Marilyn Monroe Death Theories -

Some Theories About Who Was Involved With Monroe's Death...

Marilyn Monroe committed suicide. The Mafia murdered her for revenge on the Kennedys. It was the Communists; no, it was her shrink. For every theory there seems to be a theorist claiming to have solved the riddle of the actress's death.

1. The mob did it because they were mad at the Kennedys:

The source for this theory is Chuck Giancana, younger brother of a mob boss, as put forth in the 1992 book "Double Cross." Giancana Sr. had expected JFK's allegiance because the mobster had once saved Joe Kennedy Sr. from a hit during Prohibition days. Instead, Robert Kennedy went gunning for organized crime. Giancana had Marilyn killed to embarrass RFK, but Bobby Kennedy foiled the plan by removing compromising evidence.

2. Robert Kennedy, aided by agents of the Secret Service and CIA :

This theory is put forth in Robert Slatzer, in his book, "The Marilyn Files." According to Slatzer, he didn't apply the final touch, the fatal dose of Nembutal. But, like a general, he gave the command.

3. The mob and a mystery guest:

The source of this theory is Milo Speriglio, as put forth in his book "Crypt 33." Speriglio, a private eye, investigated the death for 19 years. Speriglio states that Monroe was murdered by the Mafia. He also claims that there is a connection to the Kennedys, but that John and Robert weren't involved in the death.

4. The Communists:

This theory comes from Frank Capell in his book "The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe" (1964). Capell, a fervid anti-Communist, believes that Communists killed Monroe, perhaps following orders issued by RFK.

5. Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe's shrink:

This theory is put forth in "Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept the Secrets," written by James Hall, who claims to have been the ambulance driver called to the scene following the discovery of Monroe's body. As Hall puts it, "Just as Marilyn started coming around, the doctor arrived... I believe it was Dr. Greeson (Marilyn's shrink). He... pushed her breast to one side and gave her an injection."

6. The mob, on orders from the Kennedys.

The source of this theory is "The Murder of Marilyn Monroe" (1992). The four authors of this book are, oddly enough, psychics. The claim to have conducted seances in which they interviewed JFK, RFK, and Marilyn. Talk about a triple play!

7. Marilyn herself:

This theory was first put forth in the 1962 Los Angeles County Coroner's report, which listed her cause of death as a suicide.