More Visitor Comments On Hitler's Death -

From Angel in the United States...

I think that he escaped and didn't kill himself because if he was as smart as they say I am sure he could have devised a scheme to get out of this if it came back at him. He was like a genius see he didn't kill himself he is to smart.

From Terry in Florida...

I feel, from all the literature that I have read, that Hitler and Eva Braun died in the Bunker. Hitler could trust no one in the final hours of his life, except for Eva Braun. So my theory is that he asked Eva to fire a shot into his temple at the moment he bit the capsule of poison. This would ensure that he was dead. Then she in turn took her capsule of poison and died. Both were then carried upstairs to the garden and burned.

From Joe of McVvey's Mental Institute...


Why=They found out 'The Furher' was in contact with advanced life forms, who gave him the blue prints to a dooms day device.

How=Atomic Reagrangement of Molecular Structure

Other=The Nucleor Plant of The Furher did not run on the basis of nucleor power, but the prime energy source of Planet XX12, Minovesky particles!

From Himmler in Germany...

There are 3 possible "endings" to Hitler's death.

1) one possiblity is that Hitler was never found in the bunker and only his divison of the 25th panther generals were there in a solution to defend Berlin. When the "Allies" got to the bunker they knew they lost the war, because they had not found the man behind the whole war. knowing this, the allies take a look a like of adolf hitler (which was a prisoner captured in april of 1944) and burned him. They used him to tell the whole world that Hitler was died. The generals in the bunker were given the option of backing up the story and if they did they would be relaesd and protected by the US govenment and if they did not they would be shot on the spot to make examples out of them.

2) Another "theory" is that Hitler died well fighting for Berlin. He knew that more planning was not going to make any good so he went and fought. He died in the capital, maybe even burned becsue of the bombs. So his body could not be "noticed"

3) One other solution is that Hitler refused to leave the bunker and his followers insisted that he would take the underground tunnels that would lead him to the secret base that had a submarine waiting to take hitler. The submarine was headed for Svaldard, Norway. There a disgised american plane would take him to Morocco. From Morocco they would go to Liberia, from there a allied plane was waiting to take him to SA.

This plan was made by George W Bush's father, Walker W. Bush and other Nazi Generals. Walker was Hitlers close friend as he help Nazi spyies enter America and he would finaciially help Hitler.

I myslef beleive that Adolf Hitler would never kill himself, under any circemstandcies or situations. Hitler was one of the greatest and strongest leaders of the 20th century.

From Lutz of Germany...

Hitler kept on living happily after '45.

Why should he shot himself?

M. Bormann got away (I do not think anybody is doubting that). So why should he have stayed? Bormann created all the necessary links to South America well before the end of the war. Bormann must have been one of the closest persons to Hitler, particular during his last days in Berlin. he was in charge of all the finances of the NSDAP and has been transfering money to Argentina and Brazil since 1943.

Nobody found really evidence that the corps found by the Russians belonged to Hitler.

Since 1990 the exact bury-ground of Hitler has been known to german intelligences, but apparently nobody bothered to exhume or make any kind of DNA-testing on it. lots of money gone and not a bit of evidence that Hitler really died '45 in Berlin.

From Adrian of Australia...

hitler escaped berlin through a series of underground tunnel..some of which can still be found today..he changed his disguise by having a close friend break his nose shave off his mousache and shave his head and then went so far as to disguise himself as a jew from a camp with a tatoo of numbers on his arm..he escaped europe and fled to south america where he died

From Jerry...

Seriously, it's obvious that Hitler wanted to die. He read about how Mussolini was hanged upside down and made a note on the margin of the text, showing how it shook him. He was aware of the popular joke from 1939's Poland, stating that "when the war is over, Hitler will be put in cage and shown in every city and village all over Europe", and he was even more aware of the fact that the joke traveled to Russia and was taken more seriously there - as a suggestion rather than a joke. Humiliation was one thing he wouldn't accept. It's rather obvious that he died in the bunker. It's debatable, though, whether he killed himself, asked to be killed, was murdered against his will, or tried to kill himself but failed to do it properly and had to be finished off by someone. There are points for and against all those possibilities.

From Hunter...

Hitler escaped to USA but he doesn't show his face in public, fearing recognition. He lives deep in the woods, wearing furs, and is occassionally spotted and taken for Bigfoot.

From T. Rannosaurus Jurassic P. R. Iod ...

Hitler escaped with a time machine. He wanted to go to past and fix his errors to win the war, but he typed too many zeros when programming the machine, and he was transported 65 million years earlier. There he tried to rule the dinosaurs and take over the world. The silly beasts were first fooled by him, taking him for a very small tyrannosaurus (with his nasty looking face and little syphilitic hands), but soon they all died of shame when they realized that he was just a mammal.

From Natlia of Romania...

Hitler did escape from his bunker. He had the time to escape the Allies through the underground tunnels. hitler killed one of his doubles and burned him so it could not be identified. The U.S government knew this, but denied this, for it would cause a public humiliation to the U.S and the Allies. Adolf Hitler died in Argentina years later.

From Chris of the USA...

HITER ALIVE? I know not, and to think so would mean...well it would mean that those of you who believe he is are even more disturbed than those who believe Elvis is on Mars! I mean come on people...if you had told your own country that you all are the worlds most dominant country and that the Russians and Americans are INFERIOR wouldn't you rather die than walk your DOMINANT A$$ in a courtroom and explain why you did what you did and tell your countrymen why you FAILED at what you so proudly exclaimed would be a great victory? I believe(some may agree and some may not)that Hitler thought this the moment he KNEW his attempt at world domination was coming to an end and decided he would rather burn in HELL than be hung by the nation(s) he spoke as to be "INFERIOR" he took his life or he had his loyal butler do it? only GOD knows the truth so we can all sit back, relax, and wait till death to find the truth out or to die and never know at all and just guess at what happened.


From Jeff in New Jersey:

WHO = Bormann killed Adolf Hitler.

