Roswell: Visitor Comments -

From Joseph:

Who: impossible to determine, the possibilities are truly infinite. probabilities: sentient beings. different dimension [quantum mechanics], another star system [an actual faster than light velocity, i.e. , an actual "warp speed" generating device] .

How: by a very sophisticated motive force. magnetic? ion pulse? again, impossible to determine.

Why: ask Americus Vespugi why he came to continental America. Why did Eric the Red visit Greenland, and in point of fact, establish a colony of sorts there? If one posits the existence of another species, with great intelligence, wouldn't the very fact of having intelligence per se, be reason enough to go exploring? At present, one can "visit" nearly all of the Planet Earth. Yet people still take vacations to see new places, people, customs, etcetera.

When: Again, if one posits that such episodes are in fact viable events, then probably throughout both recorded and unrecorded history of mankind.

A final thought. Every night I am outdoors, I see UFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects. If I had a very expensive thermal/night vision device, with good field of view and extensive magnification, I would probably be able to determine these selfsame Unidentified Flying Objects. Lastly, think about stealth technology. The B-2 Bomber and the stealth fighter aircraft are of 1970's technology. God only knows what sort of vehicles, darting about in the heavens, with 2000 or 2005 technology. One just doesn't run production of a new technological weapon straight forth. One, makes "test beds", or "test platforms". These are prototypes that are changed after one or more technological "glitches" are discovered while same are being tested. Another point of fact. The recent private/commercial space flight done out west, using a composition of glue and rubber displays most aptly, that the rockets launched at Cape Canaveral, are of 1950's design. A liquid propellant, and a liquid gas, oxygen, being ignited and forced out of the nozzles of said rocket. So when the Space Shuttle is launched, when one doesn't explode that is, it looks different, but the technology is the same as old 1960's military missiles.

As to "Flying Saucers", I believe that I shall one, when I believe that there even IS such a Critter.

Fellow Traveler

From Someone:

Roswell 1947 the "Cover up" I have only limited answers but what I do have is this. When the UFO crashed the Government was only a small part and was quickly shoved aside in the investigation an agencie that not even the government knew about took over they learned about the exsistance of what is called the Virus inside of the recovered aliens bodys well more less in thier minds. The race of aliens is called by us "The Grays" inside of them for a long time has been something called The Virus that is the importance of Roswell 1947. Why they covered it up is the same goddamn stupid reason that agencie covers up everything; they think that it would cause mass caous. I know all of that for a fact it is not a thought.

From Patrick:

One thing not mentioned in any of these reports is that Robert Goddard, the father of the liquid fuel rocket, moved to Roswell in the thirties to be someplace where exploding experimental rockets falling to earth wouldn't kill anybody.

People in Roswell were used to strange machines blowing up and pieces falling to earth. The local High School is Goddard High School. They call themselves the "Rockets." There is a rocket mounted in front of the school.

These people have had rockets on the brain since before WWII. And New Mexico was where the government tested lots of new equipment, including the Atomic Bomb.

This is a made-to-order situation for wild reports and conspiracy theories. Roswell is a very boring town. Excitement was kids getting drunk and riding oil wells up and down. This gives them something to brag about, and bragging leads to exaggeration.

From Gower

WHO... the people of roswell

WHY... to attract the tourist dollar (still working 60 years on!)

HOW... left over broken christmas baubles, silver foil and junk

From Someone:

I personally think the United States has the fallen craft from Roswell but with that technoligy we do not want the world to know about it. By keeping the object a secret, the technoligy will be all ours. When I was a kid of 9 years old, I seen one in 1969 in Rochester, ny. and it was weird. It was as big as a house, dark black round frame with pale tinted windows and it made no sound. What makes it really strange, on that night. everything was so quiet and unual for nornally you would hear crickets and birds but the air was so dead like. My friend went to go get the camera while I stood watch , and kayle took the picture and later threw the camera in his trunk for 15 years forgetting about the film. A few years ago I contacted my old friend who now was in the Army and he finally developed the film and we couldn,t believe what we were seeing, so Kayle and I took the film to the AirForce and they were astonished also, They asked for the film and negitives and they would tell us their finding in about a week. A week latter, I called them and the Airforce said" what film. There you go, another coverup and the truth about what Kayle and I have seen will always be a mystery.

From Shane & Demetrius of New Rochelle, NY:

WHO = I think that people from a planet from the star vega from the star system lyra, has aliens that are traveling to earth because we are studing that sertain star system.

