shot had come from the Book depository the bullet would have hit Kennedy in the back of the head and exited through the front (as said by the warren report and shown in the autopsy photos - providing they are not fake). After the bullet exited Kennedy's head, it would have hit Jacquie Kennedy. As we all know Jacquie was never hit, which proves my thoery that the Fatal shot had to come from the side of Kennedy, making it impossible for the fatal shot to come from the depository.

However, this does not rule out Lee Harvey's involvment in the assasination, it just means he DID NOT fire the head shot. At the same time I can not prove on my own that Lee Harvey did not fire any shots, dispite believing to this day that his is totally innocent.

From Someone of USA ...

Its plain and simple what happened.

The Omega Agency needed the money to fund their budget so they pretty much put the drugs out there. Kenedy found out of this and didnt like that and the other secrets.. Kenedy knew more than he should and was going to expose this to the press. They wouldnt like that for their plans so they offed him, and I do think it was the driver. Though if not him someone else, either way pretty bad day for him.

From Someone...

louis richimgs shot him

From Secret Squirrel of Parts Unknown...

Who: The CIA, LBJ, The Mafia, Castro, Anticastro, RFK, Ho Chi Mihn.. Independently.

Why: Each of these parties despised Kennedy to such a degree that they would ruin there careers and risk destruction to see the sob dead... dead I say!

How: Actually each party had its own assassination team on site, it was a strange coincidence that they all chose the same moment to act. Lee Harvey was working for the CIA to cover up the crash at Roswell, he fired from the grassy knoll. A cuban sharpshooter fired from inside the glove compartment under orders from RFK (known to smoke cuban cigars hello?) An ex-navy seal commando/cook fired a cyanide tipped bullet from a blimp circling the Rose Bowl under orders from Castro and Anti-castro. Al Capones ghost fired a tommy gun from the overpass. An unknown assailant in black pajamas was seen hiding in the sewers firing poison darts under orders from Ho Chi Mihn in order to precipitate Vietnam... because everyone was so high on having a Vietnam. Jacky Kennedy can be seen digging her heel into Jack's groin as she crawled across the trunk. Secret Squirrel parts unknown

From WndWarrior of USA ...

Mob connection to Sinatra.

Sinatra had to testify before secret senate hearing. Shortly afterwards Sinatra was in the movie Suddenly [plot to assassinate the president.] Few years later, Sinatra gets the mob to help Kennedy be elected president. Sinatra includes Peter Lawford in his ratpack.[Kennedy's brother-in-law.]

Meanwhile, Bobby Kennedy after he becomes attorney goes after mob.finds out sinatras relationship to the mob.1962 Bobby talks his brother president John into avoiding Sinatra on his trip west. Sinatra mad as hell kicks Peter Lawford out of the rat pack.Notice these movies made between 1962 and 1963. Advise and consent.[ political scandal]. Peter Lawford was one of the actors.Sinatra movies between 1962 and 1963. 4 for texas[notice Kennedy was killed in Texas.]ending of the movie 4 for Texas was a perfect shot to the head. Next the movie Come blow your horn.[in the movie Sinatra had to deal with an angry man from Dallas!!!!!Also in the movie Sinatra tries to get his younger brother to womanize. Well at the party in the movie actress Patti Mcguire was looking for president Kennedy.!!!!!] in real -life Patti Mcguire of the Mcguire sisters was the mistress of the Chicago mobsters Sam Giacanna.Now in the Sinatra movie Manchurian Candidate.

Made around the time Sinatra was angry Lawford and the Kennedys. Robert Shaw an ex-soldier was going to assassinate a politition.Another politition that wanted this done dressed up as Abraham Lincoln at a party.!!!!!!! Robert Shaw character[ soldier] and Oswald are similiar. At the time [John]Kennedy was killed Sinatra was filming the graveyard scene for big [John]in the movie Robin and the Seven Hoods. One of the lines Sinatra had was about Lincoln.

From Joseph of PA ...

It could not have been done by only one person. That kills the lone-gunman theory, and I don't think that it was Lee Harvy Oswald. Why not communists. Communists could have hired several hitmen to kill Kennedy. Then they frame Lee Harvey Oswald. If you look at Oswald's testomomy he did not say he did anything.

From Alexis of Texas ...

I think the driver william greer did it he put his left handover his right shoulder while things were going on that is why he was shot from the front. Greer worked for the secret service and JFK knew t much about the drugs and area 51 was going to expose.

From someone ...

all these theories are to small in scope and the answer is much larger in the world sense and simpler in the overall sense.