WHY = Bormann saw how the "great furors" Germany was be destroyed by the Russians. A group which Hitler had preached was inferior and became filled with rage and took the life of Hitler.

HOW = With a handgun.

From Roger in Washington State:

Martin Bormann

WHY = The massive loot that was being siphoned out of the country towards the end of WWII.

HOW = He hired one of Hitler's bodyguards with some of the loot to off him while he was in his bunker

From Joe in Texas:

No one killed adolf hitler.

WHY = he had accomplished too much power and to take his own life would be futile, all the eyewitnesses who claimed otherwise are all part of the cover-up.

HOW = maybe an innocent person was murdered and put on fire where his remains couldn't identify him

From Mystery Man:

Don't believe everything you here. I'm sure he's dead by now, but why would he trap himself in Berlin when he knew the end of the "reich" was very soon. He got away with an atrocity and fled the country. How many millions of troops, allies, civilians, and other were raoming around Europe at the end of the war? He slipped out, stayed low, and probably lived another 30 years. A logical guess? As I said, he wasn't stupid, just insane!

From "Dreamer" in England:

WHO = It is most likely that Adolf Hitler Killed himself.

WHY = Hitler killed himself by the methods previously discussed because no matter what happened during the last days of the war, he needed to be in Berlin to make sure that everything people were telling him was correct, to see how near the Russians were to seizing the Capital, and to make sure that any possible way to prolong the defence was necessary.

From Bruno in Quebec:

WHO = Hitler killed himself in the bunker

WHY = he had lost the war and was afraid to be caught alive and, as far as he would be captured by Russians, was afraid to be put in display in a zoo.

HOW = He was a kind of intellect who did'nt know anything about petroleum. So no wonder he asked to be soaked and burned in it.

OTHER = Those who think great escape theory should realize tha tit was hitler's choice to remain in Berlin when he was offered the opportunity to continue fighting elsewhere by his peers such as the Aloine redoubt.

From Adolf B. of Argentina:

WHO = He aint dead holmes.

WHY = Think about it, Millions of dollars in a secret bank acount in Argentina deposited by Eva Braun. You go to Argentina and live up your next thiry years, laughing and pointing your finger at the stupid Americans and Russians, who couldnt tell there ass from a hole in the ground.

From Whisker of Surrey, UK:

WHO = Hitler

WHY = Suicide- by April 1944 it was all over. He was a very destructive man, as all the evidence demonstrates!

HOW = Hitler killed himself with a pistol shot to the right temple

OTHER = He died on Monday April 30th 1945, at about 3.30pm.

From Chris of Queensland, Australia:

WHO = He faked his won death

WHY = To escape capture

HOW = As you no hitler had many doubles all over germany and he had one at the bunker the night hitler supposedly died, he shot him and his mistress Eva Braun then placed a cyanide captule in his mouth, there would be no way of identifying him at the time because he was shot in the head. All dental records escaped with him on that night, and he was last living in Brazil.

OTHER = 3 men were detained by the Brazilian government for supposedly drug trafficking yet that was not the case, the brazilian government feared that they mite have spotted hitler therefor detaining them there names are
Ralph Emmerson Dial
Sam Sexton
Joseph Addison Truehill

This all happened in 1972

From James of California:

WHO = Adolph Hitler shot himself. He had to. It was the only honorable thing left for him to do. Eva Braun took poison and went with Adolph into eternity.

WHY = The war was over. Berlin was falling. The western allies were closing in from the left and the Russians from the right. If the Russians had got to him first they would have tortured and mutilated him and I don't doubt that the English would have done the same. If he could have surrendered to the Americans I don't know but it seems that there's no honor in war anymore.

HOW = With a Walther pistol he shot himself in the heart. Eva took poison.

OTHER = The two atomic bombs brought an end to the war but it can still be rightly said that Germany only lost the war by bare inches.

From Pat of Louisiana:

WHO = Hitler flew off to South America

WHY = so the Jew Russians Or Americans would not find and tourcher him.

From Fasih of Ontario, Canada:

WHO = It is te most likely situation that hitler killed himself when it was sure that the russian will captur berlin sooner or later.

WHY = He had so much confidence upon himself that nobody in the world can beat him or germany. But unfortunately, it was not the case. so he did not accept that situation and killed himself.

HOW = he had various options for that. most likely is that he killed himself by a pistol in the bunker in berlin.

From Bill of Richmond, VA:

WHO = Hitler was murdered. Strangled by his manservant, Linge.

WHY = The war was over and everyone besides Hitler really knew it. So Linge, along with others in the bunker, plotted to kill hitler in order to escape the advancing russians.

HOW = Strangulation most likely since fire would have destroyed any evidence of this method. We know that he didn't shoot himself (well according to the post-mordem by the Russians) and there was no strong amount of cyanide in the bloodstream or brain.

Plus, the old theory that he took poison as he shot himself is absurd. His palsy would have made it impossible for him to do this since his hand would have been shaking uncontrolably and if he bit the cyanide first it would have killed him before he got a shot off. As already noted for him to even take the poison since it was basically non-existant in the body.

OTHER = According to the post-mordem on Eva, she died of shrapnel wounds to the chest. However the dental records don't match up to Eva anyways. The body was not hers. Recent information does show that it was Hitler's body the russians found though.

From SOMEONE in Washington:

WHO = (These are proven facts! Stay tuned to coming world press releases!) The real Adolf Hitler was a hostage for most of the duration of the Second World War. His double, or imposter who assumed his identity, needed to prove "Hitler was dead" and escape if the plot to destroy European Jewry failed (as it finally did).

WHY = Masonic Turkish Ottoman influences in Germany were opposed to Britain's Balfour Decleration which allowed the return of Palestine to the Jews. The Ottoman Turks had "conquered" the Holy Land and wanted to keep it under Moslem rule. Hence, a "final solution."

HOW = The real Hitler was a living guinea pig for binary fission, fully awake. Don't forget the Nazi nuclear reactor (still not found?) was what started the Second World War in the first place. Hitler's burnt remains had to be destroyed because THEY WERE RADIOACTIVE.

