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From Jack of New Zealand:

He got in his sub and and went to miami with the rest of the old folks. and was getting welfare checks from uncle sam.


From J.S. of New Orleans:

WHO = adolf hitler escaped from germany to south america.

WHY = to plan world war three.

HOW = by plane and by ship.

OTHER = hitler planned to gain control of the usa government. part of this plan took place on november22.1963 when jfk was murdered in dallas, texas in front of the police station and later when harvey oswald-russian patsy was murdered in the police station,and jack ruby was murdered in the dallas jail.israel to attack russia, russia will then attack the west.usa will be destroyed, western europe will attack russia.both russia and the usa will be western europe will fight war with china in the middle east.unless those days be shorten, no flesh shall be saved book of revelation by john the younger, last book of the new testament bible.


From David of Korea:

HOW = Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler were actually the same person! Note the facial resemblance!

After the war, Hitler fled to southern California with Eva Braun. There, Hitler lived as "Chaplin," and murdered Aldous Huxley with an overdose of LSD when Huxley started getting suspicious. Braun earned a living as an Ingrid Bergman impersonator.

Hitler was killed when his bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz crashed into a bridge abutment during the 1971 San Fernando earthquake. Eva Braun ended her days at a home for the aged in Pasadena.

You want proof? The 1969 moon landing! Don't you see? The moon landing! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh...


From Adolf:

WHO = no one killed hitler

WHY = because i am still alive

HOW = one theory on this web site is correct. i did escape with millions of dollers and gold which have still no been found until today and will never be found as only 3 people on this planet know were it is.

OTHER = i escaped because i was affiad of death and have two childen to bring up. but... The mother land of all places is always Berlin!!. or commonly known as Germany. i am very sorrey for everything that i have done. but this like many other statements that i have made will be thought of as fakes!! u can make up your own dicision.

Hiy Hitler!!


From Derik of Snowy, Ice Land...

WHO = hitler

WHY = he was affraid of spiders

HOW = he got bit by a black widow.

OTHER = he was swallowed whole by a boa constricter. that is why they never found his body.


From Steve of Florida ...

WHO = Still alive. Bags groceries at 'Publix'. Worked on Joe Carollo's campaign last year.

WHY = Nazi doctors' experiments in life extension allowed 'der Fuerher' to father many little dictators in South America, post-war. He got tired of the 100 'killer bee' stings he had to take every day to remain youthful. Moved to Miami Beach at age 85 in 1970, looking like a 'youthful' 65 year old.

HOW = Early cloning experiments, later banned by the U.N. Bee sting therapy arrested and partially reversed aging process.

OTHER = He keeps putting canned food and detergent in the same bags as my fresh fruits and cold cuts...damn grocery NAZI!


From Croc Dundee of Australia ...

WHO = Adolf Hitler fled to australia

WHY = At the time it was the only place that Hitler could hide and not be found out.

HOW = Created fake passports and bribed a young neo-nazi scotsman to fly him to the city of Darwin, Australia. He shaved his mostache and his hair and was never suspected of being Adolf Hitler (...we all know he died in that bunker in Berlin...Right?). 15years in Darwin Australia and then he fled to Argentina.

OTHER = How do i know this...let's just say i'm an honest scotsman who migrated to australia about 55 years ago.


From Dirk....

Sorry, but all your theories are wrong!

Adolf Hitler is still live. living in a small town on cuba he is trying to dominate the world out of the underground of different communist-associations. Formerly known as elvis presley he cooperates with several white power- and rockabilly-bands.... will tell you more, when i get new information.


From David of Indiana...

Hitler was abducted by aliens.


From Biff of Ninuvit (First Nations of Canada)...

WHO = Ally McBeal

WHY = Ally had to kill Hitler so that she wouldn't hallucinate about the German overlord during one of her weird spells. By killing Hitler, she ensured that she'd see the more musical Al Greene and Barry Manilow. She saved us all....

HOW = With the lead pipe, in the library.


From Rob in the USA...

I'm not permitted to disclose how I know this but Hitler DID die in the bunker. Apparantly, the bunker ran out of small kittens for Hitler to stomp to death (his favorite hobby) and he flew into a rage. He'd been warned repeatedly by his doctors about the medical danger of his rages, but on this occasion he became so irate his head exploded.

Many innocent bystanders were killed by flying debris during the incident which explains the shortage of witnesses to his death. Eva, who was pregnant, did escape the bunker and Hitler's child was born and took over the world (he currently heads Microsoft). Now you all know the truth we can final put this matter to rest

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