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From Jason...

If Hitler's DNA has been solved, then the question of Eva Braun's DNA can hopefully be cleared up, and may prove to be more interesting. I am a relic collector who recently purchased several thousand strands of her hair, obtained from a silver EB-monogrammed brush looted from her bunker quarters in the Berghof in August of 1945 by a 7th Army soldier who kept it for 50 years in his attic and sold it to a collector, from whom I purchased it. I am currently seeking Gertrude Weisker, Eva's cousin, for a comparative DNA test, which is valid in a court of law. I contend that Mrs. Eva Braun Hitler was half Jewish from her father's side. I have evidence that Fritz Braun's father was a conservative Jew who was outraged that his son married a staunch Catholic girl (Fanny). That was why Eva was raised in a convent, to cover up and rid herself of her Jewish background. This was something Himmler, Bormann, and Hitler missed in their initial background search of Eva. Eva herself may not have known, but Fritz did, and this explains his nervousness at her getting involved with Hitler. If Hitler found out, the whole family would have been toast! And then there was the aspect of strict Catholic background, where marriage was the honorable thing to do. But no one went against Hitler's wishes, and the whole issue was swept away, until they knew Hitler would fall, and that's why Eva went back to Berlin, to procure a marriage from Hitler. His "undying" love would have meant marriage for Eva, and would have, in her eyes, brought her back into her father's favor, dead or alive. Ironically, if Eva's DNA proves that she was a Jew, then I can legally annul the marriage postmortem. Under Nazi statutes, a 50% Jew cannot marry a pure Aryan.

Can anyone help me locate Mrs. Weisker? She lives in Jena Germany and has appeared on numerous talk shows and interviews in Germany. She is about 80 now and time is of the essence. I think this would make an excellent documentary. If there is someone more versed in Nazi history and can offer some suggestions re my theories, please feel free to contact me, but I'm really looking for someone to put me in touch with Mrs. Weisker.

Jason >

Baltimore, Maryland

From Ted...




From Jasmine...

I think that he set the house alight that they were in and got his wife to shoot him straight after he took a poisonous tablet, then she took one herself.

From Henk...

The truth may be stated in the recent book by Ron T. Hansig, entitled "Hitler's Escape". His evidence that Hitler escaped Berlin on April 22nd, 1945 is very convincing.

From Deborah...

Hitler killed himself in the bunker. If he didn't then all the other witnesses that state that he declared he would kill himself many times in the preceding days (and the reasons he gave, which were good ones) would also have to be lying.

If Hitler didn't intend to go down with Berlin, die rather than surrender, then why did he stay in Berlin at all when so many others escaped, and begged him to leave? Of course he could have escaped but he refused to again and again. If he was going to escape he would have done it earlier.

I think Hitler simultaneously shot himself (as he'd previously been worried about the effectiveness of cyanide and had been advised to shoot himself to make sure) and Eva Braun just took cyanide (as she said she didn't want a disfigured corpse).

If you're worried about DNA evidence, the fragment of Hitler's skull that has been in Russia for years was DNA tested a couple of years ago against Hitler's surviving relatives and it is his.

A Researcher, London

From Shawn...

I personally think that Adolf Hitler was definitely not killed in the confines of his "Fuhrer Bunker", and he did not kill himself. He was too proud of what he had accomplished, seeing that he was very successful in WWII. I think that his double was killed in his place and he escaped to the mountains through a secret tunnel. After the word got through that Hitler had made it through, the tunnel was destroyed by Stumpfegger and by his butler Linge. Then the tunnel was paved over and there is no existing evidence that the tunnel ever existed. When in the mountains or the hills, he and the Germans who escaped with him built a hut way way out in the hills and mountains.I the course of two years, the prisoners of the German Heer and the other German WWII armed forces were slowly moved up into the hills when they were released after the official end of WWII. When they had gathered up 35 or so experienced men, they planed an escape to Sicily. They traveled by 6 different planes and once in Sicily, they took 6 different planes and from there they traveled to South Africa. There they gathered up 15 more very experienced members of the former Afrika Korps who were living there because they had come to love Afrika after serving a lot of time there. After picking up the released German prisoners of war, they escaped to a desert island where they established a little town and society. Little by little, a handful of the troops mak trips to South America where they received supplies.

As for what happened in Berlin... a look-a-like was shot and killed and then burned. Tests were preformed to see if it was actually Hitler's ashes. The tests proved negative and The Russian's panicked an sent out numerous amount of propaganda pictures and and information to help cover up the truth. Before the fall of Russia as we knew it, Stalin had to tell someone else, so he told Truman over lunch that "Hitler had escaped" (as you stated on your website). Truman only told a handful of people and eventually, Stalin's statement had got around to a lot of people. But, all those people chose not to believe it because they thought that the thought of the strategic genius, but also evil Adolf Hitler being alive would be too frightful, so they branded it propaganda. The same thing happened with Adolf's wife, Eva Braun-Hitler, a look-a-like of her was poisoned with cyanide. Eva Braun-Hitler escaped by disguising herself as a civilian. She made her way to Australia and later linked with "der Fuhrer" on the island.