OTHER = Aleister Crowley - Hitler without a moustache (try it with your digital paint-retouch program!) Self-proclaimed antichrist (Beast 666) of human history. Wizard of Satanism. Note: his real name was Edward. From Edward to Allah's Turk? Today every publisher knows Crowley killed Hitler... in book sales.

From Rachel of North Carolina:

WHO = I'm not really sure but in my heart I hope he's been DEAD along time and I pray that it was a slow drawn out type of murder. One where he suffer for weeks before the finale day came. I pray that no one gave him any mercy, It's hard for me to even except my Father Jesus Christ forgiving HIM!!!!!!!!

WHY = Because he was a man that did not deserve to live, by no means! He had no heart or soul, he was just a reproduction of the DEVIL.

HOW = Cruelty, starvation, beatings, sexual abuse and the watching of anything he loved being tormented the same way that he gave orders to do so on innocent people.....JEWS


From Robert of Quebec:

WHO = Hitler suicided in his bunker.. no doubt about it.

WHY = Because he knew he could not get away from his problems so easily as to fly to South America. If so, he would have been recognised anyway...

HOW = He killed himself with a pistol, shot in the head.

OTHER = Hitler is not a human being, not even an animal.. this kind of "thing" doesnt have a name : Hitler is a genetic anomaly.. he should have been a rock instead of a person.. life would had been nicer that way dont you think ? ¿ la prochaine et Vive le QuÈbec Libre :0 !

From Rob of NY:

WHO = HITLER (who else?)

WHY = The man was an egomaniac and it was dominate the world or bust. The idea that such a person would willingly retire to South America where he could spend his days attending dinner parties and reminiscing about his take-over of the world is ludicrous. If you think you're God you don't retire to Florida.

HOW = Gun and poison at the same time.

From Phil in Canada:

WHO = Hitler Killed Himself

Why = Becuase we will someday, many generations after his death, think and marvel of why he killed himself and he will become more popular than he even dreamed. Simple.

From Troy of USA:

Hilter escaped. He was too regimented to not have an escape plan and too cowardly to kill himself. He had doubles throughout the war and was too organized. Used aircraft, disguises and submarine for retreat. possibly lived for 20-30 more years. where? who knows.

From the Ice Princess of England:

Hitler and his strumpet Eva Braun clearly panicked after it became clear their supposed "dream" of an aryan society would fail because of the efforts of the Allies to depose him from power, he would rather commit suicide than be held accountable for all of those terrible deaths in his concentration camps, psychologically he had an unstable power base and a massive superirity complex, although appearing as stable was borderline psychotic, Eva was so crazy that she killed herself with him, utterly besotted with him. The deaths were very likely as a result of poisoning and gunshot wounds, they wanted to die when the saw thweir dream collapsing.

From Richard in USA:

I think that the body is the best evidence. Dig it up and with to days forensic technology we will see where the bullets came from even though it could have been tampered with.

From Steve of Wales:

WHO = The likely scenario is that like all bullys Adolf Hitler was a true coward, also a megalomaniac who could not stand the thought of coming second & probably topped himself.

WHY = As stated he could not face a show trial, where the likely outcome would have had to have been some form of Capital Punishment for such evil.

HOW = Initially cyanide with instructions to his Facist lapdogs to put a bullet through the brain and then to cremate him, although my personal opinion is such a fate for a piece of crap like him was much to lenient.

From Martin of Alabama:

WHO = Hitler killed himself, of course. As did Eva.

WHY = Hitler was no coward. If he was, he would have fled to the Eagle's Nest in Obersalzburg when he could and escaped the Russians.

HOW = Cyanide and a pistol to the forehead. Eva with cyanide only.

OTHER = The Russians had Hitler's dentist draw from memory Hitler's dental work. The jaw they found matched perfectly. They still have a piece of his skull supposedly in an archive in Moscow. It has a bullet hole in the temple.

From Hugo of Mexico:

WHO = The Russians

WHY = Perhaps they found him alive and took him prissioner to Moscow

HOW = They entered first in Berlin and there were a lot of war secrets and treasures that could be used by the soviets.

From Hugo of Mexico:

WHO = Hitler

WHY = Avoid capture

HOW = Gunshot

OTHER = Why can nobody who is filling out this form spell anything correctly?

From Adam of NY:

WHO = The Russian KGB captured Hitler alive and the bunker with his circle of bodyguards-- every other theory is wrong. Why? The Germans were forced into creating these false, cover-up stories to trick/satisfy the west when it became clear that WWII was really the beginning of the cold war.

WHY = The Russians were victorious and didn't want to let the US or Europe have access to him. The cold war shaped everything! When the west found out about this, it was embarrassing, so it was covered-up.

HOW = Capture of Berlin

From Julius of South Africa:

WHO = Hitler himself

WHY = There was not really an alternative. Everything he had accomplished was now finally destroyed before his own eyes. At that moment Nazi Germany died and Hitler chose to die with it. He wasn't a coward to leave Berlin while his country was nearing its end.

HOW = With a Walther PP 7.65 pistol. One shot in the right temple.

From Von Allen of Massachusetts:

WHO = Eva Braun

WHY = It was a murder/suicide

HOW = She shot him and then poisoned herself.

OTHER = Eva was a Jewish woman who planned Hitler's fall. She pretended to be in love with him so she could get next to him and gain his trust. She would sacrifice her one life so as not to see any more of her people destroyed in the masses that Hitler had been doing. She was his weakness. Samson's Delilah in other words. He trusted her and she pushed his buttons to a point where he thought that he could not be defeated. The disgrace of a man of so much power, being taken out of here by a woman was too disgraceful, to his followers so that is why there are "discrepencies" in what really happened to bring Hitler to his demise. They burned his remains because he disgraced his followers. It was not countries that bring powerful men down, it is their women!

From Anonymous:

WHO = Hitler himself

WHY = At the time he saw that the germans were losing the war (thanks God) he got desperate and couldn't live with this loss

HOW = Bullet through his heart and cyanide

OTHER = It doesn't matter which theory you believe but he sure is death now ;-)

From SOMEONE in Washington:

WHO = The - Hitler is EXTREMELY old - theory is about to go out the window.

