TWA Flight 800: Our Conclusion -

The authorities once again want us to believe that they are right and we are wrong. The NTSB, not contradicted by the F.B.I., declared that TWA Flight 800 blew up due to "mechanical failure." They want us to believe that some kind of spontaneous explosion in the nearly empty center tank triggered the explosion that doomed the flight.

They pooh-poohed "friendly fire" theories. Those big holes on the reassembled plane: not exploded. That metal twisted out on the side of the plane: no trace of explosives found.

The government, among others, say that there couldn't be a conspiracy theory because you couldn't get the hundreds of people involved to keep quiet. What about the Manhattan Project, developing the atom bomb in World War Two. Hundreds, if not thousands, of government workers kept their mouths shut about America's greatest secret.

Over thirty witnesses saw a streak of light moving toward, or in the direction of Flight 800, prior to its explosion. Two of the witnesses are military guys who happened to be up in a chopper in the area when the "accident" took place.

While there may not have a lot of "evidence" to back it up, the "friendly fire" theory works on a gut level that may eventually be proven to be true. The government wants us to believe that nothing happened at twa-coverup in 1947, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman of J.F.K. in 1963. Now they want us to believe that a one in a million (or more) "mechanical failure" blew up TWA Flight 800. A lot of us aren't buying it.

With the great freedom of the Internet, and freer access to documents and data, by the computer literate public, actual "proof" of the "friendly fire" theory may yet come to light on the net.