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From Randy of Florida...

JFK's assaination was planned and carried out by Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover

Both of them hated the Kennedy brothers, and Johnson knew he would never be president unless JFK was killed or died, because once JFK's term was up, Bobby would run for office. Hoover depised JFK, because prior to JKF coming into office, Hoover had a direct line to the oval office. Once JFK came into office, he made Bobby his Attorney General and Hoover then had to report to Bobby. This infuriated Hoover, and there is no doubt in my mind that Hoover and Lyndon Johnson planned it. They had a patsy in Oswald, who was looking for fame. And of course Ruby was dying of cancer and was in need of financial help. He simply was promised all debts would go away and his family would be comfortable.

Believe me, Johnson and Hoover planned it a long time, and got it done.

From Someone...

I have and will always be amazed at the lack of courage of the general American people. Gullible?, -Please- I was in second grade when the President was shot. Being from Tampa,FL where the President had visited 2-3 prior to the assasination and having gone to see him really made the single biggest cover-up, Bs, crap even seem bigger. Tampa was home to several key mafia people foremost being Santo Trafficante. However, I feel Mr. Trafficante is an honorable man and had nothing to do with this. FBI J. E .Hoover - drag queen and corrupt, pretend to be law officer. Mr. Hoover was approaching the mandatory retirement age of 60 or 65 ( whichever it was bach then ) and could only stay in his position by a Presidential order. He knew Kennedy would never give that order. Vietnam was on the way and Kennedy had been horrified by some of the CIA actions he had learned about related to Vietnam and was'nt interested in Vietnam much anyways. So-- Like everyone you'll have to put your own pieces of the puzzle together-----some leads to run down----- Killed where?

Dallas Texas Lyndon Johnson from Texas Lyndon Johnson quote " I will not send American boys half way around the world to fight a war that can't be won." Tampa--Mafia--- President in Tampa 2-3 days prior to assasination Jimmy Hoffa--mafia-- they delivered votes for him and felt betrayed when he turned his back on them Oswald-PLEASE The government says they know who, why, when and we all know where-but they can't tell us until the year 2039!!! The autopsy performed was the first one the 2 doctors had ever done.The government said it insisted on using military Doctors because they did'nt trust a civilian Doctor. The pictures of his head are clearly tampered with- the head shot took a chunk the size of a baseball out of his head. The shot was from the front not the back

The motorcade made last minute changes in it's route-- given the above how would Oswald even know where to get a job -so as not to look suspicious-being an employee at the Texas Book Depository--PLLEEAASSEE.

Jack Ruby-mafia- Jack Ruby allowed in the special area at the police station, and not searched for a weapon -not a police officer, no press credentials allowed to get that close to the most important witness in the last 100 yrs. maybe ever in American history -and -then allowed to shoot him in front of throngs of policemen. Certainly, he should have had men in front and back -after what had happened he should have had secret service type protection.

Warren Commission--writes --I don't know 1400 pages of crap Double talk that said nothing Gerald Ford - on - Warren Commission Nixon vs. Kennedy Nixon knew he could'nt beat John or Robert Kennedy fairly Funny they both ended up dead Nixon resigns as President Nixon quote " I am not a crook." No Mr. Nixon perhaps a co - conspiritor to murdering the President who made you look like an ass during the debate. Gerald Ford- gets his reward for his fine Warren Commission work by being made-President Being appointed President and not having to get elected.

From Sarah of PA...

Think about it like this the first shot came from the back JFK moved forward and felt his neck, while forward Jackie over looks JFK thinking he is ok but relizes he's hurt. JFK then move back a little and the 2nd shot come had to came from the front and had to shot him in the forehead, if not he wouldn't of had his head jolt back and to the left then fall on Jackies lap. Now why would people and the SS say the second shot came from behind. There was 2 shot and 2 killers on in the building behind JFK and the other had to be either on the grassy nole or in a nother building maybe halfway up so he could have good aim. People nedd to over look the vidoe and all the evedince again and it will be right in their face.

From Cori of the USA...




Cori / USA

From Annie of Ohio...

I think that the guys that were on the grassy nole killed him because the shots that were heard witnesses say came from there and the smoke from the shot came from there and after the shot was fired they ran.

From Paula of Scotland...

i think that lee harvey oswald killed jfk and the poice would not have arrested him if they were not so sure.

From Mike of North Carolina...

Kennedy was killed by opponents of the civil rights movement. All anyone has to do is follow history, and the plot becomes plain as the nose on your face. After Johnson took office he threw money at building the "Great Society", but did little to help the causes of blacks unless forced to move by the media. Johnson announced he would not run for president on March 31, 4 days later MLK was killed to insure that he would no longer play a role in the movement. When RFK looked to be the top contender for the Democrats, bang, he was killed. Even this wasn't good enough for the powers that be. When HHH looked like he could win the election, a southern democrat, Wallace jumped into the race to take the election from a liberal democrat. Think about it. How many presidents have come from the north since Kennedy?

From Shaun of PA...

I think that there were two gunmen behind the fence and at the tsbd because the "magic bullet" theory is completly impossible and the bullet came out in mint condition.

From MJ of Ohio...

After watching two movies on the subject and reading parts of books I believe Lyndon Johnson had something to do with it. I believe it was between LBJ and other top goverment officials.

From Euan of Scotland...

There was no way that there was one gun man. The madgic bullet theory is insane, 7 wounds from one bullet, no way. Also the bullet that entered kenndey and supposedly came out his throat would have had to wait for 1.6 seconds in mid air before hitting Connolly.

I think there was a gunman behind the fence on the grassy knol as well as in the book depository. I think it was because money would be genarated by the war in vietnam and Kenedy was trying to stop the war. He was also viewed as being soft on Communists.

From Kambi of the USA...

I honestly think that there is an uncovered story or motive to every crime and that this is one of the biggest in the aspect of a presidential aspect. the difference here is that there were several sides to this one. what happened to the man on the grassy knoll? who was the driver and the man in the passenger seat associated with? why then, if the bullet came from the 6th floor of the building was there a chuck of the cement curb broken out from a complete different angle and replaced within a few hours of the assassination? there are so many things the average person does not know about the scene of the crime and its surroundings it is nearly impossible to uncover the truth but there are people who do know and i'm sure one day all these questions will be answered. the pieces will fit together one day and secret information that has been hidden for decades will become knowledge to all people. we have the right to know and we will.

From Someone in the USA...

JFK was assassinated by agents of the Secret Service, working in connection with Johnson and members of Congress who opposed the bill.

Oswald was the perfect cover. He was bipolar, had been kicked out of the army, and he wasn't too bright. He hated America and was promised infamy if he agreed to the lie.

However, after his arrest, he began to have second thoughts. That is where Jack Ruby comes in. Ruby had terminal cancer. He was also in major financial trouble. He was promised erasure of his debts by the IRS and health care in jail if he agreed to kill Oswald. Case closed.

From Eli Washington...

For those of you who are foolish enough to still believe even one sentence of the "official" story (i.e, Warren Report), I beg you PLEASE watch the 5-part series "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" and the Jim Garrison Tapes videos. As for The Men, interestingly NO MAJOR US TV NETWORK would carry this extensive and exposing documentary. It was carried on A&E. Many of the witnesses who were in Dealy Plaza that fateful day (who had not died mysteriously) speak out. Two attending physicians from Parkland Hospital who saw President Kennedy's wounds first hand speak of wounds very contrary to the "offical" autopsy photos and in total contradiction of the Warren Report. Also, let us not forget the comments of the intelligent Dr. Cyril Wecht, a medical doctor and forensic pathologist and attorney. It is obvious from the Zapruder film that there was more than one shooter, more than 3 or 4 shots, and the single or "magic" bullet theory is nothing more than a load of BS from our wonderful government. Many witnesses died mysterious deaths in the months and couple years following the assassination. Some of them (dead and alive) are: Lee Bowers, working in the railroad tower who had an excellent view of people and activities behind the picket fence; Ed Hoffman, a deaf/mute (he's in Garrison video), who saw men behind picket fence during assassination; Gordon Arnold, a then young soldier whose chilling account in The Men series is frightening and whose account coincides with what other witnesses saw; Beverly Oliver, whose film was taken from her by a G man who questioned her at work and who promised to return it in 10 days but she never got the film back; Mary Moorman, in whose photograph "badgeman" and a railroad worker are visible in photo blowups; Abraham Zapruder's secretary, who stood behind him because he had vertigo; the Wilsons; the Newmans; and many other witnesses. And the actual footage where so many people are OBVIOUSLY RUNNING UP TOWARD THE PICKET FENCE/GRASSY KNOLL AREA where they heard shots and/or saw activity, flash, smoke, etc. May I suggest you watch these videos several times over and if you can get writings by these no-nonsense researchers, please do: Robert Groden; Cyril Wecht; Jim Marrs; Mark Lane; Gary Mack; Jack White; Steven Jaffe; Jim Garrison; Harold Weisberg[sp? he's in videos]. John Livingston and Robert Groden wrote an excellent book together titled "High Treason". For reasons unknown to me at this time, Livingston broke away from Groden and has trashed Groden unjustifiably. Jim Garrison wrote two books: "Contract on America" and the other title, which is the one I read, escapes me. But the Oliver Stone movie "JFK" really touches on the many eyewitness accounts and research from the above people. There is just so much to pack in that even Stone had to clump witnesses' accounts together (Willie O'Keefe is not mentioned in Garrison's book or video, but some of that character's accounts may have come from other actual witnesses). The Single Bullet Theory is medically, ballistly, scientifically, forensicly, and common sensewise IMPOSSIBLE. (NOTE to someone's comments: It was not Governor John Connelly who changed the motorcade route; it was Mayor Cabel, whose brother was fired from the CIA by JFK after the Bay of Pigs.)

AFTERTHOUGHT: I just read thru the strange deaths. This list is quite more extensive than that shown. Add also to that list more strange deaths when Jim Garrison's investigation surfaced to the public and in the 70's around the time of the House Assassination Committee hearings. Former Dallas deputy sheriff Roger Craig; Guy Bannister (dead just before he was to testify before House); Dave Ferrie (found dead after Garrison's investigation public); Ferrie's paymaster from I believe Florida; a man from the "white Russian" community whom Oswald befriended; Jack Ruby, who claimed he was injected with cancer and who called the night before Oswald was shot claiming that if the plans to move Oswald were not changed, "we are going to kill him" (in The Men series); others; and of course, Lee Harvey Oswald.

From Margo of Kentucky...

I don't know who was actually behind the Kennedy assassination. This would be almost impossible to determine, since there are always those with a motive to kill a president of the U.S., and Kennedy made many powerful enemies.

I do think we can establish that there was a conspiracy, based on three simple facts:

(1) If Oswald acted alone, why did he pass up a perfectly good shot at Kennedy as he was coming around to the Depository--instead Oswald (or whomever) waited til Kennedy was in front of the knoll--a much more difficult shot. This indicates Oswald(?) knew there was another gunman waiting in the area of the knoll--he wanted to catch Kennedy in a crossfire.

(2) The films of the killing clearly show Kennedy's head snapping back, indicating a shot from the front. It is true that occasionally a shot from the back will produce the same effect, but only rarely, and then only due to a certain neuromuscular reaction which causes the whole body to go rigid. Kennedy clearly is not rigid at any time during his murder.

(3) The assassination was predicted in advance by a right-wing activist. This activist was caught on tape predicting Kennedy would be killed "from an office building with a high-powered rifle." Clearly this individual got wind of something.

From David of Colorado...

the kennedy assanation is pretty much alreary explained by a little book called the warn reports read it. it makes a lot more sense than your stories about nomatic aliens. renagade government officals.

We do not live in a world where eye witnesses stay queit for thirty years. if there would have been 100 people involved they would have all gone the way of jimmy hoffa or someone would have come foward and said somthing about the most publisized crime in the united states history.

I don't care what anyone ses oswald was involved ther is to much evidence pointing to the fact that anyone with common sence could say that he wasnt. as to there being another gun man there is a good possibility of that due to the speed at which the second and third shots were fired.

Another thing that gets me going is the prestine bullet. a bullet that is the main part of peoples argument even though they have never even seen it. the prestine bullet had clearly been fired from a rifle as it has nrifling marks on it. the back end of the bullet also severly mangled. the warren reports is one of the best books i have ever read. read from front to back use your own mind and insites and you will most likely think as i do oswald with a possible accomplice.

From Jody of Mass...

President Kennedy was killed by Aristolte Onasis, who was in the White House when president Kennedy was shot. Onasis's men have admitted that they did it. Onasis was in love and was infatuated with President Kennedy's wife, Jaqueline Kennedy. He wanted to marry Jaqueline Kennedy. Onasis and Jaqueline Kennedy met six months before the assination while the first lady's sister was dating Onasis.

The Mafia had been planning to kill Kennedy in Miami but the scrapped the plans. The revived plans were tabled and left open. Onasis knew this. He moved up the assistantion to Dallas so he could frame Nixon (he also framed the Communists), who had just made appointments with Coca-Cola. Onasis was conviced that Oswald could do it, but he had a back-up gunman on the grassy knoll. The single bullet theory is indeed correct. The knoll gunman fired one shot and that missed. The bullet was picked up by the cleaning crew.

Onasis hired Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald knew that Onasis was framing both the left wing and the right wing so that they would blame each other. The right wing did not fall for it. Some of the left wing did. Oswald decided to claim he was a pasty and blame just Nixon before the assisnation. When he started to talk, Onasis sent in Ruby. One of Ruby's employees, Cheramie, knew someone was going to kill the president from some other contact not Ruby. Onasis also bumped off Marilyn Munoroe to impress Jackie Kennedy. It did not work. Jackie Kennedy knew Onasis killed her husband by the time they got married. She did not tell either of her children. She married Onasis for his money with the intention of devorcing him after a few years. She wanted to be free of the Kennedy family and their money. She decided not to devorce him when he fell termanilly ill. Jackie Kennedy left a tape recoding of her thoughts on the assination in the Kennedy Library in Boston. She left intructions that the tape is not to be released until both of her children have been dead for years. 60 years I believe. Many things are cleared up with all of this knowledge. The last of the mysterious deaths in connection with the Kennedy assination occurred six months after the death of Aristolte Onasis with death of his right hand man who headed up the effort.

From Courtney of California...

I truly think LHO acted alone, but so many things "add up" that other theories are easy to create. This doesn't mean it's true; remember Richard Jewel and his false connection to the Atlanta Olympic bombing? A lot of things added up, but he did not do it.

From John of Wisconsin...

I feal that the therory that Mr. Davis Lifton came up with is more acurate than anything i have herd to this point but with out have seen the autopsy photos i cant realy make a determination yet I feel those records should be made public so we can decide for ourselves John of Wisconsin United States wanting the truth.

From Chris of Illinois...

I don't believe JFK was killed by the CIA, the Mafia, or the Cubans directly but the people involved all had leaks to these three groups. People such as Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw and others all had ties to these three groups. Kennedy's death was spawned by his lack of support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. All three entities had a stake in the overthrow of Castro. These people had worked hard to create this invasion and after Kennedy denied support, they hated him as much as they hated Castro. So they decided to kill him and place the blame on Castro. Oswald was pure CIA from his time in the USSR to his communist propaganda campaigns in New Orleans. He was the perfect foil. Unfortunately, their plan was a success.

From Nolan of Ohio...

Obviously there is a conspiracy. I' am not gonna get into detail cause if i do then no one will read this so I will keep it simple!! If there was no government conspiracy then why the hell wouldnt there have been a examination of the car or why is the medical reports and everything else classified. If the government wanted to make itself more trustworthy and respectable why woundnt they just let the people know. Seriously people you don't have to look at the facts cause God knows they are locked up in a room somewhere and we cant!! nolan ohio

From Greg of Australia...

I think it was a Texas plot to get Johnson in as president so oil money could influence policy and anti-communist retoric and prolong the vietnam war. It was no coincidence Kennedy was shot in Texas and Lyndon Johnson was a texan.

From Mr. Qwerty of Europe...

[hoping this is a serious site]

My views: 1. The conspirators feared Catholic domination of the US 2. The conspirators feared that he would start WWIII with the cuban crisis. 3. JFK discovered some connection between organized crime (or some of its key people) and the establishment of the us. 4. JFK found something that some people {those who hired the killers) didn't like him to find and oppose. 5. The 5th scenario will be posted when I find a secure server; I am too scare to posted here. sorry

From Mr. Gershwin of New England...

Every aspect of our life can possibly be monitored from telephone conversations to activity on our way to work by no means is the government watching you or me but if you pissed off enough big wigs they could? the way you control thought is you control information , you control language, simple question who tells you what you here on the news? reporters, system managers. Fact of the matter is if it involves anything upto and not excluding metermaids it is not important for the public to know. Lets just say for a moment that you were involved with a matter of national security, in a tour at the white house you go in the wrong door hear the wrong things. Is it possible after oneday you would be neutralized?erased? or even never even born. there is only one power that carries that much influence over our lives. Many people have a hard time believing that Kennedy was a casualty of a power struggle. THAT IS SOMETHING WE WILL NEVER FIND OUT. I simply want to pose a question how do you know you have information, I mean so your posotive something happened? you see it. That magic box that everyone has in almost every room. It tells you exactly what you need and want to hear to make you happy. Understand that the larger Question of "what the fuck is going on here" didnt happen untill after the news had said that Kennedy was killed by an unknown assailant, then later came that he had been shot at with a number of shots from a skuing angle, that even with a scope and re-aim time would have taken a marksman sevaral seconds with the slide chamber gun it was estimated for the two possotive shots 15 second subtract about anywhwere from 5-10 seconds for an extreme proffesional. The questionable circumstances come in that he was a proffessional for our government, supposedly he had been expelled and picked up by a moffioso,convieniant thats what the mafia does is they kill people what a good patsy. But what I consider to be the most prevailing evidence to date aside from bullet angles and magic bullets is that every part of this was shown to the whole country. Dont sound right that oswald was killed in front of the camera too. dont ask me im just an oriental fella that lives in the garage but i just wanted to trow out some input.

From Mark of Arizona...


From Arlen of South Dakota...

I believe that JFK and JFK, JR. were victims of a government plot as they were believed by some to have been targets due to their power and beliefs of uncovering truth and those responsible did it to cover themselves or protect themselves. Also, there was more than one organization/country responsible and it has to do with MONEY, OIL, DRUGS, ETC.

* * *


From Dan of the USA...

Who: CIA Officals

Why: He promised to disband the CIA, He also vowed and signed into order to with draw from Vietnam

How: Skilled Gunmen

From Matthew of Kentucky...

One thing Is for sure by this JFK thing It's not all made up. When Oswald was the loner who killed JFK good. But why long after his arrest and even after his death somebody kills all the so called witnesses? There was a other loner or group that was threatend bye that what these witnesses had seen. Oswald everybody knew was the killer and so the case whas closed for America and the world. But why did these killings of the witnesses continue even long after Oswalds death. Somebody furnished upon request a set up. The witnesses testified something contrary to the set up.

The main Idea bye a kill of any person specialy a president Is that nobody sees the assasin and for that they look for many ways to camouflage them self or the whole operation. In the same way the killing of witnesses is set up bye a high scale operation like the one of assassinating a president. A loner wouldn't have had the connection -organisation- to kill over a vast area of the U.S so precise all of these witnesses. The only loner was oswald and he was In jail and then killed. A group did everything to save the set up and with that the loner theory.

From Canuck of Canada...

I am amazed at the American people and how gullible they really are. First of all the motorcade was a last minute change , made by govenor connaly. Oswald being at the book depository was a fluke, he got the job after his wife asked friends in huntington to try get it for him. He basically was a nobody who wanted to be recognized for iternity, he was caught lying at least three times, he owned the rifle and a pistol, and was a marksman in the marines.he was also discharged, and listed as undesirable by the u.s. government. This was not the first time he found himself unwanted and a failure in life. The quickest way to fame was to do something that would shock the country and the world. today it does not seem so impossible as you have had robert kennedy, martin luther king, the pope, and the Oklahoma bombing orchestrated by single or a few totally disoriented u.s. citizens. it was alot easier then to get access to world dignitaries. The sad fact is north american society has its evils just like everyone else. canuck canada

From a Canadian Patriot from BC, Canada...

People should study all the other hits that must have been planned for kennedy. For example the famous Florida hit at the rose bowl, or the planned hit in Chicago. If each of these other places would be focused on as much as it was in Dallas, then there would probably be a lot more information revealed about the whole thing. If there are indications of other plots, then the question should be asked...ARE THEY ALL RELATED??? If so, then looking away from Dallas for the killers may hold the key to the assassination and cover-up. Have an open mind, and don't start where anyone else, especially the media, leads you to look. This case is such a mess that to find the answer, we must begin anew.

From Thomas of New York...

Three bullets were fired. The first one struck President Kennedy in the throat and is the "pristine bullet" found latter at Parkland Hospital on the gurney. The second bullet struck Gov. Connelly. The third bullet is the fatal one hitting Kennedy in the head. All bullets were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. Total elapsed time: just under 10 seconds.

From the Ice Princess of England...

A shadow authority within his own government, possibly those paid by President Lyndon B Johnson to eliminate Kennedy in order to become president. Lyndon evidently paid shadow operatives within the NSA/CIA or FBI to ensure that Kennedy was assassinated and to ensure that Oswald was made a scapegoat for the killing as modern ballistic evidence indicates, it suggests that Oswald's gun could not possibly have fired the shots because he was simply not good enough and the autopsy results suggest multiple shooters, none of which were found afterwards, it is very likely that those who committed trhe crime have never been suspect for it.

From Tommy of Canada (written by Melvin)...


The Assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated while they held the high office of President of the United States. Both of these former presidents had also created their own money system to run the United States while they were in office. Is this just a coincidence?

Why assassinate a president? Why must everything be so covered up? What are they trying to hide from the American people?

The facts will speak for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln.

During the civil war (1861 - 1865), President Lincoln needed money to finance the war from the north. The bankers were going to charge him 24% - 36% interest. Lincoln was horrified and went away greatly distressed, for he was a man of principle and would not think of plunging his beloved country into a debt that the country would find impossible to pay back.

Eventually President Lincoln was advised to get Congress to pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender Treasury notes to pay for the war effort. Lincoln recognized the great benefits of this issue. At one point he wrote:

"...(we) gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they have ever had - their own paper money to pay their own debts..."

The Treasury notes were printed with green ink on the back, so the people called them "Greenbacks".

Lincoln printed 400 million dollars worth of greenbacks (the exact amount being $449,338,902), money that he delegated to be created, a debt-free and interest-free money to finance the war. It served as legal tender for all debts, public and private. He printed it, paid it to the soldiers, to the U.S. Civil Service Employees, and bought supplies for war.

Shortly after that happened, "The London Times" printed the following:

"If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

The bankers obviously understood. The only thing that is a threat to their power is sovereign governments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money. They know it would break the power of the international bankers.

After this was published in "The London Times", the British Government, which was controlled by the London and other European Bankers, moved to support the Confederate South, hoping to defeat Lincoln and the Union, and destroy this government which they said had to be destroyed. (ED: The Rothchild bankers supported the South through their agent Judah Benjamin who was the Sec. of State and also Sec. of Treasury of the Confederacy.)

They were stopped by two things.

First, Lincoln knew the British people, and he knew that Britain would not support slavery, so he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that slavery in the United States was abolished. At this point, the London Bankers could not openly support the Confederacy because the British people simply would not stand for their country supporting slavery.

Second, the Czar of Russia sent a portion of the Russian Navy to the United States with orders that its admiral would operate under the command of Abraham Lincoln. These ships of the Russian Navy then became a threat to the ships of the British Navy which had intended to break the blockade and help the South. ( ED: This is another reason the Rothchild bankers and New York bankers supported the overthrow of the Czar of Russia, who was also anti-semitic. Primarily, they wanted Kerensky to take over Russia, and secondarily, they wanted the banker backed Trotsky to kill the family of the Czar. The bankers did not forget the Czar's support of Lincoln. ! )

The North won the war, and the Union was preserved. America remained as one nation. (But revenge was coming for Lincoln and the Czars of Russia.)

Of course, the Bankers were not going to give in that easy, for they were determined to put an end to Lincoln's interest-free, debt-free Greenbacks. He was assassinated by an agent of the Bankers shortly after the war ended. (Booth)

Thereafter, Congress revoked the Greenback law and enacted, in its place, the National Banking Act. The national banks were to be privately owned and the national bank notes they issued were to be interest bearing. The act also provided that the Greenbacks should be retired from circulation as soon as they came back to the Treasury in payment of taxes.

In 1972, the United States Treasury Department was asked to compute the amount of interest that would have been paid if that 400 million dollars would have been borrowed at interest instead of being issued by Abraham Lincoln. They did some computations, and a few weeks later, the United States Treasury Department said the United States Government saved 4 billion dollars in interest because Lincoln had created his own money. So you can about imagine how much the government has paid and how much is owed solely on the basis of interest.

The Federal Reserve Act

There were changes in the money and banking laws for the next fifty years. Finally, in 1913, the Bankers were able to get their Federal Reserve Act passed through Congress which replaced the National Banking Act that had earlier replaced the Greenback law. If the Government would have continued the policy of Abraham Lincoln, the warnings given in "The London Times" would have come to pass. America would be a debt-free nation, the most prosperous in the world. And the brains and the wealth of the world would have come to America.