WHY = To help us learn about themselfs.

HOW = By traveling through worm hole or possibly through black holes.

From Van of Terrent, TX:

WHO = thay had to take nutrion annd new air for the who are thay " travelers".

WHY = did we go to the moon just be cause it has H3 power sorcce no limit.

HOW = the use of photons,and ever type of light can push or cancel gravity soit moves just like space holds necular reactio were it is the sever could stops itlike a super magnet on att goes out so far this is why its giving of magnet waves, missing photons replaced by masson waves gravaty north south.

OTHER = by the way space is most nigterion 98% rest is other elements.

From Pezz of MN:

OTHER = I recently discovered an old file on my friends computer (that was previosly owned by the U.S.A.F.). It was written by a man in the C.I.A., his name was A. Tarrence, the file number was "AR 326". It gave a detailed report on a U.F.O. spotted by the U.S.S Enterprise. The carrier sent 5 jets after it. 30 min. into the chase, one of the fighters shot at it. It crash landed on a remote island near New Zealand.

From L. Green of England:

WHO = A cover by the government of their unethical work.

WHY = Probably gentic testing and very advanced aircraft using some of Einsteins withdrawn gravity field theory work. Aliens can't get past the van-allen belt to get here anyway (radiation protection). The US gov. loves the Alien theory to spread as it takes the heat off them for top secret craft and genetic testing and the like

HOW = By utilising withdrawn A. Einstein theories and the casual sending of men to certain death in complicted machines.

From Popeye of Downey, California:

WHO = extraterrestrials crashed on earth. The big "weather balloon" carrying extraterrestrial life, all died on board but ofcourse there were some survivors. In 1947 it crashed , in 1950 the technology of our kind skyrocketed in an alarming rate.

WHY = Those survivors showed us some of their ways of life and their utensils in gratitued of us helping them out.

HOW = By using the art of consciounsness and putting both brains together they can communicate one way or another.

OTHER = I know there is something out there and i know a lot of people out there do too. I just want to say that during our life period we will all see something to completetly change the way in which we all think. They will come and show us how to use that side of our brain that we have never been able to reach.

From Someone on AOL:

WHO = Roswell 1947-1999, Fifty two long years have passed and still the facts about the truth eludes mankind. I can not tell everything but I can say this. The dallor bill has an eye symbolicly watching you from one of mankinds greatest mystries of all time. Almost as if someone is tell you to your being watched from a great distance.

WHY = Mankind has evovled into a distuctive civilization, bent on distroying any and everything it doesn't understand. Take a moment of peace and stop asking the why's and the how's which are design to keep the truth hidden from you.

HOW = Your future depends upon what your willingness to change as a people. Their are them that come without law manipulating the highways of time in efforts to encure a worldly change. A change the people of this world are hardly prepared for.

OTHER = With enough said I leave you with one thought. Genesis...

From Joe in Bronx, NY:

WHO = I believe they are us in the future. I'll explain. 50 years ago Albert Einstein came up with a therory of time travel. He had two men sacrenize there watches. He then put one man on the train and the other outside. He had the train go a certain speed and had the man on it walk forward. At the same time the man outside walked forward. He then brought the two men together to check there watchs, and the man on the trains was 7 seconds faster then the man outside. That was only 50 years ago. Just think, in a thousand, or even a milion years from now, we might be able to break the laws of physics, and travel time where ever we want.

Also. Go back a million years from now, when we were cavemen. We were bigger, stronger, had more hair, bigger teeth, and smaller heads. Look at an alien. bigger heads, no hair, much smaller and weaker, and no mouths.

As time goes on we get smarter. Our heads get bigger because our brains are growing. We get smaller and weaker because with our technology we don't need physical strength. We also loose our hair, as time will tell. And last telepathy, why they have no mouths.

WHY = They are known to help us. Without them people say we would fall apart.they are also looking out for themselves.
If we are them in the future, then they don't want anything to go wrong.

From Michelle of MS:

WHO = You must think for a moment and remember who runs this country. The same people who killed our own president, they are just a little older. They are the people who take what they want, how they want, from who they want. They have alot of power.They are scared of someone, or some thing.

WHY = The leaders of this country are afraid of anyone or anything that might take away that power.They DO NOT want to loose the control they have over everyone.That's why they cover up...