After three years of living on the island, Hitler and Eva got into a huge fight and Eva killed herself. The islanders expected Hitler to be completely overcome by greif, but really, he was not. The islanders lived undisturbed on their little island colony for fifteen years. They had lost five men to Malaria, but the rest of the islanders were perfectly healthy. They lived fifteen years without any contact until a tribe found them and attacked. The former WWII veterans easily gunned down the vicious tribe. For five more years they lived undisturbed until they were again attacked by yet another tribe. They lost two men to the tribe this time. Hitler became furious about this and decided it was time to set out to sea to find another island to move to, seeing that they had used up most of the Island's resources. So Adolf sends one of the men to go get supplies. As soon as he returns, another tribe attacks with spears once again, but this time, with three times the size. They do not have time to think of what to do with the 3 airplanes so they just take oof to sea with the very well put together boat (which was made up of the 3 other airplanes). The islanders fight off most of the savages, but they just keep on coming. They loose 10 men before they can start to resist the vicious tribe. In the fight to keep the savages at bay, they crash into a rock and the boat cracks apart. Everyone is in the water when they notice that the natives start to rapidly paddle away. The water was infested withs sharks. half of the islanders are attacked and killed by the sharks while the rest of the Veterans were picked up by the savages, their fate unknown but probably brutal. So there Adolf floats, alone with his Walther p38. He fights off some of the sharks, but they over run him. He puts the gun to his head, then has a flashback of the days of him in the bunker. He looks at his pistol, and throws it into the depths if the ocean. The sharks overcome him and finally, perhaps the greatest military mind of the 20th century, died, right there, in the South Atlantic ocean.

I know for a fact that is what happened to Adolf Hitler. He was too proud of himself, and he would of never committed suicide, under any circumstances.

From someone...

Adolf Fuhrer, Hitler never died during the war, on the last day of the war, he marry Eva because he want her to help him to convince the world he is dead. He ask Eva to take poison and he shot his double. Later the corpse was burned.

It did fooled the world as who would expect Eva would be willing to die for hitler? Hitler fled to Argentina and later to Antartica. there he directed underground neo nazi movement until his death in 1969.

From Mark...

Because he set the scene himself in that bunker and he ordered that his and Eva Braun's bodies must be burned after the had killed themselves. Still the fact stays that his dental records fitted equally to those found on that burned body. The dental records must had been changed then is the only option. I also think that he has escaped to Argentina. Greetings, Mark-Vincent alias Bizar

From John...

Eye witnesses place Hitler in his bunker while Russian troops were closing in on him from FOUR BLOCKS away. If he were able to escape the bunker, he would have needed to slip past an army which SURROUNDED Berlin.

The reason that most historians believe he killed himself and ordered the disposal of his body was not because he wanted "the last laugh in a war which was part of his master plan" or to "fool the Russians while he made his escape" but because he didn't want to suffer the same fate as Mussolini. He would leave behind no "symbol of defeat" (i.e a Hitler body or captured Hitler) for the victorious Russians to parade to the World.

If he survived (escaped) he could suffer that same fate...just at a later date! If he escaped, he would have no army protection outside of Berlin either... it was too much of a risk (even for him).

Hitler WAS a big risk taker (with the lives of his soldiers) but a propaganda risk such as this, would have been too much for him to consider a viable option at that stage!!! His closest aides repeatedly offered him escape routes from the bunker complex yet he repeatedly turned them down. He shot himself and ordered aides to burn his body in the courtyard of the Bunker complex...Bish, bosh, bash...job's a goodun!!!

John from London

From Justin...

April 30 1945 - the war for Germany was in its final hours. Hitler undoubtedly was passed recent information about Mussolini, and his demise.

You have to realize this was a man who believed in his cause. He was eccentric, but determined. Hitler knew what the Russians would do to him if he was caught. This is the same man who only years before had bragged about 1000 generations of Nazi rule to come.

Adolf Hitler in these last moments of this Nazi Empire he'd envisioned and built watched while Berlin was being conquered by the Russians. Hitler was not known to be the type to retract prior statements or accept ANY form of defeat graciously. On April 29 1945 in the early hours of the morning following his last will and testament he wanted to set an example of his leadership (now obviously criticized by many) - suicide was not only a physical escape from unavoidable destiny, but also mental anguish as well. His life and death was a black and white issue to him intertwined with his Socialistic Party.

As a select few high ranking Nazi officials DID escape and make it to South America, it's certain that Hitler likely could've but this was never in his mindset. However, in regards to Hitler's body, it's very likely he made certain before his death it (or Eva's) not be found. While likely that other bunker suicide victims like Martin Bormann and Dr. Goebbels' bodies were burned in the garden and buried it is highly unlikely that Hitler and Eva's bodies were as well. They likely were burned (maybe in the garden) but buried elsewhere as to prevent prevent such 'trophies' as ever being found by the Allies.

Everything considered, Hitler may not have killed himself in the bunker, but instead ordered himself shot/poisoned, but he did die in or near the bunker in mid afternoon April 30th 1945. His burial is the coverup, if one exists.

From Olivier...

Something is certain: today Hitler is certainly dead!

In fact, all what is known about the suicide of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in the Berlin's Bunker has been told by is personal valets Kempka and Lintz, to the Russian authorities in Berlin after May 1945. Then another testimony came soon from his secretary Mrs Traudl that has bring up the German movie, the fall. General Zhukov himself have concluded in front of the allied authorities that no proof of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun bodies have been found around the Reichstag. They were supposed to be burned but quickly, it should have leave the bodies or the bones? Russian authorities have found the bodies of Dr Goebbels and his whole family. Himmler has been arrested and he suicided in his jail. Hermann Goring has been arrested in Munich, in a restaurant while he was eating, judged at Nuremberg, he has been condemned to the death penalty. Rudolf Hess was captured in Great Britain in 1942, while he was trying some plot with the Duke of Windsor against the english crown that could have bring up a peace treaty between Germany and England. He has passed the rest of his life in the Landsberg jail of Berlin.