But with the Federal Reserve Act being passed, Congress gave up its power to create its own money that it was given in the United States Constitution, and gave this power over to the private bankers who called themselves the Federal Reserve. The Bankers had achieved their ultimate goal, for now the United States operated under a central bank that was privately owned. They now had the power to run the country by controlling the creation of the money, and were free to charge the interest they so desired.

As Mayer Anselm Rothschild once said: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws..."

John F. Kennedy

No United States President since Abraham Lincoln dared to go against the system and create his own money, as many of these so-called elected presidents were actually only instruments or puppets of the Bankers. That is until President John F. Kennedy came into office.

President Kennedy was not afraid to " buck the system", for he understood how the Federal Reserve system was being used to destroy the United States. As a just and honorable man, he could not tolerate such a system, for it smelled corruption from A to Z. Certainly he must have known about the Greenbacks which Lincoln created when he was in office.

On June 4th 1963, President Kennedy signed a presidential document, called Executive Order 11110, which further amended Executive Order 10289 of September 19th 1951. This gave Kennedy, as President of the United States, legal clearance to create his own money to run the country, money that would belong to the people, an interest and debt-free money. He had printed United States notes, completely ignoring the Federal Reserve notes from the private banks of the Federal Reserve.

Records show that Kennedy issued $4,292,893,825 of cash money. It was perfectly obvious that Kennedy was out to undermine the Federal Reserve system of the United States.

But it was only a few months later, in November of 1963, that the world received the shocking news of President Kennedy's assassination. No reason was given, of course, for anyone wanting to commit such a crime. But for those who knew anything about money and banking, it did not take long to put the pieces together. For surely, President Kennedy must have had it in mind to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and return back to the United States Congress the power to create its own money.

It is interesting to note that, only one day after Kennedy's assassination, all the United States notes which Kennedy had issued were called out of circulation. Was this through an Executive order of the newly installed president, Lyndon B. Johnson? Was President Johnson afraid of the Bankers? Or was he one of their instruments? At any rate, all of the money President Kennedy had created was destroyed. And not a word was said to the American people.

There is much to be learned from past history. It is 1996, and the United States is still operating under the Federal Reserve System. It has already plunged the country over 5 trillion dollars in debt, a debt which it will never be able to pay, and has been responsible for every kind of corruption imaginable. Yet, barely a peep can be heard from the American people.

All the bankers have to do to keep their power is to get rid of the few politicians who are honestly working for reform in the economic system, and the people at large remain ignorant and controlled. It is obvious the American people need to be awakened to the truth.

The population at large must be educated on the Federal Reserve, and then unite together to put pressure on the Government to get the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 repealed. Otherwise, it will spell disaster for the United States.

There can be no peace without justice, and there can be no justice without a reform in the economic system, for the financiers are behind all the corruption in Government.

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy both had the courage to stand up for principles and to fight for justice. They have both gone down in history as being true patriots of the United States. But do we, as citizens, have the courage to follow their example?

Written by Melvin Sickler It is interesting to add here, that Canada also gave up its right to create the nations money in the same year as the U.S. - 1913. Hence the beginning of income tax to pay the debt.

From Kirkland of Scotland...

JFK was Killed on the orders of J Edgar Hoover. I beleive Mr. Hoover was the most corrupt man the USA ever had. Mr Hoover had to much say on how things were done in America and President Kennedy would not let him do things the way previous presidents had done. The solution was for Hoover to get rid of the President he had the power to do so the only Thing he never had was a brain to think of a better scapegoat than to use Lee Harvey Oswald.

No one In there right mind would say that gun could hit a moving target at that distance. President Kennedy had made a lot of enemies with the unions they felt betrayed by him because they feel it was the unions who got him elected, the unions were run by the Mafia the Mafia got the go ahead from Mr. Hoover and BANG The President of the United States has been assanated.

From Scott of Tennessee...

Well first thing's first i wasnt there this is just my opinion from a little bit of research i have done over the past couple of years. Kennedy, in my opinion was killed over the Vietnam war. Bell hellicoptors and a lot of other companies got their start during The war and he was about to sign the documents to pull out most of the United States soldiers from over there. Wars cost money, who got rich off the vietnam war? Do yourself a favor and find out the first order of business made official was. Find out where James Files or alias James Sutton was on the day of the murder. Find out how many CIA officials kept their jobs because Kennedy was gunned down.

Find out who was the mayor of dallas on November 22, 1963... it was allen dulles brother!! Dulles was fired by Kennedy few months earlier..i have tons more to type but just dont have the patience or the time.

From Luce of England...

JFK was shot by 2-6 gunmen, in positions of the grassy knoll, the Records building, and the school book depositoy. He was shot by one or more of government men, who thought JFK might be killed anyway by the Russians, also they were worried that the Americans loved Him too much, and that he was still a communist. It was strange that the government hushed up all the files, that's why I think the FBI and CIA had something to do with it.

I think it was the knoll because footage of the 'Badge man' was 'lost' or hushed up, so I think something happened there. Also, in Zapruders footage, JFK was holding his neck 6 seconds before he was actually shot in the head. I don't think this was a shot, because I think more fuss would have been made if it was, and his wife and Connelly were looking at him like they were concerned, I think it was an insect sting or something. The 'magic bullet' can't be true, it's practically been proved that it was impossible for it to go through Kennedy's neck, hit Connely's wrist then go into his leg, so there were more then 1 bullets.

Oswald has been proved to be a bad shot, and his gun was proved to be dodgy, as it veered to the right, and it was impossible to shoot 3 bullets in 6 seconds. The bullet found in the stretcher was planted, because it was the 'magic bullet' and looked immaculate, lie it hadn't been shot at all. If anyone wants to give me their opinion about what I've said, and talk about it, keep putting messages up, and put my name somewhere on them so I can reply!! Thanks. I know quite a bit about it because we've done history lessons on it.

From Jack in Las Vegas:

WHO = The Government,

WHY = Trade embargo,

HOW = The more than one shooter theory.

From Mr. D in Texas:

WHO = government,

WHY = vietnam, greed, JFK had his ducks in a row and others could not deal with that fact,

HOW = multiple gunmen, oswald was a scape goat, plain and simple,

OTHER = Why did authorities NOT complete questions of Oswald prior to his death? How (or was it planned) did Oswald get to be brought out in public and shot by Ruby? Where were the police (as in the case of the Grassy area) for protection...or where they kept from that area for the purpose of "Cover-UP"????

From Chris in New York:

WHO = Scott H., Micheal R., Jeff M..

WHY = They were angry southern voters who were pissed-off at Kennedy's ways in office.

HOW = Hess was in disguise as a Dallas policeman riding along President Kennedy's car. Hess pulls out his gun (it has a silencer on it) and when they time was right he shot under his arm to disguise the gun. Michael Ridge was hiding under the President's car in a specially built compartment for this conspiracy. Ridge also shot when the time was right. Jeff Mckee was the shooter on the grassy nole.

OTHER = Why didn't they authorities run a complete check on the Presidents car?

From "R" in Texas:

WHO = The Mafia.

WHY = They got JFK elected and they lost a lot of money when the commusnists took over Cuba.

HOW = Man behind the grassy knowl and Oswald was a patsy!

From A. Partriot in Colorado:

WHO = The Federal Reserve; WHY = Because Kennedy was about to issue debt-free currency.

HOW = By multiple hired killers, contracted by the weathy foreign shareholders of the Federal Reserve.

OTHER = After Kennedy was killed, the first thing Johnson did was repeal the act creating U.S. Notes and sell the silver to back them to the Federal Reserve at a bargain price. The Federal Reserve is a corporation; so is the IRS. The IRS is a private collection agency for the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. Its incorporation papers are on file in Delaware. Research these things for yourself.

From Eliot in Illinois:

WHO = The CIA;

WHY = Because all of them hated Kennedy. He once said, "will crush the CIA into a thousand pieces." He also fired the head of the CIA.

HOW = They hired Oswald and some other people (the Grassy Knoll and other places near Dealy Plaza) to be stationed around the motorcade. There were other people there to make sure the job was done right.

OTHER = The CIA also hired Ruby to kill Oswald so the other conspirators would go free. Ruby got the blame but when he began telling people about the assassination and was granted a new trial, he died of "cancer."

From J Caps in Delaware:

WHO = multi national corporations

WHY = they wanted to go to war in Veitnam and Kennedys prior experience with the bay of pigs proved he wouldn't go to war. Not allowing Gov't contracted companies to make money on the war.

HOW = multi gunmen, to make sure the job got done

From Anonymous in USA:

WHO = The whole government is probably involved in the assasination.

WHY = maybe it was because he found out about some things about what the government is hiding from us and they wanted him dead.

From Winternute in Cyberspace:

WHO = Key Government Officials (Military, CIA, Secretary of Defense)

WHY = Because he uncovered information dating back to the Roswell incident from the Head of the CIA's office. After firing the Head of the CIA, he was later gunned down in Dallas, where he was going to announce his findings to the world.

HOW = Multiple gunmen. Oswald was a scapegoat pure-n-simple.

From Tierney in Virginia:

WHO = Lee H. Oswald - alone, on the sixth floor of the TSBD. He fired all of the shots.

WHY = He reacted to his "once in a lifetime" opportunity to kill a president, any president, when he read in the Dallas newspaper that JFK's motorcade would pass by the TSBD on Friday, 11/22/63, during lunch time. If you undertake a dispassionate review of the history of assassination in the US, you will determine that Oswald fits the "classic" personality of someone who is a potential danger to the president, or other famous people who are "targets". Every thing Oswald touched in life turned to "s..t". He was never satisifed with his situation and lived in a fantasy world to a certain extent. He had pschological problems as a young adult and sexual problems with his wife. He beat his wife. He was a cronic liar. He loved guns and owed a rifle and hand gun. He was a "loner" and caused problems with co-workers and supervisors. He appeared to be very unhappy with his life and was unable to keep even minimum wage jobs. In my opinion, Oswald decided the day before that he would try to kill JFK, and his plan was not well thought out, but just what you might expect from a "loser" like Oswald. He carried the rifle into the TSBD wrapped in brown paper and was observed by co-workers, one of whom asked him what was inside of the package. Oswald said "curtain rods" for his bedroom at his rooming house. That room already contained curtain rods and none were found in the subsequent search of the TSBD. He left the TSBD following the murder, and then "panicked" when questioned by Officer Tippett. (Note: Consider the fact that Oswald was the only employee to flee from the TSBD following the murder).

HOW = With his bolt action rifle, which he purchased using a false name. He fired all of the shots from the sixth floor window. He carried the rifle into the TSBD wrapped in brown paper, claiming the package contained "curtain rods". After the murder, no "curtain rods" were ever found inside the TSBD, but Oswald's rifle was found, the only weapon discovered.

OTHER = If you don't believe Oswald killed JFK, what was inside the package he carried into the TSBD on the morning of 11/22/63? Why did he lie and say it contained curtain rods? (We know he lied, because no curtain rods were ever found inside the TSBD.) If Oswald was part of some massive conspiracy, why would any of the planners trust such a pathetic liar and loser like Oswald? If he was a "patsy" or a pawn, how many people would have to be involved to ensure his placement inside the TSBD at 12:30pm on 11/22/63? I submit this conspiracy would have to involve hundreds of people, many of whom would have to occupy positions of trust and honor in the US Government. For example, ask yourself how did Oswald come to find himself working at the TSBD. He started work there on 10/15/63. He got the job after Ruth Pain, the lady with whom his wife Marina and two children lived in Irving, TX, asked a friend from a women's group if she knew of any companies hiring men because Ruth felt sorry that Oswald was out of work and his family suffering. The friend of Ruth said that her brother worked at the TSBD and thought "laborers" were being hired. Ruth called the TSBD and spoke to the superintendent Roy Truly, who told Ruth to send Oswald in for an interview. Oswald lied during the interview and said he was honorably discharged from the USMC. He was hired as a laborer at minimum wage. So, ask yourself, is Ruth Pain, her friend, her friend's brother and Roy Truly all part of the conspiracy? How about the President's staff, the Secret Service and the Dallas Police, all of whom had to agree on the sites to be visited in Dallas and the motorcade route? Especially the Secret Service, the most elite law enforcement organization in the world. Ask yourself, if the Secret Service as an agency, or just some agents in the Secret Service wanted JFK dead, why do it in Dallas as part of this large conspiracy, with potential for failure. Why not just "let" an assassin with a rifle get close to JFK in an open area, like his home in Hyannis Port, where he was always outside, his home in Plam Beach, where again he was always outside, or any other location not as complicated as the Dallas scenario. Also, is it even possible for multiple Secret Service agents to agreed to murder President Kennedy? Because at a minimum, if you believe in a conspiracy which caused the motorcade to travel in front of the the TSBD, then all the Secret Service advance agents in Dallas and the supervisors traveling with JFK, had to agree. This conspiracy theory, I submit, is not only absurd, it is beyond the wildest imagination of any rational person. I challenge anyone to try to explain how the Secret Service could be part of this "conspiracy" or how the conspirators could ensure the motorcade would travel in front of the TSBD without the help of the Secret Service, since picking the route was the responsibility of the Secret Service.

From Reichstetter of Michigan:

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald an unhappy drifter who had recently denounced his country and Democracy to seek a life in the former Socialist Republic Russia.

WHY = Out of shear frustration and a feeling of not being taken seriously. No undertaking (and there had been some grand ones) of this man had ever proven him to be anything but a loser. This was Lee's chance to prove to himself that he actually was a great man, more able than his detractors.

HOW = He was able to perform his terrible plan only by luck. He could only hope through an educated guess that as the presidents vehicle passed he would have a shot. No amount of research or any cooberation with consperitors could have garunteed a clean hit from the window. This was simply a matter of the president being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also had his Secret Service agents been on the vehicle at the time the shot would not have been possible.

OTHER = Conspiracy? Possible yes but no substantiated, were others planning an assasination that day also? We will never know, but it could explain the men on the grassy knoll.

From Roger of Washington State:

WHO = My bet is Heinrich Muller, as well as Martin Bormann, some of the crazy Japanese nationalists WHY = ever heard of Yamashita's gold? officially 5,000 tons of very hot gold was stolen by the japanese during WWII unofficial reports put the figure closer to, get this anywhere between40,000 to 70,000 tons were filched. Needless to say that would be motive even for me to contemplating a murder. HOW = triangulated fire would be the best way to go. You would force him into a position where he couldn't defend himself.

From Brandon of Oklahoma:

WHO = Government;

WHY = He was going to reveal the truth about the existance of extra terrestrials.

HOW = By a speech in Dallas that afternoon when he was shot

From an Ex-CIA official?:

WHO = Government Officials

WHY = So Kennedy wouldn't tell about the Navy Seals he started so they could be used in Vietnam as special forces.

HOW = Sniper shot Kennedy and they used Harvey as a scape goat, then had Ruby shoot harvey before he could talk.

From Special Agent H:

WHO = High ranking government officials in conjunction with the CIA.

WHY = JFK was about to make Public the fact that for some time, The CIA and other Government Agencies had made succesfull contact with an Alien civilization, and where having secret meetings with them, Where the future of the world was being outlined. JFK finaly had it when he learned about secret experiments the CIA was conducting on Humans with some Alien Technology. This Project was known as "Project Alive". In September of '63, The President had a meeting with The head of the CIA and demanded that this be made public and that all funding for the project was being cancelled. We now know what the CIA thought about that.The Assasination of President Kennedy was the only way to ensure the continuation of their secrecy as well as keeping "Project Alive" running.

HOW = The CIA used test subjects from their experiments, among them Oswald, to Assasinate the President. They thought it would be a good opportunity to test their subjects.

OTHER = Oswald was not alone in The building,and when the shots where fired, government officials escorted him outside the building and told him that he would be contacted latter. What really happened is tht the CIA's plans for Oswald where different. They used another subject: Jack Ruby.

From Tom in Dallas:

WHO = government/cia

WHY = To create Vietnam. With the creation of Vietnam the undergroung war machine would contiue after being created/starting in WW2 and contiunuing during Korea.

HOW = multiple shooters.

OTHER = Kennedy had many known enemys and what better cover for the government/cia. More than likely a collabrative effort with some individual members of several factions but still concieved and directed by CIA.

From Jas in Ohio:

WHO = Hired government snipers from a man named David H. (Vanik or Varick?)

WHY = The government couldn't see JFK going on as president with the crisis in Cuba and what the attorney general wanted done.

HOW = Since the government had hired many snipers to kill Kennedy, they needed one to be the scapegoat. Knowing that Lee Harvey Oswald's position to kill the president was impossible, they knew he would be the blame for the death. Since Kennedy was shot in the right temple from the front of his head, it could not have been Oswald in a million years since Olswald's aim was from Kennedy's back. So a sniper hidden in a sewer along the path of the car's trail shot the president. This is proven because if you look at the film closely of the bullet hitting Kennedy, there is an upward motion from the ground. "This is just a brief outline of the incident." Well the government was successful in killing the president. WARNING, if you meet a man named Sparky Adams, he will probably tell you that JFK's murder wasn't caused by the government. DON'T BELIEVE HIM!

OTHER = Sorry US government, the truth will be uncovered in the future, by me or some faulty person working in the government. And when it does, I hope the whole Universe laughs at you.

From L. B. Johnson (just a coincidence-no relation) of Texas:

WHO = Cuban assassin, marksman, brought in to do the job and Lee Harvey Oswald

WHY = VP LBJ knew he would not be elected if he ran for president in and was offended from his lack of superiority.

HOW = Jack Ruby was to find someone(s) who were marksman and could hit a moving target. When he found Lee Harvey Oswald, he took him to Ray "Tex" Brown and paid him to teach Oswald how to shoot. Ruby found out that Oswald could not shoot at all and couldn't hit a target. Ruby then had to recruit a Cuban marksman to do the job. He couldn't let Oswald go because he already knew of the plan so they used him as a scapegoat. He may have fired a shot but he wouldn't have hit anything. The Cuban was placed on the grassy knoll and I believe that another shooter may have been involved but I haven't figured that one out yet. When Oswald was found, Ruby then knew that he couldn't let him talk so he shot him pretending to be angry at him for shooting the president. LBJ has clean hands and gets the president's chair.

From Alex of Minnesota:

WHO = The Goverment officials in D.C. hired assasins.

WHY = They didn't like his desicions in office.they also wanted to see that theiir own "people" had a better chance in the political game.

HOW = The multiple gunmen shot from a manhole under or around the street.

From Ed of Ohio:

WHO = Governmental officials/C.I.A.

WHY = Because he found out all about their embezzlement from the U.S. citizens.

HOW = Snipers on the Grassy Knoll and secret service men.

From Mike of PA:

WHO = U.S. Govt.

WHY = Who knows for sure !!! That is one question that will never be answered with certainty.

HOW = Multiple shooters, The magic bullet theory is just plain bullshit, if you believe that, then i am JFK reborn !!

From Mike of Brooklyn, NY:

WHO = A coalition of the US government (CIA mainly) and organized crime.

WHY = Several possible reasons: The government: due to the presidents domestic social policies, his stand on the police action in southeast Asia known to some as the Vietnam war, the failure of the Bay of pigs invaision in Cuba, and his left-of-center politics. Organized crime: he did not make good on his deals with Organized crime (some arrainged by his father Joe Kennedy) that got him elected.

HOW = Several shots from different locations, but the head shot came from the "direction" (just as a benefit of the doubt) of the grassy knowl

OTHER = The sixties was a turbulent ime here in the good ole US of A and the way in which we as a nation changed things at that time was through violence and non violence. Violence got a quicker reaction. Vietnam, the Kennedys, Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medger Evers, Watts, Detroit Chicago, Newark, etc are all examples of the violence of the times.

From Mike of Michigan:

WHO = Johnny Roselli/The Mafia/Central Intelligence Agency

WHY = Strictly Chicago Mob Boss Sam Giancana's direct orders to a soldier. As a personal favor to Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana made sure of it that Kennedy got the votes for Kennedy's election in 1960. After JFK got in the White House, brother/U.S. Senator/U.S. Attorney General Robert (Bobby) Kennedy prosecuted former Teamsters Boss Jimmy Hoffa and Chicago Mob Boss Sam Giancana. Bobby makes it clear that his opponents are all in "organized crime" or the "Mafia". Giancana was fed up with all the bs and ordered Kennedy to be whacked because of his brother's refusal to relax with the convictions. John Kennedy despised the Mafia as well as the Teamsters.

HOW = Simple math. Think. Just send a guy to off a guy, that's it.

From Larry of Maine:

WHO = high government officals cia primarly

WHY = with jfk out of the way they could get the us involed in southeast asia.

HOW = using two or more shooting teams from different locations.

OTHER = normal secret service procedures were ignored on that day.

From Mark of Georgia:

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald.

WHY = Only Oswald knew.

HOW = With a 6.5 mm Mannlicher-Carcano bolt action rifle from the TSBD. No one on earth knows the time frame from the first to the last shot. The Warren Comm. estimated from 5 to 7 secs. The conspiracy crowd always uses the lower number to show that one man couldn't have done it. It was closer to 7 secs, easy for one man. If someone in the Government wanted Kennedy dead, they certainly had the power to do it. But they would have to have the cooperation of too many people to have pulled off this kind of cover-up. Every conspiracy theory can be disproven with either hard fact or common sense. (example. Why would any one plant a bullet at the hospital to try to frame Oswald? The last thing they would want is too many bullets. Unless the doctors who operated on Gov. Connally were in on the cover-up, what would happen to the bullet that they took out of him? He was still in surgery when the stretcher bullet was found. More bullets means more shooters, not less.)

OTHER = (another example) The autopsy was conducted in the company of 35 people, mostly reporters. Why would they do that if they were trying to hide evidence. People who believe in the conspiracy thoeries either have not heard the whole story, or are living in their own world where ordinary people, like doctors, nurses, police officers, and eye witnesses are going to keep quiet for over three decades. (there were many eye witnesses who saw the rifle in the window of the TSBD. Not one said anything else that day. Some have changed their story after the controversy came up, but none saw another shooter that day. If you really want a laugh, compare Jean Hill's story now to that of Nov. 22 1963.) The biggest lie ever told by the conspiracy "researchers" is describing the stretcher bullet as pristine. Most of the pictures of that bullet show the good side. It was flatened on the other side by the impact with Connally's wrist. The reason it was in "reasonably" good shape is because of it's speed being reduced by Kennedy's neck and Connally's torso. There's not enough time here to go much further. If you want to separate fact from fiction, rumor from reality, read "CASE CLOSED" by Gerald Posner.

From Tom of Wisconsin:

WHO = cia

WHY = self preservation, kennedy was putting more and more authority from cia to the joint chiefs of staff.

HOW = mafia had been used for all cia domestic hits since thier inception in 1950. all they had to do was deliver the package [jfk]. the mob did the rest

From Cornelius of Chicago:

WHO = Mafia

WHY = The Kennedys betrayed their partners in crime.

HOW = Multiple shooters

OTHER = Joe Sr. had was corrupt in most of his business dealings and had extensive dealings with the mob. When Bobby stirred up trouble for the mob, they took revenge on the Kennedys.

From Someone, Somewhere:

WHO = Organized Crime in Texas

WHY = They owned the VP (uh, that would be Lyndon B. Johnson) and as long as he was a bullet away from the presidency, JFK should never have been any where near Texas. They did it as a favor to LBJ, and expected to be paid off with whatever favors he was able to provide them as President. They also wanted some specifics, but I'm not sure if they received them.

HOW = Oswald.

OTHER = Why do you think Ruby killed Oswald? The organization needed him silenced. Who benefitted most from JFK's death? Follow the money.

From "See Foo" of Hawaii:

WHO = cia/italian mafia/lbj/hoover

WHY = cia is not destroyed.italian mafia hits irish mob-the kennedys,see chicago mafia four disguised policemen murdered seven members of the irish mob.lbj,bobby baker,billy sol estes stay out of prison.j.e.hoover appointed for life as head of the fbi.robert f .,kennedy without support,just another lawyer...

HOW = four riflemen and four 2-way radiomen with one control person,four different locatations, four different weapons, all firing military execution style murder. The means,the motive, the opportunity, the cover-up,and taking care of lose ends-the deaths of 121+ people connected with the murder of jfk.

OTHER = if there is nothing to hide!why so many murders and deadends all in the name of national security?

From David of New England:

WHO = Between 2 and 6 shooters and possible spotters firing from front and rear positions. (Lee Harvey Oswald could have been one of the shooters altho I don't believe he was aiming at the President. I think he was told to shoot Gov. Conely who was not the most popular Gov. that Texas has had and if by chance he missed, he would hit the President. )

WHY = LBJ knew that Kennedy was not going to have LBJ as his running mate in '64 and that he would not be popular enough to win an election against him. Also that Bobby would be running in '68 and everyone would vote for a Kennedy again. ( LBJ tried to get Gov. Conely to ride in his limo instead of the President's because he knew of the planned assasination. The Gov. basically told LBJ that altho they were friends, he was number 2 and he was riding with number 1 )

HOW = LBJ had a lot of power and enfluence over people. He had "spies" that kept him informed on happenings in Washington DC and in Texas. He used those powers to "call in favors" from his friends in high ranking positions of the Military, Government, and the Dallas Police. He also had "friends" in the underground that linked him with the Mafia. This elete group of people followed him because of the "payback" that he offered them when he was President.

OTHER = NOBODY ever commits a crime without something to gain. Ask yourselves: WHO gained the most? WHO had the most to loose with Kennedy alive? WHO would be the best person to pull this off? WHO would be able to keep this quiet?