HOW = The government makes up stories or lies to distract the people of the world. They want you to think what they want you to think.But we are not as stupid as they say and think we are.They don't want us to believe someone else might come and save us from them. They don't want us to believe in another life lives. Again they want control.They DO NOT want a chance of peace!!!!!!!!!

OTHER = Just think of everything the government HAS kept from us.How did our kind come up with certain inventions that are far ahead of our time????? No matter what some people think, we can not be the only ones, they have to be because the government does a fine job of covering "THINGS" up...

From Michael "Levee Rat" Pierce of MO:

WHO = I duno, do you?

WHY = If in fact, they have visited us, then we have to figure that they indeed have visited our military bases to secure some sort of agreement. I think if we were the visitor's, then we would visit their military to do the same. It is appearant that we are a suspicious speices so it would make sense that we would have a " fight or flight " mentality. Considering that flight would be impractical then the only logical assumption would be that we would fight first. I beleive that our world's govt have figured this and have decided that untill we are either unarmed or inteligent enough to grasp the concept that we are not alone then it would be better off for all " especially us " if that perticular piece of information was not as common place as the big-mac.

HOW = Weather ballon's, High tech military aircraft, Time displacement,and oh yea- lest we forget { we envented the transister,ect.ect. ha ha ha RIGHT :-)

OTHER = In the imortal words of Rodney King, " Can't we all just get along?"

From Lily K. of Mex:

WHO = I believe, we are part of another race, but mostable white people I also believe that aliens from else where encounte native american and cross breed with them. New Mexico and Arizona are a stargate to the universe and yes indeed we are more than just humans evolved from monkies.

WHY = Because, we are trained to believe what we are told, but it's not what it is. new evolution is about to take place, not everyone is ready or aware, but it will happen.

From JP of PA:

WHO = An advanced race of beings that responded to the nuclear testing that was going on out west at the time.

WHY = Because it was time for them to see just what we had becom or were becoming. The development of nuclear technology is the first step in moving towards building craft that would be powered by nuclear energy. So my guess is that these "aliens" were curious to see how we were coming along as a society of people. They wanted to check out what we were doing.

HOW = Can't quite say what went wrong, but whatever it was that brought them down, it had to be mechanical. I can't say that their crashing in the desert was because of our govt. It had to be because they had problems with their ship.

OTHER = I can't believe that we are the only planet in this vast universe that has life. How can we go from the transistor radio to stealth technology in just 5-7 years! Unthinkable. Look at the rock carvings in the southwest and in South America. Can anyone explain that? Or in the pyramids of Egypt? The problem is that most people across the globe would not be able to handle the news of an alien species contacting us. Think of the global rioting that would occur. You better believe that the governments of the world are scared. I shutter to think of what that day could/would be like. I believe that day will come. And I hope it happens before I die.

From David of Cork, Ireland:

WHO = aliens but from where ??who knows??

WHY = a 1 in a million crash that has since enabled america to utilise out of this world technology to their benifit

HOW = manupilating what little space elements there are and creating their own black hole.

From Simon of Wiltshire, UK:

WHO = i believe that it was alien beings that landed here in roswell,new mexico.and also the government was invloved in the cover up that interested so many people in the last 50 years

WHY = Aliens have landed on our planet for millions of years for one purpose only,to communicate,all the stories of them trying to kill and wipe out the human race is wrong,roswell was just another case of this,but something went wrong for the alien beings,there have been no cover ups millions of years ago,but now we have the power to hide these beings (the US government),to try and use them for nuclear tests etc.......

HOW = the government took these beings to a bunker ,known now as area 51,(a restricted army base in nevada),they hid them away for 50 yers to conseal the truth,they have done it so many times,roswell is only one famous example

OTHER = aliens being come to our planet every second of the day to abuct us,to try and communicate,and as people read this i will have already been abducted cause i have been contacted already.i know all of this cause i live in the UFO capital of the uk.a small town in the southwest of england,famous for many UFO encounters.

From the Relocator of Ontario, Canada:

WHO = Obviously The Aliens, stupid.

WHY = Why not? Do they have to hav a specific reason to visit the Earth? Maybe it's their closest neighbour with life. Maybe they wanted to see if we were advanced yet. If we were, maybe they would contact us with messages and so forth.

HOW = Don't ask me. They're the Aliens. Who knows what kind of technology they have. But from what I've heard, they had some pretty damn strong Tinfoil!