For some other Nazi officials, it was less obvious, like for Martin Bormann. He is supposed to be dead in Berlin in 1945. While there is a lot of chances that he has escaped by the subway and been taken in charge by the Soviet Cheka. Bormann was a very strange nazi, that in the last days have been treated by Himmler and Goering like a betrayer. There are chances that he could have been in contact with the English secret service and with the Russians too ! Goering have blamed the defeat on him, thinking that he was working for Stalin. In the last days of the Reich there have been fights about who shall succeed to Hitler. Bormann was the favorite after Hess has leave Germany to England in 1942, when Goering blamed on him and Goebbels tried to get read of him. Then when Goering went to Munich, he declares himself the successor of Hitler. Then Hitler start his rage against his own ministers, thinking that he was surrounded by betrayers. Hitler was really sick, he had Parkinson's and was under the cure of some medicine that was killing him little by little. It's possible that his personal doctor was payed by some of his minister that wanted his place. His disease was increasing quicker after July 1944, when he escaped, but certainly be not without aftermaths, to the bombing of Rastenburg bunker by Von Stauffenberg.

Between March and May 1945, for several times Hitler have been given possibilities to leave Berlin or to go in other places. Was there some double of him that could even have replaced him ? Some observers have proposed such a possibility after the 20th July 1944 where he could have been dead. He could have leaved Berlin by plane for many occasions. Kempka said that he was believing that everywhere in the world he would be, the war shall continue there and he wanted to sink with the ship, like the captain. The last month of the reich in Berlin were a surrealistic horror like you can see in the movie. Young children from the Yougent and old people enrolled by force with some antitank rocket launchers to stop the Russian army advance. The fanatical nazi headquarters were decided to sacrifice until the last german to this battle.

Something that is less known is the plundering of the Reichbank gold in April 1945 by the Waffen SS. It was orders from Hitler himself given before he wrote his political testament. He wanted all the gold of Germany, most stollen in the occupied countries to be taken into trucks and planes to different places in the world into hidden treasury places only known by the most faithful Nazis. It could be used in the future for the rebuilt of some new National socialist ideology political party. Some of the Reichbank gold bars have been lost in Austria by the end of 1945, into the Toplitz lake. Trucks carrying gold have been taken into a American forces ambush and have fallen into the lake deep waters. There is some other places in Austria where is hidden the german gold and other richness stollen by the Nazis and hidden into private places. In fact, from 1946 to 1952, autonomous nazi groups leaded by some SS were still hiding into eastern Europa. The police of most Eastern Europe countries, like Poland Tchequia, Romania and other Balkan states have tracked them down for many years. Mainly in Austria, many nazi criminals have found escape. Some through Italy, where the Vatican have provide them Red cross international passport (Eichmann, Klaus Barbie and Alois Brunner have escaped with help from the Vatican ). Even today Israeli secret service has kept all files about researched nazi criminals. They have captured Eichmann in Argentina in the 1960s and put him on trial in Jerusalem where he was condemned to death.

Argentina, in the south east of Buenos Aires was a german colony before the 1930s, in the Fire land that germans were calling Feuerland. Many German U Boats have sailed to South America in the summer 1945. It was already well known that many nazi criminals have taken refuge in South America (Eichmann and Dr Mengele in Argentina, Barbie in Bolivia, some in Paraguay and even in Chile ) There are strong proofs that Dr Mengele is dead in the 1950s in Argentina. Then America is not clean too, with the Paper clip program that have extracted scientist like Von Braun and Von Neumann who were serving the Reich.

>The most intelligent was certain General Reinhart Gellen, the chief of the german counterspy office, Abwher. During 3 years of war against Russia, he has created a whole information network of infiltrated agents. His most secret agents were infiltrated even into the kremlin's offices, near from Stalin. Seeing that it was lost in 1945, he has put all the important documents into his personal wallet and went to Munich to surrender to the American. He immediately asked to encounter the OSS chief James Angleton to talk with him. He certainly have been persuasive, because the CIA have named him as chief of his office in Munich called BND in 1956 to settle a network of spies into soviet union.

Did really Hitler have escaped Berlin? And some other soldier was killed and burned at his place? It was a sick old man who could have escaped. He shouldn't have live a long time after. In fact the issue of war in Berlin has already been decided in Yalta in 1942.

From Will...

I think that his double was the body photographed. I also think the American gov't. was thrown off by hitler and hitler escaped. but to cover up their shame of never catching the murder of 6 million of my people, just fed to the media that he killed himself. and then because America never really gave a crap about jews in the first place (hence America never getting fully involved in ww2 until getting attacked) they never pursued him after the end of the third Reich.

Will the Jew

From Mark...

Dental records had been changed long before he presumably died of both Eva Braun as from himself !!

Of course a man like Hitler had a plan to disappear when things would go wrong in the future.

People who could plan so detailed surely would have had an escape plan too !?!?!!!!!!

I hope he didn't escape and died by suicide which is hopefully for him to go to hell straight away !!

IN 1948 he stayed at an hotel in Argentina and in 1975 the dossier of the FBI on Hitler was closed.

The Russian KGB says that they dumped his body in 1970 in a river.

Some say that he awaits a flying saucer to conquer another world .......... Phew......... what can I say.......... Well I am sure that he is dead in 2004 !!! Bizar.

From Jim...

If one is a historian and views film footage from the last days of National Socialism, you can clearly see from a medical viewpoint that Hitler was critically ill, showed signs of Parkinson's disease, and from years of drug abuse could not have survived and attempt to escape Berlin with the whole of the Russian Army pointed straight at him.

His main fear was suffering the fate of his Axis friend Mussolini who was strung up with piano wire and hung until his carcass was an unrecognizable lump. Hitler's Megalomanic ego would not have permitted even an attempt at capture, and his belief in Dark Astrology proclaimed his hour of death.