From Kyle of California:

WHO = the c.i.a. or the fedrial goverment f.b.i... more likely the c.i.a..

WHY = they were fed up with him. hr said he would break up the c.i.a. that made them think ???? this guy is power, he has power. he is the people. he can lead them, and he will.

HOW = the c.i.a. built a devise that could fire a dart, yes a dart from a umbrella. this devise was said to have to been tested on dummies or dogs. said dogs so infact disable them in recon activities. the dart was poison, or explosive, and said to disolive in the skin or body...

From Tori of Texas:

WHO = government and johnson

WHY = when a country is at wat we gane big bucks, if kennedy would have still been presedent their would have never been vietnam

HOW = well everyone that day was gathering around to see the presidnet,well if u have 3 normal lookin guys like everyone else ,u dont really think to much about it,well with all the rush of the presidnet being their it would be more than easy to just go on top of a building and even easier if they were snippers ,they are trained to know exactly were to be and what time to be at the right it wouldnt even be that hard to do with all he hectic thangs that were goin on that day

OTHER = ok, come on people, has anyone ever fired a gun like oswal "suposedly"used ok when u bring the handle back to release the shells that have been shot,they fly all over the place,,when the police found the shells they were in a straight line,,now take into count that he had this lil amont of time to run like hell,i dont think putting the shells in a nice neat line was the most important thang on his mind,,,,also just look how keendy was shot,,when he was shot in the head he flug forward write before his head hit the back of the front seat he flew backwords thats the 2nd time he got shot ok ,,,so this menas that their were to differnt bullets from 2 differnt directions,oswald?? i think not ..and ok look back at the gun do u thihk that that lil old gun could go 2 directions in less than a min, i think not ,no just look at all the other thangs that went on threw the year of his was all a cover up from the governmen .and oswald new but didnt know it was goin to be him,,,so hey taked these facts and come to your own conclusions....:0)

From J.F.S. of New Orleans:

WHO = lbj/mafia/jeh-fbi/cia/rich oilmen/anti-castro cubans/russians/and others...

WHY = lbj was going to prison along with bobby baker billy sol estes,mac wallace and others for murders here in texas.jfk war the 8th murder,there were many more that hoover was to be retired.oilmen were to br taxed. cubans were made for the bay of pigs.mafia wanted cuban operations back from castro.cia was to be disbanded.kennedy made too many powerful enemies and they took him out...

HOW = four teams,with four different shooters,four four radiomen two-way walkie talkie.with one controlman.firing different weapons.some disguesed as secret service agents and off duty policemen in car#107/#170 sold at surplus sale early 1963.firing from four different locations.tsbd,dealey plaza,dal-tex bldg,and roof of the records bldg.executed in a cross-fire military style.had jfk lived jack ruby was to murder him at parkland hospital..the group missed in miami, chicago, but not in lbj texas country...

OTHER = motive,means,opportunity,cover-up,and taking care of loose ends.the deaths,more deaths,still more deaths of 121+witnesses to the deaths of mm,jfk,mlk,rfk,shooting of george wallace and others.jfk jr. was murdered,steve kangas was murdered,there will be others in the fight to keep our country free.pray,keep your powder dry,watch and be prepared.hitler murdered about five hundred people until he had control of germany and then he killed millions more!!

From Beaver:

WHO = the mob, aristotle onasis, government helped cover it up

WHY = bay of pigs screw up, cuba was a lucrative gambling place, better than Vegas. The mob got him elected and JFK didnt do what they wanted so they shot him. Onasis was a friend of his fathers. In mob rules, Onasis took his life, girl, and status.

HOW = the grassy knoll, the grassy knoll!! a shooter in the storm drain.

From Sharon of Ohio:

WHO = Oswald, and at two others.

WHY = HOFFA, and the MAFIA.the Kennedy were getting too close.

HOW = Oswald in obersatory and two others on the grassy knoll.

From J.D. of Wisconsin:

WHO = combination of CIA and FBI leaders, with command over Secret Service

WHY = President Kennedy had just made the order to pull out all U.S. troops from Vietnam by December of 1965, thus ending U.S. involvment before it really intensified. Industrial Military complex had a lot of money invested in a Vietnam war.

HOW = first of all, two army battalions were ordered to step down from helping out the Secret Service in protecting the president that fateful november day. the commanders of both battalions were vehemently apposed to this idea, as it was totally against presidential security policy. Hwat it basically came down to was a triangle of shooters, one at the TSBD, grassy knoll, and Dallas-Tex building. Definately someone sitting next to the motorcade with a walkie talkie to communicate. After the shots were fired, and president rushed to hospital, the FBI, CIA, SS controlled what occured within the confines of the hospital (*note that LBJ and Richard Nixon were both in Dallas that day, and that this was the first and only time ever the sitting prez, and VP were allowed to be within the same procession...this was a warning to all future presidents...whoever did this wanted LBJ and Nixon to know first hand how quick you get killed when you f*ck with these people...

OTHER = how did news of JFK's assasination, and detailed reports about Lee Harvey Oswald's suspicious past, and involvment with the Soviet Union get leaked out to the press so fast that it appeared on the front page of the New Zealand daily newspaper 8 hours after the assassination?

From Mark of North Carolina:

WHO = I think that Oswald did it but he did not act alone.

WHY = because he just did not like the way that he ways running things and the chocies he was making.

HOW = he was behind the grassy knowl and the umbrella man opened his umbrella to signal to fire and kill JFK.

OTHER = Other people have thier opinions but this is what happened!!!

From Aaron of Penn...

WHO = Oswald did it because he was helped by the CIA.

WHY = JFK wanted drug trafficing to stop but the CIA wanted to help with drug trafficing. They knew JFK was too powerful so they sniped him.

HOW = Two gunman one on the Knull one in the depository. The shots came from the Knull.

OTHER = LBJ told the CIA to do it so he coud be president. It's a win-win situation LBJ got to be president and the CIA still got to distribute drugs.

From Herbert of Virginia...

WHO = LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, with Texas Oil interest, Military intelligence and CIA assistance.

WHY = LBJ was going to be unravelled as a result of the Billie Sol Estes affair. This conspired with a number of other events such as the Bay of Pigs, Mob betrayal, Oil depletion allowance, JFK's loose morals, and Vietnam

HOW = Hired hit men (probably from France) as CIA cutouts, recruited and financed by the mob, but loosely under CIA supervision. Three teams were in the Dealy's plaza area to cover all possibilities. The fatal shot was from a triangulation of fire with fatal shot coming from the front right, probably the grassy Knoll.

OTHER = Confirmation of a conspiracy is the brain matter on the patrolman's face and motorcycle at the left rear of the President's car. No amount of dissembling and media BS can undo that fact.

From RT of California...

WHO = The CIA renegades who participated in Bay of Pigs and were subsequently fired and the Cuban right wingers in Miami

WHY = The Cubans are radicals who will do anything to get back to Cuba and finish of Castro. Kennedy, in their minds, prevented this by not supporting Cubans during the attack. The lack of support imprisoned some of the most radical Cubans. He was seen as a traitor. The anti-Casro Cubans will stop at nothing. They have continued assasination attempts and secured weapons from the CIA. Even after the Bay of Pigs failure, there training grounds in Florida for a second attempt. Kennedy has agreed with Russia not to attack Cuba again. Thus turning his back on any
possibility of Cubans regaining the country.

HOW = Assasins planted in coordination with "insiders." The assasins were on the grassy knoll. Oswald was a simple minded patsy who considered himself more important than what he was. We already know that efforst were made to falsify his voice as the caller to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. This is proof that a high-tech (for those days) effort with more sophisticated methodologies was in place to blame Oswald. Thus, the effort had begun before JFK's actaul murder.

OTHER = Other who would not cared, Mafia but they would never bring the "heat" on themselves as that. They are not that stupid. The FBI under Hoover was capable of anything, as in the stalking of Martin Luther King and eventual assasination (where were they since they had followed King non-stop?)

There were people in the government (FBI/CIA) who well were in tune to Kennedy's dangerous sexual escapades and though this would be a dangerous thing for the American government. There was extreme right wing radicalism in those days, these were the days of the John Burch Society, the KKK, the hate groups in the South, the hate groups in Cubans. In short it was a time when murdering a person for political reasons was in and continued for a few years: KING, RFK. JFK.
It was the time to GET RID of the LIBERALS.

From Mike of Ontario, Canada...

WHO = The mafia

WHY = simple... Mafia wants to whack someone.. they do it.. no one stands in their way.. and they did what they had to do.. it worked didin't it? look at bobby after the assassination...

HOW = L.H.O, some crazy S.O.B, that was willing to do it..

OTHER = If it wasen't for the mafia, The C.I.A would of done it.

From James of California...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald alone.

WHY = Polital jealousy. Oswald was basically a loser with nothing to gain so he figured that he'd attempt to kill the President. Back then there weren't the security precautions you see today and the weaponry available was enough to make him think he could get away with it. It doesn't take a genious to see that he planned it for weeks ahead of time. Whatever his polital motives were I don't think he had communist ties nor do I think the mafia was involved although he may have approached one or the other. Neither I don't think would have gone along with him although I wouldn't rule out the KGB knowing their history of atrocities. Nonetheless I still think he acted alone.

HOW = He placed a Carcano rifle in a bag and concealed himself in The Texas School Book Depository where he had access as an employee. As the motorcade passed him he fired two shots at the Presidents car.

OTHER = Let history be the judge.

From Chris of Manchester, England...


WHY = They knew that JFK knew about something that they didn't want out in the open. Because JFK was such an honest president the FBJ knew that he would crack and tell so the killed him.

HOW = The mysterious gunman on the grassy knoll. Oswald was a dummy cover up but did't know the full story to what was going to happen so he panicked when he herd the shots an was gripped. The FBI then hired Ruby to take out Oswald because they knew he would talk.

From Dan of Pennsylvania...

WHO = the secret-service including the limo driver

WHY = i dont know im not them

HOW = three people fired at kennedy. including oswald. the third and final shot was fired by the limo driver. he turned around and delivered the third and final shot. If you get the zapruder film you can see the limo driver pull out a gun and shoot kennedy in the head. they kept it off the news. it is all a big conspiracy and a cover up.

OTHER = ATTENTION: The presidential motorcade never makes sharp turns because they have to slow down to much. Right before Kennedy was shot they took a sharp turn that the secret service would never take. That slowed the limo down enought for the snipers to take their shots. Then when they didn't finish the job the limo driver turned and shot him. Only a point blank shot can do the damage that was done to Kennedy's head, therefore the limo-driver killed Kennedy.

From Pat of NY...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA

WHY = Good opportunity to off Kennedy because he wanted to crumble the CIA. This would mean loss of funds to the CIA's MK ULTRA project, a mind control/brainwash process that would turn an ordinary citizen into a ruthless assassin. This process was veery unstable due to the use of LSD and other hallucinagenic drugs. Hoover also wanted the CIA to compose an index of the american people, and eventually, the whole civilized world (1984ish, huh?). Hoover would use his assassins to cap his opposition during his reign of the New World Order. Hoover was a known member of the Free Masons and the power craving group, the Illuminati, which is rumored to be setting up the New World Order. When Kennedy announced his plan to end the CIA, They (CIA and the Illuminati) had to take darastic action. This set up the administration of Johnson, also a knonw free mason.

HOW = Oswald was in the TSBD with a bolt action rifle and fired only two of the shots. Oswald, already a trained marine had operating at the Atsugi Naval base in Japan, one of the sites of MK U. testing. His orders were to fire from the TSBD, while other CIA agents fired from the grassy knoll (umbrella gun?). The CIA stole the body to prevent a further investigation.

OTHER = After his arrest, Oswald was cracked by the interogation, and forgot that he was an assassin, which is why he cried, "I'm just a patsy." The CIA feared this would happen, so they sent another assassin, Rudy, to off Oswald. Then, Rudy was arrested, and while in jail, was injected with a fast acting nerve toxin, deisigned to look like cancer. They feared that Rudy would be cracked just like Oswald before they could get to him.

From Kasper of Georgia...

WHO = An under cover officer

WHY = the officer wasn't happy with the way JFK was running the country so they shot him

HOW = With a powerful rifle that could shot over 1000 feet.

From Jake of Kansas...

WHO = The Government and the mafia.

WHY = Johnson didn't like being in second place. He wanted to kill all the vietcongs, and cost more american lives then needed.

HOW = The mafia has always had connections with the CIA, and it was very simple to find a shooter. Oswald probably owed the Mafia, and they said if he killed Kennedy, he would owe them nothing. Then he got caught,and they hired Ruby to kill Oswald before he talked. Then they poisoned Ruby, Because he threatened to talk.

From Wetdog of Ohio...

WHO = not sure but it has to do with somebody in this currupt little gov't we have going here in the USA. Oswald may have shot him but it wasn't the fatal shot

WHY = Kennedy said and did a lot of things that officials didn't agree with and before he could follow through with anything they killed him

HOW = Oswald took one shot, the guy on the Grassy Knoll took one shot, and the guy in the storm drain fired the fatal shot

OTHER = The gov't needs to just come out and tell us they did it and tell us why they did it and everyone will forget about it and all the conspiracy talk will end trust I know my poop.

From Mike of California...

WHO = 3 gunman.oswald, ruby and the other unknown

WHY = Kennedy's failure with bay of pigs invasion

HOW = Oswald in the book Depository who hit kennedy in the neck, Ruby in the grassy knole who hit kennedy in the head , and the other unknown gunman in a man hole infront of the motorcade which explains the bullet hole in the windsheld of the presidential limousine

OTHER = oswald was anti-communist, ruby a friend of oswalds who had some gun experiance. He killed oswald with fears that oswald would talk.

From Trevor of USA...

WHO = Government spooks.

WHY = Power.

HOW = Early 60's Kennedy says his goal is to put a man on the moon before the decade is out. There is no possible way we can do this. As far as the Space Race Russia was our superior by far. They beat us in every way we could possibly be beat. They put the first satelite into orbit, first organic life, first human life, first to circle the earth, and they were even the first to orbit the moon. This whole time we were picking our noses and launching monkeys to their certain doom. It was obvious Russia was going to beat us. With American morale at an astonishing all time low losing the Space Race would have torn this country apart. We would have lost to the dirty, evil, godless commies. The government couldnt let this happen. So what to do? Here's my idea of the events that led up to Kennedy's death and what followed after.

1) Have a very disgruntled unpatriotic man assasinate Kennedy (inspires a great deal of patriotism in the public)

2) Start making tons of "progress" in the space race

3) Now American morale is built back up and we are hellbent on realizing beloved Kenned's dream of a man on the moon come.

4) People needed to feel safe from the commies, they would have belived anything so long as they thought we were still the most powerfull nation on earth

5) July 1969, just as we feel like maybe this decade will end with no man on the moon, Neil Armstrong jumps onto the dusty surface of the moon. The government obviously didnt put much thought into the hoaxed moon landing (no stars in a place which has no atmosphere?) But the people of this great nation needed a victory over Russia so badly they would have beleived anything that slightly resembled a moon landing

6) Yeah! We defeated the commies, we're still the most powerfull nation on earth and all is well in the good old U.S. of A.

OTHER = It's really sad actually, Keneddy was used by the government to gain a supposed victory over Russia so the U.S. citezens would'nt revolt, rebel or what have you. It was all about power and thats all that matters. Who cares if you insert a false sense of security into a vulnarable nation, so long as you feel youve still got the power.

From a Visitor...

No one gained more from the assassination than did LBJ

WHY = Motive-Yes. Means-Yes. Ability-Yes. This group includes: Texas oil men and staunch conservatives H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison and Sid Richardson; George and Herman Brown of Brown and Root, military contractors; John J. McCloy, New York banker and future WC member; FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover; Eugene Locke and Charles G. Purnell of the Law Firm of Locke, Purnell, Rain and Harrell, Texas's largest, who represented, among others, General Dynamics of Fort Worth; Texas Governor John Connally; and former Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, whose law firm represented a number of large Military-Industrial Complex giants and northeast banking interests. While there are probably more to this group, these are the charter members. The Kennedy Presidency was costing and would cost these men millions of dollars. During his second term he was planning to take away the oil-depletion allowance (oil money); his foreign policy decisions would soon lead to the drastic slowing down of military production (military/industrial money); he intended to scrap the entire Federal Reserve System (banking money); and he was looking into dropping LBJ from his ticket in 1964. This last action meant that whatever limited influence this group had over Kennedy's decision making process would be gone completely. His liberal policies and overtures of peace to the USSR and Cuba were also in stark contrast to the conservative, anti-communist sentiments of this group. Those actions also seriously impacted a number of their wallets, by reducing military spending. His policies towards racial integration and equality were similarly unpopular with this group. Remember, Hoover would later have Dr. Martin Luther King followed, bugged, and subjected to an FBI-sponsored "he's a communist" smear campaign. Also on the line, and permanently side-tracked by a Kennedy political dynasty, were the careers of two of America's most unrefined, and ruthless politicians.

HOW = Included in the actual assassination were teams (at least four, probably more) of shooters, teams for security (including the bogus "Secret Service" agents and the civilians who pointed police to the TSBD) and at least one Oswald look-alike. The shooters themselves were probably composed of some independent mercenaries of various backgrounds, paid for by Mob contracts, and CIA contract agents with Cuban exile backgrounds. All were told only what they needed to know to complete their own task. Some were supplied through Mafia connections, others through the CIA group. The CIA contract agents, with their Cuban exile ties, fit in quite nicely, since Oswald, whom I believe had worked for the U.S. intelligence community since 1958, had been involved with the anti-Castro Cubans in New Orleans. He continued to pursue these ties in Dallas, as witnessed by the WC testimony of exile member Sylvia Odio, though the "Cubans" he was now with were actually on the CIA payroll. These "sightings" acted as an additional level of cover for the "op" by forcing investigators to examine his possible ties to both Cuban groups. This effectively pointed away from those really involved and, circumstantially, pointed to LHO as the suspect. Such evidence, used in conjunction with the planted physical evidence, was sufficiently incriminating, if not closely examined. Since those involved included J. Edgar Hoover, close examination was not forthcoming and only that which would appear to point to LHO was to be made public.

OTHER = "After tomorrow, I'll never have to worry about those damn Kennedys again."

LBJ on the night of November 21, 1963, according to his longtime lover, Madeleine Brown

Also incriminating was Johnson's conduct in the immediate aftermath of the assassination:

1) He asked his wife to notate the exact time he was informed of JFK's death (which was also the exact moment he became president);

2) He sat eating and drinking Kennedy's bottled water on board Air Force One during the trip back to Washington while everyone else was in mourning and shock.

3) He got into an argument with the Kennedy staff when he insisted that protocol called for him to be the first out of the plane on its arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, rather than having the casket removed first (he lost...and then brooded over it for days).

4) On Saturday morning, he fired Mrs Lincoln, JFK's long time secretary and had all Kennedy's things quietly removed from the White House. He also insisted that Jackie be moved out of the White House by Monday...the day of JFK's funeral.

From a Candian...

WHO = Possibly the following groups (maybe one or possibly more) :Neo-Nazis, rogue government personall, regular governament personal, other countries , insane maniac or the planned kill.
WHY = -kennedy wished to talk about some very sensitive matieral on his speach.
-someone may have hated hi for one or some of his polices.
-trade relations.
-silence from governament/other government
-planned a kill to hide true intentions(maybe, he is still alive..... :(
-sheer coincidence.
HOW = Definatly a planned assanation. The bullet is actually realativly common but a strong and skilled person had to use the gun to fire it. Possibly mercenaries or government personal used it, but who knows. Also, the relation of the bullet to JFK's head insured a KILL , not some brain damage. This was by no means a accident. It would have taken the assasin a while to aim and fire the gun correctly, which suggests that there was a intentional breach of security. In a nutshell there was probably one elite unit sent in through a covert operation, where either a breach in security was intential or made.
OTHER = I cannot get into very specific details about this subject. I do know that a country in the contadent of Eurasia was involved and chances are that this was very cleanly planned. A very superb mastermind is behind this.....

From Etienne of NY...

WHO = I've submitted a hasty summation prior to a more formal essay that more fervently connects the masons to this killing. to hold a man guilty posthumously, adjudge guilt based upon means and not motive and adorn a supreme court visit to Ruby in jail - merits review. furthermore if the truth of this act(s) would destabilize the soviets - the rosenberg case did little to enfuriate the balance of power. that national security act hyperbole mirrors the billions we spend ever year on 'national security' amidst thousands of miles of 19th century marconi style telephone lines. the problem i've had with warren report summation is the propensity of ignorant forces ( such as subsequent to the McKinnley assasination by an alleged european loser anarchist - connects to my suspicions of holocaust origins) might backlash upon marine veterans whom are under 5'10" in heighth, no bank accounts and no hair. the masons comprise a common bond amidst all the forces involved with this case to assure the finale as a conspiracy.

WHY = secret societies ( government or otherwise ) tend to reinforce the concept of group security the the inferior feelings those might have in the sea of unknown in america. aside from colonials fearing a backlash from 1776 - this insecurity is centered around money, sexual prominence, image and religion. the masons - from my own near fatal experiences - comprise those whom will kill to preserve their stature. jfk and oswald were done in to accomodate religious and image control in america.

HOW = diversionary tactics implicating an intelligence service whose founder integrated the armed forces officer clubs. oswald; an air traffic controller, had no training against dynamic targets. his slight frame could not have shot through an oak tree in time to cycle those rounds accurately. fingerprint records on the gun were in violation of evidence chain of custody procedures. autopsy inconsistency and hyperbole defaming a marine whom was connected to a then chicago fbi chief. these facts along with being found guilty en abstentia posthumous defy the conscience of the US - in the custody of educated masons.

OTHER = the consequence of the warren report will cause a division in america so vaste - along the lines of loser and winner - that my retirement in a french foreign legion outpost will be a welcome amidst the cohorts of black uniform glock toting panzies that occupy our lives today.

From a E.U. Citizen of Munster in European Union...

WHO = cia/right-wing groups with government connections

WHY = fear of a pull-out from vietnam, interracial schooling in the southern states kennedy was the first catholic president and certain groups believed his primary allegiance was to the vatican and not the u.s.government

HOW = probably a trained assasin on the grassy knoll with oswald as the unwitting fall-guy

OTHER = possibly a anti-castro cuban with a justifiable gruge over the bay of pigs betrayal.

From Steve of South Korea...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald

WHY = Discontent over life in general and the thought that he could impress his hero, Fidel Castro

HOW = By firing three shots with a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository

OTHER = There has not been one iota of credible evidence to support a conspiracy in the last 36 and a half years.

From Meghan of Pennsylvnia...

WHO = Clay Shaw {CIA} and Johnny Roselli {Mafia}

WHY = Clay Shaw was from the CIA and we all know that the CIA wanted JFK dead due to he threatened to splinter the CIA into a million pieces because Kennedy said the CIA lied to him after the Bay of Pigs . So they get Clay Shaw to round up some Anti-Castro Cubans who equally hated Kennedy for the same reason . Clay Shaw on the day of the assassination took a trip to San Francisco were he was scheduled to make a speech at the trade mart there but no speech was given.Its my guess he was meeting with the Mafia boss Johnny Roselli . The mafia helped Clay Shaw earlier with the contraversial permindex in Switzerland { were Shaw was chairman and De Gualle even blamed the business for helping the OAS in all of the assassination attempts on him ] and Centro Mondiale Commerciale in Rome , Italy that helped fund the Anti-Government groups to make Italy fascict again{ good for business in America , just look at China } were again Shaw was Chairman . The CIA also sponsered and funded these activities of Clay Shaw .

HOW = Clay Shaw met up with two other men in intellegince , David Ferrie and Guy Banister . They got their orders straight from Washington to start training the anti-castro cubans for another invasion of Cuba . The operation was called Operation Mongoose . The training camps was north of Lake Pontchartrian which was funded by the CIA and was runned by Guy Banister , who got the equipment , Clay Shaw , the man who handled the funding , and David Ferrie , who helped train the men . It was late summer when Kennedy ordered the FBI to shut down the camps , that got the men to turn their attention to kill Kennedy . They met up with Lee Harvey Oswald , who became Dave Ferrie's friend and they found themselves a perfect patsy { they were probably told to meet up with LHO by Washington }. The killer of Lee Harvey Oswald , Jack Ruby was of course connected to the Mob , both in Chicago
{were Johnny Roselli was boss }and in Dallas .

OTHER = All of what I have written is based on what I have learned and studied for ten years . I have been waiting for a long time to get at least one of my thearies out in the open .I hope that this account could be counted as accurate but as love , Truth is in the eye of the beholder .

From Ben of USA...

WHO = The CIA had first thought of the idea during The Cuban Missile Crisis, then later met with the mob to plan out the killing.

WHY = Kennedy was doing some risky things with the other countries, he was planning on war with Russia, but before he could declare it he was assinated.

HOW = There were a number of men in Dallas that day, if it was the first shot that killed the presisdent, there wouldve been many other chances to kill.

OTHER = While in the operating room after the shooting a man walked in and shot the president in the head. The man was then shot and killed by hospital security. The man was probably with the mob or CIA.

From Jennifer of Arizona...

WHO = It was a group effort by different parts of the Government for different reasons working along with a possible connection to orginized crime

WHY = They were all upset because the president had new ideas that prevented them from doing what the normaly would be able to do.

HOW = It was done by at the very least 4 gunmen.

From Jim of CA...

WHY = Hated, dangerous, envy, unfaithful to wife,




From Someone...