Old Joe Kennedy made a promise to org. crime, thus the influence in the teamsters and other unions that may have been able to swing votes. Old Joe's deal was to get is eldest son elected president. But John's older brother died on an expedition to borneo? or somplace else in indonesia. anyway when John got elected WITH the mobs influence in politics he cracked down on the drug trade. Big Time. he did battle with the soviets and with Castro. He and his brother decided to swing that big Teddy Roosevelt. stick! By talking on org. crime he no longer kept the "deal" that his father had allegedly made. That's why they took him out.

He and Bobby didn't play by the old pre WWII rules. I heard this tale from someone whether he had a right to tell it or not (E.Rice Burroughs ref.) came with PROPER CREDENTIALS. INDEED THEY WERE PROPER CREDENTIALS IN THE MOST BASIC SENSE OF THE WORD.

I'm surprised by the suppositions in this site that they focus on such small stuff and not on the reactions to the big waves Jack & Bobby made. THE BIG PICTURE

From Luke (only 13 years old) ...

I am not sure who did it but i know that oswald did not kill him because 1 minute latter they found him inside drinking a coke witch was almost gone we also did a test on how long it would ake to go down that many stairs it took them about a half a minute to get down there and it just seems imposible for me to imagin to get all the way down stairs and not be out of breath and have drank almost a whole coke.

The single bullet thereore i do not think is true because i have seen odtopsy pictures and they said clearly that there is an entrance hole in his back and an exit hole in the front of his neck how could the bullet go that far up when being shot from the top they also did reserch on the bullet that they found on the strecher it was in perfect condition looked like it wasent evan shot through cotten and this bullet entered the eck exited the neck wntered the bock of the governer and than out the chest witch shatered some ribs going into his wrist shatering one one of the bones in his right wrist last hiting into his left theigh how is it possible for it to land in your left leg after going through your right wrist without haveing your legs crossed.

From someone ...

after studying weponary, bolistics and progectile science for a long time there is alot that you people dont know about the way a bullet flys, where and why you choose your positioning for target shot, wind speed, humidity , temp, target angle all play a big part in a successful snipe shot you cant make a real judgement on this by watching a couple of movies and reading parts of a few books. you need to know how it works . but as far as i am Concerned the best way to do a kill at that place is with a 3 man system. main head shot from above and in front the assasination was done Professionally my opinion: it was done by 2 good snipers and lee harvey who had point death rewarded.

From Jeff of Joliet, IL...

JFK was in fact not shot by mr oswald himself but shot by 3 different people.

Why three? because one from the back which completly missed one from a45 degeree angle in kennedys head and the most controversal the neck shot from the front. It was a conspierency because connally was still holding his hat and did not express pain after JFK was shot in the neck which made him move slightly back indicating the shot was fired from the front this also indicates that the single bullet theory is false which make the gov look bad.

From Carl of Bournemouth, England...

I think that jfk was shot due to a buisness deal that went sour. Lee harvy oswald was paid to cause a distraction whilst a professional sniper shoot jfk. thats how the magic bullet theory happend and futhermore the goverment or someone big was involved as eye witnesses seememd to disaper and be killed of due to natraul causes. I think it is a conspirisy and the goverment know this but are to afraid to tell what really happend.

From Harold R ...

I am the man who drew the wounds for Dr.Humes & Dr.Boswell in the testimony before the Warren Commission on the Assassinaton of Prsident Kennedy, Exhibit No's 385,386 and 388.

These drawings were done by verbal anatomical locations only, never did I see photographs, x-rays or attend the autopsy of JFK, to this day. This is how they got the "Lone Gunman Theory" Oswald. After retiring from the military, and 30+ years of research on the head wound especially, I have written in factualization form a book call The Head of the Dog" ISBN #0-75960-629-3 at 1st. Book Library, or Although this book reads like a screen play it puts the blame squarly on the real people involved, with no pretending.

I was the Medical Illustrator at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda Maryland when the body came in. I am an anatomist, and have studied some forensics on ballistics, and know for a fact that the wounds recieved from the right side of the head could not have come from the back. The so called enterance of the bullet in the back of the head was actually an exit of a fragment, the bullet was fired from the grassy knoll, but Oswals did fire the shot in the neck of the president, and missed the second shot and the third shot struck Gov. Conelly.

Both LBJ and Hoover were behind this assassination, the way the book plays out is day by day, hour by hour, and minuite by minuite from the 9 November 1963 till the Naming of the Warren Commission by LBJ on the 29 of November 1963. I believe my book will become 95% truth, and 5% fiction when history is finally put in perspective. Remember Hoover fed the Commission on the details, and LBJ wanted to be president, both were going to be removed by JFK the next election.

Thanks for your time.















































































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