Hitler is Dead, there is no conspiracy other than the survival of his Nazi system in the form of skinhead revolution who parade around in SA uniforms with swastikas preaching racial purity.

Hitler was one who could be called antichrist, and was defeated because he let all the impure genius scientist who invented the bomb go west.

There is no conspiracy. Herr Hitler is dead Jim Tucson AZ

From Connor...

I think Hitler killed himself because he was just tired of killing people and he was so freaking stupid. His wife killed herself too because she wanted to be with her husband. Right now I bet they are rotting in HELL! 1945.

Connor from Minnesota

From Mark...

Hitler still lives...well past his supposed death in 1945. He faked Eva's and his own death and escaped to Argentina. They had a son.

* * * * *

From Julia...

WHO: I think Adolf Hitler killed himself.

WHY: Who knows maybe he thought he was going to die and that it's better to die than suffer death the hard way. he is definitely not alive today. If he was he would be hiding and really, really old.

From Aaron...

After watching footage and studying history of took place on April 30 1945, I believe that Hitler did in fact did kill him self with the intent of having the last laugh in a war that was a part for his master plan, but a question still remains if he did kill him self why wasn't a single remain of tissue or blood found or even attempted to this day? Why is Germany not doing its best to uncover this huge question in history?


From Mike...

To this day there is a huge amount of secrets about World War 2. One of them will turn out to be the survival of Adolf Hitler. The vast majority of you are upset by the very thought of Hitler's survival, probably in Argentina. The key word here is "upset" for you. Most of you have been conditioned throughout your lives to react to certain "buzz-words". The name of Adolf Hitler is one of your "buzz-words". You react in a programmed manner that his survival is impossible, because he was Hitler. And you automatically think, no way could that have happened. That is totally unthinkable to conditioned thinkers. Or as I would call you conditioned reactors. Think outside of the BOX. If you can.


From Hilary of San Diego...

WHO = Hitler and Braun both killed themselves in the bunker. Their bodies were burnt, to insure that their enemies would not get the satisfaction of having their bodies to claim victory.

WHY = Hitler knew that his 1000 year reich would not succeed, and that the Jews still had survivors in Europe, so he knew he could hide, and he would rather kill himself, then admit defeat, and wrong doing. he wanted Eva to go with him, because he wanted his companion, and he didn't want to risk Eva talking to the allies about himself.

HOW = I believe that all along in secret Hitler had planned that he would commit suicide, if the germans would lose. He personally knew his military weaknesses, but he did not admit anything to anyone. I think that the only people he discussed this plan with was Eva, and Martin Bormann. He knew at once, when Himmler betrayed him, that he did not want to tell Heinrich what his last plans were in the bunker. i think at the end, Martin Bormann was the only person he completely trusted, as a fellow nazi.

OTHER = Anyone who has researched hitler, and the holocaust, knows that hitler was a manic depressive, and only when he spoke, was how he was able to achieve sexual pleasure. I believe that hitler had such hatred for himself, that he wanted to destroy all that reminded him of his roots. hitler did have some jewish blood, he had bi sexual tendencies, he was from Austria, not Germany. he was not the perfect aryan. He was destined to be the most hated man ever to exist. Hitler had already been imprisoned once, and he could not face the fact of life in prison, or sentenced to death.

What i have a problem with, is that I don't think that Hitler could actually kill himself. i think he had to have someone do it. not even Eva, i think that the SS men that stayed with him until the end, did the dirty work. I just do not understand how such brutality existed like this. I do not think there are enough nazi hunters in the world. for those who think hitler survived, I don't think he did. he would have been recognized, and no one would hide him. after all, his nazis were dealing with their own trials of committing crimes against humanity.

Hilary From San Diego CA

From Vladimir...

I think that you all go crazy, and I also recommend to all those who think that Hitler was a genius to read same literature about wwII, my recommendation is the book written by Albert Speer while he was the prisoner in Spandau. the book is: ERINNERUNGEN, or the memories from third reich.


From Someone, Somewhere...

Hitler escaped the bunker through a series of tunnels.

He was transported to South America.

I believe he is cryogenically frozen, and right now powerful yet secretive forces are plotting his return...

From Princess in the United States...

I think he killed himself and his wife killed herself so they could be together and because he knew he would get caught sometime. From: Princess in the United States.

From someone...

I feel that Hitler, and Eva Braun DID kill themselves, below the ground of Berlin ! Simply for the fact that Hitler knew all along that he would not have his thousand year Reich, and the german race would not be in control of the world ! I believe that maybe he thought that Bormann would have killed himself also, OR he made him swear to rid of his, and his brides bodies, before anyone could get to them.We all agree that Adolf Hitler was a mad man, and manic depressive. Therefore, he killed himself, because he could not make a sane decision, and give himself up!

What is a mystery to me, is that when Auschwitz, Treblinka, Babi Yar, Bergen-Belsen, and the others were operating its death factories, killing by the 10s of thousands per day. It seems as if most of the Nazis knew they were committing crimes of humanity, for many sought after at least ONE Jew to vow for their " Character ", when the war ended. They had been afraid of the Jews after all.

For the cowards who escaped, and were later caught, like Eichmann, justice prevailed. I know Hitler could not bear to live, for he would have been forced to stand trial, and see his beloved Germany become a democracy, and pay back its debt to the victims of the trenches, mass graves, & the gas chambers.

No one will ever know what made Adolf Hitler the monster that he was, but we must never forget him, and what he did, because if we did, history would be doomed to repeat itself!

From a David...

In the early 1930s an assassination attempt almost succeeded.