WHO = Earthlings.

WHY = Kennedy was an alien (and the father of Bill Clinton), and was to soon announce the surrender of all the world's governments to the Trifecta Council of Andromeda. Also, he had killed a mobster's favorite girlfriend (Marilyn Monroe) when she threatened to go public with her story, so the mob gladly took the job of snuffing him.

HOW = Ray guns and explosive bullets of some kind.

OTHER = The so-called magic bullet WAS magic.
Your Name = (state secret)
State/Province = Vapor Trail Estates
Country = The Far Reaches, Andromeda

From Jason of BC/Canada...

WHO = cia fbi and russian gov

WHY = that day jfk was going to tell the world that he belived in aliens

HOW = 2 shots from different angles

OTHER = lee harvy oswald is still alive in russia

From Danny of Tennessee...

WHO = Political figures in Russia, Cuba, and other communist countries.Also members of the U.S. goverment.

WHY = Dislike of Kennedy.Kruschef the leader of Russia was lost face in the Cuban missile crises.

HOW = Multiple assasins hired buy conspiritors.Many people kept track of the presidents were abouts. The easily impressionable Lee Harvy Oswald was involved but mainly as a patsy. Then Ruby knowing nothing of the conspirisy killed Oswald wanting to become a hero, but sadly shut the only mouth that could tell the story. But, the conspiritors would have had him killed anyway almost sealing the crime of the century.

From Simon of Virginia...

WHO = Colonel Mustard

HY = Kennedy planned to expose Mustard's love afair with Rudy Sanchez, a Cuban nationalist that worked for Martin Bormann and Josef Mengele.

HOW = Candstick

OTHER = In the Library

From Ben of Pennsylvania...

WHO = The CIA had many men in Dallas that day, from the many books i've read i i believe there were 5 points that had men. the book depository, the grassy knoll, the man with the umbrella, the two men behind the fence and i believe there was a man in a car to signal the man in the depository. the man in the depository was the one who made the kill.

WHY = Kennedy wanted to know too much about mob tie-in's with the government, i also believe his own brother bobby, had something to do with it.

HOW = a blast from a high powered rifle in is skull killed in, but also kennedy had other holes in his chest and back, obvisly shots from another gun.

OTHER = The book by Dr. Crenshaw, explains all of the marks on kennedy that were not written down, and many other eye-witness reports

From Colleen of Ohio...

WHO = Sam Giancanna

WHY = Because Kennedy had threatened Judith Exner's life who was the well known mistress of both men. Exner also rubbed in the fact that she was not only sleeping with Giancanna, but Kennedy and Sinatra too by delivering so called messages to each other. She had all three in jealous rages.

HOW = Giancanna got his mafia croonies to hire key hit men to target the area, and using his influence on hoover to help bring the government under control because the mafia had been working with the government about the cuba situation. The shooters then developed their triangular shot path to get the President in the very cross hairs of a carefully plotted assassination.

From Bob of CA...

WHO = Rogue element within the CIA, with paid Mafia hitmen and elite group of marksmen trained to assassinate Castro..(they turned the guns on JFK instead)

WHY = Failed Bay of Pigs invasion..perception that JFK was appeasing the communists and generally "soft" on communism.Natl security risk w/ his reckless behavior.

HOW = Fatal head shot came from the Storm drain on Elm near the fence on the grassy knoll. Analysis indicates trajectory was initiated from Front Right and BELOW JFK.

OTHER = The group that removed JFK in this coup d'etat had so much incriminating and ugly information on the Kennedy's, that RFK had NO choice but to go along and say nothing. The Watergate break-in had much more to do with the assassination than it did the 1972 election.

From Anonymous in Western Hemisphere...





From Annoymous in Nice, France..

WHO = NSA,CIA, Corporate America Shooters were highly trained and very well funded Mercenaries. Possible World War II snipers or Korean War snipers. VERY WELL TRAINED

WHY = WAR, it brings money to the economy. AND Defense contracts is huge money. One man is not going to stop the flow of money even if it is the President.

HOW = 3 shooters 2 high level and 1 low level with the final shot coming from the Grassy Noel. The Grassy Noel was the kill shot. It had to be low level for a definite kill. The shooter were definite in the position to execute the job. Nothing could be chanced he had to be eliminated to much as a stake. Too much to lose

From Mark of NY...

WHO = CIA, Mafia, FBI, Anti-Castro demonstrators

WHY = Kennedy's new view of a world with peace seriously threatened the reign of these people.

HOW = Maybe three shooters. One in the sewer, the men on the grassy knoll, and someone from TSBD(not necessarily Oswald)

From the "Phantom"...

WHO = J. Edgar Hoover.And a "shadow" sniper.

WHY = Kennedy was going to reveal to the world that Aliens had contacted earth. He was also far to close to creating peace for the world, and this did not fit with the goverments plans. Kennedy was also going to allow the public to view the many crashed and safley landed alien craft. He also had plans to make them American citizans. This was what made the outcome, what we know today.

HOW = Hoover and his man, were using alien technology to kill Kennedy. This is why a true factual account is virtually imposible to astablish. The Alien divice makes the testing of gun shot angles, to see who actualy did it a no go.

OTHER = Oswald was ofcouse a plant. But they didn't account for the man being killed.

From Bill of Frederick, Maryland...

WHO = lee harvey oswald

WHY = to be a page of history

HOW = from his nest in the book depository

OTHER = no other...just a crazed idiot that robbed our country of this great president.

From "N" of Ohio...

WHO = Oswald and two other shooters

WHY = why would anyone shoot the president, for publicity

HOW = Oswald, in the book depository, missed Kennedy in the first shot, hit him in the neck with the second shot, and missed him on the third. The man on the grassy noel hit Kennedy in the back, the 4th shot, missed Kennedy and hit the CIA agent in the passenger side fron seat shattering his wrist, and the third shot missed the car completly and hit the CIA agent under the overpass. The final, and fatal head-shot came from a third shooter in the stormdrain, hitting Kennedy at a slanted, upwards, trejectory.

From Scott of Ohio...

WHO = nomadic aliens from a nearby gallexy.

WHY = the space program was a potential threat to their existence

HOW = they sent oswald, as we all know, however,there was another shooter. A brainwashed soviet spy. The KGB covered all his tracks, this is why the assassination is still under investigation.

OTHER = when oswald was caught, he was shot by another alien to cover the whole thing up.

From Darrel of BC, Canada...

WHO = CIA renegades,Bush big oil,LBJ, military complex,hoover,mafia, Cubans

WHY = Self preservation,power follow the money.

HOW = #1:1 shot Dal tex bounces off fire escape hits pAvement.#2throte umbrella man.#3dsbd back(possible during autopsy) jfk.#4windshield chrome Dal tex.#5head shot grassy knoll #6connally back, roof Dal Tex.#7#8 Grassy knoll south jfk head shot left temple #8 back of head jfk DSBD.#9 hits Tague fired from Dal Tex misses car.also 1 shot Connally wrist from behind Zapruder.

OTHER = One shot, 5seconds 2loud shots but a fullisade of shots Crank up the Volume. Not 3 shots 5sec, smokescreen.

From Louis of Ohio...

WHO = Lyndon B. Johnson and the Sorry Government.

WHY = Because the BEST President ever (JFK) was trying to make things better at that time.

HOW = Some Cuban with a shotgun behind the picket fence.

OTHER = I'm proud to be an american, but I am not proud of our Government.

From "Just A Guy" somewhere in USA...

WHO = factions in the government(several future presidents), CIA, Secret sevice, Military, Organized crime, Oil (cia assets), Various others

WHY = Basically, he pissed of a lot of people who percieved him as a threat. Too many to mention

HOW = Multiple shooters, Some doing the actual shooting some shooting to confuse and get people down, or looking another direction. changed route, Driver William greer was one shooter. One secret service agent on the scene testified that he heard what he thought was a pistol fire. if you watch the driver instead of Kennedy you will see him turn around twice. He testified that he turned around once, he turns twice, and on the second turn he points a gun and and shoots him, On a good big screen T.V. with a good quality video player that has slow motion and "frame by frame" you can see that the gore that shoots up from Kennedy's head is mostly animation put there to cover up the smoke from the gun. A cop found a 45, cal. slug on scene and is later murdered. There is a newspaper photo of him pointing it out to an "agent". The bullet never shows up as evidence. Both agents in the car testified that they didn't pull out their guns, but a witness sees both guns are drawn as they go under the triple overpass.. Several people saw a flash on the drivers side of the car and one thought someone threw fireworks into the car.Two writers tried to publish a book on this but were prevented from doing so. Also, if you watch Governer Connally You can see he doesn't faint as everyone said. He and his wife DUCK very quickly, in reaction to the shot coming about a foot and a half away form their heads.

OTHER = Everyone close enough to see Greer shoot Kennedy, was dead within two years. Can you imagine the fear those people felt when nothing was said about the driver?

From Robert of AZ...





From Ted of Ohio...

WHO = Government/mafia/johnson/kkk/Oswald,and a 2nd shooter.

WHY = kkk first off might have been mad about how blacks where getting,more and more respect in the country because of Kennedy.Mafia,Kennedy who said to have somehow been connected with the Mafia in some way,this makes them a suspect.Jonhson{the next president might have been on it because some say the government or the mafia told him that he could be president if Kennedy was assasinated.Finally the US Government,many people in the government {expecially the military} was mad at President Kennedy because he wanted out of the war.If you KNow about the Lincoln assasination you would know that most people this the us military could of been on the assasination also.and fianlly Oswald definetly did it but if you look at the tap when kennedy is shot his head bounces backwords,this means that someone must have shot him from the front also,oswald shot kennedy from behind,knowing that there MUST have been a second shotter from the front.

HOW = Oswald definetly did it but if you look at the tap when kennedy is shot his head bounces backwords,this means that someone must have shot him from the front also,oswald shot kennedy from behind,knowing that there MUST have been a second shotter from the front.

From David of California...

WHO = Driver Of Limo

WHY = Reveal truth about space program

HOW = Special gun containing shellfish particles in the projectile

From JV of Galston, Scotland...





From American Patroit from California...

WHO = "The Establishment", Illumunati, International Bankers, Council of Foreign Relations, Rothschild - Rockefeller Dynasties (All are the same thing, contain many common members)

WHY = "JFK, in particular, had almost surely announced his intention to expose the establishment, just ten days before he was assassinated. (``The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.'') JFK was already on shaky ground because of an Executive Order earlier in the year authorizing issue of silver-backed US government paper legal tender (this EO still stands), and had already drafted an order to proceed with an initial issue (no such order has since been given)."

``Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.''
-John F. Kennedy, 1962

``The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.''

-John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination. Several days before this speech, Kennedy ordered an initial issue of Treasury Department metal certificates. Three days after the speech, he proposed to Nikita Khrushchev that the United States and Soviet Union embark on a joint program to land men on the moon - Khrushchev received this proposal favorably. Also shortly before his assassination, Kennedy vowed to dismantle the Central Intelligence Agency, which he blamed for the Bay of Pigs disaster.

``The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages, will bear its burden without complaint.''
-Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863-Jun-25, in a letter to fellow members of the establishment.

``Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws''
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Family now controls 52% of the Federal Reserve) Silver backed money would be a blow to the power the Fed (a private corporation owned by International bankers).

``Under the surface, the Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws. The law records show that they were powers in the old Bank of the United States.''
-Gustavus Myers, History of The Great American Fortunes


and for undeniable evidence.

From Revolution Man in MA, USA...


WHY = No United States president since Abraham Lincoln dared to go against the system and create his own money, as many of these so-called elected presidents were actually only instruments or puppets of the Bankers. That is until President John F. Kennedy came into office.

President Kennedy was not afraid to "buck the system", for he understood how the Federal Reserve System was being used to destroy the United States. As a just and honorable man, he could not tolerate such a system, for it smelled corruption from A to Z. Certainly he must have known about the Greenbacks which Abraham Lincoln created when he was in office.

On June 4th, 1963, President Kennedy signed a presidential document, called Executive Order 11110, which further amended Executive order 10289 of September 19th, 1951. This gave Kennedy, as President of the United States, legal clearance to create his own money to run the country, money that would belong to the people, an interest and debt-free money. He had printed United States Notes, completely ignoring the Federal Reserve Notes from the private banks of the Federal Reserve.

Our records show that Kennedy issued $4,292,893,825 of cash money. It was perfectly obvious that Kennedy was out to undermine the Federal Reserve System of the United States.

But it was only a few months later, in November of 1963, that the world received the shocking news of President Kennedy's assassination. No reason was given, of course, for anyone wanting to commit such an atrocious crime. But for those who knew anything about money and banking, it did not take long to put the pieces of the puzzle together. For surely, President Kennedy must have had it in mind to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and return back to the United States Congress the power to create its own money.

It is interesting to note that, only one day after Kennedy's assassination, all the United States notes which Kennedy had issued were called out of circulation. Was this through an executive order of the newly-installed president, Lyndon B. Johnson? Or was he one of their instruments? At any rate, all of the money President Kennedy had created was destroyed. And not a word was said to the American people.


OTHER = HTTP://WWW.MEGA.NU/ampp for over a gigabyte of evidence.

From J. Doyle of Oklahoma...

WHO = Part U.S. Government,and mostly North Vietnam officials

WHY = The U.S. government needed ways to exploit Russia and other communist countries to see actual strengths and weakness, and to create finacial draws on those countries. North Vietnam had killed the leader of South Veitnam and his Family and JFK was going to back the South with out congressional support. With the threat of America joining the war JFK was killed by American's in hopes of keeping the US out of the war.

HOW = JFK was on a street that went straight through but was routed to a side street that turned back to the street he was already on. Allowing a group of shooters to trianglate around his position. Oswald was only to be the fall back shooter if JFK was pulled backwards to safty. The other shooters hit the target and Oswald got a shot in after the inital hit.

OTHER = Oswald was a wimp and a weak link. He was caught and was gonna talk like a pig. The only way to cover that was Rudy. Rudy was instructed to kill anybody that got arrested.

From Benn of
tasmainia- australia...

WHO = an alien flywire bullett

WHY = beacuse he was cool and everyone loved him expest the shooter

HOW = the bullet was fired out of the gun and then a remote control mooved it into him and out of him.

From Josh of Queenland...

WHO = government

WHY = going aganisnt the system

HOW = multiple gunman

From Matt of Southampton, England...

WHO = elvis

WHY = cos he felt like it

HOW = with a secret gun coming out of his guitar.

From Will of California...





From "Greenmile" of Michigan...

WHO = goverment cia fbi

WHY = kennedy was for the people mainly black people things were about to change drasticslly, for black people. plus things he also found out about goverment officals higi one those were his intentions to let the public know about its so called goverment.

HOW = multiple shooters, oswald was used like each and every one of us by our goverment.

From John of Florida...

WHO = the govt

WHY = jfk opposed vietnam but the government would have made money off of it so they killed him

HOW = oswald was a scapegoat and had a planned death

OTHER = the govt diddnt like how jfk was running things and saw where he was headed hopefully the crime will be solved just as the 2nd derringer of john wilkes booth was found recently but the govt has dissapeared w/ a very substancial amount of evidence.

From JTB of Ireland:

WHO = THE Govt.

WHY = Because he was dangerous to the system

HOW = Dallas, and cover up

From Benny of NY:

WHO = The Mob

WHY = Because they were pissed that the bay of pigs messed up the gambaling business in Cuba which deeply affected the mob. The mob then highered some shmuck to kill him(JFK). Lee Harvey Oswals was the shmuck and then he highered another guy which inturn they killed JFK but Oswals got caught and the other guy didn't

HOW = One person got up in the depository which was Oswald, and the other man was by the grassy knoll.

From Bob of Alabama:


WHY = Jelousy of getin' it on with Monroe

HOW = Gun

From Elian of Cuba (?):

WHO = Secret security guard (C.CH.)

WHY = by mistake, he wanted to kill the limo driver

HOW = sniper rifle

OTHER = He knew that the limo driver wanted to kill JFK because the president wanted to tell the truth about the aliens. So he shot and missed. The limo-driver finished JFK.

From "someone" in London, England:





From Stracci of NY:

WHO = Men of honour.

WHY = JFK and his family betrayed them. Particularly RFK, with his incessant hounding of these men, after they helped (in fact were instrumental) in putting Kennedy in the White House. The Kennedys thought they were royalty, and had the power to betray these men. This was because their arrogant father failed to teach and counsel THEM to be men of honour.


From Eye of Florida:

WHO = CIA, FBI, MAFIA + Sam Giancanna said he planned it with Marcellos, Trifficante, Ruby, J.B.Hunt, made the plans for three cities, with killers in all 3. LBJ knew about it, along with Hoover.

WHY = Bay of Pigs ( Trifficante, Giancana, Marcellos lost millions). Pulling out of Viet Nam (J.B.Hunt would loose a fortune, along with Medico and Hughes aircraft.)

HOW = Gianacanna said that he planned it with CIA, FBI, Hunt, Ruby, and killers from all of these. 18 killers were there that day. Richard Cain---Gianacanna's man, shot the rifle shot from the depository---it hit Kennedy in the back. The head shot came from SAUL--a CIA killer from the grassy knoll. It entered the right temporal and and blew out the back of his head. Cain was killed three years later, mysteriously in a Chicago pizza restaurant. Saul has never been found except by Hugh C.McDonald , and this information was in McDonalds book entitled APOINTMENT IN DALLAS. He mysteriously died two years after the book.

From a Participent in hiding:

WHO = The grassy Knole Shooter is " Charles Harrelson" His Boss is "Carlos Marcello" God Father of the New Orleans "The Family" The others involoved are L.B.J, Hover, The U.S. Armed Forces, the Cubens in excile,

WHY = Kennedy was about to put a end to U.S. involovement in Veitnam, cancel the C.I.A. end the roule of the Mafia,

HOW = A cross fire, 3 shooters and three teams, Government, Mafia, and Cuben
Exciles, with one patsy.

OTHER = Wake up my fellow Amaricans, and see what the Government of our dirty past has done to us, there dirty securet must be told ask for it to be told.

From Clayton of British Columbia...

WHO = The goverment

WHY = Trade embago

HOW = gun

From Paul of South Carolina...

WHO = CIA Agents

WHY = To kill the man who threatened to destroy their organization. Bay of Pigs, Civil Rights, Cuban Missle Crisis-- take your pick. He was into all kinds of "trouble."

HOW = Multiple gunmen, all using silenced weapons(thats why everyone was not pointing at one point, as in M. L. King Jr.'s assassination) were stationed at many different points to be sure the president was not alive when he left the motorcade.

OTHER = After reviewing the Zapruder films frame by frame, I don't see how anyone can think JFK was shot from behind. The Killing of a President is an excellent book!!

From "A Chick" from Ohio...

WHO = The CIA and the Mob

WHY = Because JFK wanted to get rid of the CIA and the Mob decided that if thewy got rid of JFK they could get rid of Bobby Kennedy who wanted to get the Mob out of the U.S.

HOW = They hired a couple gunman one in the TSBD (which was Oswald) and one behind the Grassy Knoll (Unknown). There have been many theorys but this one makes the most sense when you think about it.

From Cory of MN...

WHO = CIA,KGB, MAFIA, Johnson, with help from the FBI, AND SECRET SERVICE, Oswald was a scapegoat

WHY = Vietnam, cuban missle crisis and trade embargo, marilyn monroe, he wanted the job, altered evidence, changed parade route

HOW = 4 gunmen Depository, dal tex building, grassy knole, sewer

From Steve of California...

WHO = Small elements of the United States intelligence and military community. The mafia may have participated in the actual assassination, but weren't involved in the planning or coverup (Except by killing their own guys, like John Rosseli, when they became to talkative).

WHY = Many reasons....JFK abandoned the rebels at the Bay of Pigs after promising to support them....JFK commited to the gradual withdrawl of our troops from Vietnam....JFK was supportive of civil rights, which some found threatening or offensive....JFK didn't support the intelligence communities position that government knowledge of UFO's should remain classified above top-secret, and was threatening to expose everything if involved agencies didn't do it themselves. I suspect that JFK had given them a time limit (the end of 1963???) to tell the public what was going on....

HOW = Three or four two-man sniper teams. The first shots came from the Texas School Book Depository and the Dal-Tex building. It was hoped that one of these shooters would kill JFK, firmly establishing that all the shots had come from behind the limosine, and that the teams on the grassy knoll wouldn't have to shoot at all and risk exposure. But the snipers failed. JFK was hit between the shoulder blades by the first shot, the Governor was hit in the back by a second shot (from a second sniper position), and a third shot missed entirely, bounced of the street and grazed the cheek of a man on the sidewalk. Observers on the ground confirmed that JFK was not fatally hit and signaled that the snipers needed to continue shooting (perhaps by radio or by visual the man pumping his umbrella open and closed as the limo passed by). The sniper teams in front of Kennedy were forced to fire, striking JFK in the throat and in the skull. The sniper teams then scattered, aided by men with Secret Service credentials who slowed down the onlookers and police who saw the shots coming from the knoll.

OTHER = Lee Oswald was a relatively low-level intelligence agent. He joined the Marine Corps where they taught him the Russian language. He learned to speak it flawlessly. Russians believed he was a native speaker. All the while, he began to develop a rather clumsy coverstory as a wannabe communist. He spoke openly of his interest in Marxism and the Soviet Union and Cuba. The Marine Corps wasn't concerned though...Oswald worked as a radar operator at a secret U-2 spyplane airfield in Japan. He then faked a hardship discharge, traveled to the Soviet Union (which cost far more money then was in his bank account), went to the American embassy, verbally renounced his US citizenship (but never actually filled out the forms to do it officially), and lived rather comfortably in Russia for a few years. He claimed he was going to give away classified information regarding the U-2. He met and married Marina (a relative of a high ranking Soviet military intelligence officer), called the US and said he wanted to come home, the government paid for his travel expences and decided not to prosecute him for divulging secrets to the enemy. Lee was an agent of US intelligence. He was doing his job when he went to Russia. He was still doing his job when he came home. When the plans to assassinate JFK began to develop, Lee was selected to be the patsy. He was manuvered to Dallas. Who knows what he thought his actual objective was in Texas. Maybe, like in New Orleans, he believed he was spying on dangerous groups of radicals. He was the one who had to be sacrificed, though.

LBJ knew JFK was going to die, but wasn't involved in the planning of the assassination. He was informed and told to be prepared for the transition. Why do you think LBJ got into a screaming match with JFK the day before the shooting? LBJ had just learned that his close friend, the Governor, had been moved to JFK's limosine, bumping Texas senator Ralph Yarbourgh (and LBJ enemy) to LBJ's car.

Elements of the government had to be involved....who cancelled the military intelligence units who would have supported the Secret Service in Dallas? Who put the press bus, which normally travels in front of the Presidents car, to the very rear, which prevented them from taking any film of the incident. Who was driving JFK's car? Who stepped on the brake, almost stopping the car in the middle of the street when the bullets were flying? Who sat there watching JFK and didn't accelerate until the final head shot? Who removed the President's body at gunpoint from Texas officals who needed to perform an autopsy which was required by state law? Who performed one of the worst medical legal autopsies in history? Who misplaced JFK's brain? Who swore people to secrecy under threat of imprisonment if they spoke regarding the assassination? Who wouldn't release Oswalds CIA records or even his tax returns? Who conducted the only two official investigations into the matter? Who censored Jackie's testimony regarding gaping wound in the back of JFK's head("REFERENCE TO WOUNDS DELETED")? Who buried the information and won't release it until 2039?

If Oswald was just some sad, little man who dreamed of being somebody, and killed the President, then this story would be so much simpler. There are so many lies. To believe the governments position, you need to overlook so many facts....Damn, it's been thirty-seven years. I think we are all finally entitled to the truth. The problem is, once you pull the scab off this old wound and it starts to bleed again, who knows what other secrets would come out. Perhaps we'll never know.

More from Steve of California...

WHO = And it wasn't Agent Hickey in the followup car...I think...

WHY = Mortal Error does have some really strong arguements in it's favor...

1) When RFK asks Agent Clint Hill (over the phone) what happened, Hill says that there has been an "accident". That is a wierd thing to say after an assassination.

2) The entry wound in the back of JFK's head (if you believe anything at all the official autopsy has to say) is smaller then 6.5 mm. The hole described perfectly matches a 5.56 round that the AR-15 Hickey had was loaded with. But, ultimately, no.... the theory doesn't hold up.

HOW = Two or three big reasons....

1) The 5.56 from an M-16 or an AR-15 is a hot, fast, powerful round. If Hickey had fired the round and hit JFK from that relatively close range, he would have been blown forward towards the front seat. The headsnap to the rear and left is inconsistent with a shot from Hickey's position.

2) The round would have blown through JFK's skull and gone through the windshield of the limo (if it didn't hit Greer or Kellerman in the front seat). Wouldn't have cracked would have punched through and traveled for a considerable distance. Didn't happen.

OTHER = Lastly, I think that Hickey successfully sued the author and publisher of Mortal Error for an undisclosed amount.

More from "Dieing Secret Agent" in the morgue...

WHO = The CIA/French mercinaries

WHY = JFK was giving away to much information to the world. The french mercinaries where looking for sum work.

