Contradictions In Hitler's Death -

Much speculation concerning the nature of Hitler's demise was created by the contradictions in the various "eyewitness" accounts of the death of Hitler and Eva Braun and the disposal of their bodies.

For example Hitler's butler Linge, on February 9. 1956, stated, "When we came into the living room Bormann and I saw the following. The bodies of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were in a seated position on the sofa standing against the wall opposite the door from the antechamber."

Bunker insider Otto Gunche, who entered Hitler's room immediately after Linge and Bormann, gave the following description on June 20, 1956: "Eva Braun was lying on the sofa standing against the wall opposite the door from the antechamber. Hitler himself sat in an armchair standing to the left and slightly forward--as seen from the antechamber--but very close to the sofa."

Why the difference in accounts: Hitler and Eva on the couch, or Eva on the couch, and Hitler in the chair. Did someone move Hitler, after death, from the chair to the couch? Did one or the other of these witnesses lie, and, if so, why?

skull skull-hitler


Supposed eyewitnesses offered different statements as to WHERE Hitler shot himself.

On September 2, 1955, frequent Bunker visitor Axmann stated, "Based on the signs I found, I had to assume that Adolf Hitler had shot himself in the mouth. For me the chin, which was pushed to the side, and the blood trails on the temples caused by an internal explosion in the head, all pointed to this. Later the same day SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Gunsche confirmed my assumption. I stick to my statement based on the signs I saw, that Adolf Hitler shot himself in the mouth."

Gunsche, however, in his June 20, 1956 testimony stated, "The head was canted(tilted) slightly forward to the right. I noticed an injury to the head slightly above the outer end of the angle of the right eyelid. I saw blood and a dark discoloration. The whole thing was about the size of an old three mark piece."


Linge, on February 9, 1956, stated, "I then went into the antechamber to Hitler's room, where I found the door to his room closed and smelt powder smoke."

Gunsche, in his testimony stated, "After Hitler and Eva Braun had withdrawn I took up a position in front of Hitler's rooms. I then saw--I did not hear a shot--Linge open the door to Hitler's office and Linge and Bormann go inside, I thereupon immediately went into the antechamber myself."

Gunsche found Hitler dead from a gunshot wound, and Braun poisoned.

But, if Gunsche was right outside the door, why didn't he hear Hitler shoot himself? Were the doors/walls that thick? Did a Russian artillery shell explosion outside mask the sound? Did Linge or Bormann quickly shoot Hitler, WITH A SILENCED PISTOL, before Gunsche entered?