OTHER = Oh yeah, can you take me to your leader?

From Carolynne of Michigan:

WHO = E.T.s from another planet. Their planet is not like ours why would they look like us. different planets have
different resources they have the ability to live effectively.

WHY = Maybe they are here to warn us that we are polluting our planet. maybe they want to blend in with our human
race so their race can learn about us.

HOW = why do we see things in the sky that are not of this planet and are told not to say anything about it. you can be chased by an unknown object but cannot say a word because you will be told your crazy.

OTHER = when will we be out of the dark as to why we are being visited? why wont the government be honest with the public. DO THEY FEEL PEOPLE WILL PANIC. ONLY GOD KNOWS.

From Sharon of Texas:

WHO = Why would a military man-a General, yet, release info to the press unless he was certain of his facts and vehement in his intention to let the public know immediately. As a General, he would know what is important to keep confidential. If the U.S. was testing balloon craft, the General should have been informed that flight would occur over his territory.

WHY = I am familiar with one weather balloon used by the U.S. Army in the early 1970's at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. My family was stationed at White Sands Missile Range then. The sand-colored weather balloon and the equipment attached to it,shown to me by my spouse,an Army meteorologist, would not have lead me to believe that any of its wreckage would have been from a downed ET craft.

OTHER = Marcel has met w/attack over his military record he espouses, to try to discredit him. My brother was a Special Forces Green Beret during the VN War and there are many things that he did that are not available in his military record-doesn't mean he didn't accomplish them.

From Agustin of Texas:

WHO = Yes aliens did crash in Roswell,but the first sighting that hasn't had any coverage happened in St.Agustin Pass near Las Cruces, NewMexico. A few days later the crash in Roswell occured.

WHY = What happened? A nuclear explosion messed up the Aliens craft . Its megnatic power failed and than its descend started.

From Ben of USA:

WHO = A secret group (maybe foreign) even more powerful than our own government.

WHY = The only place to test thier top secret planes, weapons, and creations is in the middle of the Nevada desert.

HOW = This group is so powerful that it has brainwashed some of the highest powers in the American government. In doing so the group can make it look like it is the US that is in control of Area 51.

OTHER = There is no longer an Area 51 in Nevada, the installation has been moved due to publicity to the mountains in northern Utah, West of Salt Lake City.

From the Relocator of Ontario:

WHO = Obviously The Aliens, stupid!

WHY = Why not? Do they have to hav a specific reason to visit the Earth? Maybe it's their closest neighbour with life. Maybe they wanted to see if we were advanced yet. If we were, maybe they would contact us with messages and so forth.

HOW = Don't ask me. They're the Aliens. Who knows what kind of technology they have. But from what I've heard, they had some pretty damn strong Tinfoil!

OTHER = I'm doing an essay on Roswell and if anyone can give me any info that tehy know before Tuesday the 8th, please tell me. I'd be greatfull. Oh yeah, can you take me to your leader?

From Carolynne of Michigan:

WHO = E.T.s from another planet. Their planet is not like ours why would they look like us. different planets have different resources they have the ability to live effectively.

WHY = Maybe they are here to warn us that we are polluting our planet. maybe they want to blend in with our human race so their race can learn about us.

HOW = why do we see things in the sky that are not of this planet and are told not to say anything about it.
you can be chased by an unknown object but cannot say a word because you will be told your crazy.

OTHER = when will we be out of the dark as to why we are being visited? why wont the government be honest with the public. DO THEY FEEL PEOPLE WILL PANIC. ONLY GOD KNOWS.

From Jim of Indiana:

WHO = this classified information roswell is just a cover up for a bigger plan that is already in place that most people know but arent realisn that the goverment controls

WHY = about ever thing in your life from food to what you wear.why dont you ask a cia person what black operation go on because they would tell you but then you dissappear.

HOW = so take they to heart every thing you do online and where your at you are being watch maybe right now from the sky as regan said a weapon from space like sonic technology,

OTHER = that people dont know about and beams and levation. that make your skin crawl so beleve in the inpossoble because you might see sometime some what happens to those who are right. viper...

From Baz of England:

WHO = aliens from some where but allways known of us.

WHY = to studdy nuc's ,to see if peace has came after the war.

HOW = travle at the speed of light ,thats why we can't travle on there ships or flying sourcers, because we are too frale we would fall to bits. whos test flying those u.f.o's at area 51 not us.