HOW = After the cuban missel crisses, JFK fired the head of the CIA. This made the exe CIA agent angry, and he whant to france to look for some assasins. He whent to a good CIa agent friend, telling him of his luck. This is where the intire CIA gets involved. After JFK is hit, the secret sevice agents rush JFK to the hospital, he is dead, but they are trying to make it look like they did all they could. After his death is told to the public, the presadents agents get him a coffin. They rush him to D.C., the coffin owner sees the coffin being onloaded, and thinks, thats not the coffin the sold them. During this time, the CIA is tampering the bodey to make it look like he was hit from the back only. They ask a navy doctor to do the surggery on the corpse( I am at such an old age I cant remember how to spell what its called) the notes begin "I unzip the bodey bag..." JFK was not in a bodey bag, you think up the rest...

Forgive my spelling, my old age doesnt help

OTHER = Oswald was hired, and was the only one that was unlucky(for him) caught. The others got away. Ruby was 1 of the sharpshooters who decides that he doesnt whant the CIA caught, and kills OSwald, and used the explanation,

I didn't like the smerk on his face...

From Kristina of North Carolina...

WHO = I think that it was the mob who hired Oswald and somebody else to do the job

WHY = Oswald did it for the money, and the mafia did it because JFK stole homeboys girl!

HOW = Easy the mob can think of anything they know what they are doing they have had a lot of practice.

From Manuel of New Mexico...

WHO = I think it was the Government who was behind everything

WHY = Ther is no way that Lee Oswald or the mob or any one else
could have had the power to hide files kill witnesses change the whole route the car was supposed to go in and make shure there was no CIA men on the side of the car at the time of the shooting.

HOW = They had it all planned out from day one, They changed the route the car was supposed to go in, and they got him in a place were if one person missed him someone else could get him . You figure you want the job done you want it done right .

OTHER = I think if Mr Kennedy would never had gotten killed alot of things would be different these days in a good way.

From Mike of NYC...

WHO = No one knows

WHY = manny theories as too why

HOW = more than one gunman

OTHER = In a recent tv program, computer imaging was used to determine where the shots were fired from. I dont know the name of the person conducting the investigation, but he focuses on the "head shot" which shows "matter" forced to the rear Of Mr. Kennedy's head. It is unlikely this shot came from the rear of Mr Kennedy, however, the trajectory of the bullet was followed and it was concluded that a sniper was perched in a storm drain in front of the motorcade. The drain was large enough to fit the conductor of the investigation(along with tv camera's). The storm drain then led to an easy getaway away from Dealey Plaza. Computer mathamatical results show a consistancy to that angle of aa accurate frontal head shot.

From Joe of California...

WHO = Government

WHY = Father was in with the mob and owed the IRS lots of money. JFK also was disliked for what he did to Cuba and the government didn't want an other war.

HOW = Multiple assasins with many shots fired at the same time creating no perfect sound from the correct location. Oswald was a Government Issue and was never killed in prison.

OTHER = Oswald was never killed in prison as thought but was paid by the government and got his idenity changed and is still alive to this day.

From Amber of NC...


WHY = He wanted to be the President and he would do anything to be President. He thretened Nixon and that is why he conceded in the race for President. I think Kennedy knew about the threat to Nixon, but because he was running for President he didn't do anything to stop it. He didn't realize that Johson wanted to be President instead of Vive and so he didn't realize that Johnson would kill him.

HOW = He hired killers. Oswald was just a cover-up and didn't commit the crime...he was payed to fire a bullet from the rifle in the building. He needed the money because he had a young wife and a baby to take care of. There was someone on the grassy knoll that was trained to kill, and a man with an umbrella waited to give a signal. As soon as the motorcade was at the appropriate place, the umbrella man opened up the umbrella, and the trained killer shot the rifle. Ruby was payed by Johnson to kill Oswald.

From Viesal of TX...

WHO = Minimum two shooters. Two different projectiles with contrasting entry/exit and shock effect. So much conflicting evidence that not even professionals can agree among themselves...the ultmate professional job, eh?

WHY = Photo of 45 discharging exists, pointed directly at JFK's temple. Orders were to not harm Jackie, no doubt?

HOW = First shots went right through him but severely disabled him along the road to doom. By this time, spectators were hitting the dirt, or staring agape at Jack, like his wife. All in the car preoccupied.

Although ridiculous sounding, we think that, despite the opposing arguments aplenty, that the driver did in fact brandish and fire a 45 calibre colt or similar looking weapon. We have utilized advanced subtractive digital image processing filtration to look through the mask of selective light exposure (burning in) of the Zapruder film frame 312 from the MPI videotape, utilizing sophisticated vhs capture technology linked to a high power pc running image processing software. We went in to disprove the Greer theory because it sounded so absurd. We came out with an unmistakable vector outine of what matches precisely with the appearance of a Colt 1911 M .45 caliber handgun.

Furthermore, this saved image file cleary shows muzzle flash as well as ejection occurring from the ejection port. The hammer and thumb rest are visible. Frame 312 of the Abraham Zapruder film holds this informaton. We had to digitally procure it, zooming in on Kelleran's hair/forehead region... Then the filtraton application to force the computer's silicon power to seek out patterns beneath or within the sunlight on the hair layer of the digital pixellated representation of the Kodachrome silver halide molecular grain structure co-mingled wit the color dye packet image datum.

Copies of this image are available. We challenge you to perform this same task so we can compare results. The filtration applied was as follows: color blue / contour / edge density

OTHER = Anyone with an image of the pistol please submit it for comparison. Does Bill Cooper show an image other than the moving z film dupe, or does he have a micrography image close-up? The guy in the sewer grate would have been shooting at hubcaps..a room without a view! The grassy knollman could have hit Jackie, big no no. Greer stated in the Warren Commission testimony that there were most definitely front entry wounds on JFK. It does seem preposterous to even think of an agent or a group of agents turning on their master at the behest of some larger, more powerful secret entity that controls who lives and who dies...why did they say they didn't pull their peices? What excuse could there be? They are trained to react, not to duck and cower and dumbly let an attack continue unabated. Maybe Bill was aiming at Oswald and accidentally hit the hair trigger?

Can someone verify whether or not he was a southpaw? Would have to have been either left handed or ambidextrous with 20/20 vision... trained in trick shots...aren't they all to get the job? On why they picked Dealey Plaza, it must have been to demonstrate their command of power, selection of location as a public worldwide spectacle unmistaken of their Power to choose. Either this, or Lee Harvey Oswald was the fastest bolt racker on earth, was not nervous, fired different types of bullets from his Manlicher/Carcano, and was able to miss hitting jackie by a few inches with a "moving?" target after the heartpounding experience of having fulilled his sick fantasy in a few seconds. Had to be more than one. A 45 from eight feet away would tend to blast one up and back and leave a big, nasty gaping, bloody wound. Tippit's autopsy photos may have been used as his wounds concurred with the official wounds of the pres? Outrageous, but look at the supenova jfk site... uncanny... one thing for sure... they can't kill us all for thinking about it, can they? Thanks for taking the time to read our entry.

From James of PA...

WHO = noone really knows, and niether do i

WHY = out of money and greed

HOW = behind the fence above the grassy nole

OTHER = it wasnt oswald, well it atleast wasnt all him! but in my eyes he didnt do it.

From Tom of Cambirdgeshie, UK...

WHO = i dont know right yet

WHY = i dont know right yet

HOW = Two trained assassins from the book depository, one using Oswald,s crap rifle whose aim was to set up Oswald, and the other using an a rife loaded with exploding rounds, The first assassins job was to set up Oswald, he tried to do this by firing a meat shot, hitting JFK in the hard meaty part below the neck, but he missed and shot him though the neck, this was the fist shot,the reason for the need for a meat shot, was so they could clearly say where the bullet cam from. he then tried again and this time hit Connolly, The second rifle man used an exploding bullet, which went straight though JFK's head and exploded on the other side, blowing half his head off and pushing his head back, you can see the explosion in the Zapruder film, the white puff, the reason it explodes on the other side of his head can be explained by how the bullet works, it requires a lot of skill and knowledge to do, the bullet is first carefully drilled out, making sure its dead centre so its perfectly balanced, the hole is then filled with a solder, which has a low melting point, then a cover is put on the end, when the bullet is fired the solder inside melts from the heat and turns to liquid, when the bullet hits the object, in this case, JFK,s head the outer shell encounters resistance and is slowed down slightly, mean while the cover on the back keeps going at the same speed, as its held by the molten metal, this causes large pressure to form on the liquid as liquid cannot be compressed the energy has to be released, by and explosion. This is what ripped JFK's head open; some firearms experts have proved this somewhere. This process takes time and in that time the bullet moves, about 4.15 inches. The assassins had planned their escape route well, the spent the night on the roof of the book depository, behind the big sign, they came down from the roof at lunch time called the elevator to the top, then opened the gate, so the lift cant be used, you can see this on the newsreels when the police enter the book depository they try the lift, I doesn,t work so they all take the stairs. The assassins then set up their nest, after they had fired Oswald rifle was put away and set to frame Oswald, they made the way to the lift shaft, and climbed down to the bottom floor, hid the other gun and then exited onto the street from a small door that's down there, the guns were then picked up at a later date.

OTHER = The whiteness heard the sound of two explosions, not gunshot, they state this, they also report seeing white smoke, gunshots produce black smoke, if any at all. The also said they could smell gunpowder; gunshots don,t produce such a strong smell. This was a decoy to draw the crowd away from the assassins so they could make their escape.

From Ken of Illinois...

WHO = Giancana>Ruby>Carlos Hernandez> probably many others

WHY = Needed money for Cuban exiles and to purchase bay of pigs prisoners from Castro. Sam Giancana budgeted 2 million but guy ony asked for one "biggest # I could think of" Giancana motive : anger at RFK. Shot jfk instead, deliberate blurring of suspicion. Hurt RFK worse than bullet probably

HOW = one shot from roof of building with specialty sniper rifle

OTHER = I'm trying to find any scrap of info related to Carlos Hernandez.
Im not a JFK/assassination buff. Different reason. email me . no matter how dumb it seems . Anything could be significant

From Sarah of Maine...

WHO = Backwater idiots in DC thinking that the Presedent is going to spread a "EVIL" due to the fact that he was Irish, from boston, young married and goodlooking. with freinds placed in the White house and america in love with him.

WHY = because he was a Kennedy, He was presedent, and He could have made the nation god down a "path" (they thinking the path was a bad thing)

HOW = some gunmen, hightly disgruntled. paid off to clear a vendeda, and "save" America.

From Bill of Ohio...

WHO = Mafia/jack Ruby/others

WHY = Jack Kennedy and his brother Bobbie were being a pain to the mafia

HOW = Classic Ambush with 1 to 3 shooters. Oswald had neither the equipment or skill to do the job. if oswald was a shooter how and where was this done? Owning a gun does NOT make you a good shooter. also if it were me i would take the easy shot as the car was comming at me not away.

OTHER = it has been said why there and not somewhere open to kill the president. well 1. look at all the confusion from where it did happen.2. it would not take a genius to hide before the fact, then leave during all the comotion, all the while the patsy is still in the building.

From Klint of Washington State...

WHO = he did it himself

WHY = he was terminally ill and was going to die before his term was up and wanted to go down in history by having a convoluted assassination that mirrored Lincoln's.

HOW = Used his contacts in the mafia, CIA, etc. etc. etc.


WHO = cia,secret government

WHY = multiple, including starting of drugs, money racketeering
by secret government

HOW = absolute control, including lawyers, sheeple americans.

OTHER = bs, aka propaganda.

From Beckett...

WHO = MJ-12 planned and executed. CIA, FBI Division 5, Secret Service and Naval Intelligence were all involved. William Greer was the driver and also the trigger man.

WHY = Between '70 and '73, in Operation Majority it stated verbatim that President Kennedy ordered MJ-12 to cease the importation and sale of drugs to the American people, that he ordered them to implement a plan to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year.

HOW = William Greer used a recoilless, electrically operated, gas powered assassination pistol that was specially built by the CIA to assassinate people at close range. It fired an explosive pellet which injected a large amount of shellfish poison into the brain, and that is why, in the documents, it stated that President Kennedy's brain was removed. If you've studied the case, you will find that indeed his brain disappeared. The reason for that is so that they would not find the particles of the exploding pellet or the shellfish poison in his brain which would have proved conclusively that Lee Harvy Oswald was NOT the assassin. In fact, Lee Harvy Oswald never fired a shot, he was the patsy. There were a total of 3 other shots firedat President Kennedy, one hit him in the throat and didn't kill him and 2 of them hit John Connelly [sp]. The one that was fired from the grassy knoll hit the president in the throat. The other 2 shots came from directly behind the limousine, not the school book depository building, and hit Governor Connelly.

OTHER = It's not only feasible but backed up by relative documentation that has been forthcoming since June 1991. Doesn't take a fool to put peices together to find reason, method, and explantion for result.

From Ian, Lincs UK...

WHO = Spellman, FBI(Hoover),Don's consortium as the Knights of Malta & Knights of Columbus

WHY = War in Nam and Cold War was good for business JFK wanted to end the war + War would allow the hidden Government.

HOW = Don's provided a false trail, Vatican Assassins (Knights of Malta) were allowed closer by the FBI.

From Shawn in Colorado...

WHO = Individuals within the CIA, FBI, Military, Secret Service, Dallas Police, and High-Level Government.

WHY = Vietnam policy, Bay of pigs, hope of peace with Russia and Cuba, 1960 election was "stolen" from Nixon.

HOW = Military-style ambush with 3 or 4 gunmen in various locations. Several others throughout Dealey Plaza for communications, visual signals, ensuring gunmen escape safely without apprehension, preventing anyone from investigating anyplaceexcept the sixth floor of the Book Depository, preventing witnesses from talking to authorities, etc.

OTHER = Many of these people are still covering up the conspiracy after 37+ years by withholding crucial evidence, by not revealing what they truly know, and by preventing an honest and thorough investigation. Somewhere there is someone with 100% proof, or some evidence or document that will blow the lid right off of this mystery. When that is found, and it WILL be found, the entire world will finally get what we have deserved since November 22, 1963. THE TRUTH.

From Cecil of California...

WHO = The GERONTOCRACY that was in place and was threatened to be put out to pasture if Kennedy was elected for a second term.

WHY = They were all vested members of the old paradigm that soon to be thrown out and replaced by the new paradigm that Jack and his brother Bobby was about to install. It was a new way of doing things that was going to put more power in the hands of a wider and younger group of citizens. J. Edgar Hoover faced mandatory retirement on January 1, 1965. It was no secret that a second Kennedy administration was going to allow him to retire on schedule. The Kennedy's would have overhauled both the FBI and the CIA in a second Kennedy administration. It is even a possibility that Kennedy was going to choose someone else besides LBJ to be his running mate in 64. There was serious anticipation by the old guard that they were all going to be given their pink slips and become mere spectators on the side lines of history. The GERONTOCRACY in place was just not going to stand still for this. They envisioned Kennedys in the White House for the next 30 years. They were all threatened and those jealous old men knew how to to get together, pool all their resources, and fight dirty. Kennedy left himself vulnerable by his wreckless sexual escapades with the same European people involved in the Profumo scandal in Britian. He was even sleeping with some women who had connections to the East German government. How easy it was then for Hoover to sound the alarm and to depict a situation where the security of our great Republic was in peril due to the Commander in Chief's wreckless sexual behavior. This is the information that Bobby Baker is privvy to.

HOW = A GERONTOCRACY under siege has all the money, power, connections, and resources it needs to eliminate anyone, even a president. It was easy for all involved to rationalize what they were doing because they all feared a total loss of relevancy to everything once Kennedy's new paradigms were put into place.

OTHER = LBJ and Hoover wanted to continue in power. They were slaves to it! LBJ wanted the presidency as a culmination of his political career. Hoover wanted to continue on indefinitely as director of the FBI. They both got what they wanted, but in order for that to happen, Kennedy had to be out of the picture for good! There was a very strong friendship and alliance between LBJ and Hoover and there was a strong connection between Hoover and Clint Murchison. Clint Murchison gave Bobby Baker $25,000 in cash to give to then Senator Estes Kefauver in order to assure that Dallas was awarded an NFL expansion franchise in 1960. Does America know the behind-the-scenes origins of its favorite team? Who says that good things cannot come from corrupt beginnings? Who says that good beginnings sometimes end up in corrupt endings? Such is the case I believe, of the story of J.Edgar Hoover's patriotic beginnings as director of the FBI and his later and lamentable corruption at the other end of his career.

From T of Virginia...

WHO = the government

WHY = because he knew too much stuff he wasnt supposed to know

HOW = they went looking out for the perfect killer.and they found him (oswald)he fit an assasions profile perfetly .the govt got in contact with him and they some how threatened him to do it or something would happen to him thats why he did it he had no choice. i mean do u really think that some nobody will really have such great animity against the president i mean come on now the govt put him up to it

OTHER = there is no other

From Someone...

WHO = Goverment(a few)

WHY = To non-war related, econmic

HOW = a conspery and if youlook at the the Zepurdy film you can see the driver snap back and hold a pistal in his hand. You then see a flash when you hear a second shot. The first one a moment before to be a devesion along with 5 men there the driver did it 4 did singaling and backup if the shot failed and Lee to be the fall guy. If he went through trial he would have pleed insane and got away for the goverment would get the thing right.

From Domenic of Ontario, Canada...

WHO = Could be the government , but than again it could be the mafia

WHY = The mafia was losing a great deal of money when the communist took over Cuba.

HOW = It was a conspiracy I think. In other words it was what they call a turkey shoot.

OTHER = I guess the government didnt like the way he was runing the show

From Col. Mustard of Clue...

WHO = ms. scarlett

WHY = jealous of marilyn

HOW = with the revolver, in the billiard room

OTHER = get a life

From Nick of Florida...


WHY = he knew too much, and was going to expose illegal government opperations.

HOW = they hired multiple random persons who could be easily payed off, placed them at strategic points around Kennedy, and set up Oswald as a skapegoat.

From John S. of Ohio...

WHO = CIA?Mafia?LBJ?Ufo's?How about Israel's Mossad?Yes I know Israel is our best allyand would never do any thing like attacking the electronic evesdropping warship U.S.S LIBERTY killing 34 and wounding 171 U.S Sailors on June 8 1967 in the Meditranian Sea.The attack lasted 39 minutes.The STARS AND STRIpes is clearly visable on all U.S Warships.Why are Jews involded in both THE LINCOLN Assassanation (JOHN WILKS BOOTH was a jew) Jack Rubenstien a.k.a Jack Ruby was jew .WHY is it impossible for the Mossad to be involved? I ask all students of the J.F.K. cover up to investigate this.Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

WHY = The CIA had discoverd Israels Atomic weapons project and kennedy was going to put a stop to it.Anybody who brings this aspect of the conspiracy up is branded an evil anti-semite.How conveniant!Anybody who doubts this should read "FINAL JUDGMENT THE MISSING LINK IN THE J.F.K. ASSASSANTION" by MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER.You are not allowed to read this book that is why it wont be at AMOZON.COM or youre local book store (WHO OWNS THE MEDIA?)It is only available from Liberty Lobby Follow the censors my freinds why do they hate this book so much?

HOW = 3 shooters 6.5mm carcano carbine (not rifle)is one the most un accurit weapons ever made I own one

OTHER = other conspiraceys you are not allowed to question check them out if you dare.

From Channy of Saskatchewan, Canada...

WHO = lee harvey oswald

WHY = because he was a crazy guy..and he had carried a gun into the building that morning. (a box, supposidly curtain rods) but we know it was a gun...he didnt like how the president was running things.

HOW = he was spotted from the window during that time. he shot the president with the help of the umbrella man and the dark complexed man.

OTHER = there is no other...oswald was the assassinator..with the help of umbrella man and dark complexed man.

From Tony of Dublin, Ireland...

WHO = thats the million dollar q?

WHY = again you could write a book on that one and they have.

HOW = there were at least two shooters-but the fatal shot gave
him the jerk, which is visible when you run the Zapruder
film.The head can be seen jerk back and to his left.

OTHER = the outrider on the left of the vehicle was sprayed with
the matter fro JFK's head.If the fatal shot came from behind then surely the Connolly's would receiveed this tissue.Its all down to ballistics and moving bodies.

From Tim of Westchester, USA...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald under the prolonged influence of CIA agents who chose him along with others in the fetal stage to be assasinators unable to be traced to the government.

WHY = Keneddy was on the verge of initiating a new age of mankind based in space. The CIA had been working for over twenty years with an advanced alien species working from bases on Mars and the Moon. With several moon bases already having been photographed and a nuclear pulse propulsion plan being experimented on, something drastic would have to be done to push the space program back. It was believed that without Keneddy's vision, NASA would fall apart, and thus Project Layman was put into effect.

HOW = In Project Layman, certain individuals were chosen by the CIA based on their background and genetic composition as being likely for mental disorders. With the aid of alien technology these genetic defects were enhanced and through social manipulation his mind was put off the hinge. He was selected precicely because everyone would assume he was a patsy working for the government so wild theories could be created and the public misled. There are two possibilities from this point. Either all went as planned and he was stimulated into assainating Keneddy by the CIA, or he found out about their conspiracy and, assuming Keneddy was behind it, lashed out in paranoia and killed him. So, technically, it was of his own volition that he shot Keneddy, but it was also part of a paranoia program initiated by the CIA and alien conspiracy.

From Someone...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald under the prolonged influence of CIA agents who chose him along with others in the fetal stage to be assasinators unable to be traced to the government.

WHY = Keneddy was on the verge of initiating a new age of mankind based in space. The CIA had been working for over twenty years with an advanced alien species working from bases on Mars and the Moon. With several moon bases already having been photographed and a nuclear pulse propulsion plan being experimented on, something drastic would have to be done to push the space program back. It was believed that without Keneddy's vision, NASA wwould fall apart, and thus Project Layman was put into effect.

HOW = In Project Layman, certain individuals were chosen by the CIA based on their background and genetic composition as being likely for mental disorders. With the aid of alien technology these genetic defects were enhanced and through social manipulation his mind was put off the hinge. He was selected precicely because everyone would assume he was a patsy working for the government so wild theories could be created and the public misled. There are two possibilities from this point. Either all went as planned and he was stimulated into assainating Keneddy by the CIA, or he found out about their conspiracy and, assuming Keneddy was behind it, lashed out in paranoia and killed him. So, technically, it was of his own volition that he shot Keneddy, but it was also part of a paranoia program initiated by the CIA and alien conspiracy.

From The Big B of Wisconsin...

WHO = the mob/cia/fbi

WHY = vice prez, didn't like Kennedy and wanted him out of the way so he could be hte prez. He was just to greedy

HOW = the mob provided the snipers, used Harvey as a dumby and planted rusted gun on 6th floor of the TSBD.

From Anonymous...

WHO = Lyndon B. Johnson and several puppets within the CIA, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby

WHY = Lyndon B. Johnson while supportive of Kennedy's policies on poverty, was being ignored by Kennedy on the issue of serious legislation for improvements in education. LBJ was a former educator and was highly insulted by Kennedy's lack of interest in this area. He believed Kennedy needed replacement.

HOW = Sick in the head, Johnson began organizing, offering large payoffs to those in the CIA to keep the investigation from getting off the ground. He searched records seeking a marksman who could be easily persuaded. Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-marine, was the perfect candidate. Oswald had a history of mental illness and was dishonorably discharged. This made him very unstable and Johnson's conspirators convinced him that Kennedy was somehow responsible for his discharge. That day when Kennedy was riding through Dallas, Texas (LBJ's home-state nonetheless) Oswald shot the president. Jack Ruby was another offered a large monitary amount for his silencing of the disturbed Oswald.

From Chels, Cathy, and Angela of Illinios...

WHO = Lee Harvey Oswald and an accomplice

WHY = Cuban background and didn't like Kennedy for sleeping around on Jackie.

HOW = Double shooter theory

OTHER = That's just what we think...

From ****** of somewhere in North America...

WHO = High ranked goverment officals

WHY = because he was pokeing his nose into things that he was not to know. and he felt they were wrong and these men should be stopped. (these same men helped with the monroe murder/suicide)Jfk was going to go public with everything so he had to be stoped.

HOW = 4 shooters (cia agents) and a fall man

OTHER = i used to work for the goverment as a secutary, when you are in this line of work you over hear alot from certian goverment officals. I cannot release my name for fear of my life

From Lauren, Jess and Emily of Sydney, Australia...

WHO = Ruby and Oswald

WHY = Broken promises to the cubans and mafia

HOW = Ruby was on the grassy knoll and Oswald was in the book depository

OTHER = Ruby killed Oswald because he feared Oswald might talk of his involvement.

From Adam of Mangerton, Australia...

WHO = i think that he was murdered by two assassins. one behind the picket fence of the grassy knoll and the other i think iheard from a documentary on the fourth or fifth floor of the caltex building near the texas book depository or behind it i think

WHY = john f kennedy was angering the CIA he practically fired most of them and wanted to really decimate them as such and that angered a lot of them as well as people on the inside that wanted the Vietnam War, ones that stood to lose billions if he withdrew from the war. that was why there were posters that he was a communist and was wanted for treason. i tell you, that he was not a communist. he just did not want to involve marines and america in a war between north and south vietnam and there is footage to confirm this in a war that he said was theirs and they would have to win or lose it.

