Marilyn Monroe's Death: Our Conclusion -

At the time of her death, some things were going very well for Marilyn Monroe. Although she was unhappy with her treatment at the hand of the Kennedy brothers, we do not believe that that drove her to suicide. That leads to accidental overdose or murder. Accidental overdoses happen all the time, sometimes fatally. While it is certainly possible that Marilyn died as a result of a bad choice mixture of pills and alcohol, her "accidental" death was perhaps too convenient. She was threatening to go public about her involvement with the Kennedy brothers. Then she suddenly dies, and the problem is solved. We believe it is reasonable to conjecture that someone other than Marilyn had a hand in her death. She had threatened to expose rich and powerful figures and may have paid the price with her life.

We may never truly know the real answers to the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe. Considering her beauty and talent, and her long reign at the Queen of Screen Sirens, she certainly deserved a better exit than she got.


Goodbye, Norma Jean