OTHER = throe whorm holes ect.

From Barry of England:

WHO = it was a weather bolloon every bodie knows that,
excepept jessy marsell / mat brazle and all those others told to keep ther mouths shut or they will be picking there bones out of the sand.

WHY = the u.s said it was suarcer to cover up a vrry horrific weather bolloon crash.

HOW = well theres not much differance is there.

OTHER = weather boloon yah right.

From Nottm Forest Fan:

WHO = aliens who lost there way in space and wanted to ask for directions.

WHY = cus they lost way.

HOW = taken the rong black hole.oops

OTHER = when they asked an army man the way they said they had taken the rong hole, but the army man tuck it the rong way and shot them down for being vulger.

From Someone:

WHO = People called the Asguard who decended from Norse Myths who are watching us. They are little gray Aliens.

WHY = They are our protecters and the u.s. gov shot them down.

HOW = Using a tactical nuclear missle.

From B. Wright of England:

WHO = Iv no dout it was aliens.For Jessy Marsell a hi ranking officer of the testing of the Atomic bomb,for him to stick to his word till the day he died puts it clear for me.

WHY = Jessy Marsell said he had metle that when bent or scrached it went back to shape and then got bullyed out of the plot for obviose resons,so he went looking for ansers him self.

HOW = Alien tecnaligy is obviose far more advanced, I tolk like this because I baleave and the truth is out there and one day there will be a change and then we'll be wondering why it was cept so secret.

OTHER = If there has'nt been contact well we can't live with our self's so theres your reson why, they've been here but but will wate till there is world peace too make proper contact. or at the end of the day it was just a weather balloon(yah herd that one befor it dus'nt wash off). p.s srry about the bad spelling.

From L. Rain of KY:

WHO = The U.S. goverment and the higher power structure are to blame for not releasing this information. Roswell has been one of the greatest coverups of all time. other than the Kennedy assassination and coverup, WAKE-UP America there has to be a higher form of life and they are trying to tell us something.

WHY = If they have the knowledge for inter planetary travel they are a far more advanced life form then we are? We should welcome them for coming here and possibly learning what they have to communicate.

HOW = STOP the coverups and let the people know what's happening this could benefit all mankind.

From Bruce of Australia:

WHO = aliens,our brothers from space. not sure of which race because of differing artists impressions and lack of pictures but one of over 90 types that have been visiting us for the last few thousands of years, probably and most certainly much longer.

WHY = -our space brothers are the so-called 'missing link' religions have changed, deleted and diminished parts of the bible to help keep most of the worlds population under control crop circles are one way we help the human species and mother earth by correcting the overwhelming negativity, we use the earths energy grids.

HOW = -too little space unfortunately for a basic explanation to some of these things but within 12 years this will be common knowledge.

OTHER = space brothers can only do so much because of the power of will invested in us all, but a company called mcdonald's corporation are slowly destroying mother earth and almost more importantly the next generation of world children by subliminal methods very clear to us but not to you, please beware!

From WA of England:

WHO = Number of matters of concern.

WHY =1. "Aliens" or entities come from a different dimension by vibrating at a diferrent frquency. Take for example, eveything vibrates at it's own frequency, this prevents us from crossing over to another dimension. But what if entities or "aliens" have found a way to cross to our dimension, where the entities seem so different to us that we can't understand the entities. Bearing in mind, in a similar way some people have the gift of communicating with the deceased by communication at a different frequency.
2. Aliens are exchanging information with the highest ranking leaders in America, so contact has already been made. But for what reason, well they may want to advance technology on earth, or thay may have a alterial motive which is power and the only way they can do this is by consultation with our highest leaders.
3. Ufo's can be a coverup for something much bigger. What that is, I dont know.
4.Why is it when 2 blocks of metal, with one block of metal with a magnet attached to it, but they both weigh the same, are thrown from a building. One hits the floor sooner then the other, which defies the therioes of gravity. I believe that the earths gravity maybe important in opening a number of factors i.e.uri geller, or people with healing powers e.t.c. are able to connect with the gravitational field, which gives them their powers that seem so extradinory.

OTHER = I will leave you with these thoughts for now.
Dont want to overload your brains.

From Grimshaw of Virginia:

WHO = Aliens?