HOW = the CIA, his own government agency that worked for him, one that was hard to control, had him murdered by hiring assassins, possibly the best in the world. if not america CIA operatives themselves, assassins hired from anywhere in the world. one could be placed behind the grassy knoll fence and the other in the caltex building. two shooters. the grassy knoll shooter hit kennedy first in the neck, the caltex building shooter if that was what the building was called, near the texas book depository shot the president in the back and he slumped forward from the impact. then the grassy knoll shooter having having recycled another round into his rifle finished him off with a shot to the head unfortunately. he died before i was even born and yet i still say he was the best president since abraham lincoln and i am not even american. i think there were only two shooters. not three. also i heard that the CIA had taken over the Dallas police department on that day and if the assassins failed there were motorcycle policemen that were to shoot him on the orders of the CIA. it probably had to do with money, revenge and treason.

OTHER = i doubt that lee harvey oswald shot the president. he probably did not know what was going on until it happened. he was just a patsy - someone to take the blame as the gun was also planted in the top of the depository and it had not even been would take the best shooter in the world to do what he supposedly did in the time the president was murdered and all those shots going over the place. he could not have done it. the mystery is why did jack ruby shoot him. to kill him? or just to maim him?

From Bob...

WHO = oswald

WHY = hired from the mafia

HOW = many reasons...some metioned on this page...... he killed is a fact.. he shot 2 bullets and someone from the bushes on the right side of the car about 150 yards away shot the third bullet which killed the president... oswald hit him once and the other guy hit him once.. oswald missed once hitting a curb by the car...

From Fidel of Pennsylvania ...

WHO = It was Fidel Castro

WHY = The Bay of Pigs invasion made him mad, and also the fact that he never liked the Americans ever since he became into power. He knew that now was the time to act because there would be so many suspects. He hired 3 top gunman, Oswald, Ruby and the other is unknown.

HOW = Castro Let the Soviets set up all of those missils(in Cuba)aimed at the the US. Castro didn't have a problem with this so he just hired some people to kill JFK.

OTHER = What more do you need to know?....The sky is blue?!

From B.U.S. of NSW/Australia

WHO = 3 gun man one picket fence one depository 6ht floor the other dal tex building

WHY = because kennedy was in the way of lindoln johnson and he was stopping the war in vietnam

HOW = cross fire badge man fatal shot

From Caz from the Milky Way ...

WHO = The mafia

WHY = Beacause the mafia had lost alot of money when the communists took over cuba and beacuse they were mentally disturbed

HOW = by the man behind the grassy knowl who fired the first shot and then by a man in the book depositary building and then the man behind the grassy knowl again to finish him off

OTHER = the c.i.a cause if the mafia dident these would of

From Nathan of Ontario, Canada ...

WHO = The canadian Government

WHY = NO clue

HOW = Unknown

OTHER = The American Embassy in Ottawa had its flag flying at half mass more than an hour before president kennedy was shot.

From Sea Bird of New Mexico ...

WHO = the international drug trade, french oas generals,nato, major clay shaw, the bowen project and the oswald project.the dallas oilmen, hunts, murchisons, john bowden connally, had a ranch in northern mexico, where albert osborne trained the killers ie division five.captain david ferrie trained berry seal and lt.lee ozzie oswald in new orleans, louisiana.the russian patsy, spy ,and imposter was murdered by jack leon ruby. ruby was later murdered by dr louis joly west using cancer cells.all these people were in some form of intelligence operations, the oni,the fbi,the cia.nsa, or foreign intelligence.

WHY = jfk wanted to stop the international drug trading operation.he wanted to destroy the red china/israel nuclear weapons program in red china.he wanted to tax the oil/gas industry where they would pay their fair shares of taxes.he also wanted to tax all international shipping in usa waters.lbj was going to prison for his part in several murders in texas with billie sol estes and the west texas cotton deals,the bobby baker sex and money scandals and the trouble at general dynamics f-111 fighter program in ft.worth,texas.lbj,hoover,nixon,dulles,and others were all on the way out.with the murder of jfk,the removal of bobby kennedy and the murder of martin l.king they were all back in the saddle of government power.

HOW = nameless,faceless, trained killers that were trained on a ranch in northern mexico by albert osborne and others.there were a number of different weapons used in dallas, use of gun silencers, long range weapons,and exotic type weapons.lbj and others had most of the evidence destroyed and the murder car overhauled.

OTHER = look at motive,means,opportunity,cover-up and the taking care of lose ends ie the almost five hundred people that have died as a result of their knowledge of the jfk, mlk,mm, robert kennedy murders.jfk jr was going to run for the senate/president's office and the group decided to murder him and his family before he could get into a position of national power.for more information,please see and read red roses from texas,treason for my daily bread, the taking of america 1-2-3-, the texas connection,the warren commission report,and the writings of general penn jones jr.the drug running operations at mena,arkansas,berry seal,the last circle,compromised,and the nazi connection to the jfk murder. look at links to the savings and loan scandals that took billions of dollars out of the american taxpayers pocket and the new energy crisis in california and other states in the union.hoover, nixon,rockfeller, connally,lbj and many others are all dead now, but the beat goes on and on with a new group of players.

From Trinity of Beverly Hills, CA ...

WHO = conspiracy involving Jackie Kennedy and hitmen

WHY = 1. he was sleeping around with marilyn monroe and countless other women.
2. he had contracted an std which may have resulted in 5 pregnancies but two miscarriages

HOW = bolt action rifle or any type of cheap ass rifle

OTHER = also marilyn monroe was also found dead of an APPARENT suicide...isn't that a little wierd?

From Mama Larna, The Elden Forest, Zordon ...

WHO = Michael Jackson, himself

WHY = He was angry at the world after his daddy killed Mr. Rat. He wasn't to fond of his name Wacko Jacko even as a demented little boy who ate m&m's.

HOW = He craftly build a placebo to represent his love for cheeseburgers and curly fries and went on a mystical journey to an idiosyncratic state of mind, more often known as hysteria. In other words, he used his t-shirt gun.

OTHER = I'm a little teapot short but stout.

From Jay of B.C. Canada ...

WHO = The question of who doesn't really enter my mind but the question of how many were there is much more intreging.

WHY = There are several theories as to why JFK was shot, most of which are possible.

HOW = From the footage that I'm sure everyone has seen clearly shows JFK's head jerk in two different directions, proving without a doubt that there were two shots and therefore two gunmen.

From Gael of Paris, France ...

WHO = Key Government Officials

WHY = Proceed with Vietnam war.

HOW = Multiple shooters. Some of them members of the OAS (organisation armée secrète - former French political organisation looking for easy money to go on with their war agains de Gaulle in France : killing Kennedy was maybe an easy contract for these professional shooters).

OTHER = Some French archive (still officially secret) might state that General de Gaulle was aware of the plot simply because the French DST (the French version of the CIA) had infiltrated the OAS in 1960 and knew that the assassination was to take place in Miami or Dallas. Since the French DST was there to prevent plots against de Gaulle (and not to protect Kennedy), French officials might have decided that they should keep covering their infiltrated man instead of warning Kennedy. Which would of course have warned the OAS that a spy was inside their organization.

From Joel ...

WHO = Mafia

WHY = Because Robert Kennedey and the mob teamed up to help persway people to vote for kennedy jfk did not know this and when the mafia caused trouble kennedy took them out and they thought he was a trader

HOW = A well planned conspiracy that the FBI hid because they tried to get the mob to kill castro. They didn't want the people to know about it so they covered it up for the mob.

From Drew of Texas ...

WHO = A conspiracy involving, Lee Harvey Oswald, Fidel Castro, Jackie Kenedy, LBJ, and the mob.

WHY = They all had their reasons, Jackie was in a horrible marraige, and she was scared of her father-in-law who she knew had connections with the mob, and had no problems getting rid of her if she tried to leave the marraige. The nation loved Jackie, and Kenedy was nothing without her. LBJ was power hungry, and he knew he wouldn't get the democratic nomination with JFK and RFK on the ballot together, so his only way into the presidency was if Kenedy was dead. He also had the bullethole in Kenedy's car's winshield reparied almost immediately. This would have given us the location of the shooter by the angle of the bullethole. The mob set everything up, namely the shooters. Fidel Castro, as everyone knows hated Kenedy from the get-go and well he's Castro, so we know he has no problem taking a life, especially that of an enemy, so he was all for joining in. Oswald was simply Castro's puppet, he loved Castro, and would do anything for him, including assasinating our president.

HOW = The shot that hit Kenedy in the head that made his skull fly open would be a good guess..was oswald the shooter? who knows. "the man in the doorway" looks alot like an Oswald look-alike, you can tell by the chin and hairline. but his name escapes me.

OTHER = I'm just a 15 year old kid, but this all seems pretty clear to me.

From Big Jake of Michigan ...

WHO = Lyndon Baines Johnson set it up but government agents and the mafia worked together to assassinate.

WHY = Lyndon wants to be President and the Mafia wants $ and power

HOW = Oswald fires one shot, men from the grassy knolll finish the job. many bullets, not one...

From Robert of Belmont, MA ...

WHO = the mafia with help from paid assets in the Dallas police and perhaps paid politicians

WHY = JFK's father Joe was a long time "rum-runner" and was heavily involved in the Irish and Italian underworld remember also that the Kennedys got most of their support from the Boston Longshoremens Union which is a "cash cow" as are most unions for the mafia.The Kennedys also were supporters of elements within Boston's Irish community who were finiancially backing the IRA in Northern Ireland. When Robert became Jack Kennedy's attorney general political efforts were made to destroy the Italian mafia competition for the Kennedy's (i.e. the Irish mafia) control of the labor unions. If this had been accomplished the Kennedy's and their political masters within the American socialist establishment would have gainned full control of the unions and established a Kennedy political dynasty for many years to come.

HOW = Several possible plans in many different places were set up Dallas just happened to be where everything came together. A squad of shooters were deployed so as to accomplish triangulation of fire. One of these nests was on or near the so called grassy knoll, near the fence area little doubt exists that someone was in TSBD. Whether this was Oswald or not who knows. There were atleast three gun men the shot that killed JFK came from the grassy knoll area. Tippit was probably suppose to shoot Oswald but fowled up and got killed himself. Jack Ruby (aka Jack Rubenstein) night club owner and mafia, soldier was ordered to "bump-off" Lee Harvey Oswald.

OTHER = Inside of the mind of Oliver Stone where Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, and the boogie man live there is also the notion of cigar chomping, right wing plotters like The Hunt Brothers, Dick Nixon and elements of the John Birch Society in league with panty hose wearing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (with boyfriend Clyde Tolson in tow) setting around LBJ's hunting lodge kicking back whiskey and planning how to keep the Vietnam War going for Lockheed while at the same time planning to kill King Arthur and the Camelot myth while G-men and CIA gooks target practice outside with Pepsi bottles under the direction of Dave Farrie and Clay Shaw. Two great myths have come out of the assassination: 1. JFK was as pure as the driven snow(this one really makes me laugh) 2. Right wingers killed JFK. AIN'T IT AMAZING WHAT A LITTLE MARTYRDOM WILL DO FOR YOUR IMAGE!!!

From Jerry from Somewhere ...

WHO = 2 hitmen ,hired by abraham zapruder

WHY = to gain eternal fame

HOW = shots from the book desposite store and the knull

OTHER = the final shot is almost in straight angle of zapruders filming position

From Steve of Florida...

WHO = Elite units of the military and CIA, in cooperation with and with help from organized crime families. LBJ at least a minor benefactor and possibly the 'ring-leader'.

WHY = War for profit in Vietnam - revenge for not taking Cuba back for the casino-running mobsters.

Why did LBJ immediately increase troop strength in Viet Nam, after JFK had already begun the slow pull-out?

HOW = Multiple shooters on the grassy knoll, Stemmons Freeway overpass. Oswald a 'distractor', intentional or not.

OTHER = They've known since 1978 that neither Oswald (or any of the best riflemen in the country) could have gotten off that many shots with a Mannlicher Carcano in the amount of time the Zapruder film shows they took place.

From "Someone in the know" of Australia...

WHO = A government collaboration. Cia, Mafia, US Government Officials (eg LBJ, Hoover)

WHY = These organisations and people all had their reasons, so why not get together and do the job right? With heaps of people involved this is covered up easily.......

HOW = Five teams of snipers- (one lookout, one shooter). Two (teams) behind the picket fence, A team in the book depository (South West corner), A team in the Dal-Tex building, almost horizontal, and a team on top of the County Records building. These snipers were disguised as railroad workers, CIA agents, and there was a REAL Dallas Police Officer who actually pulled one of the triggers that day. Did yoy know that a watergate burglar was there too? He wasn't a bad shot! CIA hitman Franky Sturgis was there as well. I CAN tell you, Oswald did not shoot Tippit.

OTHER = I think people who have put into this site have some good ideas, the Alien side of things is interesting, like I said, ALL facets of the Government wanted Kennedy out.

From Norma of Texas...

WHO = l.b. j., the government was also involved in all this

WHY = he always wanted to be president, he was envious of jfk

HOW = with oswald as the coverup

OTHER = nothing adds up, it couldn[t have been oswald by himself

From Pelle of Sweden ...

WHO = the mafia CIA and Goverment

WHY = Becouse of the fathers promises to he`s former friends in the mafia.They helpt to get JFK ellected president.The heat from Bobby Kennedy among other things was also a factor. I think that the CIA and the goverment were involved along whit the mafia. They already had buisness together.Sam Gianncana and other top mafiosos were involved whit the CIA on the Castro murder atemt.The goverment had the Vietnam economics to think about.It was a sweet deal for all.

HOW = Proffesional hitmen.Lee H Oswald WAS just a patsy.Ask yourself why the killers never was found. The mafia CIA and the goverment they all benefited on JFK:s death.I no that the secret documents never will be realised. They allready no who did it and the scandal of it can`t be reviled.

From Perriwinkle of Atlantis, Georgia...

WHO = the cigarette smoking man did it

WHY = He was an associate of Marilyn Monroe. He was upset about her conspiracy killing so he decided to take matters into his own hands and avenge her death. The supposed conspiracy revolving around Monroe's death: She was killed by order of Kennedy because she was going to tell the public that she was pregnant with Kennedy's love child. Imagine, if you will, Clinton/Monica ten times worse in the 60's. Ouch.

HOW = He hid in the grassy knoll and waited for the opportunity to shoot Kennedy. To his surprise there were shots from the warehouse before he pulled the trigger. After he pulled himself together he decided that he was his day to kill Kennedy so he pulled the trigger and shot kennedy in the head. This was the shot that made Kennedy's head explode.

OTHER = My theory works because the little girl in the shooting footage standing by the grassy knoll. When the famous shot was fired she turned to hear the sound coming from the grassy knoll.

From Kevin of NJ ...


WHY = JFK had too much power. America loved him, he was by far one of the greatest presidents. This was a threat to the government. The CIA was scared that he may release some cruical secrets; like what lies behind the gates of the Groom Lake Facility, or Area 51

HOW = They hired a number of shooters. Lee Harvey Oswald was one of the hired shooters, but he probably didn't shoot the president. He was probably hired to take the blame. I do not think that Harvey's killer had anything to do with this, though. I also do not think the Mafia had anything to do with this, either.

OTHER = I'm 15 years old, I may be wrong.

From Gambit of Cyberspace ...

WHO = three gun men oslwald ruby and unknown, they where hired by a gov agency most likely cia or FBI.

WHY = kennedy knew too much pure-n-simple its a known fact people who know to much disappear.

HOW = grassy knoll, book dipository ect ect..

OTHER = oswald was a gunman as well as a scape goat , while the others got away oswald was left to take the blame , also i wanna know who the third assassin was ..........

From Mr. White of NorthEast of Equato ...

WHO = Goverment, CIA, FBI, and etc.

WHY = Kennedy wanted to get out of Vietnam war because it had nothing to do with the United States and was wasting money. Also he wanted to do away with the CIA and other goverment agencies.

HOW = Shots from grassy knull and other surrounding area.

OTHER = It is imposable for Oswald to have fired that many shots that accurate and that fast with a bolt action gun that isn't that accurate from that distance. How do you explain the magic bullet that entered from the front of his neck. On the video why do Jackie reach back and pick up a piece of JFK's skull.

From Athena of Texas ...

WHO = The Government, Mafia help, CIA, you know.

WHY = President Kennedy had theories that they disagreed with. Many high ranking Government officials probably wanted him dead!

HOW = Many people with guns stationed all around the place.

From X of Western Europe...

WHO = 3 hitmen, hired by cia + us army

WHY = one man who had the power to achieve PEACE was murdered by those who lived for WAR.

HOW = deversion shot from book depository,then two gunmen behind the fence in the knull make the kill.

OTHER = lee did not fire any shots, he was origanally to be the gunman but plans changed-they set him up...

From Malena of Texas...

WHO = government, cuba

WHY = because they were trying to hide some thing that he wanted to tell the people and becaus castro found out that the were going to try an assasenate him for the 3rd time

HOW = more then one gun man one of them was down at the man hoel because the shot in the head came from a down worth angle into his right temple and and exited the top back of his head.

OTHER = if you think adout it thats a grea place because the could of excaped in to the trinity river wille all the things wore going on on the scene. and another reason why it wasthe govn. is because they clame they lost the brain they didnt loose it the just didnt want any one to see that the shot didnt come from the top were they sedit came from.

From Josh of Ohio ...

WHO = I think it was 3 hitman that where hired by Abraham Zapruder.

WHY = To become the most famous person in the world.

HOW = Shot in the head a couple of times then shot in the heart.

OTHER = Nothing else to say.

From Ian of Hawaii...

WHO = It was a joint effort of the security agencies mainly CIA and FBI and the mafia helped on the clean up

WHY = JFK swore earlier that he would disband the CIA and he was cutting in HOOVERS FBI power

HOW = I dunno.

OTHER = Oswald was reported to be a lousy shot. also around the time of the killing the whole of Washington phone relay was down. All files were 'lost'

From Tyler ...

WHO = I think that the mob killed JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with it.

From Kermicle of Kentucky ...

WHO = The Government, it was a total conspriracy!

WHY = Vietnam War...

HOW = The 3 team theory. There were approx. 10 to 12 gunmen. One team was stationed in the School Book Depository, one in the Dal-Tex Building, and one in the Grassy Knoll.

OTHER = I know there had to be more than one shooter. The idea that one gunmen could do all that damage in that little of time is preposterous. And the idea of teh "Magic Bullitt Theory" is the biggest lie ever forced on the American people.

WHO = Not Oswald, at least he wasn't alone

WHY = First of all I usually do not do this but while reading through this page I came accross an entry by Tierney who claims that Oswald fit the perfect image of someone who might take the life of the president. The person that is described in this entry is one who is lacking in self esteem and most likely not someone who would carry out such a mission, without some encouragment. Most people who are either serial killers or just plain killers are very confident and many are not the usual suspect. Lokk at Paul Bernardo, a man that was interviewed twice by the police and let go every time because he didn't look or act the part. People such as Oswald, who as it is decsrbed turned everything he touched to s@$t, would have the confidence to beat his wife because she is helpless and if she is scared enough will not go for help but continue to take the abuse. Something so large scale as killing a figure such as the president would be something that an underachiever would not do. It is so evident that there must have been either another motive, other then Oswalds lack of a comfortable life, or help from someon else.

HOW = Well I am not very knowledgable about all the facts in this case, but do understand that some very peculiar things occured on this day, such as the umbrella man. But what I can gather from what I know is that there were many people who were, to put it nicely, pretty pissed off at JFK. It could have been a number of different groups, from the Mafia to the CIA. Either way, this case was never properly investigated and it is almost comical the way that it was investigated. There had to be other gun man other then Oswald and the idea of this magic bullet is crazy. to the extent of my knowledge, this is what I believe.

From Chris of Cambridge, England...

WHO = oposition in government.

WHY = i combination ofreasons which either were unpopular within govenment(his views on vietnam), or made the govenment look bad(his multiple affairs).

HOW = with communism being crudly represented by the bougeiouse run media, oswald was an easy scapegoat( that 'changed' photo adding weight to there cover up). oswald was killed before he could even open his mouth to express what happened, even if he had he would have been 'silenced'. the govenment removed all evidence from the scene and also issued fake post-mortem photos.

From D of Minnesota...

WHO = High ranked government officals

WHY = They didn't want the people to find out what they were hiding and they thought Kennedy might let it out.

HOW = They hired people who they knew wouldn't blow their cover so they could get away with it, and they never thought anyone would suspect them.

OTHER = Theres something really wrong with the fact that they think it was only one bullet involved (the magic bulllet theory). Also how do you lose the presidents brain? There somehting wrong with that too. And why didn't they do further investigation on the presidents car? There could have been lots of evidence. To me it's just all proof that the government is trying to hide something.

From "The Knowing" ...

WHO = Oswaold and extra terrestrials.

WHY = Kennedy's wife found out about some secret project and went with JFK so that she could tell the world.

HOW = JFK wasn't the target, his wife was. Oswald wasn't human and didn't want his, or other peoples cover blown. Ruby, a rebel Alien, was pissed off because he liked JFK.

OTHER = Jackie was scared so bad that she never told and when she was going to at an old age she got "cancer"

From Ben...

WHO = Elvis

WHY = Elvis played with his food, while Kennedy taught his children manners. Similarites: Kennedy died in DALLAS. Elvis died on the TOLIET.

HOW = Had his space alien friends make him a magic bullet. Gave it to Oswald after a concert.

OTHER = Don't you people have better things to be doing?

From Joe of California...

WHO = Ex-CIA (especially from Operation Mongoose), CIA, Ex-CIA and CIA hired mafia, Cuban exiles from Operation Mongoose and Bay of Pigs, mechanics from "Murder, Inc."

WHY = "To control the presidency of the United States" was perhaps the largest goal, but basically, JFK reversed the Vietnam policy with NSAM 263. In future years, anyone who spoke out against Vietnam or the Warren Commission was attacked in a similar fashion, e.g. MLK, RFK, Malcolm X assassinations, Jim Garrison character assassination.

HOW = The 5412 committee was formed on a doctrine based on attacking communism in all countries, including the United States. Therefore, making war in Vietnam and other places was the job of all government agencies (and their allies) allied with the 5412 people. Killing Kennedy and the complicity cover-up was (and is) their job. Without the Vietnam War, and with JFK trying to control the CIA, i.e. original Diem plot, the CIA would not survive.

OTHER = It is interesting that Kennedy's entire cabinet was attending a conference in Hawaii with Henry Cabot Lodge immediately before the assassination.

From S of Aberta, Canada...

WHO = ?????????

WHY = FATE has it's reasons.

HOW = I believe, though it may sound crazy, that some supernatural forci exists among us. I mean, how do you explain the 16 connections between Lincoln and JFK?

From Aaron of Arizona...

WHO = Fiddell Castro(supporter finacially)Secret service(supported by changing route,not fully protecting j f k, and taking top off of J F K's limo) Lyndon Johnson, C I A, mafia,Lee h. Oswald, Jack Ruby, and many others.

WHY = For his beliefs on communisum, The bay of pigs, Vietnam, His power over the people of america due to the way he can convince them of what he thinks, and finally becuase you either love him or hate him.

HOW = much the movie jfk stated 3 teams in in triangular positions one team ground level most likely secret service, two upper level teams where trained snipers very well trained, and agents covering the president that knew not to cover him.

From John of Washington...

WHO = Lee H. Oswald

WHY = Because he was a nut.

HOW = With one Italian bolt action rifle.

OTHER = Read the Warren Report people. Instead of reading selective quotes out of the report which have been taken out of context by conspiricy buffs. I'm sorry. There's nothing more to it.

From Paul of BC, Canada...

WHO = Secret Servicemen

WHY = Accidently

HOW = When Lee Harvey Oswald started shooting. Jfk's car took off as well as the secret service car behind him. He was accidently shot with a rifle. Why else would the government go to great lengths to bungle and coverup every detail. The people would go crazy if they knew he was needlessly shot accidently by the the people that were meant to protect him.

From Capt. Joshua of Tenn...

who: oswald with soviet backing.

why: the humilation russia suffered from the missle crisis.

how: certainly not a bolt action rifle, a semi automatic not from the book depository from the knoll
other: why not reinact the events with a dummy?

From Michael of Texas...

I know through reaserch and mafia RATS that the mob the cia and some levels of government all perticapated in the greatest most well planed hit in the history of the US. A lot of people think that oswald was a patsy and in some ways he was mostly because of his shady past but he did fire at kennedy and he was a killer for the CIA and a mafia hit man in Carlos Marcello mob. With the help of the FBI and Hoover the plan was covered up

From Mike of Texas...

WHO: First of all it was a brillant joint effort by the the two most powerful organizations in the US to this day. The mafia and the government (CIA, FBI,).

WHY: mob was betrayed at the promise unkept by Joe kennedy who said in turn with campain help the mob would have one of thier own in office, after Joe had the stroke his boys who had not had the experience that Joe had dealing with these former friends of his underestimated the power of the italian mafia in america.therefore Joe was unable to accuratly counsel his boys not to fuck with these guys.The FBI role comes in to play because Robert Kennedy was putting pressure on Hoover to take action against the mob. Hoover could not do this due to the fact that they had pictures of Hoover in drag like the fag that he was. The CIA role is easy Kennedy fired the head of the CIA and planned to split it up. You cant just split up the USA's muscle and expect to get away with it the cia is a pro group of trained killers for the gov.