WHY = I learned that the first experiments in freezing humans (cryogenics) to preserve them actually took place in the 1940s in a cell block of the Dachau Nazi death camp.

HOW = What was so remarkable about that? They successfully revived him. American cryonics hasn't gotten that far! They can freeze, but not revive yet.

OTHER = I think you know what I'm driving at. Over a hundred and twenty years old. Wounded but healed. Bound with chains, soon to be released 'for a short time.' Cryog man.... the very worst.

From an "Historian" in Oslo, Norway:

WHO = He killed himself

WHY = To avoid capture

HOW = Shot himself with a handgun...or one of his officers did it...(he was to scared to do it himself)

OTHER = It was impasseble to get out of Berlin, even for normal soldiers, after the russians circled the city around beginning of april is not likely that Hitler and several of his officers manage to get out...he died in Berlin.

From Staple in Washington:

WHO = The Grim Reaper made him able to fly in 1976.

WHY = He was no longer afraid.

HOW = By a power we have yet to understand.

OTHER = He had many doubles. He stopped giving speeches about the time it was time to go. Why is it so hard for the world to understand that he was tired of shaping the century and it was time to start a family?

From Helen of Florida:

WHO = The Russians

WHY = Obvious

HOW = Captured by Russians after planting a look-alike in bunker and escaping.

OTHER = This theory was the basis of an exciting novel published some time ago. Now incapacitated, would love to re-read it and can't remember name of author or title . I would be most grateful for anyone's help, and if you havent' read it, can promise you'll enjoy it.

From Dan in Romania

WHO = Commited Suicide

WHY = He was loosing HIS war

HOW = Shoot himself in his head (not in his MOUTH)

OTHER = Eva Braun(not FRAU Hitler---never) has Poisoned herself

From Someone in Calgary, Alberta Canada

WHO = the system

WHY = they control everything, and they took him out because it was starting to get out of their hands.

HOW = they took him without anyone knowing, thats why no one actually knows what happened to him.

From Lonny in Ohio

WHO = Hitler killed himself.

WHY = Because he didn't want russians to get a hold of him.

HOW = Bit an scionide capsul and shot himself.

OTHER = HIS guards cremated him and his wife in front of the bunked.

From Kristin of North Carolina

WHO = he killed himself

WHY = he knew he had done wrong and could not handle the guilt

HOW = he shot himself in the temple.

From Mike of Connecticut

WHO = Hitler committed suicide along with his wife Eva and the Goerbbles family

WHY = Reports of Mussolini's death and display in Italy prompted Hitler to die by his own hands. He chose not to be displayed in some museum.

HOW = Hitler simultaneously bit down on a cyanide capsule and shot himslef in the temple. Both corpses were carried outside, dowsed with petrol and set ablaze. Some time later after a bit of confusion, a secret Russian counter-intelligence team (SMERSH) discovered the shallow grave outside the bunker entrance. Sneaking out the charred bodies via ammo crates, an autopsy was performed and with the aid of Hitler's dentist, a positive ID was matched.

OTHER = All that is left is a skull fragment from the Soviet / Russian archives in Moscow. It is currently on display in a Russian museum.

From Alex of Kansas City, KS

WHO = I think that he offed himself.

WHY = He didn't want to be captured.

HOW = He shot himself in the head

OTHER = I think that Hitler was a very crazy and maybe insane person who deserved to die a very horrible death.

From W of Antwerp, Belgium

WHO = no one

WHY = Hitler went to Spain

HOW = H. took a plane the 29th april '45 to Spain (to Franco, because he owned H. still because H. helped F. win the war in 1939) and there he lived till ....?

OTHER = I think Hitler was a beast, he must be someone without feelings. I don't think Hitler is still alive, because he should be 112 years old.

From Venkataramanan of India

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = Could not stand the shame of defeat

HOW = shot himself

OTHER = he poisoned eva braun

From T.C.D. of India

WHO = Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

WHY = They did not kill themselves, because he wanted to fulfill his dream of a 1000 year Reich

HOW = They had their Dummy's killed and burned

OTHER = His trusted men saw to their cremation and to their escape to South America

From Kara of Maine

WHO = u.s.

WHY = didn't even know it

HOW = one of his doubles was shot and burned, so he would be unrecognizable. hitler disguised himself as a local, and fled Europe as soon as possible. was in japan couple months later, but was killed by one of the bombs that was dropped.

From T.C.S. of Karnataka, India:

WHO = Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

WHY = they wanted to get away with all the Nazi gold and the art treasure to South America and escape the punishment of the allied forces.

HOW = They had their dummies killed and burnt in their place.

OTHER = His trusted servant's did their job to take the Hitler couple to safety.

From Tamara of Arlington, TX:

WHO = Adolf Hitler.

WHY = Did not want to be captured.

HOW = He killed himself along with his girlfriend slash shooting her in the head first then himself in the head.Why because heard that they were coming for him and panicked he rather die killing himself than to have his own enemy kill him and have victory.

OTHER = Maybe just guess afraid of losin war.

From Kelli of California:

WHO = no one

WHY = he wanted people to think he was dead while he really wasn't

HOW = he murdered one of his doubles, and eva took poison. the bodies were then left, making it look like a suicide.

OTHER = Hitler actually died from a heart attack years later when he was posing as a gardener.

From JR of Santiago, Chile:

WHO = no one

WHY = hitler live in the Antarctic

HOW = hitler actually live with other camarades

From Deano of Wales, United Kingdom:

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = Russian troops were nearing the Reich Chancellery

HOW = Hitler & eva took suicide, but it did'nt take effect so his adjutant Otto Gunsche shot him in the head.

OTHER = Hitler's double Gustav Weler was executed so as to confuse the Russians.

From Weezer of NY:

WHO = Hitler

WHY = Waited 25 years and discovered that the pussy wasn't worth waiting for.