Doubles were already at the ready, and were used more often as time went on.The original Hitler made very few appearances after that, even Eva Braun had a double. They moved out of the country. Hitler, having done his part in putting Germany (back together again), left things up to the others, who had the knowledge to guide the new Furher with army precision. A successful assassination, left this group with the worst of the doubles, barely resembling the original, he made his own choices, (because he could). You would have to dig pretty deep to find the originals DNA, so recent samples as of say, the late 30s, would appear to put the lid on the mystery. NOT!!! The last sighting of Hitler, Eva Braun, and another couple (unidentified) was in the early 70's in San Diego, California...


From a WW2 Buff in Michigan...

Two things about Hitler are certain. First, the man was a genius. Second, he was the most evil creature to walk the face of this earth.

As far as his death, having read a number of books, there is no way this man shot himself. People of this type consider themselves Gods. Consider the bombing that he narrowly escaped. Providence (God?) supposedly watched over him that day. He was every bit as much like Hussein or Bin Laden today. These "supposed" Gods are never the ones at fault, it's their subordinates. As the Russian front fell apart he became increasingly incensed with the ineptitude of his generals. Never for a second did he take the blame on his own shoulders. My opinion is that he escaped long before Berlin was actually occupied and fled to South America. In his own mind I'm sure he fully expected to try things again with a"better group of disciples". As for the bodies found at the bunker site, certainly they were very carefully chosen doubles. More than likely someone willing to die for their Fuhrer, just as radicals today are willing to die to keep the God-like myth of Hussein or Bin Laden alive.

Thankfully Hitler was never to get that second chance to sodomize the world with his evil. The lesson to be learned is to never allow someone like Hitler to do so again.

Michigan WWII Buff

From Russell...

The Ones sent by "someone" are either a practical joke, or someone who has an honest opinion a few people may agree with. Either way, My opinion is, that, after several attempts to kill Hitler, Linge was shot by Hitlers loyal guards. There were probably more people fighting in Berlin, and in the bunker. While My theory is that Gunsche, driven by loyalty, piloted hitler out in a messershmit. Hitler escaped, and his double died.

One of the popular theories is that he went to South America, and figures out to make clones in their sick research labs. Anyway, He would got to South America, and there he would make clones of himself. While the theory of the Nazi's living in America, is sensible, since, the Americans did not feel hate towards Hitler in the same way. Neo Nazi's may be the Hitler Youth that may have moved to America, and spread through Europe. After Gunsche Got him out, He may have slaughtered Hitler, or as he said it, Hitler asked him to kill him, but that was in the Berlin Bunker. Hitler was stupid, he could've gotten out of Berlin fast, and safe. The Russians claimed they have his skull. But, The thing is, the line that intrigued me is: "A guy Named Adolf Hitler Never Existed." what if. what if Adolf never existed? his siblings died. His mother died. Cover up? the night of long knives could've been them killing people who had ever seen him. The Germans Could've needed to do something about the depression. They used a "NSDAP party" this may have been just a street gang, and in the end, they thought they could kill Jews as some people think Hitler never knew about the extermination. As hitler was surrounded by sick people the original government officials plotted to kill hitler.

Some of my insight, Russ.

From Jeanne...

For all you people that think Hitler was a a great leader your all crazy he was a sadistic man not human at all. My uncle was in a camp of his for being polish luckily he survived and the things he told me you crazy people couldn't even imagine. I hope he's burning in hell.

From Doug...

if he did get away then he is dead by now.

From Bart...

If you check out the last picture of Hitler, standing in the ruins of the Reichskanzlerei, his shoulders raised up like vulture's wings and his head lurking in the dark shelter of his upright collar and the commander-in-chief hat, staring gloomily over the debris, it's hard to imagine him as 'smart'. I know a lot of US citizens still are taught to think of the Austrian failed academy applicant as a 'genius of politics, communication and strategy', but let me burst that little bubble for you right here and now: he wasn't. He was the right man in the right place at the right time with the right attitude: ruthless, self-absorbed, hysterical and easily manipulated. In the first film Leni Riefenstahl made for the NSDAP, it's very clear that the party was still organizing itself and was not at all ready for the 'great' task it had set for itself. For one thing, SA-leider Ernst Rohm is prominently present wherever Hitler emerges to greet the people, as some kind of fat, short shadow. He later gets killed.

In order for the assassination is usually attributed to Adolf Hitler, but there is no real evidence that pins the Austrian funnyman to the murder. The truth is that there was a struggle for power in the upper ranks of the NSDAP and similar organizations like SS und SA. The NSDAP, being by far the best organised, and featuring the wits of people like Rudolph Hess, Herman Goering und others, as well as enjoying the support of a large part of the German army supreme command, came out on top. The rest, as they say, is history. The xenophobe, anti-semite, hyper-nationalist rhetorics were not seen at the Nuremberg rally. They only became an essential part of the Nazi-ideology when there was need for a scapegoat, to justify the huge economic crisis Germany was going through and that 'smart' Hitler was unable to counter other than by stimulating a huge war economy.

Looks familiar? It gets better: The Nuremberg films Riefenstahl made show a ranting Hitler, shrieking under a firelit, huge swastika - with a lot of eagles around too, coincidentally. And what does old mustachio shriek? Exactly: that he gets his authority directly from 'Gawd'. May 'Gawd' continue to bless Germany, so to speak. I'm not sure that was before or after the 'cowardly act' the NSDAP-staged when a 'terrorist attack' set the Reichstag, home of the German parliament, ablaze. The assault was attributed to Marinus Van Der Lubbe, a 1930's Lee Harvey Oswald from Holland, who was subsequently hanged after a show trial.