HOW if you take the time to look it was a brillant exucution as far as the timing. Texas was perfect because of the mobs links to LBJ and New orleans was not that far away where many key links to the killing resided. Dealy Plaza was perfect for a turkey shoot the had a crossfire on Kennedy. Lee Oswald who many so called Kennedy buffs called a patsy did have a acting part in it. He was a former marine trained by the govt to preform secret spy missions in russia later recruted by the CIA.He was there just to add to the crossfire and he was a decent marksman. Jim baker a pro killer from the mob was behind the picket fence by the knoll with an unkown lookout. This is where police later foundfootprints and cig butts everywhere (the govt also supplied them with secret service IDs to help there escape in the comotion of the murder. John Rosseli was firing from a storm drain. The final shooter who is unkown was in the dal tex building. The evidence was all there others who help in the plot and cover up where David Ferrie, Jim Hoffa, Santo Trifficante, Guy Banister, Jack Ruby, and Clay Shaw. The warren commision found this out but out of fear of the american peoples reaction to their pres murder by these powerful indviduals what have caused an uproar helping this also was a relief for Hoover who was trying to cover this up as whell. The nation was so nieve then. To sum up the kennedys that they were royality especially when John held the so called highest office in the world.

From Andrew of Illinois...

who=Cuba,fbi,and LBJ

why=cuba:missile crisis,fbi:follow lbj's orders,lbj:cooperating with cuba and to become president (in his home state)

how=there was one shooter in the depository (oswald) he was the throw away everyone blame him.another one in the street sewer vent in fron of them and one by the fence the first shot is from the fence guy wich hit him in the throat the second was from oswald that missed the third was from oswald a miss and the final fatal shot was from the sewer infront to the right of them wich lifted him up and to the left

From S. Jame...

jfk was killed because he wanted to destroy the french,red china,and israel nuclear arms program and end the illegal drug running into the usa by our national enemies. REd china,indo-china,russia,cuba,north korea and other of the muslems nations are all getting ready for world war three. Red china wants to be the next world's super-power with an army of over one million troops,a navy of over #600 modern ships with a port at long beach,california and control the panama canal zone. chief of naval operations admiral mike boorda was murdered by the new world agents when he refused to allow hundreds of thousands of nato and united nations troops under russian/chinese military control to enter this country under the pretense of having war games on usa soil. Our country has been sold out to others by our national leaders and the america people will have to pay for it by having to fight world war three.

From S. James of USA...

JFK was killed because he wanted to destroy the french,red china,and israel nuclear arms program and end the illegal drug running into the usa by our national enemies. REd china,indo-china, russia,cuba, north korea and other of the muslems nations are all getting ready for world war three. Red china wants to be the next world's super-power with an army of over one million troops,a navy of over #600 modern ships with a port at long beach,california and control the panama canal zone. chief of naval operations admiral mike boorda was murdered by the new world agents when he refused to allow hundreds of thousands of nato and united nations troops under russian/chinese military control to enter this country under the pretense of having war games on usa soil. Our country has been sold out to others by our national leaders and the america people will have to pay for it by having to fight world war three.

From Megan of Wisconsin...

WHO = The government of course.

WHY = Bay of Pigs invasion

HOW = under a manhole cover in the grassy knoll.

From Cole of Indiana...

WHO = Three shooters, one on the grass knoll,one ontop of the records building and another in front of the motor cade but position is unknown.

WHY = The U.S. Government was frustrated with Kennedy,about the Bay of Pigs, some still thought he was a communist, But some were just jealous that he had done some terrible things but most of the American people still loved him that scared the government.Also I think that the Government also thought that Cuba was pissed and was going to kill JFK so the goverment killed him instead.

HOW = The three shooters were all very good marks men and there plan was after they hear one shot for the other two to fire. One shooter missed the head hitting Kennedy in the back or shoulder. The first shot hit kennedy in the back of the neck(Grassy Knoll shooter)sending his head forward at the same time the shooter in front of the Moter cade shot sending Kennedy and his head flailing back. The Roof Top Shooter missed the head and hit Kennedy in the back or shoulder.

OTHER = Oswald was a scapegoat the whole time. The government used him as an exuse, but told that he wouldn't serve great jail time. For the people who think Oswald did it go fire a Mouser at a moving target that is only 8 foot in diameter; fire three shot unless than 13 seconds. Sorry you can't.

From Andrew of Illinois...

who=Cuba,fbi,and LBJ

why=cuba:missile crisis,fbi:follow lbj's orders,lbj:cooperating with cuba and to become president (in his home state )

how=there was one shooter in the depository (oswald) he was the throw away everyone blame him.another one in the street sewer vent in fron of them and one by the fence the first shot is from the fence guy wich hit him in the throat the second was from oswald that missed the third was from oswald a miss and the final fatal shot was from the sewer infront to the right of them wich lifted him up and to the left.

From Mike of Texas...

WHO: First of all it was a brillant joint effort by the the two most powerful organizations in the US to this day. The mafia and the government (CIA,FBI,).

WHY: mob was betrayed at the promise unkept by Joe kennedy who said in turn with campain help the mob would have one of thier own in office, after Joe had the stroke his boys who had not had the experience that Joe had dealing with these former friends of his underestimated the power of the italian mafia in america.therefore Joe was unable to accuratly counsel his boys not to screw with these guys. The FBI role comes in to play because Robert Kennedy was putting pressure on Hoover to take action against the mob. Hoover could not do this due to the fact that they had pictures of Hoover in drag like the fag that he was. The CIA role is easy Kennedy fired the head of the CIA and planned to split it up. You cant just split up the USA's muscle and expect to get away with it the cia is a pro group of trained killers for the gov.

HOW if you take the time to look it was a brillant exucution as far as the timing. Texas was perfect because of the mobs links to LBJ and New orleans was not that far away where many key links to the killing resided. Dealy Plaza was perfect for a turkey shoot the had a crossfire on Kennedy. Lee Oswald who many so called Kennedy buffs called a patsy did have a acting part in it. He was a former marine trained by the govt to preform secret spy missions in russia later recruted by the CIA.He was there just to add to the crossfire and he was a decent marksman. Jim baker a pro killer from the mob was behind the picket fence by the knoll with an unkown lookout. This is where police later found footprints and cig butts everywhere (the govt also supplied them with secret service IDs to help there escape in the comotion of the murder. John Rosseli was firing from a storm drain. The final shooter who is unkown was in the dal tex building. The evidence was all there others who help in the plot and cover up where David Ferrie, Jim Hoffa, Santo Trifficante, Guy Banister ,Jack Ruby, and Clay Shaw. The warren commision found this out but out of fear of the american peoples reaction to their pres murder by these powerful indviduals what have caused an uproar helping this also was a relief for Hoover who was trying to cover this up as whell. The nation was so nieve then. To sum up the kennedys that they were royality especially when John held the so called highest office in the world.

I know through reaserch and mafia RATS that the mob the cia and some levels of government all perticapated in the greatest most well planed hit in the history of the US. A lot of people think that oswald was a patsy and in some ways he was mostly because of his shady past but he did fire at kennedy and he was a killer for the CIA and a mafia hit man in Carlos Marcello mob. With the help of the FBI and Hoover the plan was covered up Michael Ochoa TX USA

From Capt. Joshua...

who: oswald with soviet backing why: the humilation russia suffered from the missle crisis

how: certainly not a bolt action rifle, a semi automatic not from the book depository from the knoll

other: why not reinact the events with a dummy?

From Binko of Louisiana...

Many wanted JFK dead, but probably the most compelling reason was the bill on his desk, which he was going to sign, to issue non-interest bearing United States Notes, (no money for the Federal Reserve). Now if you want to see the actual fatal shot, go to a video store and rent "Image of an Assasination" and watch the slow motion close-up sequence very carefully, but DO NOT look at JFK, WATCH THE DRIVER OF THE LIMO!!! Just after the limo comes into view from behind the street sign, he turns around and with his left hand, shoots JFK in the head with a pistol that you will see. Now after you see this, change direction rewind, and watch the guy riding shot gun in the limo. Just as the limo comes into view, from behind the sign, the guy riding shotgun is turned to the right and has white gloves on and seems to be screwing something on to something else, (I suspect a silencer on a gun), then he turns to the left facing the driver. He never looks back, JFK has alreadey been hit by one shot, and is slumped over on Jackie, but the shotgun rider never looks at JFK only the driver. The limo is still going slow as the driver turns around and shoots JFK and then and only then does he duck down and speed up. Watch it for yourself!!! Also, Johnson's first order of business was to veto the bill to issue non-interest bearing United States Notes! Amazing!!!

From Dave of Ohio...

The fact are this:
1. The rifle use was an Italian Carcano
2. These rifles could barely make a 4" group from 100 yards. An expert with a Remington 40XB would have been hard pressed.
3. While Lee Harvey Oswald had marine corp training, it takes the special training of a sniper and a LOT of practice to hit a moving target from 5 stories up.

You can draw your own conclusions, but I can not see it done by one person. Let alone as to how he was equiped, the angle of the shot from 5 stories up, and at a moving target. In additon to hitting his target, not just once, but three times?

I have been an avid shooter and marksman for years. I have had some very good instructors, and all will agree, it takes a specialy trained individual to shoot that accurately at another human being, and with better equipment then what he had.

From Todd of Texas...

I have been researching this horrible act for a few years and I can only conclude that LBJ was the mastermind behind the plot.

From Jessey of the USA...

I'm not going to say who i think killed JFK, but i will say that i think he got shot from the front, because if he hadnt, the back of his head would have still been attached. Secondly, when JFK arrived at the local hospital, half of the back of his head was gone, and his wife reached over the back of the car to grab it, so why is it when our government took him to their pathologist, they showed pictures of a small exit wound? I mean, if you watch the footage of him being shot, its clear that the back of his head is pretty much taken off.

From Ashlat of the USA...

JFK was assassinated by a cell of Mafia assassins that were established in Bobby Kennedy's attempt to kill Castro. After JFK was terminated by the gunman(a wiseguy for Nicoletti in Chicago) in the manhole, the shield(steps to protect National Security by buffering the media and data) went into affect that had been designed by Bobby Kennedy for other such assassination possibilities. Why? JFK screwed the CIA, USMC, and Mafia. Payback.

From Ken of PA..
I think it was LBJ and the Mafia, in on it together. They had everything to gain from his death. Oswald was a patsy. The government higherups are the only ones who could have done this and get away with it. LBJ was a big fake.

From Brittany of the USA...

I think that the man with the umbrella had something to do with the killing!

You may not know who I am talking about but there was a man that had an umbrella that was in the parade video. He was there the whole time and once the car came by with the preident in it he didn't move and he opened it as if he were hinding something from the video people. There is no way that Lee Osweld could have done it! He didn't have any time to reload his gun! He was probably just standing there and making shots to make people believe that he was the one that was doing it! And has anyone ever heard of silent guns? Maybe he was shot with one of those! And what about the secret service? Why can't they go ahead and just tell us what they think happened!

I think that they know more than what they are telling us! So maybe we should look farther into this situation.

From Samuel of Georgia...

Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. He was working as a secret agent for Russia and Cuba, who were working together to assasinate Kennedy. He was the sole shooter. There was a conspiracy. Jack Ruby was hired to silence Oswald.

From Peter of Dallas, Texas...

Joe Kennedy bred the Kennedy boys to become politicians. Joe Jr. was tapped as President but after his death it was up to JFK. To place his son in office, Joe made a great deal of promises to organized crime as well as to anyone else who could weild power. They used that power and JFK was elected but he immeidiately, with the help of his brother Robert began to turn on those who had helped him into the office. This was a mistake and the same powers that had him placed in the Presidency, had himself and his brother removed. Teddy was warned and never moved forward seriously and still truly weilds very little power. Did Oswald do it? He assisted but was not the lone gunman. In test after test with re-enactment after re-enactment, even the best FBI and Military sharpshooters were unable to repeat LH Oswalds shots. Having stood in the window myself, I wonder everytime why he didnt take the headshot as Kennedy moved towards him rather than taking a shot where the target was lesser in mass (From the side), Moving away at an increasing rate of speed, and under the cover of a tree line.

From Jacamo of California...

anybody that thinks oswalt did this would beleive that mickey mouse was involed.ask penna. senator spector he knows all the answers. he still says that one bullett did all this appears that he has been heavily rewarded, he has never lost an election since president kennedy death. wasn't SENATOR SPECTOR on the WARREN COMMISSION? since he thinks that one bullett did all this damage then he probably knows the rest of the story.

From Mike...

"Gettin' A Kick Out Of Truth"
About Dealey Plaza

by Mike Regan

Photo (Available On Request) by Thomas Dillard shows black men on floor beneath the one from where Oswald supposedly fired. In the procession, Dillard was in camera car number three as he took the picture (left) only three seconds after the shooting, about ten seconds after the first shot. In this one picture one can see which windows were open and which were closed at that time. The photo was then enhanced and severely cropped by the Warren Commission and all that survived is depicted within the right photo. The negative, along with enhancement portions leading to the west side of the building simply vanished.


The enclosed pages of material examines specific facts of which have been overlooked during the course of these past thirty eight years which eliminate, quite clearly, any possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This material also presents the extreme probability of events that actually did occur that afternoon in Dealey Plaza. Primarily based on Warren Commission testimony, including statements made by the actual assassin, the examination presents a summary of minor events, beginning on the Wednesday afternoon of November 20th, 1963 and concluding with the catastrophic event of the firing of the three shots by James Jarman, Jr. from the assassin's lair of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at 12:30 P.M. on Friday, November 22nd, 1963.


Point #1 - Eye-witness, Amos Euins, put special emphasis on the fact that the assassin had a "white spot" on the back of his head as he sighted down the rifle barrel. Judging a position indicating that the back of the man's head could have been visible to a person on the street below, as the third shot was sighted and fired, strongly suggests that the assassin was left-handed. Eye-witness, Arnold Rowland, testified before the Warren Commission that just prior to the assassination he saw a man standing in the far left window (south-west corner) of the Texas School Book Depository's sixth floor. The man, according to Rowland, held what he thought to be a high-powered rifle in a military port-arms position. The barrel is pointed over the man's right shoulder, as he faced Rowland, toward the nearest wall (west). Further indication that the gunman was left-handed.

Two of the three expended rifle shells were found against the wall, immediately below the south-west window from which the shots were fired, thus indicating that as the hulls were ejected from the rifle they struct the left-handed assassin's chest and dropped to the floor parallel to his body. If the gunman had been right-handed, the hulls would have ejected with a clear path off to the right. The third expended shell, more that likely the last to be fired, was found some distance off to the right. This suggests that the assassin had unshouldered the weapon, stood, and ejected the final round as he left the scene.

Point #2 - Dallas police officer, M.N.McDonald, testified that Lee Harvey Oswald punched him with his left fist during the fracus at the movie theator and grabbed for a pistol in his belt with his right hand. In addition, the published photograph of Oswald taken by his wife, Marina, in the back yard of their New Orlean's home indicates a pistol, holstered, attached to Oswald's right hip. Other photos show that Oswald parted his hair on the left and wore his wristwatch on his left wrist. Lee Harvey Oswald was right-handed.

Point #3 - Though it is a proven fact that five of the Depository's employees moved the boxes into position and which formed a shield in front of the south-east corner window of the building's sixth floor, not a single one of their finger prints was found on these boxes when analyzed by the FBI. The suggestion is strong that special care was taken by at least some of these employees to eliminate detection of the fact that they had handled the boxes.

Point #4 - These five employees, including one named Bonnie Ray Williams, had spent the morning of November 22nd, 1963 placing a new plywood floor on the sixth floor of the TSBD. The "white debris" which became such a point of concern, bordering close to paranoia, for Williams and two other employees, James Jarman, Jr. and Harold Norman (not associated with the floor construction), during testimony before the Commission in which they unanimously stated had fallen on their hair from the fifth floor ceiling and caused by the cartridge shell explosions taking place on the floor above was, in actuality, bits of white plaster which had accumulated in their hair from the ceiling of the sixth floor as the new plywood was being hammered into place.

Though Jarman and Norman were not members of the construction crew, it has been testified by Norman, himself, that he made regular visits to the sixth floor for the purpose of "shooting the breeze". According to Williams testimony, however, Norman did more that simply "shoot the breeze". Norman would "help us move stock around". Based on Warren Commission testimony, it is not possible to place James Jarman, Jr. on the sixth floor during the morning prior to the assassination but the events that would occur, just after the crew would break for lunch will suggest strongly that he was present on the floor. At least for a period of time long enough for "white debris" to accumulate in his hair.

Point #5 - James Jarman Jr., though consistantly mentioned by various reports, including the Warren Commission's, as having been on the fifth floor with Norman and Williams at the time of the assassination, and even referred to when the Dillard photograph is discussed (he is NOT in the picture, though it was snapped by Tom Dillard within seconds of the shooting), in extreme probability, committed the assassination. The added fact that he was employed at the Texas School Book Depository as a wrapper and regularly utilized paper and tape, exact in make-up, as the paper and tape used to package the murder weapon indicates, again quite strongly, that it was he who prepared and provided the make-shift bag for Oswald when Oswald returned home on the evening of November 21st, 1963. Probably under the pretext that Jarman would purchase the weapon on the following day. It being known that Oswald, after being taken into custody had $13.87 on his person and shortly before had spent $1.00 on a cab ride and about .40c in loose change for a bus ticket and a coca-cola, presents the strong possibility that Jarman actually did purchase the assassination weapon from Oswald on the morning of the 22nd far an agreed upon price of $15.00. Oswald's own frame of mind at this point in time was likely to be that he was glad at the opportunity to rid himself of a weapon, and evidence, which easily tied him into his own attempt to take the life of General Walker some months earlier.

Point #6 - The "white spot" seen on the back of the head of the assassin by eye-witness, Amos Euins, was, in reality, the bits of white plaster in the hair of James Jarman, Jr. Jarman's paranoia before the Warren Commission when testifying about the plaster was simply due to the fact that he had forgotten to bruse the powder from his hair before pulling the trigger.

Point #7 - The appearance, two weeks after the assassination, of a hand made paper bag, similar to the one used to package the murder weapon, at the dead-letter office of the Post Office near Dallas suggests that one of the conspirators attempted to guide investigators toward the appropriate direction. Perhaps in fear for his own life. *NOTE* The assassination was most likely the result of circumstances which existed in Dallas on the afternoon Of November 22nd,1963 including the following;

Point #8 - The arrival, of course, of the presidential motorcade to the front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository on Elm Street (Jarman had read the papers and testified to his previous knowledge of this fact). The presence of a high powered rifle in the hands of a minimum of three employees of the TSBD on the morning of the assassination. The existence of a combined group mentality of a six year old child ("I dare ya'!!", "Oh Yeah!?", "Yeah!!", "OK, Watch Me!!")

Point #9 - The presence of a man fully capable (Jarman's eight years military experience, alone, indicates familiarity with weapons. His testified use of the word "action" when describing the metalic sounds he heard from the weapon, in addition, suggests his capability. It is a word commonly used among rifle enthusiasts), of sighting down the barrel of a Mannlicher-Carcano, pulling the trigger three times and ending the life of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Sadily, the series of small events that would lead up to the catastrofic event which would take place in Dealey Plaza began on Wednesday afternoon, November 20th, 1963. Warren Caster, an assistant manager for Southwestern Publishing Company, with offices at the Depositroy's 411 Elm Street address had purchased two rifles during the noon break. A Remington, single shot, .22 caliber rifle, to be given his son for Christmas and a .30odd.06 sporterized Mauser, intended for his own use in hunting.

On a counter just outside supervisor Roy Truly's office, Caster proudly displayed the two rifles to fellow employees . According to Caster's testimony, present were, "Mr. Shelly was there ---and Mr. Roy Truly". Additionaly, "There were workers there at the time, but I'm not sure how many. I could'nt even tell you their names. I don't know the TSBD workers there in the shipping department". Also present, however, was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald mentioned the incident to Dallas Police after his arrest.

As Caster displayed the rifles, Oswald, probably in an attempt to relate to fellow employees (along with ridding himself of incriminating evidence), mentioned to one of the shipping department employees present that he, too, owned a rifle and that it might be for sale. This employee, in extreme likelyhood, was James Jarman, Jr., the shipping department's wrapper. Jarman's probable suggestion to Oswald was that he bring the rifle in the following day.

That he would be interested toward the purchase of the weapon. When Oswald appeared the following day without the rifle, he indicated to Jarman that he lacked the carrying case necessary to transport the rifle. Jarman, quick to oblige because of a sincere interest in the weapon, walked to his wrapping station, un-rolled a long sheet of wrapping paper and, utilizing tape at the same table, constructed the paper bag. He then gave it to Oswald. Oswald folded the hand made sack (FBI analysis would later uncover eight fold indentations on the paper) to a size suitable to either hip pocket or toward placing the bag into his belt and went on his way. Having returned home that evening with fellow worker, Buell Wesley Frazier, Oswald would package the Mannlicher- Carcano and return the following morning, again with Frazier, and complete the sale with Jarman.

Oswald's frame of mind at this point was that he was glad to be rid of the rifle. It is even possible to conclude that he was attempting to pull his life together. Fearful of losing his wife and family because of his eratic and demented behaviour of the previous months (including his attempt to shoot General Walker, of which Marina was aware), he responded to his wife's complaints about hand washing the laundry by leaving all his cash, $170.00, on the dresser before leaving for work on Friday, the 22nd.

As the motorcade approached Dealey Plaza that afternoon, Oswald sat in the first floor lunch room in a semi-state of bliss. After spending some six months living with fear that, at any day, police detectives could show up at his door, handcuffs at the ready, and haul him off for the attempted murder of General Walker, he was now free of the single piece of evidence that would convict him. The Mannlicher-Carcano.

Oswald's state of bliss, however, would soon be shattered. Having just left the first floor lunch room to purchase a cola from a vending machine in a lounge on the second floor, he would be confronted by Dallas Police officer Marrion L Baker. In all reality, Oswald had'nt even known as he was being challenged by Officer Baker that shots had been fired at the motorcade and would not know until a moment later. Mrs. Reid, a secretary for the TSBD, would comment to a confused Oswald as they passed each other and just after Oswald had left the lounge, "Oh, the President has been shot, but maybe they did'nt hit him!". Upon learning this, something bordering on phychotic probably snapped within Oswald. Common sense had told him, especially since an armed police officer had rushed into the Depository, that the Mannlicher-Carcano he had sold to Jarman only hours earlier was involved in the shooting. All hope was lost. From this point on, Oswald was running from the furries and would culminate, some forty minutes later, with his fatal shooting of Officer Tippit on a residential street in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas.

Just when and where James Jarman, Jr. acquired the Mannlicher-Carcano from Oswald is difficult to determine, but in light of the surprisingly candid elements of testimony by Jarman, the exchange may have taken place in the morning hours of the 22nd on the first floor. When asked by Warren Commission attorney, Joseph A. Ball, when he had met with Oswald on that day, Jarman replied, "I had him correct an order. I don't know what time it was". When pressed by Ball, Jarman said, "It was around, it was between 8 and 9 I would say". Concerning a second meeting he had with Oswald that morning Jarman replied, "It was between 9:30 and 10:00 o'clock, I believe". Responding to Joseph Ball's question as to where this meeting took place Jarman said, "In between two rows of bins. On the first floor". It is between these same two rows of bins, near the front windows, that Jarman will eat his lunch, alone, just before noon. He will be shortly joined at this same location by Charles Douglas Givens (a member of the floor construction crew) and Harold Norman. What is quite possible is that the rifle had been concealed within this same general area for much of the morning hours. Together, they will leave the building, stand for awhile out in front and begin to walk toward the intersection of Elm and Huston Streets. Here, they separate. According to the Depository's Supervisory, Roy S. Truly, "I noticed them there on the corner and starting across the street, but whether they completed it, I don't know". Given's did, however, complete the trek across the intersection, continue east up Elm to eventually join with James and Edward Shields to observe the motorcade from the intersection of Main and Records streets.

As for Jarman and Norman they will, according to Jarman's own testimony, turn left on Huston, head north along the side of the Book Depository and disappear back into the building through a rear entrance. If the Manlicher-Carcano had not been on the sixth floor at this point, the weapon was most likely retrieved from between the two rows of bins on the first floor by Jarman and Norman and carried, via the west rear frieght elevator, and on up to the sixth floor assassin's lair. Having already surveyed Dealy Plaza and satisfied themselves that most of the Depository's employees, especially the supervisors, were in front of the building anxiously awaiting the arrival of the motorcade, Jarman's and Norman's movements about the building were done quite freely. They would even take a moment to insure that Oswald was out of the way. Oswald, sitting in the first floor lunch room eating a cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit at the time, would later mention the encounter to the Dallas Police.

Now on the sixth floor, Jarman will familiarize himself further with the weapon by dry-loading rounds into the chamber (FBI later concluded that at least one shell had markings indicating that it had been loaded and reloaded within the chamber a number of times) and moving from window to window to determine the clearest shot. Soon, he will be standing, with rifle in a military port arms position, at the south-west corner window. Observing from the street below is Arnold Rowland. About Norman's movements as Jarman peers from the south-west window, Rowland will later testify to Warren Commission counsel member, Representative Gerald R. Ford that, "At the time I saw the man in the other window, I saw the man hanging out the window first. It was a colored man, I think". Questioned further by Ford, who wanted Rowland to be more clear about the man hanging from the window, Rowland responded, "The east, south-east corner". Harold Norman was making a final survey to insure that their activities on the sixth floor went on un-disturbed.

Bonnie Ray Williams, quite possibly an unwilling participant also enters into the conspiracy at this point. Where and when is difficult to determine, but he could very well have stumbled accidently onto the scene when he went up to the sixth floor to meet with Danny Arce and Billy Lovelady, two fellow members of the floor laying crew he had pre-arranged to meet for the purpose of viewing the motorcade. Without informing Williams, however, Arce and Lovelady had joined most of the Depository's employees outside the building and when Williams arrived on the floor, lunch in hand, he found himself alone. The time was about noon. When counsel member Joseph Ball, asked him how long he stayed on the floor, Williams replied, "I was there from 5, 10,maybe 12 minutes".