HOW = Ruger, to the head

OTHER = Seriously, do you think a megalomaniac like 'Dolfie baby could stand to be alive while the Reich fell down around his ears? His power base was gone, the money was gone, the German people were gone, there was nothing, no support network in the world that could or would touch him without him being discovered at some point. Rather than face the truth, he chose to believe his fantasy and "sacrificed" himself to the Fatherland. I think also he knew he had pissed off Stalin (not something you want to do before breakfast), and Stalin would probably have paid back Hilter's betrayal somewhere very close to the skin. The biggest bullies are in the end the biggest pussies. May Adolf Hitler burn in Hell at the left hand of Satan where he belongs.

From Larry of Ontario, Canada:

WHO = None

WHY = He is still alive!

OTHER = He is living in suburban Kentucky by my grandmother in a retirment home.

From P.M.T. of North Dakota:

WHO = Nobody. Adolf and Eva (like Adam and Eve) planned to start a "divine" Aryan bloodline, which (like Noah) was "pure in their generations"...uncontaminated by Jewish blood, etc.

WHY = Adolf and Eva had consummated their marriage, intending to beget a dynasty that could rule the world for a thousand years, the Reich.

HOW = They fled to a U-boat base on the Baltic sea and travelled to Neuschwabenland, their "last redoubt" in the Antarctic, which the Nazis had built in 1938ff. "New Berlin" is an underground stronghold sharing the same longitude as Berlin, having been built with expendable slave labor, just as the huge underground bases in Germany were, like Nordhausen (ie "North House"...they also had a "Sudhausen" in the south.

The Nazi reverse swastika means the opposite of what the Hindu swastika meant--the geodetic meeting point at the North Pole of the Four Corners of the Earth and the rotational movement of the planet as seen from Polaris... the Nazis had the weird belief that the Aryan peoples of prehistory lived on the continent of Antarctica prior to a Cataclysm that plunged the planet from a Golden Age of eternal spring into a series of lesser Ages subject to the cruelties of winter due to the shift in the planet's axis. The Nazi swastika is a blatant symbol of the South Polar zone: Antarctica!

Operation "Highjump" was an attempt to destroy this Nazi base, landing on the opposite coast of Antarctica and converging from east and west on Neuschwabenland...but the Nazis had been busy perfecting their exotic disc-shaped flying wing aircraft (less-effective versions having been unsuccessfully deployed in the air-war over Deutschland..."foo fighters," etc.), and all the UFO activity seen in the skies since (only half a year after the premature end of Operation "Highjump" Kenneth Arnold saw "flying saucers" over Mt. Rainier, and the Roswell UFO crash occurred...not a coincidence that our nuclear testing areas were under their surveillance) has been the arrogant showmanship of the unbeatable "New Luftwaffe". It's no wonder that Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd suggested that the USA use Antarctica as a nuclear testing was as close as he could get to an admission that enemy forces were entrenched there, from where they could invade any other nation's airspace with impunity.

OTHER = Or...the Russians (whom we came to trust so fully during a half-century of Cold Warfare!) told us the truth about the remains of Adolf and Eva...and, of course, the Nazis who were questioned about Hitler's last days told the absolute truth (why shouldn't we trust a bunch of genocidal lunatics?)!!!

From Dogg of El Paso, Texas

WHO = THE Russians

WHY = Hitler was still alive when they came to the door then broke in and killed him and then said he was already dead.

HOW = A shot to the head

From Tom of Buffalo, NY:

WHO = Hitler was spotted at Fenway Park in Boston in the 1950's.He did not die in the Bunker.

WHY = He knew the plan would work.

HOW = By U-Boat

OTHER = Eva Braun came to America and became a lingerie and stockings model because she had sexy legs as everyone knows.

From John of Alberta, Canada:

WHO = Hitler was not killed in the fuhr bunker

HOW = His double was executed in his place

OTHER = Hitler was then smuggled on a u boat to either S.America or secret Antarctic bases to continue the third riech in secret until such time his followers can rise again .


WHO = Joseph Stalin got him on a plane to Moscow, where he embraced him as his brother.

WHY = Stalin and Hitler are related. They're at least cousins. Hitler is a grandchild of one of the original 5 Rothschilds that ruled the world in the 19th century. Stalin was a bastard child which means that in all likelyhood, he like Adolf Hitler was a product of the Illuminati breeding programme. (Bastard children don't come out of nowhere just to start running dictatorships all over the world).

As cousins they had worked to accomplish the same goal of destruction and where on good terms.

From Michael of Germany:

WHO = Adolf Hitler committed suicide.

WHY = He saw, the war was lost and a mythos should be build up.

HOW = Cyancali and a shot into the head.

From John of Colorado, USA:

WHO = Adolf Hitler, the biggest waste of humanity ever to walk this world.

WHY = He was a coward in facing the advancing Russians. He had hoped for a last minute miracle to rescue his country (he was renowned for having crackpot theories about his "divinity" and his special supernatural "cause"), plus he could not leave Berlin. Why? To make sure incoming reports were true and accurate. He trusted nobody, even to the end.

HOW = Bit on a cyanide capsule, then immediately shot himself in the head. This was a common practice among German soldiers, particularly those in combat, to insure that suicide was successful, thereby avoiding capture and interrogation.

OTHER = Hitler's body was set aflame, but did not burn thoroughly. It was found by the Russians, verified by Dental sketches that it was Hitler. Stalin subverted this evidence on purpose, for years, so he could claim that Hitler had escaped, possibly to Spain, in order to gain Allied support to overthrow Franco (who pissed Stalin off to no end). Whatever the circumstance, the true facts revealed themselves in 1968, when the Russians released all documentation regarding finding Hitler's corpse and the subsequent autopsies. This can be verified, as it was published by both the Russians and verified to be true by independent studies and research by the British and Americans. The ridiculous "Hitler Escaped" theories only serve those who are either Hitler's fans, or those wish to keep this nonsense alive because the ending is anti-climactic in their view. He was not a supernatural monster, an aberrant evil force, etc... what makes this story most frightening of all is that he was human. Let it be a lesson to us all in the annals of history about unchecked power, aggression, and swaying of the masses via racism resulting in genocide. A tragic chapter in the history of the human race.