A 1930s collage of Helmut Hertzfeld, German photographer and artist who worked under the name of John Heartfield, shows Hitler posing his personal Nazi-salute: not the one with the right arm stretched, but the one with the elbow bent and the palm raised upward next to his head. The collage features the anonymous figure of a stereotype capitalist (fat, fur coat, cigar, top hat) handing him a bundle of money from behind. The caption reads a quote - presumably written by Goebels for him - that Hitler often used in speeches: "Millionen stehen hinter mir" or 'I have millions behind me'. Now, if John Heartfield could see and say that clear back in the 1930's, it's clear to me that this was public knowledge - although not the kind of public knowledge that is safe to speak out in public in the paranoid, insecure, drifting-to-the-right Germany of the New Order. Hitler was a puppet with many strings attached.

Back to Hitlers death. Having survived several attacks on his life, more often than not performed or arranged by high ranking members of the military or NSDAP, having made several gross errors in judgement during the course of the war and reacting increasingly unpredictable, moody and whimsical, the old Wiener had maneuvered himself into isolation. Eva Braun, Joseph Goebels, Goebels' wife and children, Hitlers secretary Traudl Junge and one or two personal assistants were the only people he saw during his stay in the bunker during the last days of the war. The occasional Feltwebel standing guard or delivering messages would occasionally encounter a shabby, old-before-his-age, trembling, introvert man shuffling through the narrow hallways at great effort.

To top that there had been Rudolph Hess' flight to England. Rudolph Hess was appointed by Adolf Hitler himself as his substitute and, eventually, successor. The 'peace mission' of one of his most faithful followers - only that creep Goebels was more faithful to his Führer, like some kind of revolting human puppy dog - must have been a blow for Hitler. Apart from essential military and strategic information, Hess brought with him a proposal for peace based on German surrender and the immediate resignation of the Reichskanzler. Earlier, key military officers like Von Stauffenberg and Rommel had either taken part in or supported attempts to oust him. Some had taken their own life, others had been forced to, yet others had simply been killed by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

In these circumstances it does not seem very plausible that Hitler had some great escape plan. Even if others had arranged it for him, the suicide of Goebels and his entire family - who else would have arranged the Führers escape? - thwarted that. Besides that, Hitler was 56 years old by the end of the war, and he was not in great shape. Escaping the war torn Berlin would have been a huge task for him to undertake, even with all the help he could get. It also seems unlikely that, being the hopeless romantic he was, he would have let Eva Braun kill herself and then just take off. Eichmann, Mengele and many others had not only the US-supported Gehlen-network to their disposal, they also had the advantage of timing - stuck in his bunker by the end of the war Hitler was usually the last to know anything, and the machinery of lies and propaganda used to reassure the German people, had now turned itself against him, simply because no one dared play the part of messenger of bad news. So the German troops were "Fighting off the enemy all the way to Berlin" as a German high ranked military official once put it. Besides that, where could Hitler go?

What country would harbor the man that had been branded world wide as evil incarnate? He did not have any of the advantages Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden have. He couldn't appeal to any religious or cultural identity in neighboring countries - he had just spent five years ravishing them. If anywhere, he could have gone to America. Be it South-America or the USA. But for what purpose? What use could he be, what role could he possibly play? Who needed him there? He must have realized all this himself, and subsequently seen no other honorable option than to take his own life.

The Nazi-ideology worshipped youth and power. Even in Latin American neo Nazi states he would have been nothing more than a dreary old man, a homesick has been, a forceless icon, a figurehead without any real power or influence. Just like the way he started his rise to power.

From Renee...

From someone who has more sense than blind hatred of Hitler....

To all of you out there who believed Hitler died at the end of WWII, dream on. Don't you people ever use your wits? Seriously, Hitler, believe it or not, was not stupid. He was a military genius. A crazy and brutal one, but none the less brilliant. Hitler had at least a dozen look-a-likes. He used them when he feared that he might be in danger if he publicly appeared himself. He had numerous troops and resources at his command. I am sure that at the end of the war he staged his own and his wife's death using his doubles. His faithful butler would have been only too glad to help his beloved fuhrer. He could have easily escaped disguised at a soldier or peasant. He undoubtedly had escape plans for whatever the situation called for. He certainly did not commit suicide. He did not have the character of one who would just give up and commit suicide because he faced the difficulty of possible defeat. He had a strong character and in the past in face of difficulty had always conquered it.

No. Hitler escaped to South America as many of his supporters did. He is probably dead now, but at the end of WWII he was alive and kicking.

From Someone...

WHO- No one killed Hitler. I know this comes as a shock and many believe he either died or went to South America but this is all just a cover story. Years ago my aunt lived in a small town in New Jersey. The man who lived next door with a woman quite a bit younger than he, was an avid gardener. One day while my aunt was out transplanting tiger lilies -- she had a most marvelous bed of them that filled an entire section along the fence -- the German man next door spotted her and they began speaking. Oh not much as first, for a long time it was a shy wave, a guten tag, a wies gates, but as the Fifties went along, my aunt gradually got to know her neighbor Johann as he was called then. Much later still my aunt realized what had been plaguing her all along, that this man was somehow familiar to her. Then she realized. This was Adolf Hitler without the mustache obviously. Of course she was shocked, who wouldn't be? She didn't know if she should tell anyone or not but came to realize the authorities were well aware of his presence.