WHY = I don't think, if they were caught, we would be able to hold them, if they didn't want us to...they are probably more illeginet than us..and I doubt if they would want to help us creat a new ship that could go where they are, without an ulterior motive. Furthermore, I think most, if not all aliens are satanic...and they do Exist, at least their spaceships do...Because I saw one from a distance, and also one up close. It followed my car for about 5 miles...then swooosed sounds just really fast....I thought at first it was a blimp...because I was looking up from underneath it from my car, but I was driving so, that's what it looked to me,but I've never seen these colored light on the bottom of a blimp before,,,,but of course, I had never been that close underneath a lowwwww flying blimp before...but if this was, indeed, a blimp...and blimps can fly that fast, then whoever or whatever it was, should be flying in better crafted (artisitcallY speaking) aircraft...because I have never ever seen a blimp move that fast.

From a secret informer:

HOW = I went home,and called the local airport...and no one answered, and they should have been there....but of course, as the popular theory goes..I looked at the time, and no missing time was apparant,,the only thing that was apparant, was that my whole family that were with me that night, nor I have ever spoken together about it.

WHO = An alien who was travelling to a close by air base was shot down or malfunctioned by the government.

WHY = The government thought that if the UFO was allowed to reach the air base the aliens would be exposed to the public, this airbase obviously wasn't part of the plan run by the government

HOW = Simple ,they shot the Ufo down and some one else arrived to the site before they did.

OTHER = If you live in the area under the Southern Cross your will be the first to know of their arrival

From Jonathan of Ipswich, England:

WHO = Ourselves, years into the future when we have discovered time travel to rectify some terrible mistake we will make that will destroy the planet.

WHY = To save the advanced human race, wich probably uses 100% brain capacity, from impending doom. This wich may only be accomplished over a period of several decades.

HOW = In order to move through time we must move faster than the speed of light(Einstein), this goes along with the theory of Quarks which are the building blocks that create electrons protons and neutrons which in turn create everything else.Anyway in order to move faster than light we would have to be out of contact with he earth, idealy in space as there is no matter in space and thusly no friction. This would allow the breaking free of the spc(space time continuem). Alien reports describe beings with large craniums (heads) and of a small stature(short) and having a pale complexion. The large cranium would be explained by our evolution and advancement of knowledge, the short stature could be explained by travelling faster than light, as Einstein stated and mathematically proved the faster you travell the smaller you get, however you would need to be travelling F.T.L to observe the phenomenen. The pale complexion could be explained be several factors,1-suns energy runs out having fully converted all of its helium 2-we have created a future of nuclear winter 3-we have destroyed the earths surface and have been forced underground......

OTHER = If this is so then we will not know untill it is too late, the future can not be changed. This is for certain.Your future decides your actions, your decisions decide your future. Take your pick!

From Steve of California:

WHO = It was an alien spacecraft....

WHY = If it was some highly classified government project, the government would have been looking for it after it crashed. The government wasn't aware of the debris until Brazel notified the Sheriff after four or five days of the wreckage sitting there. The government wasn't looking for anything because the government wasn't missing anything.

HOW = Major Marcell was a reasonably intelligent man. He was the intelligence officer for the only Army airbase with nuclear bombers and weapons. He was familiar with all types of aircraft, be it foreign or domestic. He knew that the debris he was looking at was extremely unusual. Nobody likes to be wrong or look stupid. If he had any doubt about what he was looking at, he, naturally, would have reserved judgement. I am convinced that the debris was so unconventional, that Marcel knew immediately that the source had to be extreterrestrial.

OTHER = Also, look at the debris that Marcel was forced to pose with for the photographers when the weather balloon cover story was issued. I'm not a highly trained intelligence officer, but I could have comfortably determined that the wreckage was nothing to get to excited about.

From John of Sydney, Australia:

WHO = An alien craft did crash at Roswell
and there were survivors.

WHY = This information is not known by me.

HOW = This information is not known by me.

OTHER = This information was imparted by a former US Government employee in "good faith" and who was in his
younger days of service at this time.

From Hasmit of England:

WHO = During that particular date on the 4th of July an alien spacecraft did crash on our planet.

WHY = Why? Well, would you want to crash on an alien planet? Then why ask us this? They did not crash on purpose, but due to some other unknown reason. For example, an technical failure.

HOW = They crashed due to some unknown reason- as ihave said above- this may be due to some Technical failure.

OTHER = I have been interested in the Alien Phenomenon since the age of seven and am particularly interested in the Roswell incident. If the alien spacecraft did crash on our planet- and was covered up- then it must be all down to a good reason. This may be to avoid Mass Hysteria.