From MJ of Minnesota

WHO = Hitler & DAS Pistol

WHY = Deception

HOW = F.M., slight of hand, or "How to Enjoy your own funeral"

OTHER = The picture of Hitler on the couch with Eve proves only that it is a picture of two people (the picture was published awhile ago to 'prove Hitler killed himself'). If Hitler had put the gun to his head, there certainly wasn't the usual splatter on the walls -- the gun he used had enough power to have blown a hole in his head the size of Texas and then some. There isn't evidence (in the picture) to even suggest a gun shot wound to the head.

Hitler also kept 'doupelegangers' so we can rule out the dead hitler laying on the ground.. There seems to be some interesting contradictions about this body and hitler's own body (size and weight being the first clues). So the dead guy on the ground proves nothing.

The Russian's have never produced anything bodily to compare DNA (Hitler did have siblings~! to compare against)... They claim they cremated what they had and that was suppose to be the end-o'-that (harumphf~!).

Most likely -- escape..... Hitler's delusional state probably convinced him that victory was right around the corner, but Dodge was getting a little too hot for comfort. He had enough placs to go (let's not forget the catholic church involvement..sans: Odessa), Franco and a sunlit beach in Spain would be a nice touch -- after all Spain is a couple hours from Der Fatherland...

But, it is reasonable to even doubt if hitler died in the bunker. Hell, Howard Hughes disappeared off the face of the map and he WAS still alive.

From Joe Shmoe of Schmoesville...

WHO = Suicide

WHY = Clearly left a tragic and horrible legacy on his country and saw that he would no longer help but simply cause damage. Should he remain alive he would probably be assassinated or suffer torcher.

HOW = He burned himself as well as his wife with petrol.

OTHER = It explains why no remnants were found whatsoever. His diary burned, he might as well make himself not there as well as his thoughts.

From Tony of NSW in Australia...

WHO = Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Committed Suicide,as he knew if captured alive he would have been executed and his remains put on public display by the Russians.

WHY = he had an absolute hatred of the russian people,Death would be better than falling in Russian Hands,he planted dopplegangers around the berlin bunker to confuse the Russian forces after his suicide,so they could not be sure which body was actually Hitlers.Even after the autopsy of the cremated remains dug up in the Gardens,they werent to sure if they were actually Hitlers and eva Braun, to make it even worse for the them the interrogation of the Bunker Staff all give conflicting stories on His suicide, and the disapearance of Martin Bormann made even more confusion for them

HOW = 1 Suicide by Cyanide or Pistol.
2 Shot by Personal Staff
He was either Cremated by his Staff or Blown up by Russian Artilery Fire.Body might have been disposed of in the bunker by Hand grenade or he could have suffered the same fate of Martin Bormann Destroyed.

From Clint of NSW, Australia...

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = He didnt want the (russian scum) to get him, He knew if he had of been captured the same fate as the Nazis in the Nuremberg Trials would be given to him, Because of this hatred to the red necks/ Russians he committed suicide.

HOW = By a pistol shot to the head... the new evidence by the russians show that the so called Adolf hitler corps that they found was actually not him!! it was a double by the name of Gustav Weler.. The Russians also have lately found 2 pieces of skull which they believe to be from the Great Furher of Germany/ Adolf Hitler.

OTHER = There is no other reason it is proven fact :)

From Chas of Oregon...

WHO = Eva Braun

WHY = She was pissed that he wanted to marry her only after every other possible scenario in his life had been played out.

HOW = Hitler wanted to commit suicide, no doubt about it. And when Eva found out, she was so enraged that he married her only as a pre~empt to death, that she shot him in the head, and took the poison as an after thought, because she knew that little prick Goebels wouldn't let her get out alive anyways.

From Terrence of New Brunswick, Canada...

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = He kinda liked good old Snivelling Chamberlain's idea of "Peace in our time."

HOW = He became a Quaker and moved to Baltimore which, it is a well-known fact, will kill you every time.

OTHER = But seriously, I counted 27 (twenty-seven) errors in H. R. Trevor-Roper's widely accepted account of the last days of Hitler. Even academically, not to mention intellectually, doesn't that cast at least some doubt on his story -- or at least on H. R. Trevor-Roper?

From Gael of Paris, France...

WHO = Adolf Hitler shot himself (and we won't complain about that...)

WHY = He felt abandoned by anyone (even SS troops). He was ill, depressed & finished. The last glimpse of intelligence he had suggested him to reject the idea of becoming Stalin's prisoner or ending like Mussolini.

HOW = With a 7.65 or maybe more likely, a 6.35 pistol. Rumors say that it was a 9mm Parabellum but Hitler's pistol was in fact of a shorter calibre. He shot himself in the mouth. Russian Archive show what should be Hitler's skull: there is a bullet hole at the top and that confirms the theory of a shot in the mouth.

From Stoakie of Washington...

WHO = Eva (Hitler)Braun

WHY = Because he couldn't do it himself; he was too distraught if not downright chicken.

HOW = Adolph got all bummed out and started crying. In a moment of exasperation she grabbed his pistol and stuck it his yap and fired then placed the gun in his hand. After taking a deep breath she bit her capsule.

From Nesha of Singapore...



From Jamie of California ...

WHO = Adolf Hitler killed himself.

WHY = He killed himself because the Russian's were coming to get him and also because he was chicken shit.

HOW = Popped a Cyanide Pill and then shot himself to look like he had guts( like he had any guts). Before he did he gave a pill to his dog Blondi.

OTHER = Hitler was a sick sick man and I have no complaints on how he did it or what he did it with. All I care about is he is dead. He was chicken shit right up to the end. rest in hell hitler.

From Mark of Indiana ...

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = he knew he would be defeated

HOW = escaped into his secret estate in the hills of Argentina

From "Mr. Know It All" of Missouri ...