WHY-Under Operation Paperclip the US and Brit governments repatriated many Nazis into America. Hitler was one of them. When he was captured (this is what my aunt told me many years ago, after Johann had finally confessed some of this to her) the Americans didn't know what to do with him? Could he really be put on trial? Wouldn't it be better if he was just dead? So his death was faked in the bunker and he was brought to a secret location in Virginia where he was debriefed for months. Obviously the Nazi scientists were very advanced and this knowledge was deemed crucial to the welfare of the US. Think of our rocket program, zero gravity and other advances. All from the German scientists. Johann was able to point the way to all the documents our people needed. Then, with supervision, he was allowed more freedom until finally had a house and some money provided for him. This was that New Jersey location. Periodically a nondescript sedan would pull up on the street, my aunt told me, and several suited men would enter Johann's house. After an hour or so, she would see these men leave the house again. After these visits, she insisted Johann was visibly shaken for several days. He once made some mention of treatments being provided by these men, or doctors. One can only imagine what kind of medication "Johann" might have been given.

* * *

From Someone...

Hitler immediately left the bunker at the last minute in one of the first helicopters, and having reached an airbase flew to a rabbinical school in Switzerland where he converted to Judaism, taking the name Schlomo Schicklgruber.

He then hired a Jewish forger to make up papers for him and immigrated to NY where he opened up a Kosher hot dog stand in Coney Island. It prospered, enabling him to open up a Jewish Deli in Borough Park. He them triple indemnified the deli and arranged for it to be struck by Jewish lightening, collecting a large sum for his efforts.

He took the proceeds and reinvested it in the Pastrami trade, soon managing to monopolize it and selling his concern to a fellow Jew for several million dollars. However he renounced Judaism when after having been admitted to a Yeshiva to study for the Rabbinate he was told by the Chief Rabbi that he would have to grow a full beard, thus obscuring his beloved Hitler mustache.

A very wealthy man by now, he fled to Iran and arranged for the then obscure Ayatollah Khomeini to be assassinated. He then had himself surgically altered to resemble the Ayatollah, and it was in fact Hitler rather than the real Ayatollah who drove out the Shah, and assumed power as the Ayatollah Khomeini, finally dying at the age of 100 in 1989 as the Ayatollah

* * *

From Martin Bormann of Argentina...

Adolf Hitler despite being an undoubted genius harbored ambitions to star in hardcore pornographic films. It is for this reason that he did not kill himself in the Berlin Bunker that day in 1945, he had not fulfilled his yearning to perform indecent acts on film for the enjoyment of others soo he resolved to escape. Using the last remaining air-base in operation close by he was flown at the last possible moment to a Submarine base on the baltic coast along with his future co-star Eva Braun. From there he was spirited to Argentina and the safety of a villa high in the mountains not unlike the ones he loved to frolic in in his beloved Bavaria. Once he was safe from capture he underwent surgery to enhance his penis to 12 inches in length, this done he commenced to star in many hard core pornographic films with Titles like "Anal Adolf" where he has rough and violent anal sex with Eva Braun while she is chained doggy style dressed in leather bondage clothing. These films, which for reasons known only to his closest confidantes, remain and continue to remain secret are some of the finest of their genre ever to be committed to film. They form a lasting legacy to a man with intelligence, charisma, wit and charm (Not to mention an extraordinarily large penis) that will one day be released for general consumption once the world is ready to receive them. Adolf Hitler died in 1990 in retirement after starring in over 60 films which from a fitting tribute to one of the colossuses of the 20th century.

From Colin of Scotland...

I think hitler was killed by his butler. I do not think that Hitler survived because he would be about a hundred years old and he was ill at the end of WW2. The Russians were also "at the door" so where would he run? You have to think about that for a second.

From STE of Manchester England...

I honestly believe that Adolf Hitler died in the bunker with his mistress Eva Braun. Hitler remained in Berlin until the end because he believed that when he died, he would reincarnate into another being, an even greater leader. he believed that every life you got more and more powerful, so his next step would be leader of the world. he killed himself to get there faster and prevent the advancing Russians from capturing and torturing him.

From A Prophet in America...

Hitler survived! His scientists discovered the secret to revitalizing youth. The underground Nazi network are using the Jewish-controlled media and banking industry through mind control techniques, allowing Jews to conquer the world, then to finally rise from his underground empire to enslave them and rule the world. His great scientific discoveries, eons ahead of its time, and his esoteric connections have escalated him to the state of a god-man, he will return to power after the full Jewish rule of the world! Also, in the Nazi underground, scientists have discovered time travel, advanced human cloning, super satellites far advanced over US or Russia, that are invisible to radar. He will return as the Emperor of the World, beware!!!!!

From Caesar of Ontario, Canada...

He may have died, but the "root" of his evilness, "deceptive generalized half-truth logic," (anti-truths, truths that lie) live with us today in many forms and can be found within the "feminazi" movement to other deceptive and evil "cults" with a hidden agenda such as the homosexual cult within the "Catholic Church" or beyond - the devil is in the details... Caesar

* * *

From Ceals of Melbourne...

ok firstly for all those stupid people who said "he's not dead, coz I am hitler" your losers, coz hitler would be dead by now.... he was quite sick at the end of the war. and secondly if hitler didn't shot himself, he probs tried to escaped to South America, but died on the way.

From Ben J. of Iowa, USA...

I heard that both Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun where found with guns in their hand.

I think that Adolf and Eva where going to go out together, so they aimed their guns at each other. Eva was nervous and shot Adolf before they were supposed to fire. Adolf, firing on time, a split second after the bullet hit him, missed her and then died. That's why Eva Braun poisoned herself, there was only one bullet in each gun, and they were certain that that would be enough to do the job. She didn't have any more bullets, so she used poison to finish herself off.

From Someone, Somewhere...

First of all, I don't know what is up with these stupid ass people and their ridiculous theories about Hitler still being alive. HITLER IS GONE, get over it. He's been dead for well over half a century now.