From Wayne of Ohio:

WHO = me

WHY = Colonization of the United States by the "Collective, Telepathic, BEE Race"

HOW = Roswell has a place in history because it probably is one of the first cities or AREAS that became all alien hive. The citizens of Roswell are all aliens. They are telepathic, mind controlling!

I.e., the aliens never left Roswell!

From Rizza:

WHO = An alien ship didn,t crash. It shot down as a hostile unknown object. Aliens have been visiting us for thousands years. This has been undected almost totally and is only apparent through speculation (no hard proof) until the Roswell incident.

WHY = In a bid to colonize us as a slave race. This occurred with the Egyptians along time ago. But it was decided that there was not a big enough work force. So they waited for the world,s population to expand. After the Roswell incident the aliens took over the government officials and created a higher power (thus the cover-up). They have since then given us new technologies i.e. cloning and new space (air) tech to speed up the process. It is only a matter of time before we are all slaves.

HOW = When in contact with one of the aliens they have the ability to transfer their <sole> or mind into our bodies by some sort of advanced ESP or whatever. This is possible somehow because they use a higher percentage of there brain. Which enables the inner being to be transported.

From Cerullo of Michigan:

WHO = The space craft that crash at Roswell was an experimential craft.The Germans had started to develop a disc craftjust before the war ended. The nazi scientists that we brought over to work on our rocket program had already created a working prototype.The Germans had found a crashed space craft in 1938 during a expedition to the south pole.

WHY = The ship was discovered by the roswell air base and the press release was issued before the people working on the project could stop it.So the weather ballon story was created to cover the true facts.

HOW = The Alien story that started by the media was a better cover up plan then anything the government could have come up with so they encrouged the story helping it grow.

OTHER = The U.S. government could never really engineer the craft to operate properly. So they removed some of the technology to use in other applications."microcumputer,sleath aircraft,and a many space travel applications.

From Someone out there:

WHO = i don't need to think beacuse i was there.

WHY = Well if you read this it is at your own risc.Beacuse the goverment will find the contens of this.and we will die.i saw a preseved aline body in area 51 on the day of the crash. i was the son of the man how had disected the extareesteal at area 51 . if you beleive me or not you nludge but i know it is true.

HOW = so if the goverment dose read this i was lieing to you but not to the peploe they need to know

OTHER = so pass this on as you go. if you read this e-mail me

From Chas of Oregon:

WHO = Migrant dusbowl era leftovers that never quite made it to California.

WHY = Because being broke and unemployed, creating controversy comes no cheaper than balsa wood and aluminum foil.

HOW = It woulda been easy. Just go to the nearest Roswell trailer park. Go to the first trailer you see with a stationwagon up on blocks, (the trailer with the refrigerator outside) and talk with the toothless lady. tell her all about the lil green men you saw land just over the mountain. ANd the word will spread like wildfire. In the mean time, go and string some old renyolds wrap (preferably used a few times already to wrap old chicken leftovers) around.

OTHER = Dont forget to tell the toothless woman in the trailer park. As she has been abducted several times, and believes herself a prime speciman for human investigation, she will talk about it like crazy.

From Chaz of Florida:

WHO = a person that believes in aliens from rockledge florida

WHY = because their must of been someother lifeform or man would of never even thought that their were other life forms plus the goverment has already been exposed why do you think area 51 no longer exits

HOW = because god probly wanted more in the gigantic universe that he has created

OTHER = i also think there are many other life forms that live amoungst us to this day.

From Tiger of New Mexico:

WHO = Roswell people are wanting to coverit up either that or they are being forced.

WHY = The gov doesn't want us to know because if roswell is real Area 51 would havt to be real.

HOW = Force

OTHER = Iwould love to meet a real alein and get to know them they could be kinda cool.

From Dean of Ontario, Canada:

WHO = US government

WHY = To prevent any aggressive nuclear-capable countries from attacking.

HOW = A staged crash followed by an apparent botched "coverup". All this around the same time the Soviets stole the atomic secrets. It was an easy way for the US to appear to have extra-terrestrial technology. This perceived military advantage could hold any would-be aggressors at bay (ie Soviets, North Koreans, China, etc) since they would never know what the potential military response could be to an attack on the US. While the world (and its spy agencies) focus on a non-existant threat, the US could focus on building better technology to defend itself.