HOW = Hitler was not one to "give of himself to save others". 3 1/2 years before his death, he made an alliance with Britain's hero, but Hitler's savior, Winston Churchill. The emissary between the two was Rudolph Hess who was allowed to fly to Scotland. The deal between Hitler and Churchill was that Hitler would take the Soviet Union and then sue for peace with England. The independence of France and the low countries would be restored, so long as they did not re-arm. Hitler would keep eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The Soviet Union, saved from Stalinism, would be divided, the south going to Hitler, the north going to England which would, presumably, institute democratic government.

Hitler attacked Russia with fury and drove to Moscow's gates but, due to treachery by Hermann Goering and other top Nazis, Leningrad was lost and the entire idea became a bust. In keeping with the agreement, when the Russians were at Berlin, Hitler disappeared into his quarters and a shot rang out. Left inside the room were two doubles, shot by British intelligence. Hitler was taken out a secret door via an underground passageway, rendezvousing with British commandos who took him to a waiting plane. Churchill had made the agreement to save Hitler, knowing that a trial of Hitler a la Nuremburg or in the Soviet Union would have made peace with Germany all that much the harder.

Hitler and wife Eva were taken to a remote village in Africa. When he died, in 1954, Eva Braun Hitler, a psychological mess, was imprisoned in a British mental hospital where she died in 1969.

From Chris Petersen ...

WHO = Nobody

WHY = Because Hitler was way too stubborn to just give up and kill himself

HOW = He shaved his mustache and blended in with the people on the first boat out of Germany.

From Jaz of Bedfordshire, England ...

WHO = hitler got killed by the devil!!!

WHY = because he had a "reich" that was study in very peculiar things he had probably made a pact with the devil.

HOW = maybe the dark forces got him or even the light! some one killed him and that secret will remain with the people who dird/lived around him.

OTHER = he probably lost it and went completely gaga then shot himself as he was a failure and a shame. maybe he evan is living in Austria or some were!

From H Muller of Argentina ...

WHO = Adolf Hitler

WHY = Escaped to Spain To live happily everafter. Under Francos protection.

HOW = Airplane or Type VII

From Debbie of Wisconsin ...

WHO = his wife

WHY = she was jealous and she knew the end was near. she killed him and herself to escape the Russians and the end of the war where their enemies were sure to kill them bot

HOW = poison and a gunshot for him poison for her

OTHER = the truth is out there and we are getting closer with each guess...

From JewPeter of Aryana Pollyanna ...

WHO = The surgeon Hugh Thomas who examined the bodies of some Reich leaders is certain they had doubles. Scotland Yard did an inquiry into his claims and then sealed the files for a hundred years. Because Hitler's clever double had infiltrated British intelligence and "worked for" MI5.

The body found by the Soviets was not the Furher. But it was the "real" Hitler. Still don't get it?

WHY = If you planned to exterminate the Jews of Europe, would you use your real name? Or would you find someone who looks like you (hence, Hitler was discovered) and blame it all on him?

HOW = And since the real Hitler was found dead, you are now free to be cryonically preserved to a ripe old age. If you still don't get it, go see the photos at:

And by the way, after you got everyone looking for lost Nazi gold in South America, only you knew it was in Turkey all along...

From Phil of Canada:

WHO = Hitler Killed Himself

Why = Because we will someday, many generations after his death, think and marvel of why he killed himself and he will become more popular than he even dreamed. Simple.

From Amu of India:

Did he really die or fooled the world by escaping somehow and surviving somewhere underground
i seem to think that he fooled the world. i want to say to all people to read the book named "the seventh secret" by "Irving Wallace"
the book is a much resaerched one and will really put to think that whether hitler really died as said in history
did he?

From John of Kent, United Kingdom:

WHO = his own men!

WHY = because he and they knew the "reich" were over!!!

HOW = strangled or silenced gun!

From Igor of Guadalajara, Spain:

WHO = Hitler

WHY = Don't think he committed suicide. I think he escaped alive from his bunker and went to other part of the world, Brazil probably. As someone said, he was insane, but he wasn't a fool, and he would had been a fool if he would have committed suicide.

HOW = Left Berlin in a Junkers 52 with floaters (from the Havel River).

From Raging Bull of Surrey, England:

WHO = Hitler

WHY = To find out what makes a madman tick. Find out how he created a super 'state' and kept loyalty with his people and troops.

HOW = Hitler was captured by the Russians and held in a military hospital for the remainder of his life. His body is still held in the KGB archives.

From Wales...

I think that he killed himself as did Eve Braun. Much as I'd like to believe that he escaped and went to South America there is too much information against this, as HR Trevor Roper stated in his repot. By the way unless someone has suddenly found his body you can't possible dig up his body.

From Tim of the USA...

Hitler was to much of a coward to kill himself so i think he used his doubles to fool others into thinking he died and then he escaped.

From Angel of Oklahoma...

I think that hitler had one of his doubles killed and had a double for Eva killed also and they ran off to South America. there they had a couple of kids and started to rebuild his reich nd to this day there is a reich in South America waiting for the perfect time to show them selves it maybe now with all this terrorism going on the country is a boiling pot a hatred and it will be led by hitlers son who will be a dead ringer for his father and we will have to decide wht to do. Hitler is dead the only thing is he dies in South America about 20 years ago.

From Steve of MO...

How convenient it is: Hitler is supposedly dead but no skeleton or other remains exist. At the last moments of the war, the U.S. allows the Soviets to take Berlin, forever distancing America and England from the question of what happened to Hitler. The Furherbunker is destroyed but there the answer to the mystery most likely is. Hitler simply went through a trap door into a tunnel. The tunnel passed a series of "safe houses" where Hitler's appearance was changed dramatically. A light airplane eventually spirited him out of Germany.

From Truth X of the USA...

Hitler escaped to Iceland, I've seen documents, dated pics and other evidence from distant relatives that shall remain unknown.

From Kyle of Australia...

But then again, with all the different stories and all the lies it would make a perfect cover if the Russians/allies found Hitler alive and well and made him a POW.