Adolf Hitler was a sick 56 yr old man at the end of the war. Germany had lost the war, he had no where to go, but stay in his own bunker. His health was bad. And you really cant expect to go out into public in his condition at that time after killing over 6 million Jews, without painfully being put to death. So in order to avoid that he committed suicide in his own bunker (how he did Im not sure, think he either poisoned or shot himself). And when they found his dead body they disposed of it by burning it or blowing it up and it probably became worldwide news.

But Adolf Hitler is dead. If you look in every biography and history book about Hitler it will tell you exactly that he committed suicide in his bunker on April 30, 1945. He is physically and mentally dead, but spiritually he lives on and the horrible events that he did still haunt people today.

From Someone, Somewhere...

I think that hitler is a bad bad person but was smart nd something does not go right when you are smart and evil than u are able to get away with a lot of messes so i think that hitler hired someone than killed him and then took off as for his girlfriend i think he hired someone who looked like her too so the both ran off together since hitler was so smart he could have thought of a big thing to do soo he would not be found ever again but i think he still continued to kill the jews and people who did not fit the description of perfect the person with BLOND HAIR AND BLUE eyes that kind of thing so i think that hitler was still alive and faked his death and faked his girlfriends death and was never found.

From Bridgett of France...

Hitler was upset that his reich wasn't going to survive so he fled trough a tunnel in his bunker and then he got to his secret U-Boat that only him and his best friend (Osama bin Laden) knew about (Osama bin Laden used a lot of anti-aging cream, he's really 214 years old) They fled to America, but while on the U-Boat Hitler got plastic surgery and turned into a women and wore dresses. Then (s)he put on ugly eye shadow and pretended to like happy faces (those ugly freaky yellow ones!) to cover up his past (or her past) and when (s)he reached America she became my 10th grade Science teacher... then (s)he fled to South America where he turned into a man again and then he continued his 'Third Reich' there among the parrots... he has pretend wars with them... he likes sitting on top of trees and watch the sun go down with his parrot (named Adolf, after himself) thinking of taking over the world. Then one day him and his best friend bin Laden will re-unite and TRY to make another 'Third Reich' but they never will find their way out of the Amazon Rainforest will they?!! haha!!!

LET HITLER DIE!!!!!!!! and bin Laden too!!! bin Laden drops packages to Hitler, full of anti-aging cream and apple Strudel, along with an occasional sauerkraut.

From Frank of Florida...

I think that hitler used his last speech to convince Eva two kill herself.Then sadistically watched her die.Then in an act of total pissed off frustration shot his dog.Then he took a minute, looked around, bit the pill and shot himself. Probobly thinking what a crazy ride his life had been. Payday, for his world or bust ambition.

Frank Florida

From Chrille in Sweden...

For me, there can be no doubt that Hitler killed himself. I make this conclusion after having studied Hitler's entire political and military career, including reading (the enormously boring) Mein Kampf. By studying the entire career of this dictator you find out that there is one thing that is more important than anything else, and that is to fight to the bitter end, and to die doing it. This runs through all of his decisions, naturally this is easier to spot in the later part of the war, when things start to go bad. But a closer look reveals Hitler's determination to wager the whole nation in a war of win or total destruction as early as 1938, planning "Fall Grün", or Operation Green, the supposed invasion of Czechoslovakia. The generals that advised against it was called cowards, afraid to do their duty and risk their lives for the fatherland and all that.

My summary is, that this was something that Hitler truly believed was the right thing to do, to fight to the bitter end and die doing it. That would mean you died like a hero, only cowards fled or gave up (he never forgave von Paulus, commander of the 6th army). That would also be why he killed HIMSELF, and wasn't shot by any butler. Hitler had prior to retiring to his private chamber given all the staff the liberty to leave as they pleased, at least that is what is said by people who where present. Eyewitnesses present also says that they found Hitler with a gun in his hand after having shot himself (or, if you like, been shot) through the mouth, a tricky way for someone else to kill him if he didn't asked them to. Eva Braun had a gun in her hand, but that hadn't been fired, she is believed to have taken poison.

Final punchline: Some of Hitler's closest henchmen, including Hermann Goering, begged the Führer to escape Berlin before the Russian encirclement, to save his life and prepare defense in the Bavarian alps, or just to be able to go into hiding. Hitler rejected this numerous times, and why would he do that and stay in Berlin when he knew it was going to be encircled by the Russians, if he wasn't trying to get either a violent death or certain capture?

From Philo of San Francisco, CA...

Who: Colonel Mustard

Where: The library

How: A pistol

Why: Get a Clue!

From the Nazi know-it-all of Greenland...

Who= Adolf Hitler

Where/What: he travels to the USA a by swimming to a nazi submarine in the sea, which took him to Los Angeles where he had plastic surgery and changed his name and appearance to become a black man. HE began a singing career after becoming quite popular he became sick of being a black man and changed back to a white man and is now better known as Michael Jackson!

From Vecholovosky of Moscow...

Hitler escaped from Germany to South Africa and to prepare world war 3.He failed because of bad health, and finally died at July 28, 1963, at the age of 74.

From Mr. Snuffy of Australia...

Hitler was assassinated by the Cookie Monster because Elmo was lonely and Grover needed some friends. Hitler had previously killed Oscar the Grouch and none of the muppets were happy. (What's a muppet? It's not a mop but it's not quite a puppet.) Mr Snuffy Australia

From Shogac of Australia...

Looking For Form Results... Hitler was once a normal person, before his body being taken over by SATAN. When it became to hard and risky for Satan's identity to be exposed he burnt Hitler's body and went into hiding. 50 years later satan rose again, but this time taking over a poor man called Osama bin Laden he is still trying to rule the world today.

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