OTHER = Although I believe in the existance of ET's, I also believe that the simplest answer is probably the correct one. Unfortunately, politics and deception rule the day!

From Eddie of Texas:

WHO = This is impossible to ascertain as well as irrelevant(for now) because of the limited and ambiguous nature of the accounts. Suffice to say that they are either not from this planet or timeframe(or both)and that the mode of travel used is beyond our present understanding of "physics".

WHY = It is probable that the 509th atomic bomb group would be a likeley attraction to these visitors, who could easily detect a nuclear stockpile from orbit. The EMF pulses generated by the lightning that summer could have affected the so-called gravity drives of a ship who's primary mode of travel is not supposed to have to contend with the gravity of a planetary mass. If what Bob Lazar claims is true, the discs were not primarily intended to fly in planetary atmosphere, hence the 'kooky' manouevers they sometimes exhibit. An electrogravitic drive would probably be quite negativeley affected by an EMF pulse or worse yet a direct lightning strike.

HOW = Physical space is not what it seems to be. Even mainstream science cannot account for the 'missing' 90% of the universe. This means that our present view of time/space is rudimentary indeed. Therefore, it does not matter how they did it, they obviously did it. If you want to talk warps, or wormholes, thats fine, but even those are theoretical to our understanding of the nature of the universe. Prior to the 20th century, even the greatest theoretical thinkers did not realize the obvious potential of the rocket, already thousands of years old. Many of the most brilliant 19th century minds conceived of tremendous momentum devices to catapult us into orbit. this demonstrated how, intellectually and theoretically "you can't get there from here." How they do it is beyond the understanding of even the best of us.

OTHER = Whoever they are, they have been with us longer than we have known ourselves. In fact, I believe that one of the facets that the Powers fear us learning is the "Von Daniken" factor, nameley that they have had intervention in our civilization, our technology, and possibly even our genetic constitution since before recorded time. As for invasion, that cannot be under serious consideration for they have had the oppourtunity of millenia to do that, and now we are in the billions, armed with nuclear weapons and mass communication. If the agenda was to overpower us, they already blew the oppourtunity.

From "Some One Who Knows" from Texas:

WHO = people are not ready for the truth because what they have not seen may scare them

WHY = aliens are on this earth for sure and sometime in the future we sill see them

HOW = the government will come out with the truth and when he does we will hopefully be ready

OTHER = i think that when they show us the truth you will see why they covered it up in they covered it up in the first place.

From "Can Not Say"...




From Charlie of South Africa...

WHO = The goverments of the world are afraid themself at what they found at Roswell and they don`t know how to handle the truth. They could have also been possesed by alien "spirits" when they openend the craft or the alien bodies and this "spirits" could be forceing them to silence.

WHY = They want to take the world by surprise and overthrow the structure of nature and all that goes with it. I think that they realised that Nostradamus was correct all these years and they fear for the rest of the predictions to be true. As for Roswell, I have no idea why they are keeping it a secret `cause we as they people of earth has the right to know what happend on that day.

HOW = I think that the alien crafts can jump time periods and thus travel to a less developed universe. Or another theory is that they transport through Black Hole or Worm Holes with gives them passage to this world.

From Galihaed...

WHO = people will freak ooout if they seen aleins

WHY = it is human nature to fear what they can't understand

HOW = it well probily cuase mass histeria

OTHER = I think the cover up was to protect us agianst ourselves

From Gator of Antwerp, Belgium...

WHO = I believe the USAF shot down a spyplane or experimental satellite of the USSR.

WHY = The USAF wouldn't let an hostile aircraft (human or alien) come close to an airbase.

HOW = In that time, no Nato member could be possessing accurate weapons to shoot down an alien. The war was just over for a few years. If you can travel from another planet to earth, you can definetely avoid "primitive" WW II weapons.

OTHER = If it's alien, the crash must be an accident and not a human hit from convential weapons. Nuclear is not possible at that time.

From John of Washington...

WHO = U.S. weather ballon.

WHY = It lost altitude and crashed.

HOW = Loss of ballons lighter than air contents.

OTHER = Thank the tabloids and the sesationalist journalists of the day who engaged in questionable journalism which led to the bizzare and inaccurate rports whic have forever served to fuel the fires of ufo buffs. I don't believe a ufo crashed there. Although I always respect the views of those who disagree with me.





















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