From Tim of the USA...

Looking For Form Results...
I tend to think a man with Hitler's resources could have quite easily found a POW or jew who was about the same build as himself and Eva, torched them and taken the bolt. Possibly to South America with the rest. He could well be alive today, or have died not long ago.

From Becky...

There is no possibility that Hitler could have shot himself. His arm was shaking so badly from Parkinson's that he could not have held a gun, let alone pulled the trigger. His secretary even suggested that Hitler fought with his men and die with them, to which Hitler himself said: "Yes it would be right...but I am trembling so much that I couldn't hold and couldn't handle a pistol" Either he poisoned himself, escaped from Berlin, or someone else shot him.

From Ken of Alabama...

Ii think the first band of soldiers to reach his bunker killed everyone in the bunker. for bragging rights, then made it look like a suicide.The coward wouldn't have taken his own life. the bodies of hitler and eva were beaten beyond recognition and buried nearby.

From Jerry of the USA...

I believe there is good evidence that Hitler had made prior arrangements with government authorities in Argentina to escape from Berlin, and take up residence there. The double suicide was probable a clever deception to throw the allies off base. In the end, Adolph Hitler,Eva, Martin Bormann and a number of minor aides were likely transported by submarine to a port on the coast of Argentina. From there they were secretly driven a well furnished villa in the mountains, where they lived in comfort for a number of years. Food and supplies were undoubtedly supplied by an arm of the government. It is well known that many in the government of Argentina at that time were in agreement with the Nazi philosophy. Hitler was viewed as a friend who had tried and failed in his mission of world conquest. At some date in the future, the truth will be revealed in released government documents, but this may take a hundred or more years. At any rate, Hitler was a survivor and it is not credible to accept the notion that he ended his own life. This would have been the ultimate admission of defeat. Hitler did not believe in defeat.

From Michael of the UK...

I think hitler killed himself and his ashes were scattered into a river or stream.

From someone in Texas...

You guys are all morons, Hitler is dead, has been dead since 1945, his skull is located in Russia at the Kremlin, dental records prove this.....escaped through safe houses??? WHAT HOUSES? Germany was all buy blown off the face of the earth.

From Crome of the USA...

I think one of two things happened to Hitler, either he and some of his closest associates escaped to either Argentina or Antartica and our waiting to strike back at the world. My other theory is that the Russians caught him and took him back to Russia where he was tortured and made to live in a Siberian prison.

From Matt of the UK..

I believe that it is most unlikely that a master tactician such as Hitler would not have been able to secure his own escape from that hopeless situation at the end of the war. I suspect that Hitler had left Berlin long before the end and was probably already comfortably positioned to manipulate the last days of the reich without danger to himself. There are already many theories as to the real identity of the corpses that were found. I for one suspect that Braun's corpse was real, but that Hitler's may well have been a stand-in.

From Blazkowzics...

Hitler left Berlin before the allies and Russians invaded it. He wouldn't go to South America because it would be much to risky. He went north to an island of the coast of Norway, being close, but not to close to Germany. The Allies would never expect him to flee there. He didn't travel by plane, that would be to suspicious. He traveled underground, and then went the rest of the way by submarine. Once he arrived to the island off of Norway, there was already a medium sized underground base waiting for him (this being completely setup many months before the war ended). From there, Hitler would be safe for many years.

He attempted to reverse the aging process many times but failed. He tried carrying out most of his experiments from where he was. One that was high priority was the raising of the dead. He tried this many times, and almost succeeded at one attempt, but it went horribly wrong. Odd things happened during these experiments, some very hard to explain, but they were attempted and almost worked. After nearly 5 years, Hitler knew the CIA was on to him so he decided to destroy the base, and leave no evidence that any of this was going on after the war. And this was what the Allies were trying to "cover-up" all of these years.

From Sartori of Australia...

Anybody who knows anything about Adolf knows he was terrified of dying. Just look at the history of the war, does it really seem that crazy that somebody like him would maybe get plastic surgery done on himself and move into some cave somewhere ? i think not.

From Mal..

Hitler was a genius but was let down by his less intelligent generals. Because he was so disappointed with the way his generals had behaved he realized that the only sensible thing would be to kill himself. He couldn't carry on his fight for living space for Germans or beating the Russians, therefore there was little left for him to do.

From Adrian of Australia...

hitler escaped Berlin through a series of underground tunnel..some of which can still be found today..he changed his disguise by having a close friend break his nose shave off his mustache and shave his head and then went so far as to disguise himself as a jew from a camp with a tattoo of numbers on his arm..he escaped Europe and fled to South America where he died.

From Eric of the USA...

It is very possible that Hitler could have easily escaped the Allies in WW2. He is reputed to have used many fake decoy Hitlers during the conflict for security purposes.When you consider the number of Nazi fugitives that did escape, and many of whom are still at large, It does not seem far fetched to imagine the Fuher could have done the same. His access to connections and resources would have been far greater than Mengele or Eichman had. During the post war occupation of Germany, the possibility of his survival and being still at large would have been highly classified by intelligence. This knowledge would have seriously undermined the occupation by giving potential pro Hitler partisans a rallying point.

Other despots have eluded justice in the 20th century, just look at Pol pot and Idi Amin.Why not Hitler also. If he did manage to live out his life and elude capture, than I would not have been surprised that the Allies would have wanted to conceal this blunder. If this was the case, publicly releasing knowledge of his survival might have hurt arrest efforts if Hitler had caught wind that the authorities were aware and still working on his case. This is all just speculation, but DNA testing of the reputed remains compared to Hitlers nearest living relatives would help complete the puzzle.

From a Ex-SOE WWII operative in England...

It was the last days of the war. The Germans, still strong but knew they would not win. Hitler knew he had to go to one of his many safe places. It was then he called his driver, an SOE operative who shot Adolf with his P38. Hitler was not killed this day but was taken away by SS police to his safe house. To this day there is no information that MI5 has that Hitler was ever killed. He would lived a long good life if he got away.


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