Upon hearing window movement on the floor immediately below him, Williams will descend to the fifth floor in the east elevator to find Jarman and Norman near the south-east corner. Up to this moment, it is easy to conclude that Williams had no prior knowledge to the events that were about to take place on the sixth floor but, whether he wanted to or not, he now became a part. Otherwise he would not have backed up Jarman's testimony that he (Jarman) had been on the fifth floor with Norman and himself (Williams) at the time of the shooting.

Since the bulk of testified time elements place William's on the sixth floor before Jarman and Norman, it is highly likely that these two prime players in the conspiracy, after becoming aware of William's presence on the sixth floor, created a rouse that would draw William's away from the sixth floor assassin's lair. Both Jarman and Norman testified that before leaving the first floor aboard the west elevator, they had "peered up the elevator shaft" and observed that the east elevator was on the sixth floor.

At the very least, they knew that someone was up there. The rouse they would use simply amounted to making their presence known by sliding windows just below where Williams was sitting. It worked, and William's joined then on the fifth floor.

Events would now escalate to a near frenzy. With adenaline flowing, Jarman and Norman will ascend to the sixth floor assassin's lair. Considering that Williams had been on the same floor from noon to "5, 10, maybe 12 minutes", Jarman and Norman had more than fifteen minutes to complete final preparations for the assassination. As the motorcade made it's turn onto Huston from Main Street, Jarman was probably already in place as Norman descended back down to rejoin William's on the fifth floor. Most likely, if Williams was unaware of the plot, to keep him occupied as Jarman completed his task on the floor above. What would follow next can best be explained in Jarman's own words.

As Warren Commission counsel, Joseph Ball,questioned Jarman about the three shots, Jarman would dismiss the first shot as, "A back-fire or an officer giving a salute to the President".

It is Jarman's referral to the second shot, though which would set a wheel turning in the mind of another counsel member. As Jarman replied, with reference to this shot, "And then the second shot was fired, and that is when the people started falling on the ground and the motorcade car jumped forward ---", Representative Gerald R. Ford would listen, allow that single statement to sink in and sit in silence as a full five pages of testimony would continue to be recorded. About fifteen minutes. In Ford's mind, he knew that something was amiss.

Having been privy to a film of the presidentail limousine taken by Abraham Zapruder as the assassination took place, a film that had not been made public and would not for many years, Ford knew that the car did not "Jump forward", as Jarman had indicated, after the second shot. Agent William Greer would not accelerate the car until after agent Clint Hill, having just leaped from the follow-up car to assist Mrs. Kennedy (who was attempting to retrieve a portion of her husband's skull) back into the rear seat after the third shot, had a secure hand hold on the rear-left portion of the automobile. It was then, and only then, that the car, and to use the words of agent Roy Kellerman, "Just literally jumped out of the god-damned road!!".
As Representative Ford continued to sit in silence, a suspician that may have begun to formulate is that a target may give the illusion of "Jumping forward" to an assassin peering through a scope. The car did not jump forward. The rifle and assassin, because of recoil, had jerked backwards. Ford's suspicion was probably confirmed minutes later after hearing Jarman's response to another question by council member, John J. McCloy. McCloy had asked, "Did you see the President actually hit by the bullets?".

Jarman's reply was, "No sir, I could'nt say that I actually saw him hit, but after the second shot, I presumed that he was, because I had my eye on his car from the time it came down Huston until the time it started toward the freeway".

Again, any suspicion that Ford had that Jarman was describing events as viewed through a high-powered scope were confirmed at this point as he heard Jarman use the word "eye", not in the plural sense, but in the singular sense. After hearing Jarman respond to McCloy"s question, "You saw him crumble, you saw him fall, did you?", by saying, "I saw him lean his head", Representative Ford had had enough.

He interrupted with a question concerning the statement Jarman had made much earlier. The following exchange took place between Gerald Ford and James Jarman, Jr.

Representative Ford: "You actually saw the car lurch forward did you?"
James Jarman: "Yes sir"
Representative Ford: "That is a distinct impression?"
James Jarman: "Yes"
Representative Ford: "And you followed it as it turned from Main onto Huston and followed it as it turned from Huston onto Elm?"
James Jarman: "Right, sir".
Representative Ford: "Had your eye on the car all the time?"
James Jarman: "Yes, sir"
Representative Ford: "Where did you think the sound of the first shot come from? Do you have a distinct impression of that?"
James Jarman: "Well, it sounded at first it had come from below. That is what I thought"
Representative Ford:" As you looked out the window and you were looking at the President's car"
James Jarman: "Yes, sir"
Representative Ford: "Did you have a distinct impression as to whether the sound came from your left or came from your right?"
James Jarman: "I am sure it came from the left"
Representative Ford: "But your first reaction, that it was from below?"
James Jarman: "Yes, sir"
Representative Ford: "When the second shot came, do you have any different recollection?"
James Jarman: "Well, they all sounded just about the same"
Representative Ford: "You distinctly recall three shots?"
James Jarman: "Yes, sir"
Representative Ford: "And at what point did you get up from where you were on your knees in the window?"
James Jarman: "When the motorcar picked up speed"
Representative Ford: "Was this after you thought was the third shot?"
James Jarman: "The third shot; yes".
Representative Ford: "Have you ever been in trouble with the police or did you ever have any disciplinary troubles in the army?"
James Jarman: "No, sir".

We can only speculate as to just where Representative Ford's questioning would have eventually led if fellow councel, Joseph Ball, had not interrupted at this point to lead Jarman into a completely different line of questioning that would concern the style of clothes worn by Lee Harvey Oswald on the day of the assassination. Obviously, Ford was quite suspicious of this 34 year old shipping department employee. Speaking in terms of boxing it can be said that Ford had Jarman on the ropes just before Joseph Ball's untimely interruption. Further, it is plausable to conclude, that if Representative Gerald R. Ford had been allowed free reign, he may have ended his questioning, in his own time, with, "Mr. Jarman, did you shoot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy?". James Jarman, Jr., considering the amazing level of candor possessed by this assassin, would have answered simply, "Yes, sir".

* * *

To the reader- I felt it necessary, in order to provide a steady flow while describing escalating major events unfolding within and outside the Depository, to speculate with regard to minor events. For this, I apologize. Hopefully, simple tesimony, time frames and fact will out-weigh all.

Two final notes
1st -Though not mentioned in the above scenario of the events which unfolded that afternoon in Dallas, a journalist and Assistant News Director of Dallas's KRLD Television & Radio, James R. Underwood, was riding with fellow journalists in a limousine which had just turned off Main Street onto Huston Street as the salvo of shots rang out. Jumping from the limo and running to the front of the Depository, he met briefly with Amos Euins, an African American teenager. Amos Euins, who later turned out to be the only viable witness who actually watched the assassin aim and fire the rifle, responded to the journalist's question as to whether the gunman was white or black, Euins responded, "It was a colored man". I said (Underwood), "Are you sure?". Euins responded, "Yes, sir".

2nd - Last, but definately not least, the stenographer, an unnamed and unsung hero of the Warren Commission, is worthy of mention. If someone, whether it be council or witness, paused in speech with the same audible sound we all utter from time to time, she would record the word "Uh". Movements not pertaining to testimony she would record between a pair of parenthisis. Seconds after Representative Gerald R. Ford was interrupted in his questioning of James Jarman, Jr., he was approached by someone, whispered too, and than left the room. Returning shortly (also recorded by our hero), he returned to his seat and sat silently for quite a length of time.

The question no longer is who shot President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The Warren Commission Report, in reality, was a glamourized version of J. Edgar Hoover's FBI Report to President Johnson and the Commission, simply put, was a collaboration of both men. The burning question now appears to be, "Who, within the upper echelon, knew the actual truth ?".

Warren Commission Testimony
Roy S. Truly - Depository Superintendant
Vol.#7-Pg.380, 591
Warren Caster - Employee
Arnold Rowland - Eyewitness
Amos Lee Euins - Eyewitness
Bonnie Williams - Possible Co-Conspirator
Harold Norman - Co-Conspirator
James Jarman, Jr. - Assassin
James R. Underwood - Witness
Vol.#6-Pg.167, 170
Stenographer - GOD BLESS HER

* * *

To all:

I've enclosed (below) a copy of Jarman's signed affidavit to the Dallas Police on Nov. 23rd, 1963. Hopefully, you will pick up on his strong insinuation, "before" he was aware of photographic evidence being in play, that he watched the motorcade from curb-side.

Sincere regards,

Mike Regan



BEFORE ME, Patsy Collins, a Notary Public in and for said County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared James Earl Jarman, Jr., c/m 33, 3942 Atlanta Street, Dallas, Texas HA8-1837 who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says:

I work for the Texas School Book Depository, 411 Elm Street, as a Checker on the first floor for Mr. Roy S. Truly. On Friday, November 22, 1963, I got to work at 8:05 a.m. The first time I saw Lee Oswald on Friday, November 22, 1963 was about 8:15 a.m. He was filling orders on the first floor. A little after 9:00 a.m. Lee Oswald asked me what all the people were doing standing on the street. I told him that the President was supposed to come this way sometime this morning. He asked me, "Which way do you think he is coming?". I told him that the President would probably come down Main Street and turn on Houston and then go down Elm Street. He said, "Yes, I see". I only talked with him for about three or four minutes. The last time I saw Lee Oswald on Friday, November 22, 1963 was between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon when he was taking the elevator upstairs to go get some boxes. At about 11:45 a.m. all of the employees who were working on the 6th floor came downstairs and we were all out on the street at about 12:00 o'clock noon. These employees were: Bill Shelley, Charles Givens, Billy Lovelady, Bonnie Ray (last name not known) and a Spanish boy (his name I cannot remember). To my knowledge Lee Oswald was not with us while we were watching the parade.

/s/ James Earl Jarman, Jr.


/s/ Patsy Collins

Notary Public, Dallas County, Texas

* * *

Shots From The West...???

With hope of dispelling, at least within the thoughts of some of you, many of the theories with regard to frontal shots (storm drains, grassy knolls, pickett fences, etc...), I've enclosed an excellant article by Jerry Organ. It's a bit lengthy, so I'll post it in a follow-up.

There also appears to be a major level of research concentration on the autopsy and it's results. In consideration of the simple fact that numerous doctors and nurses were attempting to save a man's life, hopes for any evidence (after their heroic efforts) even remotely viable to the puzzle should be regarded as minimal. With special regard to the throat wound. Insertion of the tracheotomy tube shortly after the arrival of President Kennedy vertually insured the complete obliteration of that evidence and to take serious any of the speculation (which I believe is at about 50/50 concerning "exit" or "entrance") offered by these hospital personel, with extreme limitations in ballistic science, is a mistake.

With the above in mind, my own thought is that research concentration should be guided toward existing "physical" evidence within the TSBD. With a bit of emphasis on the construction of the assassin's lair.

Concerning these boxes, it is already an established "Fact" that they were placed during the course of the morning work hours by members of the floor-laying crew, an obvious "Prep" to assist the intention of an assassin. Not just a few minutes before the shooting.

What's left to debate is who, and how many, within the construction crew were involved in this prep and toward whom was the assist intended. There has been some suggestion that some sort of stranger, perhaps a member of a yet to be identified "Black Ops" performing for yet another unknown group of high level conspirators. Yet, with the exception of Danny Arce's guidance of an elderly man to a first floor toilet as the parade was getting under way (Observed leaving moments later after completing his call to nature.), no employee of the TSBD, and I mean nobody, ever testified about seeing any kind of "stranger" in the building that day.

Trying to keep this as objective as possible, the debate is whether the assassin fired the three shots, swiftly fled down the entire length of the east wall, turned left, and continued the entire length of the north wall (A diagonal run was impossible.), properly placed the rifle in an upright position near the N/W stairwell, not tossed, mind you, in a mad scramble to allude potential captors, and concluded his dash down four flights of stairs to be observed, in a cool, calm and collective manner, some ninety seconds (give or take thirty) later by a Dallas motocycle police officer.

Or as to whether the assassin did all of the above up until after placement of the rifle. And in this scenario, simply boarded an elevator or dashed down a single flight of stairs to join up with buddies (Norman & Williams) at the S/E corner of the fifth floor. But not before Tom Dillard, having just turned onto Huston from Main Street, had snapped the photograph of that same corner. A photographic image which would "EXCLUDE" evidence of his "testified" 5th floor presence at the time of the shooting.

So now you're left with a process of elimination. Dump one of these guys in your mind and you've hit on the culprit. Would any member of the crew risk facing accessory charges to the assassination of a world leader to satisfy the whim of some fellow they had been working with for a grand total of 38 days (Actually, it rings up to about 26 when weekends are omitted.)..?? By prepping up his "lair"..?? And have you ever lifted a box of books..!!?

Other than ridding himself of evidence linking him to his shot at General Walker the previous April, Oswald does'nt fit into the assassination scenario in any way, shape or form. He truly was what he declared to the national media. A "Patsy".

Jarman, on the other hand, had a well established working relationship with two members of the floor-laying crew. Both Harold Norman and Charles (Slim) Givens. These are the fellows who represent the "only" conspiracy which existed that day in Dallas. Bonnie Ray Williams probably represents the most fascinating witness. He, like Oswald, was a young and fairly new employee at the Texas School Book Depository, caught within the same escalation of events that were out of their control. And could, if he's still kicking around, provide the ultimate closure. If relieved of whatever fear may exist, and prodded by appropriate authorities in law enforcement.

Sincere regards,

Mike Regan

* * *

"The Irish Forever"

The story regards a small group of Marines, haggard and tired from day's events, sitting at their jungle outpost as night approaches and attempting to find solice after the loss of friends in battle. Cerimony, designed to sooth, and which normally surrounds loss of those close to us is not to be. Mingling among family and friends at the wake, kind words from the preacher, the funeral procession to the cemetary for more kind words and capped off with roast turkey, drinks and even a bit of laughter as the pleasant memories take over. To be able to pay respect. In a proper way, to a friend. None of this was to be. Simply there one moment, with talk of the future and, of course, tales about the incredible babes back in "The World". And gone the next moment, with the uncerimonious zipping of a body bag.

For reasons only an infantryman can fathom, the talk turns to the atom. It seems, according to one Marine, that every thing as we know it, the wind, the rain, the hub cap off a '55 Chevy, even those of us, are made up of different combinations of only eighty some odd atoms. Each with it's select number of electrons orbiting at various levels above a proton/neutron nucleus.

"Did ya' know?", he adds, "That the ratio of the nearest electron to it's nucleus is greater in distance as compared to the earth from the sun.". His friends are impressed. "Not only would you need a million atoms, piled on top of each other, to equal the thickness of a page, but to be able to compress the electrons into the nucleus would also mean that you could fit an entire sky-scraper into the eraser head of a pencil.". Now his friends are amazed.

A few moments of silence. "Kinda' makes you wonder about the guys.", another Marine suggests. "I mean, if all those millions of bucks were spent to split a single atom, are they really dead? Seems to me that those electrons are still goin' through a spin cycle."

Discussion continues, cigarettes are smoked in cupped hands and, bingo, ARE is founded. Atomic Recovery Employment systems. Until someone pointed out that ---- ------- would be ticked off if recovered with the head of a moose. A long moment of laughter, and they pondered some more.

To the scientist, there is the atom. To the theologian, there is spirit. To that young group of Marines, having found their solice, there is Comparable Atomic Recovery Employment systems. CARE.

Seeming to sum things up, one of the Marine's who has remained silent throughout, simply listening, finally speaks. "You guys are gonna' think me wacko on this one, but when I was a kid my family went on a cross-country trip and at one point I found myself in one of those rare moments in a large family. I was standing alone with my dad. We were at the very lip of the Grand Canyon, gazing at the incredible beauty, when he says to me, completely out of the blue, and we're not talking a religious fanatic here, "Ya' know, sport, I think this is what Christ had in mind when He said, probably in frustration, "The Kingdom of Heaven is here, now."

Heads nod, cigarettes are snuffed, and talk comes to an end as a Marine glances at his watch, stands with an M-16, and heads off to guard duty.

"Catch you guys later.", he concludes.

Semper Fi',
Mike Regan

From Ron of Canada...

As a Canadian, it is impossible to feel the frustration of losing a great President like JFK to murder exactly as an American would feel it. However, as the Leader of the World's only real superpower, which shares with us the largest unpatrolled border on the planet, JFK was "ours" too. His decisions would have/could have GREAT bearing on the lives of Canadians. It is the same with every president. But JFK was loved here, at least by a vast majority. So, when our neighbors wept, we wept with them. JFK's death was/is The Crime of the Century. It burns the eternal flame at Arlington...


What happened that day in Dallas? It's almost like the more I read, the less I know. But I will say A Lot more happened than has been foolishly spilled into the schoolbook's of our children, and into the "official" made-in-the-media memories of babyboomers, like myself. It only heightens the tragedy, really.


Conspiracy Theory: One which (may or may not) involve high-ranking government officials committing a traitorous act, defies belief, in lieu of concrete evidence.


Oswald, on his own: This defies LOGIC, and throws us back to the first possibility. Sure, it's possible a lone gunman with an empty enough life and enough bitterness could exist, and seek to gain something by doing something dramatic and history-making, such as shooting at a Presidential motorcade. But, to believe he fired three shots, at that distance? With success? In that short span of time? NO. It doesn't add up right.


Why??? There are so many possibilities; JFK rankled a lot of feathers. Most of that rankling was what endeared him to so many. He was going to change the very things few would have to courage or, in the minds of his enemies, "the audacity" to try to change. Do not underestimate the anger he caused by promising a better future for blacks. History shows his vision of civil rights for ALL was a bit too early...The Mafia is a real possibility...and there are others we have all read about.

His assasination WAS slick. If you think otherwise, consider that, nearly 40 years later, we DO NOT know EXACTLY who, or WHY etc. But, I believe the conspirators never factored in a possible video camera (Zapruder), or so many of the other "hints" of conspiracy coming to the surface. Many of these folks have passed on they won't be answering for their actions, not Here at least. It is very important that people realize that high ideals carry more worth than despicable, cowardly acts and superficial pursuits, and falsehood. It is why I hope people give due focus to Kennedy's life, while trying to unravel and come to grips with the many lies and overall sense of betrayal that surround his untimely death.

From a Patriot, now in England...

Kennedy wanted to tell the people about the co-operation between the USA and the USSR over the alien problem, and end the phoney Cold War, Also I guess he sacked the head of the CIA, not a good move.

From Raymond of the USA...

On Wednesday or Thursday of that fateful week, Lee Harvey Oswald learned, through TV or newspaper accounts, that JFK's motorcade was to pass directly by the Texas School Book depository where he was employed as a stock clerk for $1.25 per hour. Oswald undoubtedly saw this as his chance for immortality. A chance to finally be a player on the world stage and alter the course of history in a single bold stroke. For a sociopath like Oswald, it was too great an opportunity to pass up.


Several months earlier, he had failed in an attempt to assassinate right wing General Edwin Walker. Oswald's Italian made Manlicher Carcano rifle was hidden in the garage of Mrs. Ruth Paine, with whom his estranged wife, Marina, and their two daughters were staying. Oswald's pattern had been to catch a ride with a coworker, Wesley Buell Frazier, on Friday evenings after work. He would spend the weekend with his family at the Paine's home and return to work with Frazier on Monday morning. In order to retrieve his rifle, however, Oswald would have to alter this pattern. And that's exactly what he did. On November 21, Oswald asked Frazier for a ride, the first time he had done so on a day other than a Friday and the first time he had appeared at the Paine's home without asking first.


Ruth Paine reports that someome went into the garage later that evening and forgot to turn the light out. The following morning, Friday, November 22, 1963, Oswald removed his wedding ring, while his wife was still sleeping, and left it in a small teacup on the bedroom bureau. He also left several hundred dollars in cash, which Marina later said was probably all the money he had in the world. These are the actions of a man who knew he would not be returning. Oswald got into Frazier's car carrying a long package wrapped in brown paper. He told Frazier the package contained curtain rods for his apartment in Oak Cliff, a Dallas suburb. This was certainly a lie, as no curtain rods were ever recovered and Oswald's apartment was already furnished with curtains on rods. Oswald had no alibi for his whereabouts during the assasination. His rifle was found at the scene. His fingerprints were on the weapon. His palmprints were found on the carboard boxes which the murderer used to build the sniper's nest. A large brown paper wrapper, containing Oswald's prints, was also recovered.


Following the assassination, Oswald's movement indicate his guilt. He is the only employee of the TSBD to flee the scene. He returns to his apartment, changes his clothes and gets his .38 pistol. Officer J.D. Tippit is killed with a .38 moments later. One of the four bullets removed from Tippit's body is sufficiently intact to be tied to Oswald's pistol, to the exclusion of all other weapons in the world. Oswald's jacket, which he discarded to alter his appearance as he fled the Tippit shooting, is later found under a parked car. Oswald is armed with the pistol used to kill Tippit when he is arrested. He attempts to shoot one of the arresting officers, but the gun misfires. Oswald is carrying phoney ID in his wallet, identifying him as the fictitious A.J. Hidell.


As to the likely scenario of the actual shooting, the Zapruder film and the physical evidence indicate the following. Oswald's first shot, fired around frame 161 of the Z film, missed. JFK and Gov. Connolly can both be seen on the film turning to their right in reaction to the sound of this first missed shot. Oswald's second shot, at Z frame 223, hits JFK in the back and exits his throat. The bullet is slowed as it passes through JFK's body and begins to tumble. It hits Connally in the back, exits just under his right nipple and goes through his right wrist, finally embedding itself in his right thigh. Critics of the so called "magic bullet theoery" fail to take into account that JFK and Connally were not sitting in direct alignment to each other. Connally was on a jumpseat that was situated more inboard, ie toward the middle of the limo, than JFK. Oswald's third shot was fired at Z frame 313 and hit JFK in the back of the head, causing him to be pitched first imperceptably forward, then violently backward and to the left, toward the source of the shot. This is not an uncommon reaction. Since Zapruder's camera operated at 18.3 frames per second, the Z film provides us with a time clock of the assassination. The time elapsed from the first missed shot to the second shot, which hit both men, was 3.49 seconds. From the second shot to the third head shot was 4.86 seconds. Total elapsed time for all three shots was 8.36 seconds, certainly within Oswald's capability as man who was trained to shoot by the U.S, Marines. Though there are many compelling theories surrounding the JFK assassination involving the CIA, the mob, Castro, etc. there is no hard evidence to support them. All of the evidence points to Oswald and he only.

From Jerry of PA...

From Scott of Ohio...

It was definately a Mafia hit, now whether it was the "good guys" (government), or the "bad guys" (corporate), still remains a mystery to me. Although that generation will be mostly gone, one day the truth will come out about the whole thing, and we will all know. Now whether that will be a lie, mystery, or even a cover-up will decide strictly on if a few high ranking officials think the public can handle it. I already know what the answer to that question is, hell no, definately not the generation who grew to love Camelot so much...!!!

From Matthew of Kentucky...

There is no way that JFK was killed by a single shooter. The fact that the government came up with a theory that one bullet killed JFK also hit the govenor and then re-entered through the head of JFk is just amazing for one. There is no way that JFK could have been shoot through the book bepository with a bolt action rifle with the car moveing at the speed it was. Still more the motorcade went off it's original route. then the motorcade slowed below the speed limit that the motorcade is required to follow. Still only after the shooting had ended did the car begin to speed up. You can't sit there and tell me that it wasn't planned. matter of fact it was so well planned they even got the participation of the government. The magic bullet theory that situation.

From Cari of the USA...

I personally think, that the mafia was directly linked to Kennedy's assasination. Whether or not the CIA knew about the plot to assassinate the president, I'm not sure, but one thing I know, it definitely was the mafia. Three French mafia men were contracted to kill him, I believe that the "badge man" on the grassy knoll was the one who shot Connolley, I came to think conclusion after watching the Zapruder Film.

Don't you find it a little odd that within the 10 years after JFK was assassinated all 18 witnesses were dead? Researchers say that the chance of all of them dying within 10 years is like 1 in 10 trillion. Something stinks.

From Kenny of Texas...

Read any or all of the 7, yes 7 investigations. The plain fact is that evrything evidence and science wise point to Oswald. Unfortunately this doesn't stimulate most folks. They want to believe something sinister. Everything is a conspiracy when you are ignorant of facts.

From Someone...

WHO: the government, the mob, vietnamese, cubans...


WHY: all in all jfk knew something that he shouldnt of known, about the cia, money, the mob anything, and he was going to expose it maybe not to the u.s. public but he was going to make it known about whatever he may have known.


HOW: multiple gunman, traitors.


OTHER: I dont think that oswald had to do with the whole plan he just planned to assassinate the same man on the same day as the key players. he saw something that only he couldve seen from where he was and the same people who had kennedy killed, killed oswald because he was also going to tell on the assassinators.


when it comes down to it we may never know who killed one of americas best presidents but we do know that he was killed for selfish and unfair reasons someone walking in the shadows
home of the brave and the land of the free.

From Jesse of Indiana...

I'm trying to solve the case of JFK with my friend Danny,and we are puzzled. We believe Jim Garrison was close to the answer. Operation Mongoose had something to do with it.



















































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