Princess Diana's Death: Our Conclusion -


Now that we've reached the one year anniversary of Diana's tragic death, the media is crawling with "new" Diana stories.

After twelve months of investigation, the French government has finally completed its report on the crash The September 1 National Enquirer claims to have the world exclusive on the 5,000 page report.

Among the supposed details revealed in the report:

1. Driver Henri Paul had five drugs in his system, including the mind bending sex drug Ecstasy, as well as a high level of alcohol.

2. Di suffered massive injuries that would have been fatal no matter how quickly paramedics got her to the hospital, but she died peacefully.

3. The princess was the only victim besides bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones not killed outright in the crash.

4. Although awake immediately after the crash, she was unconscious by the time she reached the hospital, and could not have uttered the last words attributed to her there


The more reputable USA Today had its own updates. Julian Nundy's August 28th story revealed, "...Al Fayed has suddenly turned on Rees-Jones and Kes Wingfield, another bodyguard who was driving a decoy car. Fayed has accused the men, who have both left their jobs with him, of being incompetent and unprofessional.

This is a far cry from his first allegations that Diana and his son were deliberately assassinated in ajoint operation by the British and French secret services in a plot to stop the mother of the heir to the British throne from marrying a Muslim. Putting the blame on the two bodyguards could be a way of diverting attention from the Ritz..."


As to the famous mystery car, which may have sideswiped Diana's car, leading to the disaster, it still remains at large, if it ever existed.

A year later, much mystery still surrounds the tragic death of Princess Diana. At this rate, it may always be so.